JUBA: Sporadic Shootings In Juba, By “Drunkard Soldiers” Again!

aaSPLA spokeman, Col. Phili Aguer and Ateny Wek. Photo|File

January 25, 2014[JUBA] — Bullets started whizzing in the air at 10pm in an area known as 107 west of the SPLA national headquarters and east of the capital Juba, sending shivers across the town which is still recovering from horrors of war that started last year in December.

No casualties were reported and neither was the motive of the shootings known.

The army spokesman, Col. Philip Aguer, says it was just the work of some excited drunken army officers who did not aim at anybody but shot in the air and caused no damages.

Aguer also says they have apprehended the culprits though he did not name them.

“Juba shooting was the work of drunken and undisciplined soldiers who were only firing into air and not at people – we have arrested those responsible,” Aguer clarified.

A similar shooting occurred at the state security headquarters of Jebel sending chills down the spines of many not long ago.

It was also connected to drunken soldiers and no harm was recorded still.

Meanwhile, President Salva Kiir has pledged to reform the civil service and the army so as to create an orderly and organised society of south Sudan.

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