Machar Commended The SPLA For Giyada Shootout!

Gunfire broke out in an army barracks in Juba the capital of South Sudan today, Wednesday morning as soldiers protested delayed salaries.

By Chimp Investigations team.

riek-machar_I'mOutThe former Vice President, Dr. Riek Machar. Photo: Reuters.

March 5, 2014 (Chimps) — Rebel leader and former deputy President, Dr Riek Machar, has commended the SPLA soldiers who masterminded today’s shootings for “doing the right thing”.

“We have nothing to do with what happened today in Juba,” Machar starts by denying responsibility in a social media message.

“But the whole picture tells you that, every South Sudanese is dissatisfied.”

According to Machar, “the $4.6bn borrowed by President Salva Kiir and his aides last year, are only used to pay a pocket of his militias and the Ugandan army.”

He, therefore, believes that “the army (SPLA) is right” to have expressed dissatisfaction.

Meanwhile, one of the top officers behind the shootout, Brigadier General Gatweach Gai, has been arrested.

According to reports, the SPLA commando units; Tiger Division and Jamus are said to have clashed along tribal lines steering the day’s fear-arousing episodes.

Some soldiers reportedly lost their lives in the scuffle.

The military hospital received a number of casualties (dead and wounded), according to a resident doctor.

The incident forced the military to set up road blocks along the roads leading to Juba Airport and towards the Bilpham, the SPLA general headquarters.

Witnesses of today’s shoot out

According to eyewitness, Geoffrey L. Duke, heavy gunshots were heard in an army barracks south of Juba University in the morning.

“People are running home from work, school etc.”

“We are under complete lock down, no cars in, no cars out, I see Military cars with heavy weapons stopping by,” reported Evalopa, an eyewitness.

“Airport road from the Munukee round about all the way till the airport are covered with military. Children are running home. The military is on every road in Hai Amarat.”

She adds: “Heavy security here on airport road. Military have told everyone to be home and close shops.”

Another eyewitness, Census K Lo-liyong, reports: “Watching outside my window, the shootings, explosions in Giada, children running scared and I wonder, what happened.”

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