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Going To Juba For The Second Time Is Not Easy!

By Dr. Henry Jembi,

The SPLM/SPLA Leadership posting for a picture after Machar arrives in Nairobi in May 2014(Photo: file)
The SPLM/SPLA Leadership posting for a picture after Machar arrives in Nairobi in May 2014(Photo: file)

Dec 20, 2015(Nyamilepedia) —- Tomorrow is the day of going to Juba so when you reach Juba feel at home despite what other people are saying about you. Just feel at home and mind your business 100% without fault and iniquities. They will in turn feel ashamed of what they said about you it goes without saying; they aren’t the very people who deserve to be in Juba either. The saying is very clear to those who think they’re the very one and to those of you who think that way both of you are mistaken and both are wicked and both are losers at the end of the game because they just talking and cannot transform their talk into realities, but for we us we can talk and transform our talk into what we want to… believe me or not we are the very people needed today and all the time do you agree or disagree… you better believe it.

It is not easy to go to Juba, but the going will take place one day, and very soon despite the ups and downs. Determination matters! If you really want peace and stability to your people, definitely you will work for the interest of your people. They suffered enough, so enough is enough work for peace and unity of your people otherwise things will fall apart in your houses and homes. When two elephants fight, the grass suffers. The grass suffered enough in South Sudan, it’s high time to give it rest that it deserves, and enough withering it so long, image that there was no grass on the land what will happen?

Rights And Freedom Must Prevail

Rights and freedom will always remain the core need of the people worldwide. Without them the world would be like a raging sea that swifts vigorously while the sailors are trying to sail their ship toward the seashore. The good sailors know what to do during such session, they don’t often always endanger their lives, similarly in social action and social justice the same spirit is needed to avoid loss of lives. One would rather perseveres his goal regardless of of whatsoever situation encounters his life. Rights and freedom are not for free, you ought to pay the price, which can be your soul or spirit. They aren’t for free whatsoever, we ought to sacrifice our lives so as to get and obtain them. Free rights and freedom are fragile and freaky, but long and lasting rights and freedom demand long life struggle and long life, sacrifice and renunciation at all levels of political and social understanding. You want to get your rights and freedom, work for them restlessly you will secure at least 70% of your rights and freedom. A man is born to realize and archive his duties and responsibilities within the limit of his potential and momentum. So do you know yours or you don’t even aware of such calculation?

Leadership And Political Hunger For Peace

Satisfaction and hunger are both dangerous to human nature and needs do you know why? Because they raise their sense of wanting and possession whatever their longing for and by all means possible. The approach can be positive or negative they don’t mind and care, what they care is just wanting to possess life necessities so as to meet their personal satisfaction for fear of devaluation and bad names. Nonetheless, they call this leadership and politics, but in reality it’s neither a leadership nor politics, most of our so called leaders and politicians are illiterates and ignorance politically. If this is the case, what do you expect from them nothing except more negative projects, hearten behaviors and wicked themes, such as December 15, 2013, which the government had engineered, and the outcome was killed, murdered, massacred and other abuses against the Nuer people in particular. The same government is now doing likewise all around in the Equatoria regions for fear of justice and equality, which is on the way coming over. Justice will always prevail, equality will always sounding loudly. Greater Equatoria is seeking and longing for peace which is based on struggle and liberation. So this coming peace needs continuous resistance otherwise it won’t materialize. You know in order for peace to shed light, you must be involved or leave it and go to where you belong. The loyal Sons and Daughters of South Sudan and Greater Equatoria will gear the wheel and spearhead the revolution to the seashore smoothly.

Danger is always around the corner, which is not far away from our soul and physical thoughts. When you think negative, your actions will be likewise, but when you think positive your deeds will be the same. See there is only one great option in life that you need to think positive all the time and earn good life instead. Evil is always evil if it is done by you or another person and the evil doer doesn’t care about the outcome of his deeds, but only about the fatality of others. Human beings have renounced values and ethics which they have acquired from their grandparents for ages, today you see mass destruction everywhere in the world been committed by the same people who don’t care about the welfare of humanity. Hatred prevails our soul and spirit as a result, we become liable to all kind weakness and wickedness in ourselves.

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Iual deng December 19, 2015 at 11:16 pm

I think people of south Sudan in general are aware of instability in the country since ten thousand innocent civilians were carnage in juba and still there is no justice for them and the killer still running free. I would suggest for any person not to go juba because the same regime who killed civilians still in charge and what happened these civilians would happen to you too.

Beek December 20, 2015 at 7:44 am

They are welcome back to steal and run away to form next rebellion.


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