Uganda Army & Museveni aren’t welcome in South Sudan

Written by Justin Lupai Elias, HELSINKI

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December 29, 2013 [Finland] — A few days after what President Salva Kiir first referred to his TV address on SSTV as “a failed coup attempt” to overthrow his government by the former first vice President of Republic of South Sudan and his followers, a Ugandan military C130 transport plane landed in Juba airport with 150 Ugandan Special Forces on board.

This came amidst United Nations call on the Ugandan president, Mr Museveni to mediate peace talks between President Salva Kiir and the breakaway former vice President Dr Riek Machar.

The motive and presence of deployment of Ugandan Special Forces on South Sudan soil will further complicate the issue of the ongoing fights. The transparency and credibility of Mr Museveni’s deployment of his UPDF remained to be questioned.

In the recent years, Museven has wilfully destabilized eastern part of Democratic Republic of Congo {DRC} with his mighty UPDF but yet he couldn’t defeat lowly Joseph Kony of LRA for decades.

How can he get involved and rush quickly with deployment of his UPDF in South Sudan, if indeed he is not backing Mr Kiir in what we the citizens of South Sudan see as an internal conflict within SPLM party and this issue have to be solved by SPLM internally without outsider military force?

Before writing further about Museveni’s secret agenda and killing machinery in East Africa, especially in DRC, let me say few things about what had happened in the night of 15-17 December 2013 in Juba.

Now the truth has surfaced for all to see. The government tried to bury it from the public.

According to South Sudanese Diaspora returnees who were evacuated recently from Juba by their countries in Europe, Canada, the USA, and Australia, all reported despicable atrocities and human rights abuses committed by the presidential guards, Tiger battalion, recruited by the President from his closed relatives in his home Warrap and Bahr el Gazal states.

According to these sources who were evacuated from Juba, Several individuals I spoke to and one in particular who worked with ministry of interior, he reported, after the elements of SPLA soldiers from Nuer ethnic group defeated the SPLA soldiers from Dinka ethnic group, more reinforcement were sent the following day.

It was this reinforcement that defeated the breakaway soldiers of SPLA mainly from Nuer tribe.

Then after the reinforcement came the presidential special forces who were trained by the President with public funding, this group then went to Nuer neighborhoods in Juba.

Now the Dinka and Nuer are all alike when it comes to land grabbing, so it was in this Nuer quarters the Dinka went from home to home, checking at tribal markings as the Dinka and the Nuer can easily be tell apart through these facial marks and essentially leaving no one alive they found with Nuer tribal markings both women and children.

If this is not ethnic cleansing, then what is it?

Those murdered again were Nuer children and women; politicians and government employees from Nuer tribe have all been murdered regardless of their stance whether or not they were the supporter of Dr Riek or Kirr.

What was the party’s conflict deliberately fuelled by the president of our nation was then turned into ethnic massacring of our Nuer brothers and Sisters in our nation’s Capital.

The President and national army who would have been the savior of the people were turned into murder machines. Because the republican guards and the reinforcement carried these horrendous killings, this was not spontaneous. The president has to be held accountable.

We all should know that Mr Kiir lied to the world. Kiir must be impeached for the atrocities he has committed and deliberately influencing the ethnic cleansing where perhaps one thousand people were cold blooded murdered by Kiir’s own militias.

Back to Mr Youweri Kaguta Museveni, allow me to suggest a couple of things why Mr Museveni hurriedly rushed to deploy his special forces in Juba in the name of protecting the main international airport of Juba.

1. Museveni knows once there is unrest in South Sudan, this will mean the come back of Joseph Kony of the Lord Resistance Army, so the hasty deployment to combat the breakaway soldiers as soon as quickly so that LRA are kept out from making come back to northern Uganda. Amid unrest in Central Africa Republic/CAR, the likelihood of returning of LRA is inevitable.

2. Mr Museveni is worried if the breakaway group wins, most likely in the next coming formation of cabinet Madam Rebecca Nyandeng, the widow of late leader of SPLA will open up fresh investigations into the death of her husband in Ugandan helicopter crash in 2005. Partly we all know the death of late Garang was blamed on Museveni and since the final report of the death of late Dr Garang wasn’t established, this worries Mr Museveni.

