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“The Nuer Unity is strength; strength is power and peace breeds’ social justice and social justice breeds peace and peace can only be achieved through strength, but not in weakness”. –Professor de Chand

“United we stand, divided we fall”.

By Professor Ambassador David de Chand,

Professor/Ambassador David de Chand, Chair of South Sudan Democratic Front Party (SSDFP-I-O)....
Professor/Ambassador David de Chand, Chair of South Sudan Democratic Front Party (SSDFP-I-O)….

Dec 23, 2018(Nyamilepedia) —— Fellows Nuers and countrymen, comrades, friends, brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, I write you this note because I have learned that you will be gathering together at the Center on Friday, 16 December 2016 in Khartoum, Sudan, to commemorate the victims of genocide on 16, 17 and 18 December 2013 Juba Genocide that has become a day of infamy. You should be rest assured that I will join you in this saddest event, but joyous to commemorate our dead and to remember that we have archenemies against in South Sudan. Nonetheless, it will be a good day and blessed by God.

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The quest for the Nuer Unity against genocide is the right step in the right direction. The Nuer Unity will bring cultural shock to the perpetrators of the gravest and the greatest crimes of genocide against humanity. Whilst we will remember our loved ones as the clear victims of preplanned and predestined crime of genocide committed against us by the US President Barak Obama and his Secretary of State John Kerry, we would like to state it at the outset that the international community has forgotten about the Nuer ethnicity trials and tribulations and the Holocaust committed by Salva Kiir regime in Juba and throughout South Sudan. It’s about time to undertake seriously thinking about ways and means of consolidating the Nuer unity that will be our survival as a nation and a people will depend in our consolidated unity. Surely, we can and will unity our ranks and files to fight Salva Kiir’s genocidal regime and to oust it by any means necessary and no matter how long it takes, it will happen.

In order for the world to know our feelings as the Nuers, God Almighty has given us three (3) wisdoms, viz., that we will “Ask,” and will be receive; we will “Seek”, and we will find; we will “Knock,” and the doors will be opened deep and wide to us as a tormented people. We will overcome this crime of genocide like those before us that have endured and courageously worked harder to overcome the psychological impact of the crime of genocide. We will overcome this crime because we are a courageous people Africa. I would like to remind you all that during the Anglo-Nuer résistance against the British colonial rule (1900-1930) or the Nuer Revolution (al-Sura al- Nuer), we were massacred, gassed with mustard and nerve gases by the British colonial government, but our forefathers did not surrender to the British in despite of their superior military might. Now, the Nuer have modern arms and available resources to mortgage for the liberation of the Nuerland, we are determined and motivated more than ever before. We will expel the SPLM/A by any means necessary because history is on our side.

We know that for everyone who asks will receive; Seek, you will find, and the doors will be opened to those who knock. Our task now we that all the Nuer people would have to go out there to anyone to ask for help, we will seek and we will find and we will knock at the doors worldwide, they will be opened for us to tell our story that perpetrators committed the gravest and the greatest crimes against humanity against the Nuer nation and targeted its people for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part.

Our concurrent leaders and the leadership under the good auspices of Dr. Riek Machar and company have weakened and failed the Nuer people. They have neither performed aggressively to have done their homework, that they have been looking for excuses, which are no excuses at all, but to cover up their weaknesses and failures in which they have failed to articulate the case of the Nuer people to the international community under the pretext that the international community is against the Nuer nation and its people. This is rubbish and science of stupid. What have we done to humanity that the international community could selectively and categorically should turn its back against the Nuer nation amongst many nations and people of the world? This is hogwash and a white lie.

This analogy has been categorically and outrageously rejected by the people because no international community that hates the Nuer people on the planet-Earth. However, it’s a deliberate and willful denial and cover up of the leadership real failure and to accept blames. Dr. Machar’s as the leader should surely accept to shoulder all the failure and blames that delayed the war to move forward. We will change all of politico-military developments sooner rather than later. A word from the wise or the food of wisdom, let us not blames ourselves, but we should be united to think only about ways and means of defeating Salva Kiir’ genocidal regime in Juba and to put all our dirty laundry in the closets until the war is over and will sit down to sort things out peacefully.

Nevertheless, we must call a spade a spade because what happened has been and will continue to be attributed to Dr. Riek Machar’s leadership failure to sale and to articulate the cause of the Nuer as a bright and stronger leader. The Nuer Unity is the right step in the right direction. In short, the Nuer people are doing the right thing. You can be rest assured that we are standing up with shoulder to shoulder with you all the way until the end. Dr. Machar’s should know and underscore that we will ask, it will be given, we will seek, and we will find, we will knock and all doors will be opened to us.

I am sure you all know as I do know that the Holy Bible teaches us all that there’s time for everything; there’s time to cry; there’s time to mourn; there’s time to be happy; there’s time to fight; and there’s time to make peace…etc., this is now the time for the Nuer people to Ask, and they will receive; to Seek, and they will find; and to Knock, and all doors will be opened to them. We will ask, will find; to seek, and we will find; to knock, and all doors be opened to achieve whatsoever we want for the protection of our community from being destroyed, disseminated and annihilated and we should consciously convinced that peace will only come through strength, but not in weakness. In other words, there must and ought to be correlations of forces on the ground and equilibrium in everything possible for Juba to become serious to negotiate peace process according to terms. Surely, without a military might and strength the enemy will not adhere to make peace with us and it would want to dictate the terms of peace in his own interests. Therefore, I say unto you all my dearest and beloved people, I am pretty proud to be born a Nuer because this was not an accident, it was already set by God Almighty to be born as a member of the indelible Nuer Community [NC] like anyone of you on this planet-Earth. Hence, let’s unite all unite and to share our limited resources, powers to confront our archenemies with whenever, wherever, however and whatever with big surprises to defeat them all.

Your dream to unite as a people and a community, it all starts with God. Everything, absolutely everything, above and below, visible and invisible, everything got started in him and finds it purpose in him.

