Is there foreign policy principle justifying Uganda’s military intervention in South Sudan civil war and under whose authority could the exercise be carried out?

By Kuajien Lual Wechtuor


April 19, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — International law’s non-intervention doctrine has not only been a comprehensive but `the United Nations General Assembly describes the intervention as dictatorial interference in the political independence and territorial integrity of the sovereign state´ and has been an important principle especially for `liberal statesmen and moralist with commitment to universal human rights.`[1] The international law sanction and prohibit the intervention with the exception of the right to humanitarian intervention, the “responsibility to protect” but subject to and preceded with unanimous authorization. It’s morally believed that the intervention does not itself justify military intervention rather peaceful intervention following certain conditions followed. The responsibility to protect should exert political, economics and peace but military intervention as the last option. I argue that this foreign policy is building up a new exception which I call collusion intervention. A kind of partial or random agreement concluded orally by the two state presidents, which give only one country rights to interferes with political independence and territorial integrity of invited country, which is necessitated due to power consolidation and political greedy. This debate would develop itself into a kind of exception to nonintervention principle on further arguments, owing to the fact that, UN has not such illegal intervention been punished, neither condemned nor pushing for an end to Uganda’s illegal army deployment. Thus AU, if not UN might have wants indirectly creating new principle in exception of its own constitutive Act to save the future of its dictatorship member leaders, or otherwise, UN and AU are losing senses.(…)

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