DRA: Update on South Sudan crisis

Democratic Revolutionary Alliance Forces of South SudanPress Release

April 30, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — The High Command Council of Democratic Revolutionary Alliance Forces of South Sudan (DRA) issues the following messages to all parties involved in the conflict of South Sudan.

  1. DRA salutes martyrs who have sacrificed their lives in defence of the freedom Salva Kiir had abused. This struggle shall continue till the demise of the Kiir’s regime!
  2. The gallant fighters of DRA have endorsed the election of Dr Riek Machar as the Supreme Commander of the liberating forces fighting against the totalitarian regime of Kiir.
  3. DRA reminds Salva Kiir of Sun Tzu’s prophesy:

“You have to pick your battles wisely. Not every conflict is worth turning into a major battle. There are certain battles which simply cannot be won no matter how much effort you put into them or what strategies you use. They are simply losing causes and fighting such battles does little to help you accomplish your ultimate objectives. The wise man will not let his pride get in the way of obtaining his goals, and fighting a battle which cannot be won is a prime example of allowing your pride to cloud your thinking.”

Salva Kiir, illusioned by the Ugandan military supremacy, had committed a grave miscalculation in plunging the country into a war which he called “senseless”. They used poisonous gases and cluster bombs against Nuers to cleanse them from the map of existence. However, both Kiir and Museveni have seen how arduous it is to cleanse a human race from existence. We will neither kowtow before these oppressors nor allow them to intimidate us as they bully East Africans! Ugandans will learn their final military subject in South Sudan. Therefore, DRA calls upon Comrade Salva Kiir to negotiate his way out of this crisis, or else, he will face similar fate Moamar Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein suffered. Our scorpions will get him!

  1. Prior to the outbreak of the war on the 15th of December 2013, Gen. Malong Awan, the incumbent Chief of General Staff of the South Sudanese, said to some Nuers dining and wining with him: “We Dinkas are well prepared to fight you Nuers. If we (Dinkas) get you (Nuer), we will exterminate you. If you get us (Dinkas) exterminate us.” The Nuers dining with the General thought it was just a joke. They did not realise that the “butcher” exposed his mass murder plan. “Butchers” hardly lie when it comes to carnage. After two days he committed that unforgettable “crime of crimes”.

When Malong was appointed Chief of Staff, he inaugurated his leadership by ordering the killing in cold blood of unarmed Nuer soldiers at the training centre in Mapel Base under the pretext that the soldier rebelled. How could unarmed men rebel? To commit suicide?

Internal sources disclosed that Malong is due to transfer to Warrap, Northern Bar el Ghazel and Lake States Nuer soldiers still under the government control and murder them there. Those Nuers still under delusion that they are serving a legitimate government must understand their fate. They should understand the psychology of their enemy.

  1. DRA seriously warns the confused Sudanese rebels of Sudan Revolutionary Front (Darfur rebels and SPLM-North) of their deadly marriage to the fail state of Salva Kiir. Their political folly will return them to their old “buckets.”

In conclusion, the behaviour of the enemy proofs that the future of the country shall be determined in the war field. Therefore, DRA calls upon all freedom fighters to boldly confront Gen. Malong without a blink of an eye and prove him wrong of his devilish acts. DRA urges freedom fighters to be as brave as a female lion, swift as an eagle and deadly as a copra, and to respect the rules of war!!

Victory to the oppressed masses!!!

Maj. Gen. Tethloach D. Ruey

Official Spokesman & Secretary of External Relations of DRA

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