You should all realize that “You [the Nuer people] are not an Accident.” God Almighty is your Creator. You are in his care even before you were born [Isaiah: 44:2a] Even Professor Albert Einstein said he that God doesn’t play dice”.

Because of the Biblical exigencies delivered by theologians more than I could deliver as a non-theologian, but as has a man of faith, an academic and as an intelligentsia intellectual and a bona fide scholar that has read both the Holy Bible, the Holy Quran (Koran) and the Torah for the sake of knowledge for the quest of wisdom, your strategic dream to unite could have come at the right time; it is blessed by God as your Creator because of the things that have occurred in our motherland South Sudan that we have liberated with our sweat and spilled over our precious blood of our martyrs whose victory was stolen in the broad day light from them and conspicuously awarded to the late John Garang by the so-called African experts, the lobbyists and all that jazz that you all know what and that they have had no knowledge and the intricacies of the nature of South Sudan society. We shall overcome this problem only through a consolidated United Front that you are now committed to undertake to plant its seeds.

My dearest and beloved folks [Nuer kondial], we will prevail by Grace of God, our cheer strength, courage and to be pretty aggressive in undertaking in unionism and no matter how long it takes our dream unity. We should have the red badge of courage, determination, motivation, guts and gusto and a consolidated unity to overcome our archenemies. We have to work harder to obtain whatsoever we deem first fit to fight the war of aggression and genocide committed against us and peace to return through strength, but never again in weakness. We will prevail, God willing, we will prevail at the end of the day.

We do sincerely salute you all in this courageous and significant dream of uniting our community and its leadership to return to its historic and traditional respects that it had prior to Dr. Riek Machar’s ascension on its helm. How far did we go and where are we now? I guess, we are in moving in a vicious cycle and we have no way to make a breakthrough. We should know that there will, there is also hope and must and ought to keep that hope alive. I rest assured you that we will break through this embodied vicious cycle. We should remain optimistic because God is with us, including the old and the New Nuer Prophets and prophetesses. We should not forget them because they are part and parcel of our culture.

Because Dr. Machar’s poor quality of leadership, we have fallen off the cliff before we could reach to the mountain top. This not the way a strong people like the Nuer should be led by a weak leader. They need an aggressive within reasons, determined, motivated and not shy or fearless, but to be bold to ask, and to find; to seek, and to find; to knock, and all doors will be opened for what he needs for the protection of his people. Dr. Machar’s has been soft and focused his mind only to become President that could not happen without strength. He should strengthen his people and forces to have sharper teeth to bite with. He had been selfish, egoist introverted leader and the Nuer people do not need this type of a leader.

What is the way forward? We should all together think critically about the above-mentioned questions or queries. We should undergo radical and systematic thinking and neo-thinking of reforming the Movement in order to inject new blood, men and women of wisdom that Dr. Machar’s; his cronies and his immediate family have comprehensively excluded from the Movement’s management even though those that he isolated have been doing the fighting all along for Dr. Machar’s for years. This has got to be changed.

We do send you this note to know that we have been also united as a people with a real common cause. We do have some renegades that are trying to disrupt the process of the Nuer unity for their own vested interests, but you could all be rest assured that they will fail in such aimless efforts. We will have to talk to them to return to the fold or else they would have to forego or to be ex-communicated from the Nuer Community [NC] because they have become like fig or briers trees that could not bear fruits in the orchard. I believe that any leader or any person that cannot make sacrifices to produce anything for his people and the community does not deserve to lead because he/she is like fig trees that do not produce fruits and had to be weeded out of the orchard.

I will be obliged to recommend or to suggest to some of you or you all “A tree and its fruits”. “Be on your guard against false prophets, they will come to you looking like sheep on the outside, but on the inside they are really like wild wolves. Surely, you will know them by what they do. Thorn fruitless trees do not bear fruits, and briers do not bear figs. Certainly, we know that a healthy tree do bear good fruits, but a poor bears bad fruits. We would like to say to you that any trees that do not bear fruits are cut down or to weed it or hew it out down and thrown on fires.

The analogy that I am trying to give you goes like this: a good leader is like healthy trees that bear fruits and a bad or soft leader who does not list to his people, does not unite and control and command them and to disciplined them has to be compared to a poor tree that does produce bad fruits and the trees that do produce fruits at all, should be cut down and thrown into fires. Therefore, we do need radical reforms within the movement now control by Dr. Machar’s and his closed relative and moving us in a “vicious cycle” and we got nowhere for years. We have died so much under the leadership of Machar and Taban Deng Gai and their closed families that have not fought the war, but the five (5) Nuer sub-tribes in Unity State that is homeland of Dr. Machar’s have been killing themselves like mad wolves alone in Unity States instead of uniting their energies to open the gate that they have closed towards Warrap and Aweil respectively. They have made big setbacks in our armed struggle against Salva Kiir’s dictatorial, criminal and genocidal regime in Juba.

Verily, Verily, I say unto you all people of South Sudan and particularly to those nationalities that have been genocide, this war will not stop until it reaches Warrap and Aweil for they have been the cockpits of the war and as such they should experience the same destructions, collateral damages and mass killings that they have committed in the Greater Equatoria region, the Greater Bahr-el-Ghazal region and the Greater Upper Nile region.

In order for us to achieve this strategized objective, a pre-requisite would be our immediate and unconditional formation of a united front under one overall command to one leader to lead the troops to victory against Salva Kiir’s illegitimate, dictatorial, criminal and genocidal regime in Juba. The commander of this army or force should be the most experienced top notch general, intelligent, motivator of the troops and to unify the forces as equally equal in command and control, disciplined soldiers as the way forward. Most importantly, we do need rapid and immediate radical reforms within the leadership such that no one leader should surround him with only own closest family. This has been Dr. Machar has done for too long because he has been leading undereducated and illiterate people and did everything humanly possible to isolate the best and the brightest or crème de la crème in the leadership. Without any shadow of a doubt, that Dr. Machar’s has been a big dictator, ethno centrist [tribalists] and anti-Nuer intellectuals that surpassed him in the art of the revolution and international negotiations. He branded so many highly qualified Nuer intellectuals with work experience to appear, to shine and to have their say in the Movement.

