Press Release

Greater Mundri in humanitarian Catastrophes!

By Bishops, Inter-Faith Council,

Yambio, South Sudan.

PRESS RELASE: N.018CDTY/0015    

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The Inter-Faith Council for Peace in Western Equatoria State drawn from Bishops, Heads of Different Churches and Muslim Community visited Greater Mundri (Photo: supplied)

November 04, 2015 (Nyamilepedia) — We the Inter-Faith Council for Peace in Western Equatoria State drawn from Bishops, Heads of Different Churches and Muslim Community paid a solidarity visit to Greater Mundri from October 29 – November 2, 2015.

Due the urgency of what we have seen, heard and experienced during our days in Mundri and its surroundings, we cannot rest nor wait but to announce to the People of South Sudan and people of Good Will to intervene timely, else, we risk losing thousands of lives.

  1. Our four to five days in Mundri gave us the chance to see for ourselves the misery and desperate situation of our people. As we speak already people are dying, especially children and elderly.
  2. For the last two months, greater numbers of people nearly over 80,000 have been living in the bushes and jungles of the region. Women and children are most affected and exposed various diseases and eminent starvation if no help is rushed. For example, just yesterday three pregnant mothers lost their newly born babies at birth and one child. We also saw a number of emaciated children some suffering from malaria as a result of the poor living condition; we are told it is the order of the day.
  3. What the people of Mundri need now more than anything include food, medicine, shelter and clean water.


  • In order for the intervention to happen, there is need for the provision of security for both the people and humanitarian workers.
  • Roads leading to the people must be made safe and open for the delivery of humanitarian aid and safety of the personnel should be safe-guarded. Specifically the blockade at Jambo should be removed with immediate effect.
  • No military intervention at this crucial time in the situation of Mundri should be allowed, but humanitarian aid and dialogue with the dissatisfied community should be pursued.
  • We call upon the Government and affected angry community to consider the BEST Option of Dialogue in resolving the situation.
  • Finally we stress this human value: thus Feeling protected and secure is important to every child’s development. A safe place to sleep, clean water to drink, enough food to eat, medical care, and access to education help children grow into mature, healthy and productive adults.
  • We call on all believers, the churches and Muslim communities to pray earnestly for the people of Greater Mundri.

Details of the PRESS RELEASE shall be released in near future. For more information, contact ishaakkumbo80@gmail.com

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wedjuba November 4, 2015 at 7:12 pm

Many thanks to you all the Bishops and members of the Inter-Faith Council in Mundri for your wonderful and attentive work on the sufferings of our innocent civilians in MUNDRI, WONDURUBA, across Equatoria and in Nuer- and Dinkalands too. Please keep on performing what you are doing, for your prayers scatter far beyond and rest upon every desperate citizen in the country.

The Church has always rendered and envigorated us humans with unseen spiritual powers, to endure, tolerate and overcome the unbearable tribulations caused by other fellow humans.

History has long revealed us all these events, being it the bitter history of slavery in the United States of America or the apartheid regime in South Africa, the Church has always played very crucial roles in these societies.

As for the Old Testament “God will punish Sudan”, maybe this is one of those times, nobody knows, only God has his plans.

God also instructs his children to point fingers to those who promote the works of the devil, like the lost leaders of South Sudan.

The Dinka domination and chaos they have brought is sickening. It is a poison to our society. Wether being intentionally planed or not, the notion that South Sudan belongs to one tribe is foul and wrong.

I personally don’t think Mr. Kiir as a person is an evil man, but he definitely fulfils devil’s work and executes without doubts the malicious plans of his members of the council.

Normally a president is like a teacher or a good father who directs and navigates his folks , or biblically like a Shepherd who has the trust of his sheep. But this man (Mr Kiir) contradicts every rule.

The seat of the presidency is like that of the Holy Pop, which demands the ability to substitute oneself in the position of a follower and see things from a different perspective. And as complex as it is, it inevitably deserves rational thinking and cunning intelligence.

Everybody is watching Mr Kiir’s moves in Juba very carefully. Spreading out arms in the Church begging for mercy is not just hypocritical but a big insult to God. Mr. Kiir and his group must face it and ask forgiveness from and before the people of South Sudan, those he and his Jiengs have brought pain upon. Then, maybe the almighty God will forgive him and the rest for their gruesome acts.

For South Sudan to have peace and stability, the people in the three blocs i.e Greater Equatoria, Greater Upper Nile and Greater Bahr Al Gazal must equally enjoy recognition and representation in the government. Security and safety must apply to all three regions.

We’ll be watching the unfolding events very carefully!!!


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