South Sudan: Loyal Forces Did Not Capture Mayom and Ayod!

Ayod-South Sudan

April 26, 2014(Nyamilpedia) — A few sources reported that the government troops advanced in Jonglei and Unity states, capturing Ayod in Jonglei state and Mayom in Unity state.  However, sources from Ayod and Mayom counties denied the claim. A reliable source from Ayod has confirmed that government troops never reached Ayod despite Ayod and Akobo being the main targets for the Juba government.

The source has confirmed that the government troops made it to Kuachdeng Payam, 2 hours south of Ayod town, however, the outnumbered government troops have trenched themselves in the ground, hoping for reinforcement from Juba.

The source confirms that Gawaar and Lou white army have surround the village of Magok, in Kuechdeng Payam where the government troops have trenched themselves. However, the government troops have burnt the town, setting churches and schools on fire.

“This is to officially inform all Gawaar community that Ayod County is not captured by the Government forces as it has been reported and claimed by the government; Ayod Youth are still fully in control of Ayod County except part of Kuachdeng Payam where government troops dug trenches in a village called Magok in Kuachdeng Payam and are surrounded by both Gawaar youth and Lou Nuer youth; heavy fighting can breake out any time from now; and the chances of survival from the government troops side is limited. Kuachdeng Payam is now burned to ashes by the government troops; the school and chuch built last year are also demolished by the tanks. This is very unfortunate.” reads a report from Ayod leader, who did not consent to be named.

The allied troops have made several attempts to advance to Ayod since January because it was alleged that Dr. Riek Machar, the opposition leader, stationed in Ayod before moving his headquarters to Nasir. But the government and Ugandans troops lost heavily, including the Ugandan commanding general,  Brig. Gen Geoffrey Kakama.

Other reports from Brig. Gen. Lul Ruai Koang, confirmed on Friday that SPLA [in opposition] forces led by Maj. Gen. Simon Gatwech Dual overran Marng, the adminsitrative headquarters of Duk County, South of Kuachdeng.

“Maj. Gen. Simon Gatwech Dual, Commander of Democratic Revolutionary Forces of SPLA/SPLM addressing his troops on the right in a Morning Parade held on 24-4-2014 at Mareng, the Administrative HQs of Duk County in Jonglei State, Note, the soldiers on the right are holding brand new CQ5.56MM automatic rifle captured from Kiir’s forces.” Brig. Lul describing a recent picture of Maj. Gen. Simon Gatwech Dual.

This sandwiches the allied government troops in a hot spot, where reinforcement is very unlikely, except by air.

The Government report of capturing Mayom is also denied by the residents of Mayom and also by the military spokesperson for the SPLA/M [in opposition].

“This line confirms to our supporters that our Forces are still in full control of Mayom. Government’s claim that they recaptured it is incorrect.” Brig. Gen. Lul Ruai Koang, the military spokesperson for the SPLA in opposition.


Update on this article: 27/04/2014

The government forces who occupied Kuachdeng for the past few days have made their way to Ayod this morning. Kuechdeng, as noted in the article is only 2 hours away from Ayod town. More details on the fates of the residents will be published as soon as we received substantial information.

Mayom in Unity state and Mareng in Duk county, Jonglei state, are still under control of the SPLA/M in opposition. We will publish any change in occupations as deemed necessary.

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