Government official admit Juba Massacres

Miss Rachel Nyadak Paul, the deputy Minister of Information and Broadcasting(Photo: Nyadak's profiles)
Miss Rachel Nyadak Paul, the deputy Minister of Information and Broadcasting(Photo: Nyadak’s profiles)

March 17, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — The SPLM has confirmed that the Deputy Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Rachel Nyadak Paul has openly admitted that Juba massacre was conducted in a broad daylight in Juba, on 16 -12-2013.

This came unexpectedly during a public rally held at Jabel and aired on SSTV on Sunday. This is the first time for a Nuer Minister serving in Kiir’s government to openly admits the massacres of the Nuer due to fear of reprisal.

Like many Nuer officials serving in Salva Kiir government, Dr. Marial Benjamin, openly denies the killing of Nuer Ethnic group during his recent interview on BBC-Hardtalks. Marial instead blames the rebels for massacring the Dinka tribe.

The targeting of Nuer civilians began on 15-12-2013 but intensified after the president declared a curfew to be imposed from dawn to dust.

During the curfew, a house-to-house search of Nuer ethnic group intensified in the Nuer congested areas for the first three days. Such reports have been confirmed by independent bodies such as the United Nations and independent media, however, they are still denied by many officials in Salva Kiir government due to fear of reprisal.

As pressure mounts from Human right watch, 100 to 120 soldiers were arrested in connection to the numerous violations of human rights but were later reported to have escaped prisons following the heavy fighting that rocked Juba on 6-03-2013.

The targeting of Nuer in Juba did not spare the members of parliament, religious leaders, children and women. Government officials, of Nuer origin, have been killed in Juba and some are still hiding in UNMISS compound, fearing their fates.

The Nuer officials working in the government have been calling for calm but hardly mention the killing of Nuer people. Outspoken officials like Marial Benjamin, the foreign affairs Minister, have constantly shy away from admitting his linking to the Nuer ethnic group.

The officials have failed to condemn the recent deadly bombardment and destruction of lives and property in Nuer areas. In the recent two weeks, Ugandan air forces have bomed and killed civilians in Uror County.

Cattle and other livestock were killed during the bombardment, according to reports released by the Military Governor Gen. Gabriel Duop Lam during his recent visits to Uror County.

According to the report, the constituency of Rachel Nyadak Paul was reportedly bombed on 3-03-2014 and more than 17 civilians, mostly elderly and children, who did not get to escape, where killed.

This jubilation seen in the deputy minister came contrarily in a rally meant to pursue the remnants of Juba Massacre, hiding in the UNMISS camps to return back homes, however, most homes are reportedly occupied and some are destroyed.

The government has assured the IDPs to report any illegal occupation to police but fear of returning home is higher among the IDPs.

Following renewed clashes at Giada , on 5th March 2014, between the presidential guards (Tigers) and the SPLA Commandos, over 35 Nuer civilians who had returned to their homes after responding to the calls made by the same ministers were gunned down by security forces at home and while fleeing to UNMISS Camps.

Some Nuer civilians, who seek refugee in the homes of foreigners were also pull out and killed according to Ethiopian and Eritrean families, who witnessed the ordeals.

The source confirmed that bodies of the victims killed in these recent incidents are not yet buried as they are expected to be picked for burial by the relatives.

Miss Nyadak Paul attests that the bodies can be seen lying at Juba Teaching hospital Mortuary with no one willing to bury them as relatives fear to claim their bodies for fear of being targeted themselves.

With the onset of rainy season and ongoing outbreak of Measles, the SPLM/SPLA in Opposition urges the UN to consider relocating the most vulnerable groups of December 2013 Juba Massacre to safer place preferably outside South Sudan.

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