Because of these negative actions, the Movement has failed and has become a family affair of Dr. Machar’s and his closed relatives. This got to change if the Movement belongs to all of the people in the Opposition. We would also demand that democracy and its true value should be the measurement of the yard stick in the system to will give to each according to their abilities, experience and field of specialization

We have been able also to unite our generals retrospect to the incident in Pagak fueled and ignited by Lucifer’s(Judas Escargot)Taban Deng Gai (alas Mohamed Hassan El-Hagg) on 15 July 2015 and we are moving as a united front to Dialogue par cum pare (equal) with them all without exceptionalism to find a tenable reasonable alternative (TRA) solution. Nevertheless, a small clique within the Nuer community with emphasis on Dr. Machar’s closed relatives without experiences could not be permitted to destroy the present and the future of a nation for preserving their vital interests and their pity blind political ambition. Therefore, we urge and appeal for unconditional changes by any means necessary. Dr. Machar’s and his gang must and ought to be criticized for the things that they have done, which they ought not to have done. We should not fear to criticize Dr. Machar’s because he is not God, but a human being like any other human on the planet bestowed upon such powers by the people or upon himself through the force of arms. Let us assume hypothetically, that truly Dr. Machar’s is a democratic leader, its healthy to accept criticism from his followers because that would enhance him to change in order to understand the logical thinking of his shepherds and workers tilling the soil for food.

In my capacity as a political scientist, leaders are neither feared nor to be loved, but they must show examples for the interests of the state or organization or corporation through proper and appropriate legal system, but never ever to take the laws into his own hands. This is the real fulfillment of democracy and its true values. We would like to inform you that everything that happened in Pagak were deliberately and willfully perpetrated by the Lucifer’s Taban Deng Gai (alas Mohamed Hassan El-Hagg and his emissaries with an schematic and illogical plans and intentions to bring shame and destroy the Nuer unity, its people and the nation for their own personal vested interests that they will be forgiven, but not to forget the past. May the wrath of God and the Great Nuer Prophets Nyundeng Bong (Gatgiekah), Dwal Dieu and the Prophetess Nyaruach Kulang (Nyakulang) will be upon them. We should not forget our Prophets at all in despite of modernization and industrialization. We should live like the Japanese, the Israelis and people from Southeast Asia that have not forgotten their ancient prophets and taboos in despite of the spirit of undergoing modernization and industrialization. Even the European folks, they have not forgotten their ancient and medieval cultures.

We should also be prepared for a United South Sudan. We will leave no stone unturned and nobody that will be left body behind. Therefore, the Nuer unity in Diaspora and the Nuer in South Sudan, including Khartoum, Addis-Ababa, Uganda, Cairo, the USA, Europe, the UK, and Australia as well as throughout the world would be a great pre-requisite and the roadmap to the Nuer unity that could move mountains and could surely shake and causes gastroenteritis to some individuals’ guts and gusto. We will achieve this dreamed of the Nuer unity as the cornerstone and the only way to defeat Salva Kiir’s regime by any means necessary in Juba.

We will unite to fight Salva Kiir’s regime and the so-called Dinka Elder Council (DEC) DAESh terrorist organization similar to Baku Harem in Northern Nigeria and Al-Shabab in Somalia, but not the Dinka Community. We have no problems with the Dinka Community, but the whole of South Sudan does have a big problem with Salva Kiir and his cronies’ and henchmen in Juba and their failure to resolve this problem, South Sudan, as envisaged could become disunited and disintegrated state forever even though it’s a failed state that has moved from stateless to statelessness. As we become a truly united people, we will prevail and will overcome and obstacles or hurdles on our way. We should know and understand that we are all in this together without any exceptionalism and we will fight this war with the red bald courage, determination and motivation until we achieve peace through strength, but not in weakness. We will seek the Nuer unity first and the rest will be added.

Therefore, we should also reckoned that there many are many Dinka folks who against Salva Kiir’s regime, but they are hiding in the closets like homosexuals or gays, lesbians and cannibals within the Dinka society. We would urge and appeal to these brave and courageous men and women with Dinka Community (DC) to extricate; to distant or to disassociate themselves, per se, from the bad deeds committed by Salva Kiir’s regime and all of them should have nothing to fear except fear itself to join the social revolution or social renaissance against Salva Kiir’s dictatorial, genocidal, criminal and illegitimate regime in Juba. We urge and appeal to the Dinka generals to overthrow Salva Kiir before it’s too late. They must decide between good and evil for the cause of democracy and its true values and the present and the future of the Dinka Community in South Sudan that now seems to be living in great isolation because of the bad deeds committed by one lunatic, and Lucifer’s Salva Kari’s regime in Juba.

We believe beyond a reasonable doubt, that that there cannot be South Sudan without the Dinka nor the Nuer participation nor the Equatorians, the Ferritet, the Shilluk [Chollo] democratic participation in South Sudan’s national affairs. The enemies of the people are the ones wearing the SPLA military insignia and totting AK-47 to kill innocent people, women, children and the elderly for no good and apparent reasons. The war would not end until Bany Adut, Malwal Anyier, Mathiang Anyour and Ageng Weng terrorists and savages have been completely and totally wiped out of the picture throughout South Sudan. The war will go on until it reaches Warrap and Aweil whether Salva Kiir and his notorious Chief of Staff Paul Malong Awan like it or not, it will surely happen and no matter long it takes, it will happen. I am longing for the day that Salva Kiir and Paul Malong Awan will be witnessing these things alive similar to things that have done, which they ought not to have done. The mass killings and the destruction in the Greater Upper Nile region, the Greater Equatoria region and the Greater Bahr-el-Ghazal will not go un-avenged with catastrophic consequences.

