‘LEAVE MAYARDIT ALONE!’ Kiir’s supporters beg Garang’s ghost.

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garang_memorial2Bull Horns placed on Dr. John Garang Grave/Memorial Site

March 6, 2014 (JUBA/ADDIS ABABA) — The number of ritual slaughtering of bulls, placement of bull horns plus other animal remains on Dr. Garang’s grave at the memorial site in Juba has seen a significant raise in recent days after groups believe to be close to the President attempt to tell the ghost of Dr. Garang to leave the President alone!

The President of South Sudan is said to have recurring dreams in which the late Dr. Garang, his predecessor who died in a suspicious helicopter crash in 2005, strangles the life out of him.

It is not clear how long the President of South Sudan has had this problem, or if others in his cabinet are also being haunted by the Ghost of Garang, but this growing group of dedicated supporters and well-wishers have taken it upon themselves to do what it takes to ensure that nothing comes in the way of President – not even the haunting ghost of Dr. John Garang.

In his facebook page, the son of the Dr. John Garang – Mabior De Garang, described the act (not the haunting by his father but the placing of the horns in the grave) as ‘demonic and primitive’.

mabiorMabior Garang facebook message

In the streets of Juba, citizens received the news with mixed reactions.

“It is just his mind telling him that he has done something wrong…,” said one truck driver, “… maybe not, I do not really know, I do not know anything about such things… I have to go.”

“Yes, I can totally understand and imagine him waking up scared and sweating after such a dream – at least we know he is human and something scares him… too bad he cannot lock this one up or drive him away with some bull horns,” said another retired teacher.

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