Nasir constituency Parliamentarian in Juba; Hon Gatwech Lam and Hon Nyagoa John Jock.

By Jock Nhial Both Kerjiok,


The White army from Nasir matching to retake Malakal in March(Photo: files)
The White army from Nasir in a match to retake Malakal in March(Photo: files)

Excellences, Ladies and Gentlemen,

June 27, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — With due respect and honor, we taken this opportunity to send our kind greeting to you honorable capacity as our constituency MPS. The purpose of this letter is to remind you of the courage you have always been known for in support of your people, the citizens of Nasir County. Allow as, honorable, to recall the time when our town of Nasir was attacked by the rebels of David Yau , and you risked your life in that rather volatile situation to come and mourn with us, to wipe our tears and to comfort us. That is a typical leadership quality every community would want to enjoy from their leaders. You have always been standing with us in both good and bad circumstances and on that, we utmost thank-you.

To be honest with you, honorable, you are the most wanted people in Nasir. That seeing you in Nasir will make no difference from seeing President Kiir on the television screen was almost smashed in Juba just because you appeared on it with your blood-curdling message of betrayal. For sure this crisis came with a yard stick to measure the true leaders and the queasy ones who cares only about their personal goods. To our community, it is very unimaginable that a great leader, trusted by all the people of Nasir constituted could blunder into becoming a traitor in that simple manner, but they have known now.

What will it benefit you to gain the whole world but lose yourself? What has gone wrong with your principles Hon Lam? We  have always known you as a man who love the people of Nasir Community more than your own self that you were willing to sacrifice your position  in Australia with good payment so that can go back home help our people. As Nasir MP you were sanction not travel to state of Upper Nile for the sake of Nasirian people by criticizing the state government over land issue, when state Governor try to sell the Land of Nasir Constituency , Where is that heart for humanity you were known for as “manhood”? It always confuses us how can a “Manhood” support a “man-cruel” It is a puzzle we yet to figure out and we don’t even have the formulae. Do we need to remind you that you are the only key MPs who remained in Kiir’s regime now? We think you know it by intuitiveness and need not be reminded. This is a just rebellion in that it put to end a tribal government that kills people base on tribal line; the Murle and now the Nuer. It is not election crisis Oh honorable! It is a fight for freedom after you, the opportunists, grabbed the freedom and used it for your own good sake. It is a fight for federalism to which the people of Nasir are committed to and will never hold back. It is a fight to install into power men of principles and not you.

Our advice as someone who still believes in you, unlike many people of Nasir who lost trust in you, we want to tell you that it would be wiser to make a U-turn in your decision. Leave whatever gold and silver Kiir might have promised you as they are only temporary benefit. The most permanent benefits for a politician is to obtain his/her community’s approval and it is not too late to acquire that if only you apologize to the people of Nasir/Dhol Community and Yoal Community who elected you to the Parliament, Hon Gatwech Lam and Hon  Nyagoa, announcing your resignation from the party and join the opposition immediately. Your best friends, Hon: Duer Tut Duer, Hon: Jock Jack, Hon: Wiw Kun and Hon: Gatluak Riek Jack did that, so should you? Notwithstanding this advice, “we want to assure you that the torch has been passed to a younger generation that put people first and not their interest” you will soon find yourself an unwanted element in south Sudan leave alone Nasir.. Decision making is tough and not many people are familiar with it, if you would have listen to our advice back then, you could be a great man and woman among our people now and equally politically strong, but It falls into deaf honorable ears. We take this second chance to advise you despite your rough and arrogant reaction to our previous advice that please thinks about your people and not your position.

The Youth of Nasir constituency are suffering in UMISS and you never visited them leave alone giving them something for food; Hon Nyagoa..  Nasir had been burn down to the ground by Dak Tap Chuol and Simon Kun, targeting your own people/those who are elected you to the parliament ‘you say nothing. God is great! As long as people are live, “Mr. Dak Tap will go or killed “The Land of the Nasir” will not been role by Dinka –Nuer” We youth will the fight for freedom and justice for all south Sudanese.

“The killing of Nuer community in Juba is not an end but the beginning of more massacres by the regime. The regime has history of killing its own citizens. The regime massacred the community of Lou Nuer in 2006, Shilluk community in 2010 and massacre of Fertit and Balanda community in Wau 2012. I urge all our youth, men and women in uniform, civil servants, legislators, senators, and ministers still following the stupid and delusional president in Juba to rise up against Dictator Salva Kiir and remove him from power. It is the people of South Sudan to stop the Killer Kiir from continuing killing of our innocent populations. Let us unite against the dictator Salva and his cohorts in Juba and remove them once and for

We wish you all the best in making up your minds. This is message from Nassir Constituency Youth Worldwide.

Long live freedom and democracy for south Sudan!
Long live Nasirain community for Freedom and democracy!
Long live the brave youth of Nasir constituency!

The author, Jock Nhial Both Kerjiok, is a member of Nasir Constituency Youth, Adelaide South Australia. He can be reached at jock2005sd@yahoo.com

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Daniel Abushery Daniel June 27, 2014 at 10:39 pm

My advise to my cousin Jock, the author of this piece is that; let us not turn this war into ourselves, let us respect others decisions and ideas. Gatwec and Nyagoa are not betrayals, the phrase says; ” everyone is entitle to his/her own opinion.” That’s the beauty of diversity, different thoughts, and democracy! Thank you for mutual understanding and respect. Abushery!

Simon Kot June 29, 2014 at 3:21 am

The writter failed to reckoned the past history of rebel leader. He should know that overthrowing elected leader and installing tribal leader would lead to bad precedent. If every tribe take on nuer path, then the leader they want to intall would come on and be overthrow the same he/she descent to power. The matters concerning south sudan requires logical thinking not tribal base mentality. Neither kiir nor riek have got any leadership qualities. They are more of opportunists than civil servants. The mensioned mp have done what smart south sudanese would have done in any given situation. The whole leaderships of splm whether current or former have failed us miserably. We should all look forward to coming election than wasting our time on baseless war. No one owe his/her life to riek or kiir. If we all say no to kiir and riek primitive war, than their war will cease to exist. It is we the youths that are making this war possible and on going. If this war were confined on riek, kiir and disgruntled leaders, we wouldn’t have been in situation we are in now. Those corrupt animals would have either kill themselves alone or solve their indifferent through dialogue. We are the fuel that fans their war and if we so no, then their fire would have no fuel to support it but die.


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