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Breaking: What Compelled Salva Kiir To Travel To Addis Ababa, Agreement Prematurely Failed:

Salva Kiir arriving at the peace venue in Addis Ababa(Photo: supplied)
Salva Kiir arriving at the peace venue in Addis Ababa(Photo: supplied)

August 17, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — Until Friday last week, president Salva Kiir declined to travel to Addis Ababa on the allegations that the two principles, Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar, would be arrested if they fail to sign the proposed compromise peace agreement by the dateline, today.

Base on the past experiences, one of which was in May 2014 where the principles had to sign a barely negotiated Cessation of Hostility Agreement under duress in Addis Ababa, president Salva Kiir called his inner circle on Friday, August 14th, to consult on whether he should travel to Addis Ababa or not.

The council agreed that president Salva Kiir would not travel to Addis Ababa but instead the Vice President, James Wani Igga, should be assigned to represent him.

After Mr. Wani, the Vice President, traveled to Addis Ababa, a new message came and was reportedly verified by the Ugandan President that another document would be introduced for signing on Monday.

“Yes I was not really going but the new changes compelled me to go and that is why I called that meeting in the morning [August 16th] so that I inform the people what has changed in the agreement that we had made on Friday” Salva Kiir told journalists at Juba airport on his way to Addis Ababa.

To bridge the gap between the warring parties, a mixed of new changes that include the SPLM/SPLA trading off one of states from Greater Upper Nile with some power ratios from the seven other states that were to be fully controlled by the government faction, and other provisions as agreed by the delegates between August 6th-12th, 2015 were introduced.

Based on these proposals, the SPLM/SPLA would give up one state among Unity, Jonglei and Upper Nile States, and maintains only 40% of power in the remaining two states for an exchange of 15% of power from the seven states plus the new state that would be dominated by the SPLM-IG.

Although it was subjected to further negotiation by the principles, the rebels would maintain 40% of power ratio in the oil rich Unity and Upper Nile states and trade off Jonglei state for 15% of power from the other states.

To Salva Kiir administration, the new changes, in addition to Kampala text, compelled Kiir to follow his Vice President to Addis Ababa.

Kiir also confided that he was not satisfied with the new changes but he had to succumb to the IGAD-Plus pressure to avoid “negative forces”.

“Well, even if I’m not happy, I must show my face because if I don’t go negative forces will take me to be the one against the peace that is going to be signed” Salva Kiir said.

Asked of what if the IGAD-Plus apprehend him after showing his face and refuses to sign the document, Mr. Kiir explained that he has built his “legacy” and therefore he won’t mind being arrested this time.

“No, I will be happy to remain with them because what have I not done? I fought for South Sudan, I led South Sudan into independent. If that was the time that I have to leave South Sudan under that is great under being arrested by foreigners, I don’t have any problem” Kiir emotionally states.

Kiir further reiterates that he would only sign a peace agreement that is sustainable, warning that he won’t sign a peace deal without assurance that the recently defected generals of SPLA-IO would abide by such agreement.

In just a few minutes to negotiation this morning, Mr. Salva Kiir and his Ugandan counterpart hardly settled to present any proposal or negotiate on the existing proposals.

According to the latest reports, the leader of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni and Salva Kiir have walked out of the IGAD-Plus mediation venue,  Sheraton hotel, about 45 minutes at the time of this publication.

It’s yet to be clarified at this point if the talks would proceed without the two leaders, however, critics doubts if any peace signing at this point still has a chance.

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Karab August 17, 2015 at 5:43 am

In the first place, the international community should have excluded museveni from the mediator team. He can not mediate when his solidiers are fighting along side the government. He is part of creating the problem ( by encouraging salva kiir to install similar government in ss) and he is part of it now (by actively fighting in ss). So how can they keep him as a mediator up to now???? IT IS TIME FOR ACTION. SPLIM IO IS TH EONLY SAVIOR OF SOUTH SUDAN. THEY HAVE REPRESENTATIVES FROM ALL TRIBES & THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY SHOULD HELP THEM TO TAKE OVER. IGAD SHOULD INTERVENE & CLEAR UGANDAN CHICKENS IN ONE WEAK.