Nevertheless, this process of reunification and reintegration would have to be done through the democratic process rather than through the dictatorial and genocidal means. We should acknowledge that South Sudan has become totally and completely a failed state although some pro-SPLM partisans still considered it as a “hijacked state”, from whom, by whom and for what, remains a myth to be de-mythologize. In as far as South Sudanese are concerned, it has become a failed state that has moved from instable state and moved to stateless to statelessness like Somalia in the post-overthrown of General Sayaid Barre in 1992 in Mogadishu, Somalia, in the Horn of Africa [HOA].

Supposedly, that South Sudanese dream or quest would be to re-build, to re-unite and to re-integrate that could be done in a would-be new federal state in South Sudan based on the principles of democracy on the ten (10) states. We could sit down together as equals partners to Dialogue par cum pare (equal) to restructure and to reframe it in a would-be new federal Constitution that would guarantee any states or regions the rights to exit from the Union free at will like the British Exits [BREXIT] from the European Union [EU] that was a founding member under the 1973 Lisbon Agreement that gave birth to the modern EU and that it’s awaiting to trigger Article 50 for negotiations with the twenty-seven (27) EU member states on trade, military, diplomatic relations, free movement of people or citizens of both the UK and the EU, good and services, tariffs and the rights to work in the UK as well as in the EU member states.

This could be possible through direct, frank and meaningful negotiations, but never ever under the muzzle of the AK-47 or on any ill-intentions against any groups’ domination, oppression and exploitation of another group. We will not hesitate resisting such a devilish intentions or state of affair exposed by such a group or groups against another group by any means necessary for the general correction of coercing for the general good and happiness of the majority.

The Nuer nation and its resilient people have the responsibility to unite to show a sense of democratic and selfless leadership program contrary to what we have already experienced in the past. Because “charity begins at home,” the Nuer ethnicity should unite first before it could seek unity with other nationalities that have been looking after what the Nuer will do. We should state it at the outset that there is no ethnicity that could be able to induce democratic change in South Sudan with the exception of the Nuer nation and its resilient people. Therefore, we urge and appeal to all ethnicities to live in harmony and tolerance and join hands with Nuer majority

The politico-military developments in J1 Building Grounds, Jebel Kujur, Gudele, Lanya, Yei-Maridi Roads and its thick bushes for 48- Day had proven that the Nuer soldiers and commanders can undertake to do and to accomplish any missions, epics or episodes and our brave, gallant, courageous soldiers and generals under good control and command have done it in Juba and throughout Equatoria. They have broken flat the backbones of Salva Kiir and Paul Malong Awan longest horns, bombasticity, big mouths and war mongering. We made the Dinka to become quite and to rethink the art of war and its outcome. The Dinka should not underestimate the Nuer power known by the Dinka as Black Germans of Africa or what the Dinka termed as Thon Anyar (Buffalo).

Surely, by God grace, they will re-do it again sooner rather than later inside Juba. All the jackasses or the “Dinks” in Juba, the last events that created hysteria and fear was only a piece of the iceberg and the test of the waters accomplished by 1,300 man strong Nuer soldiers. Nevertheless, this time around, Salva Kiir and Paul Malong Awan should be rest assured that we will dispatch a well-armed, well-trained, well-disciplined and well-equipped a million (1,000,000) man strong forces or more guerilla forces, the Nuer White Army [Riam tin boor] and its counterpart the Nuer Gojam and the regulars on the west of the White Nile River in Liech (Unity State). We will be determined and motivated to make Juba to become a ghost town and that could take many more years to be re-built. It would be left in ruins like Aleppo City in Syria or Al-Mosul in Iraq. No Nuer soldiers are afraid of fighting a weak link Dinka soldiers. It was Alexander the Great that said he that, “He was not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep, but he was afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion”. Analytically, Alexander the Great statement refers the Dinka generals as sheep-like and the Nuer generals as the lions-like. Of course, the rebel forces have already put a ring in and around outskirts of Juba town and they do know firsthand what goes on inside Juba.

As for Mohamed Hassan El-Hagg (Taban Deng];General Gathoth Gatkwouth and the ex-I-O Commanders that have been lured and misled by Taban Deng by bribing them with worthless South Sudan Pounds with more than 800% inflation and skyrocketing up; Tut Kaw Gatluak and Dr. Riek Gai Kook; James Kok Ruai and General Thomas Douth Guet, that has been identified as the most sole killer of the Nuer folks in Juba and collaborators “sales out” and traitors of the Nuer Community, could be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, that they have no supporters throughout the Nuer Community and even the few people that have joined them for the sake of having birded by Taban Deng Gai, could sooner or later desert them to return to the Nuer Community and they could be welcomed with opened arms with big smiles, open hearts and souls like anti-Fidel Castro’s regime in Havana, Cuba, flotilla that arrived in Miami, Florida, retrospect to 1977 were welcomed as heroes and heroines by the US Immigration Authorities and the Cuban refugees in Miami alike.

For the traitors above-mentioned, they should know firsthand that that they have no place in the Nuer Community because they have been already classified as outcasts, Abed (kuany) a curse that will haunt them, their children and their children’s children and would be continuously identified as treacherous traitors, sales outs, monsters and the mortal enemies of the Nuer Community. They could not be tolerated in the Nuer society, but they could not lead any more and no matter what they do they should be considered done and forfeited their rights to lead and the books will be closed on them forever. They could be unwelcomed to the Nuer Community that they have envisaged to destroy for the sake of vested interests and useless South Sudan Pounds that do not worth a dime and already have been declared as a “non-legal tender” currency internationally.

We urge and appeal the Nuer people that we should reform IO provide a new leadership not under the banner of Dr. Machar and the dead I-O because other nationalities who have been looking at us for providing them with proper and appropriate leadership in South Sudan because the Dinka [the Dinks] has failed our hard won revolution, which had cost us so many lives, martyrs, the wounded and so many veteran, including the author of this letter. We could deliver this demand, but under Dr. Riek Machar’s leadership as the skipper of our drifting boat reaches the land on the shores of the river. Both Dr. Machar and Taban Deng and their protégés wanted to fail and to destroy the Nuer unity and its advanced traditional democracy for their own vested interests. We are determined to restore the Nuer society to its past status quo ante.

