Is the International Community Preparing the Ground to Depose President Kiir?

The UN, US and the EU are planning to attack Pres. Kiir using ‘protecting civilians’ as pretext should fighting starts in Juba again

by David Aoloch Bion

Former Vice president, Dr. Riek Machar and his former boss, Salva Kiir Mayardiit (Photo Credits: AFP)

April 07, 2014 (Nyamilepedia) — Storm is gathering for President Salva Kiir, but he will not see the cloud until the thunder struck J1 in the way he did not see the signs of the coup until the bullet missed him in December 15th.

He will not discover the plan of UN chief Hilde Johnson until he is arrested by UN soldiers like Laurent Gbagbo of Ivory Coast .He will not know covert operations of United State foreign policy of regime change until he is killed like Mamuar Gaddafi of Libya or he is in dock at ICC like Charles Taylor of Liberia. This is how the storm is gathering .

The USA has sent six Osprey Warplanes to Uganda to hunt for Joseph Kony of LRA .Is Joseph Kony active and threat? The USA and UN want use Kony hunt as smokescreen and in the midsentence they will attack Salva Kiir.

When coup happened in December 15, both UN and US dismissed it saying there was no evident for coup. What does this mean? They were reechoing the statement of Riek that says ‘’there was no coup’’.

The following is the brief history of US foreign covert operation against the regime it considers as hostile.

The United States had planned to overthrow 23 government around the world and indeed it successfully overthrown seven governments, the countries where coups were attempt by US intelligence , the CIA are Syria, Guatemala, Indonesia , Cuba, DRC, Dominican Republic, South Vietnam,, Brazil, Argentina, Angola, Turkey, Philippines, Iran, Libya , Somalia, Ukraine, Venezuela, Afghanistan, Chile , Poland. …etc.

The United Nation had overthrew one of her too, the government of Ivory Coast but it denied and this is what the UN chief in Ivory Coast ridiculous said after it overthrew the government. Gbagbo made mistake after mistake and in the end lost everything. We intervened to prevent a disaster. We did not believe it was outside forces that were responsible for ousting Gbagbo. The UN will clear the stronghold of Gbagbo like Yopougon tomorrow“

To call spade a spade, the two big things on earth UN and US are not happy with president Kiir. Because Mr. Kiir has been killed politically by mouth of three people, Riak Machar, Rebecca Nyandeng and Hilde Johnson. Kiir now smelling in US, UN and EU.

In seven overthrown government by USA, Syria is the good example to explain the crisis in South Sudan. Syria got independence in 1946. Husein Zaim, the chief of staff met with CIA on to seize power, he asked American fund and help with the promise that once in power he would make the decision that benefit their national interest. The CIA helped him plotted and succeeded in a coup after he took powers; he approved Trans Arabian Pipeline, a project to transport Saud Arabia oil to Mediterranean port.

It is Zaim story Riak Machar is telling Americans. Riak says USA struggled to make South Sudan get independent, but they never benefited from it. He said once he is power (Riek) he would cancel the Chinese contracts and give them to America. America blessed the Riek coup, but not involved like Syria of 1949 because there is no pretext.


The rebels have been directed by UN, US and EU to sneak into Juba and start fighting like in December 15th. From there UN will pass a resolution authorizing military intervention call Operation Protecting Civilians in their words meant ‘’to prevent the massacre’’… The US will now take the lead, its warplane which are stationed in Uganda will attack government forces loyal to Salva Kiir from the air and the rebels will advance on the ground like what NATO did in Libya from there Salva Kiir will then be either be killed or arrested.

How president Kiir will survive the might of US army? He must do the following four things

  1. Securing Juba from rebel attacks, he must make sure that fighting does not erupt in Juba again like December 15th. So the West will not get pretext to attack him.
  2. Speedily deployment of the IGAD forces to counterbalance the pro rebels UN soldiers
  3. Speedily resolution of the conflicts by making painful concession apart from him stepping down
  4. Kiir must come out publicly about his rule timetable. He must tell his people how long he will be in power when he will peacefully transfer power to another president. This will give moral to those people who want change peacefully.

Your people Mr. President don’t want to hear Hilde Johnson paraphrasing the words of Ivory Coast UN chief like this ‘’ Kiir made decree after decree and he lost the legitimacy’’

One thousand years ago, the wise man wrote to Roman General Julius Caesar, with note on letter , open it urgently, Julius ignored it saying he was in rush to parliament , he was assassinated as he entered the parliament building , when the letter was opened latter it was found the wise man was arguing him not to go to parliament because assassins were hiding there .

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