288weechwang August 17, 2015 at 12:21 pm

Karab, i agreed for exclusion of that killer(museveni). Now the killer(kirr) had asked for more death not more time to consult but to kill since he hasn’t satified for thousands that already lost thier llives.

ekoi August 17, 2015 at 11:05 am

Yewori museveni is the first advisor to salvar kiir in the parliament of south sudan
and sometimes he is the auncle to him
how can salvar leave him ,it’s impossible ,it’s is like you are separating two lovers who get married last week with out paying their bride to the inlaws
for this reason ,if salvar want peace to be in south sudan let him leave museveni in Uganda then he will succed in any corner that he want to achieve peace for the future of people of south sudan.
museveni killd gadafi president to Libya and dr john garang by bribe the pilot to cruss the helicopter on the mountain so that he will get stupid leader who will let his country resources to safe Uganda because of having no resouces to develop their country

how can museveni sent his soldires to fight your brother at home and during the time of twenty one years of war in south sudan and sudan
he don’t sent them ,let’s as talk the truth,not to play with people lives being seen by other countries being killd on road like willdbird dying of no water during the summer season.

288weechwang August 17, 2015 at 11:53 am

It’s time for an action now since salvage killer & yuri museveni opt the war for two weeks. How do i know it? The magic terms. “2 week” they can crush mighty splm/a-io with in that period cause they in winning militarly. Mean they don’t have to come back to addis ababa for signing the peace agreement that Riak & Pagun had signed on 17/08/2015. However,if they don’t defeat Riak’s forces? What condition Igad has given to both kirr & yuri museveni? The international communities should stop yuri museveni & his idiot to kill more people in upper nile!!!!!!!! Museveni isn’t feeling the suffering because whoever dying in any way aren’t ugandian if he cares for future relation with south sudanese.

If the world allow these criminals to carry out thier wishes it will be worst than 15/12/2013 because they can use anything to elliminate anything. All seen what yuri museveni used last time between bor and juba,”cluster bom” In believe international community shouldn’t give green light to both killer. If no action against 2 killer now, the world ‘ll regret forever. Something never made sense to for all these 20thn conflict in south sudan. A country can interveen in other state war to kill one tribe in which isn’t he tribe that live in that country, And the world think is ok, To me,it beyond comphrension. You can try to explain it to me , but never, would never understand period, Yuri museveni has a history in commiting horror crime against human, The world must act now before we can what a human being don’t ever like witness. this time is critical. I am calling on presidnet Obama to act immediately avert this castro…….please. If ignore, some one will reflect on this and wish something could have been done to avoid or prevent. I alerted the world to not listen both kirr & museveni. Save lives that are about to be lost. I think, i made this very clear.


Deng II August 17, 2015 at 5:19 pm

I salute Kiir to day. A craps paper can or should not waste ink for nothing. Africa as a whole no country never surrender country power to foreign countries to rule over her for certain period of time in order to exploits resources of Country. History tell us that, its kind of craps proposal would happened in outdate time of colonialism, not in 21 century. Why should President Kiir sign a proposal that give a Capital City power to foreigners? Foreigners have to over run The Country and rule her by force after they subdues her. Riek is an evil traitor never do any good to SS People. Why would a patriot Man who been suffering in the bush for so long must give in to devil traitor. Let Dr.Traitor fight for how long he want or fight for Nuer independent. President Kiir may give in when it come to patriot person like James Hoth, assume that, this rebellion was lead by James Hoth.

Deadmanmivo August 18, 2015 at 1:01 am

Kiir not signing the peace dal all comes from the protection he curently enjoy’s from Uganda Military might in protecting Juba otherwise if M7 was forced to with draw his mercenaries from Juba Kiir would have no choice but to sign the peace deal or risk being driven out of Juba by the rebel forces.I really pity the women and children facing this problem in South Sudan. I was atleast lucky i got to leave Juba when the war broe out bt lost my job and struglling but I wish to see Juba back to its old peaceful days hence the reason i support the peace deal.


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