SPLA-IO has been weakened retrospect to the signing of Arusha Plus signed by Dr. Machar and Taban to re-unite with the SPLA to continuing as the ruling party in South Sudan. Because I-O has been defunct, weakened, obfuscated or dysfunctional in unionism, we should change the name and we should begin the process to search for a new and aggressive political leader that will defeat Salva Kiir and Taban Deng Gai and a new aggressive and non nonsense or a lion-likes Military Chief of Staff to defeat Paul Malong Awan and his sheep-like commanders. The author proposed General Peter Gatdet as the most experienced and capable general to defeat Paul Malong Awan. This is an individual opinion and other may have different opinions

Because all the Nuers in the USA have become US citizens like me, let us not forget our roots to keep on working hard to keep on pushing through the US Congress, Senate and the White House under the concurrent bona fide US President-Elect Donald Trump our causes and concerns as Americans and veterans. I am sure, someone somewhere would whisper it into the President ears the concurrent ongoing problem and he would surely, and the President-Elect would listen. We should join Donald Trump’s van wagon since we have been genocide and dumped to trashes by the outgoing Barak Hussein Obama’s Administration and no matter how many people will rebuke you, just tell them in a very simple language “to go to hell” and where were they when the Nuer people was being genocide by Obama’s Administration in Juba, South Sudan? (Insert, if possible, genocide pictures for the readers to experience it whilst reading and erase this statement once a picture has been posted).

Perhaps, another legacy that the US President Barak Obama left for America has been that he has destroyed progressive race relations in the USA. No one is immune anymore whether you are being Whites, Blacks, Latinos, Arab-Americans, and/or Sudanese-Americans from racial hatred and hate crimes that rifted the USA. It’s a shame. As an American émigré and part of the dying middle-class America, I call for reconciliation, forgiveness, but not to forget the past. We all have mutual and social responsibility to heal America for a better future of all Americans. As a father, I am pretty much concerned and worried about the uncertain future of my kids in the USA. It’s not the same US that studied and worked a few years ago. We hope that President-Elect Donald Trump would drain up the swamps and the lakes in Washington, DC and to restoring socioeconomic developments and providing for more jobs left behind by the faithless outgoing US President Barak Obama administration a man full of all kinds of deceits and wickedness, none of the place he has set foot on here on the planet-Earth have not gotten anything good experience to be mentioned about him, with secret ways of the devils.

Fellow Nuers, my dearest and beloved countrymen or brethrens, you should not be shy to put your case across through the networks to put your case to the Republican and the Democratic Representatives and the US Senators alike in Washington, DC, and you could also write and to have visitations with your State Congressmen and the Senators of like-minds. I am in contact with the US Congress and the Office of the President-Elect Donald Trump and his transitional Team in Washington, DC. I will be coming to the US as soon as possible to tell the story of the root causes of the ongoing civil war or as if a treacherous tribal warfare or ethnicities warfare in South Sudan in full details plus the two book Manuscripts that I have just authored and ready for publication on the socio-political and military developments since the split of South Sudan from the Mother country- Sudan- on 9 July 2011 up to the split within the ruling party, to the Nuer ethnicity genocide on 16, 17 and 18 December 2013 Juba Genocide that if the world could not Ask, and will receive, Seek, and to find a solution could make the Dinka become internally displaced persons (IDPs) like Rhoyingka in Myanmar (Burma) in South Sudan and knock, all doors will be open deep and wide for the victims of the mid-December 2013 Juba Genocide. The whole society comprises of sixty-three (64) different ethnicities minus one –that’s the “Dinks” have been united against it. Could they really survive this carnage? Specifically, I am deeply afraid and concerned indeed about the future of the Dinka ethnicity as glooms and glooms or virtually bleak indeed in South Sudan. They could not blame or hold anyone responsible, but the Dinka leaders who have had short sighted dream that “They [Dinka] are born to rule and not to be ruled” and that “They [Dinka] have been the chosen people” by whom and for what remains a myth to be de-mythologized. The Dinka folks have lost friends and nobody could ‘trust” them no more because of the things that they have done, which they ought not to have done. It does not matter how many times Salva Kiir’s apologizes to the Nuer nation and its resilient people, including others nationalities genocide like the Nuer people; it would not be accepted and would be rejected at the outset because it’s fake and not real and authentic apologies.

We should all become vigilante of the vultures and hyenas lurking around to seek the Nuer leadership to empowered themselves at your own expense. Let take a minute to think first about what the late John Garang did to the Nuer folks who liberated him the down trodden de-classie, abject poverty to become a multimillionaire and became a rich guerrilla movement leader compared to Yasser Arafat of the Palestine Liberation Organization [PLO] and the Dr. Johannes Sambivivy of the Total Union for the Liberation of Angola [UNITA] and Abel Alier who started to comprehensively and exclusively marginalized the Nuer during his tenure in the post Addis-Ababa Peace Accord with the Southern sudan Liberation Movement (SLM) or Anya-Anya-1 (A-1) led by General Joseph Lago (ret.).

They have their agents within your midst to collect information to tell them what the Nuer ethnicity has concluded on the issue of leadership. For instance, Par Kuol Wang had been a major supporter of Dr. Lam Akol and Taban because he was anti-Dr. Riek Marcher’s ever since I was an academic in the USA. As per Dr. Lam Akol, he has been disowned by the Shilluk (Chollo) and could not see eye-ball to eye-ball with Lt.-General Johnson Oolong. Nevertheless, Dr. Lam Akol is using useless Nuer leaders like General Gabriel Tang and Chuol Gakah to disrupt the Nuer Unity. They would surely fail in this process one way or the other. As far as we are concerned, Dr. Lam Akol, General Ayok Ougat and Colonel Johannes O’kuich are the most wanted persons as material witnesses to give accounts on the death of General Phillips Bipan Machar and General Nyoun Nyabil plus other thirty-five (35) Officers and the Enlisted men murdered in cold blood as well as eighty-five (85) Nuer who worked in Laui or Dok-dok or the so-called Gum Arabic workers for Dr. Lam and Elie Pharmaceutical Company in Khartoum. Furthermore, Dr. Lam Akol and his accomplices would also be wanted as suspects and material witnesses in the sudden death of General Kohl Chara Nyang, Chief of Operations, SSLA and his Deputy in Karsaal, Southern Kordufan.

