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Peace Talks For Good Reason vs. Peace Talks For Evil Reason:

By Dr. Henry Jembi,

Members of faith based group at the peace talks in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia(Photo: file)
Members of faith based group at the peace talks in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia(Photo: file)

August 9, 2015(Nyamilpedia) — Peace talks in most cases are a waste of time and business at the same time at the expense of the people of that particular state or country such as South Sudan. They prolong the peace talks in order to enjoy the privileges and they become rich at night and without any cause at all.

It can make you richer and happier so why do you mind about peace, security and stability today and tomorrow you ought to bring peace when you’re sure that your pockets are full of silver and gold apart from Dollars and Euro. Therefore, some people go to peace talks not to streamline the peace process, but to build barriers and obstacles intentionally so as to win the ground for personal interest instead of common interest. As you might have known very well that the common interests are justice, rights, duties, freedom, development, equality, transparency, democracy and governance.

Researchers in south Sudan are searching for peace in the wrong places such as their offices, homes, parties, clubs, tribal gathering and bars. Image such great effort is all in vain so far peace is not archived because they always and often mix up peace issues with their personal interest which is based on tribal grouping and narrow ideologies. This is how our researchers are doing instead of academic and scientific search. Even thought they managed to bring peace in the future such peace will not last long due to the means and ways used to realized it.

Peace is not to be found and sought within the limit arena, but global community wide and country wide, too. Peace is not a business of your tribe, community, county and state, rather it’s national call, national imitative, and national duty and responsibility. Any peace achieved without these dimensions is wasting of time, headache and cancer to the coming generation. We lived in Sudan where peace talks is not an easy task rather a historical scheme and political strategies.

It cannot be searched but built by people with the people and for the people, not the minsters, governors and president. They have to be part of the builders not planners and engineers and directors. Be with the people for the people and to the people. Imposition of peace upon people is weaknesses and wicked act toward self and them…

What is good in South Sudan vs. What is evil in South Sudan:

Nothing good in south Sudan apart from war, looting, stealing, corruption and tribalism. Wow, this is the true image of south Sudan it’s not by mistake that they built this image, but it’s one the plans and scheme tribal leaders are engineering and advocating so as to realize their seats and positions in the power arena and realm.

I’m challenging you now and do me a favor by proving me wrong or if I’m wrong. And the outcome was obvious that war broke out in December up to date and many lost their lives for no good reasons at all. Dr. Macher is mistaken to start the movement and resistance calling for democratic change in the party system and State constitution, he’s now challenging the government fervently as well as others who also decided to join the struggle and resistance for true freedom and liberation of South Sudanese.

Long live South Sudan, long live resistance movements, long live the unity of south Sudanese people, long live the righteous sons of South Sudan and long live the true independence of South Sudan.

The author can be reached at jembijembi@hotmail.com

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Well written article.


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