Nuer Community Development Services Candidate Platform

Dear Nuer Community Members,

By Michael Gach Chockchock,

NCDS-USA  Candidates announcement for 2017 election ....
NCDS-USA Candidates announcement for 2017 election ….

June 28, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —— My name is Michael Gach Chockchock. I release this article today to tell you about myself, my programs and to inform you of upcoming NCDS-USA election due to take place next month, July 2, 2017. As voters, I ask for your presence and support (votes) as I believe I am the right candidate for the job. If elected as the NCDS-USA chairman, I will implement the following programs.

1. NUER UNITY: I will do everything in my capacity to unite Nuer in all corners especially here in USA. I will reconcile outstanding differences, promote understanding and help build trust among our people. We are stronger together, therefore, my administration will do whatever it could to make sure that Nuer unity is maintained at all levels.

2. ORGANIZATION: Nuer must be organized in order to have an organized community. To achieve this, I will set up workshops for training purposes and strictly follow the bylaws as our guiding principles.  I will form a coalition of faith based, Elders and experts to provide a framework of preventing youth violence, violence interventions must reach all young people in a community not just those with the history of violent behaviors.  I will work collaboratively with other Nuer community chairpersons in Australia, Canada, Europe, back home and in neighboring countries to implement the above ideas.

3. POLITICAL VISION:  I will mobilize funds in support for our civil defense force (White Army) and SPLM-IO in general to liberate Nuer and other South Sudanese from the mistreatment and injustice of JCE’s brutal regime.  Our wounded warriors will be nursed on beds, and we will work closely with the Nuer-Ethiopian and Ethiopian government to ensure political stability and peaceful coexistence between Nuer and other tribes in Gambella region.

We will also ensure that Nuer refugees are safe and treated fairly in Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and PoC camps in South Sudan.

4. PEACE: My administration will work hand in hand with nuer grassroot community leaders to advocate for peace among Nuer. No Nuer shall fight another Nuer as long as I am the chairman. To maintain peace, my team will promote dialogue within Nuer community and between Nuer and neighboring communities across South Sudan and Ethiopia.

5. NUER RIGHTS AND INTERESTS: I will advocate for the Nuer rights regionally, internationally and in USA and demand accountability and compensation for the crimes and genocide the JCE regime had committed and continue to commit against innocent, vulnerable Nuer people. Under my leadership, the Nuer will define their interest, know their rights and what action to take when their lives, interest and rights are violated and threatened.

6. UNFINISHED WORK: My teams will pick up from where the previous administrations ended its work and complete any unfurnished tasks.


• Pinyudo Primary/middle School 7-9, Pinyudo, Ethiopia

• GED at Southeast Community college in Lincoln, Nebraska, 2006

• Bachelor of Art in Public Administration at Doane University in Lincoln, Nebraska, 2016.


• Head court clerk, in pinyodu, Refugee Camp in Gambella, Ethiopia

• Former Chairman of Thiang Bar Community here in US.

• Former member of Longechuck County Association organizers in US

• Former truck driver at Bryan LGH medical center warehouse.

• Former asset protection (security) at Walmart.

• Currently working as a Direct Support Professional at Developmental Service of Iowa (DSI) in Council Bluffs.

If you have any question do not hesitate to contact me at 402 208 4282 or email me @ michael.chockchock@doane .edu

Thank you all in advance for your votes,

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