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Who Qualifies as Nationalist and Patriotic Leader to Lead Interim Government in the Republic of South Sudan?

By Lual Magok,


Former vice president and the current chairman of SPLM/A, wearing red tie and his former boss, president Salva Kiir Mayardit staring above(photo: past file)
Former vice president and the current chairman of SPLM/A, wearing red tie and his former boss, president Salva Kiir Mayardit staring above(photo: past file)

May 18, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — The recent crisis in the Republic of South Sudan has completely eroded the nationalism and patriotism among the majority of the political leaders in the country. The crisis has forced most of the known leaders to allow their nationalism and patriotism to be overshadowed by the survival of the their own tribe and allow the political crisis to shift to tribal crisis due to sympathy toward their own tribe and forget about the Nation and other 63 tribes whom they need to love and work for them in order to become leader of this country.

The majority of the south Sudanese leaders had been forced to weight two important competing interests namely tribe (community you belong) or Nation to compromise your own people for the sake of the Unity among people of South Sudan. The tribal leaders become very famous among their community as they are drive by short term survival for himself within the community and completely forget about the high price paid by the 64 tribes of South Sudan to regain their loss identity under the Khartoum regime and hard work of all South Sudanese people to liberate this country.

The conflict forces all leaders to prefer their own tribe leadership and forget about what it mean to for south Sudan become a nation or a country . Despite all these challenges faces by many leaders during the current crisis, some very few leaders embraced the nationalism and patriotism and passed that terrible examination and decided to look at the people of south Sudan as one people and one country. These leaders put the country as the first priority before their own tribal short term interest.

Their community may view them as betrayers . However those few leaders deserved to be recognize, appreciated and reward to take the lead in the forthcoming Interim Government. Those leaders for accepted the challenges and show their true love to this country not to tribal affiliation. Those few leaders has maintain hope alive and believe that with all these challenges and difficulties this country is undergoing, the future of all South Sudanese and Nation remain priority .

Those leaders maintain the fact that without this country those tribes will never exist and people should first have love to their country before themselves. They prefer to suffer or even died to make sure that this country exists and the flag of this country should fly with other nations. This people believe on the respect of dignity and liberty of the people of south Sudan irrespective of their tribes , religion or their political affiliation .

The true question before south Sudanese, regional and international community is who are those nationalist and patriotism leaders who should led this country during the interim period in the South Sudan?

Based on my personal assessment and research on the leaders who maintain their loyalty to the country not to tribes and who deserve to led this Interim Period to health the wound and build nationalism among the people of south Sudan are . The following leaders as result of the assessment has qualify to maintain unity of the country if they are given opportunity to lead this country .

  1. Mr. Pieng Deng Kuol : The assessment has shown that Mr. Pieng had been helping many innocents victims who managed to contact him during the crisis and maintain his professionalism . He has shown Nationalism and patriotism by challenging the killing of innocent Nuer in Juba incident .
  2. Mr. Simon Kun Puoch : The Assessment has shown that Mr. Simon has tried his level best to make sure that Upper Nile State people are not affected by the crisis in Juba, he maintain his professionalism. He has shown nationalism and patriotism by encouraging peaceful co-existence among the fighting tribes in Upper Nile State. Despite the mass killing of innocent Nuer in Juba he prefers National Unity and Country interest first. He saves many lives from all tribes by maintaining his neutrality as leader in the State.
  3. Mach Paul : The assessment has shown that , he tried to make sure that his unit protect and allow Nuer officers to command the operation after report of mass killing . He save many lives who contacted him during the crisis. He maintain nationalism and patriotism during the crisis. He maintains professionalism and put the country first.
  4. James Hoth Mai : Assessment has shown that Mr. James has maintain professionalism and Nationalism . He remains neutral and his present as chief of general staff allow some Nuer soldiers to remain within Government. He put the country first.
  5. Akol Kor : The Assessment has shown that , he managed to save the lives of all personal and officers under his command . He save lives of people who managed to contact him after knowing that Nuer are being targeted in Juba. He was good example among all organized forces by giving Nuer soldiers pay leave as their live was in danger in Juba.
  6. Chanson Chang: Assessment has shown that, he is very qualify in term of quality management and wealth technocrat experience. He was maintaining nationalism and patriotism but reported as forced to exile after being attacked in his house.
  7. Clement Wani Konga: Assessment has shown that, he was among the leaders who came up openly and object the mass killing of the Nuer in Juba. He main neutral position in the crisis but very vocal on the senseless conflict. He maintains nationalism and patriotism. His role as governor of central Equatoria State saves many lives of the nuers in Juba.
  8. Obutu Mamur : Assessment has shown that, he has been very neutral but stand with victims of the crisis . He makes it very clear that south Sudan without Nuer can never be nation. He maintains nationalism and patriotism. Though no report of lives he save. His close working with Akol Kor should be the reason behind saving the lives of all nuer personals and officers in the National Security.

Though the assessment may not reflect the true pictures of the south Sudanese leaders who maintain nationalism and patriotism during the recent crisis. The above mentioned leaders are the only people who can assist in bridging the gap of mistrust among the people of south Sudan as result of the ongoing crisis. For the regional and international powers who should guide the establishment and formation of the interim government should make sure that, those leaders who keep hope alive during this crisis need to be reward after the background check. They deserve to win the prize of nationalism and patriotism but putting this country before their tribal interest.

The writer, Lual Magok,  is a concern south Sudanese and Master of International Relations and Diplomacy Researchers and can be reach via lualmagok@yahoo.com

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