South Sudan: A response to ceasefire by the Upper Nile State commanding General

Respond to Cessation of Hostility deal signed in Addis Ababa,

By Gen. Gathoth Gatkouth, The Upper Nile State Area Commander

gathhoth_120670388Gen. Gathoth Gatkuoth.

January 5, 2014 [Upper Nile] — Major General Gathoth Gatkuoth’s Respond to Cessation of Hostility deal signed in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia between South Sudan Rebels and the ROSS led by the devil Salva Kiir..

Many might have welcomed the news of the deal reached in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia a week ago on the cessation of hostility to the ongoing political crisis in the country but I was not in support of that development from the onset.

Instead I was greatly troubled by it. I have my own reservations for not welcoming the move. It was not simply for the obvious and predicted fact that the binding would not be honored by Salva Kiir given his utmost evil intentions to quell the democratic pulses in the country through military means so that he remain in power until his death unopposed; rather, my utter rejection of the deal is on moral and legal grounds.

We cannot make a deal with someone who has massacred his own citizens. This is my position as an area commander and at the same time the position of those I lead in Upper Nile State.

soldiersThe people whose beloved relatives have been killed in Juba, Bor, Malakal, Bantiu with the remnant of them seeking protections in UNMISS compounds in their respective places until today. Based on Human Right Watch Report on the atrocities committed in this unjust war started by Salva Kiir, more than 50,000 South Sudanese are killed only in the course of one month. Sadly, 90 per cent of the victims are Nuers according to Human Right Watch Report published last week. What would Salva Kiir gain by turning the country into a tribal warfare region?


On a different note Salva Kiir had hired foreign troops using our oil money to kill us in Bor, Malakal and Bantiu. We have tangible evident to the fact. Ugandans and the Sudanese Rebels from both Blue Nile and Western Sudan have been captured alive in many battles we fought and won.

In Jonglie State it is the Uganda that is carrying out aerial bombardments until today. Darfur Rebels are the majority foot soldiers that are killing civilians in Unity State. The Blue Nile Rebels are the ones in Malakal as we speak today. What legitimacy left to someone who is killing his own people with foreign allies? So to repeat the question again, Salva has forgotten that these very people he is killing are the ones who had voted him into the office 4 years back?

He did not ascend to power by force. Conceding to or even negotiating with someone like Kiir to me is a crime by itself. Kiir must go whether he like it or not. Anything short of that is not acceptable.

Upper Nile State is a front by itself in this war. With this, it has demands to be met and respected if at all we are going to listen to the voices that are calling for peace in the country.

We demand the followings:

  1. No peace deal with Salva Kiir’s government. This means Salva must leave the office otherwise the war is continuing to the last man.
  2.  Salva must pay the price of 50,000 Nuers he had killed, dead or alive.
  3. Upper Nile must be liberated from Salva Kiir’s rule
  4. War must go on to Salva Kiir’s own states Bar-el gazal .
  5. Ugandan president, Yoweri Musaveni, will be held accountable to South Sudanese he killed by interfering in South Sudan affairs.

In sum, Kiir has violated the constitution of the country by allowing foreign troops to come and fight alongside his loyal forces to kill innocent civilians who are not in uniform but they were killed because of their ethnic backgrounds. With these reasons Salva Kiir has lost his legitimacy as a president and we cannot negotiate with someone with no constitutional backup. He must go or we make him go by the will of our South Sudanese people.

May the good God bless the souls of the innocents Salva Kiir had killed.

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dlatjor February 6, 2014 at 4:17 pm

Yeah never back down stick to the truth, if he ain’t gonna step down let’s fight till the last man I myself will be dead in this cuz I love my Nuer people and always be loyal to my Nuer tribe even if there is peace in South Sudan I will not trust the other tribes but Nuer people. You know why cuz I lost trusting other tribes cuz of what happen on the Dec of the 15, 2013. Fuck everybody in South Sudan except for my fellows Nuer like it or not eat a big fat dick!!! I don’t even know why god put Nuer tribe in the middle of the cowards tribes but it’s all good though none of ya will fade us including ya husband Uganda. Whoever gonna say some about my comment fuck yourself and yo mom too. I can see there will be no peace cuz us Nuer will make ya lives miserable and that’s a fact cuz when u start shit and we think u doing it wrong u better believe that that’s ugly confrontation another word conflict bitch!!!!! Now shot the fuck up u cowards kirr yo bitch ass will not take 5 years without hugging the mother-fuckea ground.


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