In order for the Nuer unity to become complete and absolute, we must and ought to extend Dialogue par cum pare (equal) to the Nuer bureaucrats in Juba and the generals, including Taban Deng Gai should the Nuer nation the shame that he put on it and its people and what he hopes to do and for whose benefit?

Yes, Taban Deng Gai [alas Mohamed Hassan El-Hagg) and his in-law (Dr. Machar) have had disagreements over many issues, that by nature personal matters and family matters, but that such disagreements and differences are internal quarrels that they should not have extended such personal differences to be transferred to the entire Nuer Community in a form of a “collective punishment” that reminiscence or a clear reminder of apartheid in South Africa and the concurrent Israeli situation with PLO Detainees and the genocide against the Greater Nuer nation in South Sudan. For, instance, though Dr. Machar and Taban have separated politically, I have not heard or read any criticism from either one against another. Thus, such disagreements and differences have been not been extended to matters concerning familial relations and have been treated as personal and familial and no matter how long they disagreed, family relations have neither disrupted nor destroyed by the political events that have been performed by Taban Gai against his in-law Dr. Machar. We believe that such differences have been Unity State’s local politics and have had nothing to do with the overall collective Nuer national unity, its resilient people and have hypothetically its has been transcended to become a new form of “collectively punishment” similar to the Apartheid in the Republic of South Africa against the African majority and concurrently superimposed Apartheid on Palestinian Arabs by the Zionist Settlers State of Israel in the Middle East.

Removable of Dr. Machar’s by Taban Deng was illegal, unconstitutional and could remain illegal, thus, designed by Salva Kiir as an entrapment, setbacks and by creating problems for Taban Deng’s within the Nuer Community to chop it up pieces to pieces similar to the 1916 Anglo-Franco Agreement in the Middle East otherwise known as Skype-Pico Agreement that chopped up the Middle East for more than a 100-year plus, continued to remain unconstitutional and was in contravention of the 2015 Addis-Ababa Peace Agreement brokered by IGAD mediators in which Salva Kiir failed to implement per advised from the outgoing US President Obama administration to disrupt or to postponed the scheduled general president and parliamentary elections because the Obama administration with vested interest through Salva Kiir’s criminal, dictatorial and genocidal regime in Juba, would be surely defeated by Dr. Riel Machar or any other South Sudanese person through the democratic process. Because of this drag neck, the Obama administration opted to create what will be known heretofore as the Obama’s quagmire or undeclared war in South Sudan. Whilst many in Salva Kiir’s illegitimate, criminal, dictatorial and genocidal know it not such a plan, Salva Kiir personally pronounced that it was the Americans that told him to disrupt or to cancel the scheduled elections in 2015 because it was affirmatively that he was going to lose the elections that would have surely become a political disaster for the outgoing US President Barak Hussein Obama administration in about a month or so in the White House or so.

We urge and appeal to every researcher to verify this statement on the BBC Hard Talks interview with Stephen Sukur in 2015. We asked Salva Kiir’s protégés to check it out that he absolutely and affirmatively accused the US of having advised him to postpone the scheduled elections for 2015. We have the recorded text that could be transcribed and published in the media. Of course, people with inquisitive minds would be interested to check it out with the BBC Hard Talks in 2015 interview with Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar, the former FVP and turned rebel leader in South Sudan on the ongoing concurrent civil war or as if as a treacherous tribal warfare or the ethnicities warfare as a concrete phenomenon of a failed state that has moved from stateless to statelessness Somali style metamorphosis to General Sayiad Barre’s relinquished of power and Somalia, per se, was declared as a failed state in 1992 up to present. In my capacity as a highly trained political scientist, political historian and an expert in international relations and international law, international humanitarian law, human rights and international management and international negotiations on conflict resolution, I could honestly and without fear or prejudice that South Sudan has been a failed state and operate as a state in euphemism compared to Malta experience for many generation though it is still recognized by the Vatican in Rome as a state within a state. Since I have not been obliged or imbued to write politics and law that evolves trust defined as cestui que trust is unborn, or is ignorant of the existence of the trustee… or defined to be equitable right, title, or interest in property or the term as used in the English jurisprudence means an equitable right, title, or interest in property, real or personal, distinct from the legal ownership thereof. In political and legal works, the term ‘trust’, it is the relationship which arises whenever a person called the trustee is compelled in Equity to hold property, whether real or personal, whether by legal or equitable title, for the benefit of some persons (of whom he may be one and who are termed cestui que trust) or some objects permitted by law, in such a way that the real benefit of the property accrues, not to the trustee, but to the beneficiaries or other object of the trust.

If we were to translate this concept of trust to the formation of the ‘state’ that belongs to different cultural diversities glued and amalgamated by external powers, regardless of homogeneity, language and culture or religious affinity or affiliation or by any other permanent interests, the beneficiaries of the state qua state should the beneficiaries of the glued and amalgamated of these preceded cultural diversities. At present, though most Dinka leaders have focused on the inherent issue of the leadership and they, therefore, genocide existing distinct nationalities for the sake of monopolizing power, money and control of the destiny of others against their free will and consent, that the presidency or the executive, per se, should be comprehensively and exclusively Jieng [kuany] (slaves) [Dinka] and that it should not go any other ethnicities within the existing state as a glued and amalgamated entity based on the concept of trust and equitable rights, then, we can conclude that Jieng premature idea that “They [Dinka] are born to rule and not to be ruled” and that “They the Dinka has been the Chosen People” by whom and for what and that the Jieng is the master race in South Sudan, are really deliberate and willfully the cornerstones of hegemony, racism and racialism and xenophobia, which could entice, invent or cause the intrinsic internal combustion of uncontrollable process of national disunity, national disintegration, civil war and political discord as it is now concurrently prevailing situation in Africa’s youngest failed state that has moved from stateless to statelessness that produced the longest and dirtiest civil war between the Arabized Muslim North and the non-Arabized and non-Muslim South Sudan as it existed prior to the split in the Old Sudan retrospect to political independence on 1.1.1956.

