South Sudan: Equatoria Community Position on The IGAD Peace Talks In Addis Ababa

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  • Eastern

    I concur with Alfred Ladu Gore that Equatorians cannot be limited to deputies position only, they can as well lead South Sudan.

    I agree that South Sudan capital be taken out of Juba. The current arrangement has lead to dinkacratic tendency setting root in Equatoria.

    The peace talk in Ethiopia should not only address the wishes of Dinka-Kiir and Nuer-Riek. It should address the issues South Sudanese have at hand.


  • The Eguatorian position on the IGAD peace process must adhere to the will of the people of South Sudan,that it should address the root causes of the conflict first. Secondly, release the AU. report and punish those who committed crimes against the people of South Sudanese. Finally, discuss power sharing,to be lead by a neutral head of government, during the interim period. Non compliance with these steps,will quickly bring us to total outbreak of civil war, before the ink of peace agreement dries. Then we shall complain later, where did we miss the point.

  • I strongly agree with the Eguatorian position.

  • Bentiu Ramaran

    Yes, I totally agree that Equatorians are not limited to deputies. Equatorians have the full right and capability to lead this South Sudan nation. However, you need to understand that no one other than a Dinka ever lead South Sudan and several tribes in South Sudan have never been deputies either.

    Leadership cannot be given to someone because of the region and tribe he or she is from. You must campaign for it, convince other tribes and regions why you want to be a leader. Show some qualities of leadership. I understand that Salva Kiir block peaceful campaign in South Sudan that make it so difficult not only for Equatorian, but also for other tribes to get to the top leadership.

  • warfive

    This time there’s a lot of political turmoil happening in South Sudan now. one thing that every one have to understand at this point is Silva Kirr is not ready give up his power. Second Ugandan troops are leaving the country so therefore war is only an choice in the table right now just forget Nuer vs.Dinka

  • Dear Readers,

    I stood with comrade Lado Gore’s views that,
    1. Equatorians shouldn’t fight only for the vice president but should be for the top
    leadership i.e. President of the Republic. This should be the right positions.
    2. Equatorians should talk for the Capital City relocation from Juba to Ramciel.
    3. Equatorians should broadcasts screen or speculate on Federal System of
    Government to be enforce in the country to avoid more bloodshed.

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