Dreaming about supporting Riek not a sin, Priest tells congregation

priestHaving Riek in your dreams is not a sin, Priest tells congregation

March 1, 2014 [WARRAP] — A Roman Catholic Priest from a sub-parish of Warrap State, South Sudan, has assured members of his congregation that having a dream in which one joins the rebel forces of Riek Machar is not a sin that requires them to confess to the church, report to the security organs or slaughter a cock to cleanse them.

In the past few weeks since the outbreak of violence following the rebellion by Riek Machar and the intensive government led propaganda against the rebellion, many have opened their hearts to the church with concerns, fears and even fantasies occurring in their subconscious minds.

According to the Priest, the majority of the dreams  involved the dreamer joining the rebellion and returning home as a decorated hero with lots of wealth in the forms of white 4X4 land cruisers, cattle and several wives.

According to the Priest, the Roman Catholic Doctrine, a dream alone is not a sin but it can form the bases for a temptation strong enough to commit a sin.

The Priest acknowledge that sometimes the Spirit talks to people in their dreams and gives them visions like who to marry, or tells them who stole their cattle, but the Riek dream in neither a sin or is it such a vision.


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