Given, my full experience and understanding as a political scientist often concerned with kernel issues of the state, its governance, its power and wealth sharing, its pillars of the structures of the state whether or not it provides equitable social justice that breeds peace and peace that breeds social justice, equity, its rule of law, its systemic governance, democratization, human rights protection; its representation and participation of all glued and amalgamated entities within the state in its day-to-day of the state representatives to perceive themselves, per se, has marginalized, socially discriminated against and are being ex-comprehensively and inclusively non-participant and non-representative in the national affairs and its decision-making as a glued and amalgamated entity, it diminishes loyalty, patriotism and con-commitment of the marginalized and exclusively marginalized individuals from the executives powers and decision-making they would as a right to Ask, and they will receive; they will seek, and will find; and they will k nock all the doors will open deep and wide for them to attain the exercise of the right to self-determination as we did it from the Mother country-Sudan- for almost two scores and ten years.

Conclusively, Salva Kiir’s regime must and ought to acknowledge that the state qua state in South Sudan is not a permanent condition, but it comes and goes like a whirl wind duly to internal combustion or internal changes that exist from within the established state that put its in jeopardy or on the crossroad to self-destruction by ushering a state of disharmony, disunity, national disintegration and the quest for the exercise of the right to self-determination by the internally dominated, oppressed and exploited nationalities and sub-nationalities within the state that remains within a continuous process guaranteed to “all peoples” by God the creator of all things, visible and invisible, international law and the UN Charter with emphasis on the UNGA resolution 1514 (XV) of 12 December 1960 and beyond. Whilst the Dinka concentrated their efforts to govern on a state that has become already stateless to statelessness, it should be about time for them to rethink, to re-strategize the possibility of the national unity, national integration based on equal and democratic process that would imperatively impractical, if not impossible for the things that the regime has done, which it ought not to have done against its own citizens for the sake of power, money and control. In my capacity as an expert in the field and the concept of the state, South Sudan, per se, as a state has been capote, dead and would never be the same if it were at all to reunify, to reintegrate, to transform to federal system, confederal system or Asymmetrical federalism or the tri-states system and regional as it was introduced by the late rag-tag military junta and Sudan’s strongman the late Field Marshal President Gaffer El-Nuiemeri that all the octogenarian and the founding members of the so-called Dinka Council that is a DAESHBaku HaremAl-Shabab like terrorist organization in both Nigeria and Somalia respectively.

Realistically and true political realism and thinking and the neo-thinking, epistemological analysis and logical analytical reasoning and reasonable, unless the Dinka abundant the idea of the being the master race, the neo-imperialist, the neo-colonialist exercise the policy of social discrimination, isolation, marginalization of some nationalities in the governance of the state, they should, of course forgo any idea of South Sudan state that is about to fall on their own feet thus, demolishing their implanted egoistic concept that a non-Dinka cannot become president or that South Sudan is all Dinka and they wish to do as they like in the 21st century. I would simply like to forewarn my Dinka cousins that their social thinking and belief of Monjiengism that an impression rather than a real epic or episode because the term Dinka represents different cultural diversity or heterogeneity compared to the Nuer people that is the strongest, potentially the richest because of the availability of natural resources, oilfields and gas field and no matter who much Salva Kiir make attempts to award the Nuerland and the property therein, it would be imperatively impractical, if not impossible, to attain such negative nationalism because the Nuer given their might would not permit any new states to exist in order to accommodate “Dinka migrants” who by virtue of rights and equity are landless in the Greater Upper Nile region or in the Greater Equatoria region. Most importantly, the idea that being circulated that the Dinka is dominant culture bear no truth and its like a briers poor a fig tree is absurd qua absurdities.

Specifically, based on the 2010 Fifth Sudan Population Census, the Nuer has become the majority nationality rather than the Dinka. We do know that Dinka icons and intellectual would not accept this political and demographic reality, but it is the way it is and it will be as long as South exists or not. Whether the Dinka would dispute or not, I am going to be publishing the 2010 Population demographic Census to determine and to justify who is in the majority vs. minority. The Dinka is not the majority as the octogenarian Dinka writer like Dr. Francis Mading Deng is technically a northerner because Abyei is not part of South Sudan, but Sudan, per Abyei Protocol of 2005 by no means of any measurements of a yard stick.

The Nuer is now the majority because it is a ‘nation’ rather than a “tribe” compared to the Dinka that’s landlocked and lacks access to the outside world compared to their Nuer counterparts. For the benefit of the readers the Nuer national is straddled or over spilled to Ethiopia in the southwestern otherwise known as the Nuer-Ethiopia and a majority in the Gambela Region #12 of the flexible Ethiopian ethnic federalism and that they are also straddled along Sudan-South Sudan border a distant of 3,000 Sq. Kilometers, including Higglich oil field that was arbitrary annexed to Abyei under the International Court of Arbitration (ICA) in The Hague, The Netherlands. We can proof beyond a reasonable doubt that Higglich has been historical a Nuer and its concurrent inhabitants are Leek Nuer of unity State. Dr. Ali El-Hag Mohamed and the Late Dr. Hassan El-Turabi in his capacity as Attorney- General under Sudan’s strongman the late Field Marshal Gaffer El-Nuiemri grossly and systematically had redrawn the map of the Upper Nile map in order to annex the newly discovered oil to south Kordufan state. All documents to present this case before any international tribunal are available in the archives. Therefore the Decision to annex Higglich to Sudan remains illegal, arbitrary and could be appealed to resolve by peaceful means because it would be the Messira and Rizigat nomads that would become the victims of any wrong mistakes or to pay the brunt of any future conflict over the annexed region compared to Abyei.

