27 killed and 12 abducted in Murle raid near Bor

A family with a wounded boy waited at a United Nations camp to be evacuated for further treatment (Sven Torfinn), past file.

February 8, 2014(RT) — Dozens of people were killed or abducted by suspected Murle raiders when a village near Bor came under attack two days ago.

Four wounded survivors of the attack on Kolnyang village 15 kilometers south of Bor were transferred to the town in search of treatment. Among the wounded was a pastor of the Episcopal Church of Sudan who recounted to Radio Tamazuj what happened in the attack.

“At around 5:00 in the evening on Thursday the attack happened on Kolnyang area. There wasn’t any way for people to run from them. People were killed and others abducted,” said Reverend Thomas Agou Kur.

“The number of people who were killed was 27, 18 women and 9 men, and 12 children were abducted,” he added.

Victims of the attack identified the raiders as being Murle, not Nuer, saying they took the children in the direction of Pibor County. The attack was confirmed to Radio Tamazuj by state authorities.

The Murle rebel group led by David Yau Yau signed last week a ceasefire agreement with the government of Salva Kiir. The recent attack came as a surprise to the local community, which was just recovering from the violence that had marred Bor County for a month since the defection of an SPLA division in the area.

Last week the mediator of the recent ceasefire between the government and the David Yau Yau group, Bishop Emeritus Paride Taban, said that the peace deal would bring provide communities with an opportunity for reconciliation.

The bishop called on the parties to cease the culture of war and militarism and urged them to begin working hard for sustainable peace in the country and helping suffering people.

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Kadado Etcho August 14, 2014 at 5:00 am

I would like to response to those who want to expose the Murle community to the world media that if Lou Nuer have cooked something against Murle let its be responsible for it without smearing its on to other communities like they have explored it. As Greater Pibor Administrative Area whom inhabit Eastern part of South Sudan,we have nothing against Nuer nor Dinka in General. The Yau Yau demands to the government was found unique and there were huge evidence revealed on the peace documents summit ted to the president of the republic and international community who monitored the Yau Yau peace negotiation in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia all the evidences were documented by both parties. The allegations poured on Murle youth mobilizations was came as a result of envy by country mates following the presidential republican decree issued on GPAA declaration separated from former Jonglei state and landed into it’s owned autonomy system, people saw this and were unhappy. However, to be realistic I worth to notify you that the said mobilization had been orchard by some all Jonglei state communities representatives who were loyal to both government and the SPL/SPLA in opposition recruited in Jonglei state to create more enmity and political rivalry with their Tribesmen opponents within their regionalism to secure their positions in the government and retained for their personal gain in political system. One good example, the D/governor of Jonglei state Baba Medan, he was the only Murle big food lover in Bor who was just presenting himself to be a Deputy governor and he was used as an agent to spoiled the Murle separation processed claims by SSDM/SSDA headed by Gen.David Yau Yau. And in his recent hate speech made while addressing what so call red army in Bor, he vigorously mentioned Murle Tribe youth masses to carry out an attacks in Nuer regions. He said so simply because Dinka Bor were offered him that seat to betray Murle community and talk about war between Nuer and Murle could be occur in a few months so that the solidarity among Nuer and Murle should not be hold you know. And Baba Medan himself has no base in Murle regions to develop political steps to launch his campaign and mobilized Murle youths to attack Nuer community territories this time. Therefore, Joshua Konyi the former Pibor county commissioner was his friend the two were served by former Jonglei state governor Koul Manyang Juk to represent him in Pbor and be answerable to him. Now after Yau Yau victory all of them were out of Greater Pibor Administrative Area GPAA systems and their promises to their boss in Jonglei who is now the a minister of defense are fail all together that is why he talk shit, he as know otherwise in Bor politics again because Murle are out of their hands of colonialism in Jonglei. So since Murle became independent through establishment of GPAA, I advice posters to be caution not to links us with Bor issues again. If anyone has something valuable want to share with the GPAA leadership come with it straight on to the authorities of GPAA we would resolve it’s if necessary rather than you brought it in as an accuses to splits communities due to conflict of interest of an individuals. BY JOSEPH KADADO


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