Fighting the World without defeating the Rebels!

A few of the hostile excerpts, filed from three days reports.

Compiled by Noah K. James.

SPLA22014-03-12 at 2.18.09 PMSmoking government soldier aiming a far in readiness to defend the oil rich town of Malakal in Upper Nile state before the town was overran for the third times by the rebels, who still occupy it.. (Photo Reuters, Jan, 2014).

March 12, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — The three year old national government has disintegrated into pieces in a very short time. Fearing the consequences of failed governance, the regime has resorted to fighting anyone who disapproves their legitimacy. They went on defamation spree, ready to fight back, although the regime is being kept in power by the Ugandan army. The combined Ugandans army, JEM, SPLM-N and a handful of the government loyalists, including recruited civilians, have all succumbed to the rebels in Upper Nile and most parts of Jonglei.  They are hoping for help from the region, and also from anyone who wants to supply them with troops to protect the capital, Juba. But at the same time they bite the hand that feed them, the West and the UN, out of frustration. As they declares these wars with the United Nations, West, other African nations and among the South Sudanese, the regime is facing heavy battles within the capital city, JUBA. Last week, the SPLA Commandos battled the presidential guards, Tigers, over conspiracies. The Ugandans came to their rescue but the Ugandan army may withdraw next month, leaving the government exposed to rebels. To make the matter worst, the government tanks and heavy artilleries will have no use because of the wet season. If the UNMISS leaves South Sudan, the government will follow.  It does not take rocket scientist to realize that all the following wars are very damaging to the weak regime. Good enough it the government destroying itself. Read the following wars:

War on the West(ST). 11-03-2014:
“If it is a colonial system we need to fight, then that is good because I am old. It makes me young again and will go into the bush fight,” the VICE-PRESIDENT said amidst applause.

War on the United Nations (The Africa Report): 12-03-2014:
“Down Hilda Johnson. Go away,” protesters chanted.
Kiir had accused the UN of running a “parallel government” in his country. Analysts have argued that anti-UN animosity will grow in the war-ridden country following the arms incident.

War on Africans (ST): 09-03-2014:

“I came to Bor again because other places are not good for business because of congestion and the distance factors. But now the people who knew me as an Eritrean threatened me. I will inform the police about so that I can get help immediately”, Debesay said.

War on the Press (VOA): 11-03-2014:
“When you go and interview a rebel who ran away from here and you come and play that interview on government territory, and you know that man is not friendly — this is not the meaning of journalism,” he(The Minister of Information) told VOA in a telephone interview conducted from Washington.

Asked which section of South Sudan’s penal code made interviews with rebels an offense, Makuei said, “It is not my duty to tell which law — go and look for it.”

“You interview him outside and publish it, whatever you do, outside, but when you come and disseminate this poisonous information inside South Sudan, it is an offense,” said Makuei, a LAWYER by profession.

All because;

There are no evidence to prove a coup: 11-03-2014.
“No one knows why they [western governments] failed to accept that the government foiled attempt to remove the democratically leadership,” stressed Igga.

And because;
Of fear to relinquish power : 11-03-2014.
“They [mediators] want our government dissolved, a new neutral president installed or placing the country under trusteeship,” said Igga.

More analyses will follow. Stay tune.

Watch this BBC footage, there is no government in South Sudan without foreign troops and UN.

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