In my capacity as a diplomat and an academic with many years of conflict negotiations and thorough experience through the Intergovernmental Authority and Development (IGAD) and as one of the authors of the IGAD/DOPs in May 1994 in Nairobi, Kenya, I have resolved and ever ready to engaged the Nuer folks and bureaucrats through Dialogue par cum pare (equal), including my fellow Nuer leaders in Juba as the most tenable reasonable alternative (TRA) solution. They should realize or reckon that such a hasty negative reactions that they have unanimously undertaken against one of their own was pretty cruel, wrong and not correct. If they were angry with Dr. Machar’s and his failures, then, should have been reported for the matter to the Nuer Community to deliberate and to decide instead of the unilateral betrayal of the entire community for the cause of one person out of millions others; that Nuer folks in Juba should know that from here on that all have options for Dialogue par cum pare (equal) the Opposition has placed on the table would remain so, open door, direct and that all options are on the table.

Before I could end, I have an anecdote, we need to have a serious Dialogue all the Nuer, clergy, intelligentsia intellectuals, whether they are with Salva Kiir’s faction or not, we have to have a Dialogue among ourselves as the Nuer nation and its resilient people. As a great people endowed by Almighty God with enormous resources and physical strength and courage, if we were to be truly united, we can move mountains and some individuals would go nuts as we have already shown to the world in the concurrent war that we have forced Salva Kiir to import foreign troops and mercenaries to fight Juba. Secondly, we need to rapidly reform the I-O movement to achieve comprehensive and inclusive unity and to search for a new Motto. The name SPLA-I-O will not bring the Nuer unity because a great majority has become disenchanted, discouraged, anti-SPLA because it has been equated with the crime of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Most importantly, the Nuer unity will not be complete without the comprehensive and inclusive unity and change of the name because monster called the SPLA has synonymously associated with death, marginalization, domination, oppression, exploitation and dictatorship and ethnocentrism. It’s necessary to create a new name with all it structures to remain, but do need reform in order for Dr. Machar to have exclusively executive powers to appoint weak and less experienced individuals and most his siblings and closed relatives. We would call for a democratic executive that all appointees be based on consensus based on their capabilities to get the job done. For pro-Machar’s diehards, he would continue as the figurative head of the Movement without any total and complete executive powers to make unilateral unproductive decision-making as he has had in the past.

For the course of the Nuer Unity, Dr. Machar’s would have to give in any suggestions put forth by the people. We urge and appeal to all those appointed unilaterally by Dr. Machar to step down without any preconditions or quid pro-quos. Any person appointed unilaterally that refuses to resign would surely be perceived as anti-Nuer people and their nation. They could be forced to resign if they could not to the union with the Nuer with their people around them. Things have changed in the world and South Sudan in particular, and so too the people and the nations on the planet. Thirdly, any Nuer persons that is anti-Nuer unity with his fellow Nuer folks in this hour of needs would have to be either be declared as anti-establishment, expelled or excommunicated and would be certainly identified as against us, a terrorist or pro-Salva Kiir and Taban Deng in Juba. It’s about time for the Nuer nation to put its act together to confront Salva Kiir and Taban Deng Gai criminal, illegitimate, dictatorial and genocidal regime in Juba. Fourthly, we will not tolerate any establishment of a third force that we do not know its politico-military agenda anywhere in the Greater Upper Nile region soil If such a force does not cooperate with I-O command and control on the ground it would automatically be declared as an enemy attempting to infiltrate I-O positions for spying purposes for Juba and would have to be destroyed or force to peacefully move out to the pockets of Juba controlled areas. Fifthly, I-O will only Dialogue with Juba only through the United Nations, but IGAD because it has not been impartial. Most of the forces fighting for Juba came from Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Zimbabwe; Somalia and Uganda-Rwanda sponsored M-23 terrorists, including Sudan’s armed groups-JEM, SRF and the SPLA-N.

Without the presence of such forces that have created a setback, Salva Kiir’s criminal, illegitimate and genocidal would have ousted, but will be ousted through the intensification of armed struggle no matter how long it takes, it will be ousted and that is a promised to the people of South Sudan. We are optimistic that Kiir’s days are numbered to be in Juba. We shall and will prevail in this aggression and genocidal war declared against us by Salva Kiir and henchmen. My hedge is that they will be defeated sooner rather than later in this epic or episode. Sixthly, we urge and appeal to all people inside Juba with emphasis on women and children to evacuate Juba town or to move to UNMISS Compound for their own protection. We are coming into Juba for a “Tet”, therefore, we do not want kill children and women, the elderly and sickbeds. We will not repeat what the regime had done. We wanted to fight and only to fight Salva Kiir’s regime like men. We also warn all aircrafts in Juba Airport terminal to evacuate it. All flights flying in and out of Juba should be extraordinarily careful because the Air Port could become a perfecto vulnerable prima facie target whenever we will decide to come in pretty soon. We have already put a ring around Juba and Yei road closed, including all routes in and out of Juba. We will come in like a whirl wind, Tsunami or Tornado from the Atlantic Ocean to the East Coast of the USA and we will fight like wild wolves against the SPLA.

It would be recalled that Friday, 8 July 2016 was only a piece of the iceberg. This time around, it will become the real McCoy. We wanted unarmed and helpless civilians’ population to evacuate Juba town and they should not be kept as ‘human shields’ or ‘hostages’ by the regime in Juba. We will make it to be a man-to-man warfare. We will respect human rights in a every step that we will undertake inside Juba. Any combatants that have surrendered would be treated fairly under Article of the Geneva Conventions and the wounded combatants would be give care, but if we cannot duly to limited medical resources, they will be referred to the IRC for treatment.

We are wishing you all the best to go ahead with your meeting in the search for the dream of the Nuer Unity. The Nuer unity should be given precedence because it’s the way forward.

God bless you all and to move forward with this initiative and favorable endeavor.

Professor/Ambassador David de Chand,

Chairman of South Sudan Democratic Front Party (SSDFP-I-O)

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