3. The people of South Sudan, especially the Dinka Bor, where late George Athor hailed from, knew Mr Athor met his death in the hands of the Ugandan president. George Athor was invited by Museveni in the name of talking peace in Kampala before the Christmas of 2011.

He was murdered and his dead body with his special aide, who was an American South Sudanese, were packed in a pick-up brought to Kaya, where few shots were fired in the air, and it was there that George Athor was declared killed by SPLA soldiers when he was on a mission to recruit more people from Kaya to join his rebel group.

Does it make sense as we all know where George Athor was operating, there was no way that he could move to Kaya without being spotted by South Sudan army.

So Museveni knows again Rebecca and Dinka Bor will have most senior positions should Riek defeat Kiir in this battle, he Kirr himself engineered, this means Museveni’s Uganda will have no easy relationship with the next government thus the deployments of the UPDF to keep his friend in power.

4. Should the government of Kiir fall in the next coming months, Museveni is worried that South Sudan will be used to launch a war that will eventual unseat him from perpetual ruling of Uganda as he has done with iron fist.

Museveni has created many enemies for himself within Uganda and DRC. Recently his plot to kill his top military commander from his Munyanykole tribe, who now took refuge in the UK, is openly talking of wanting to overthrow Museveni, who most likely is paranoid, seeing his friend, Kiir toppled from power could result into an end of Museveni’s dynasty.

Any resultant war in Uganda, will also send him into exile like many leaders before him like late Idi Amin Dada and Milton Obote. With his unpredictable future, Museveni’s ambition is to keep Kiir in power in order to bring salvation to himself.

5. Lastly, the Military forces, could be to protect Ugandan business interests in south Sudan. Since the signing of CPA there is no any other country in Africa that benefited most from South Sudan. Many businesses are booming in Kampala and other cities in Uganda because of dollar flows from South Sudan.

Ugandan economy depends on South Sudan, more than 50,000 Ugandans are working in South Sudan, more than 5000 Ugandans are hired by government of South Sudan strengthening the building capacity of the new nation while more than 3000 are working directly with international NGOs in private sectors, health, agriculture and peace building etc. while tens of thousands are involved in small scale businesses, thus Uganda is the biggest beneficiaries of South Sudan rebuilding and oil money.


If the mission of this deployment is the declared motives, mainly to maintain order and to provide security to local population who seemed to have no viable security from the government of South Sudan, this will be welcome.

But if the objectives of this deployment is to backup Kiir, soon the public opinion in both countries and perception of the people will very quickly change.

At international level, many countries like Norway, the UK, Denmark and many others have expressed doubt and questioned this deployment. While the rest of the world is still knocking their heads, Museven’s motives to commit his forces to join the fight remain at best suspicious.

In the recent years starting from, late Laurent Desiree Kabila, father of Joseph Kabila till this day, Museveni is seen meddling in Congolese internal affairs, accused by United Nations for backing the M23 rebel, and his next soft target is invading the Republic of South Sudan.

This must be stressed and emphasized to Museveni that his murderous and cowardly UPDF are not welcome in South Sudan.

He, Museveni should stop interfering in his neighbor’s internal issues or else, once power returns to the people, he shall be taught a swift lesson for supporting tyranny and an ethnic cleansing by his friend in crime Mr. kirr.

You can exercise your manhood by invading your neighbor’s house; we the people of this great nation of South Sudan are seasoned warriors and will not tolerate your regional terrorism.

At first the UPDF involvement in our country’s war was covered, they were said to be deployed to Juba to protect Juba main airport, the question that begs to be asked is where is our national armed forces to protect the international airport just days after Juba incident?

Now officials in Ugandan foreign affairs office confirmed UPDF are deployed along Nimule-Juba highway A43, according to official who spoke to Uganda Saturday Monitor, the deployments are there to give Ugandans who are trapped in Juba and other places safe exit.

Again who authorized the deployment? UPDF is known with its lawless atrocities they have committed in eastern DRC, they were also accused off by Dr Riek for booming the position of rebel forces in Jonglei state.

Kiir and his friend Museveni should know that south Sudan is not DRC and this evil will not go unchallenged should UDPF hurt our civilian population. we the people will turn against them and wipe them out forcefully with all means available at our disposal.

Helsinki, Finland

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