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GRECOR Public Press: The Maridi Incident!

GRECOR Public Statement, July 5, 2014

Tension in Maridi as residents flee the town after the soldiers killed two young people...In the photo, A man on a motorbike passes people collecting water in Maridi. (Photo: Maggie Fick, enhanced by Nyamile)
Tension in Maridi as residents flee the town after the soldiers killed two young people…In the photo, A man on a motorbike passes people collecting water in Maridi. (Photo: Maggie Fick, enhanced by Nyamile)

July 5, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — South Sudan has reached a point of no return when soldiers became the Judges, prosecutors and executors at the same time but we already know that. This is not news to the people of South Sudan for what happened in Maridi was not an isolated incident. People of South Sudan especially Equatorians have accepted the killing of innocents among them as part of life. The first responsibility of any government is security of each people but when the government started inflicting fear among its citizens, such government has lost legitimacy and the people have the right to rise up against it. The people of Equatoria are now contained like cattle in ranch where the rancher can pick which among them ought to be slaughter. The plan started by Salva Kiir declaring war on Equatorian and giving orders for disarmament of Equatorians in security apparatus. It is done to eliminate any retaliation from organizes force.

We know that there won’t be any justices for Zeko Mathias, and Taban Ali Luaya who were kill in Maridi and Waiwai Marko who was wounded because perpetuators are soldiers from Salva Kiir ethnic group. It happened in the past, it is not going to stop now until we Equatorian becomes a threat to Slava Kiir and company. Since this is now part of life for peace loving Equatorians, we need to honor our dead.

Citizens of Greater Equatrian ought to show their solidarity with the family of the deceased by not celebrating the up coming Independent of South Sudan. What independent are we celebrating as Equatorians if Salva Kiir can select whom among us who can live and die any time he wishes? What independent are we celebrating when Zeko Mathias and Taban Ali Luaya lives were cut short for being Equatorian? What independent are we celebrating when our lives lost its meaning? What independent are we celebrating when we are not independent in our own country? The journey to free South Sudan from the tyrants in Juba must continue and we will be free only when Salva Kiir and Company are put on trial.

Leaders are made not born, we cannot wait for leaders who see their interest tied with the current government while our people are dying everyday. Who are the traditional leaders going to lead when the youth are been targeted everyday? Communities need to start organizing and leaders will emerge among the communities around greater Equatoria. Waiting for the traditional leaders will be a mistake because time is of essences before we become paralyze as a region. Enough is enough; we are not going to tolerate tyranny, not now, not ever, not on our watch.

Lado Lodoka

GRECOR South Sudan

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