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CRF Condemns Killing of Paramount Chief Agieth Okambo of Kaka Area

Members of Collo community in unspecified location in Upper Nile(Photo: Trip Down The Memory Lane)
Members of Collo community in unspecified location in Upper Nile(Photo: Trip Down The Memory Lane)
August 26, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — The Collo Resistant Front (CRF) condemns the unlawful killing of a paramount chief of Manyo at Kaka Area. The CRF has learned the unexpected death of Chief Agieth Okambo with great dismay and sorrow.

According to CRF sources, a “group of mercenaries” is believed to have been involved in Chief Okambo’s death.

“A group of mercenaries and warmongers rooming about to plunder in Collo land on the account of paymaster in Juba was suspected to be behind this horrendous crime.” CRF report reads.

Although no one has claimed responsibility, CRF believes that the Chief, who died on Saturday, August 23, 2014, was targeted by a local militia for an allege support of rebellion in the country.

“According to reliable sources in the area, Okambo has been accused by un-named local militia an ally to the system in Juba of collaborating with the opposition forces in the area.” CRF reports.

“Sources further indicated saying, the militia command lost no opportunity to arrest and savagely beat Okambo to death.” the report continues.

The Collo Resistance Front is committed to follow investigations into the killing of chief Okambo who “dedicated his entire life to serve the course of justice in Collo land”.

The resistant front pledges to pursue the culprits and ensures that justice is served for the victims and the nation at large.

“CRF is outraged by the news of Okambo’s succumbing and bent to pursue those culprits who were behind this criminal act so that they face reciprocal justice.” the  CRF reports.

According to CRF, Chief Okambo has been an inspirational leader to some of his colleagues and many other young generations in the area, he was known for his wisdom, eagerness to cope with advanced ideas and easiness to associate with everyone regardless of age and status; he was considered one of the few figures that have managed to shape affairs in the contemporary Collo Kingdom.

CRF reiterates that the regrettable physical disappearance of Chief Okambo is a great lost, not only to the Collo people, but also to the entire nation.

“The murder of Chief Okambo was regrettable and certainly a great lost not only to the people of Manyo area and Collo at large, but also to the entire people of South Sudan.” CRF reports.

“Okambo would go down to history as a hero in the course of searching for justice, peace, freedom, democracy and the rule of law in our land.” the report continue.

“Long live the struggle of People of South Sudan. God the almighty father rest his soul in eternal peace, Amen.” the CRF, Manyo – Wadikona Administrative Area, report concludes.

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