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By Dr Lako Jada Kwajok,

Members of South Sudan national security services on high alert in Juba, South Sudan(Photo: gettyimage)
Members of South Sudan national security services on high alert in Juba, South Sudan(Photo: gettyimage)

July 25, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — Over the past few weeks and months, violence and insecurity engulfed central and western Equatoria states in an unprecedented manner. This time it wasn’t due to the activities of the infamous LRA or bandits as we were made to believe in the past. The covert operations of the US special forces, the UPDF and to some extent the arrows boys of western Equatoria, have largely diminished or abolished the security threats posed by the LRA. They have since fled to the Central African Republic and some of the commanders have already given up.

The rebels in Equatoria are well disciplined. They attack SPLA positions and convoys which are valid targets but never mistreated the civilian population. Attacking the civilians is against their principles and out of character of the Equatorians. The real culprit causing the insecurity is none other than the SPLA. You can see for yourself from the following account:

27/05/2015 : Western Equatoria minister of information, Charles Kisanga said – Death of county executive director, the late John Cleopa, can not be blamed on rebels as he was surrounded by the SPLA force.

06/06/2015 : Community leaders and politicians from WES have demanded SPLA unit in Mundri west county be relocated, owing to the gross misconduct of the soldiers. They strongly condemned their unruly behaviour and indiscipline which led to tragedy in Mundri.

03/07/2015 : WES governor Bakasoro, protested against the arrest of 36 youths from Maridi County by SPLA commandos. He called the act as unconventional given the fact that the state government  was not  informed. Two days earlier, the information minister accused the SPLA of using brutal tactics against citizens.

13/07/2015 : Central Equatoria State governor, Clement Wani Konga, condemned SPLA of brutality, unruly behaviour and an act of tribalism. The SPLA forces used tanks in shelling civilian areas.

Of late, governor Bakasoro stated that the SPLA has lost direction.

I am sure many of you still remember that incident in Maridi where a local citizen was shot dead just for voicing out his support for federalism.

All the above boil down to the following points to take notice of :

  • There is no rule of law and no lawful due process. all over the world, commandos are used for special operations behind enemy lines mostly in jungles and in tough terrains. Only in South Sudan under the tribal regime of Salva Kiir, commandos arrest, torture and kill civilians inside towns.
  • The tribal regime is waging a dirty war against Equatorians. The use of tanks against unarmed civilians is a disgrace and an act of barbarism. The weakest armies in the world are those brutal to their own citizens and SPLA is no exception. The world has seen how the SPLA generals fled the battlefield near Bor with soldiers running in disarray for their dear lives. If not for the UPDF, the regime would have collapsed in few days. One thing I find unusual is that Museveni visited his troops in Bor town, but the SPLA commander – in – chief would not dare coming close to the front lines.

  • The SPLA is a tribal army.

Father Saturnino Ohure, Aggrey Jaden, Ali Quatala, Sumuni Jada and the rest of our great Equatorian heroes must be stirring in their graves of what has become of South Sudan in general and Equatoria in particular. This is not the outcome they fought the Mundukuru’s and some sacrificed their lives for. They were the pioneers of the struggle against oppression and injustice. The fact that the enemy was much stronger in terms of weaponry did not intimidate or bog them down. I was a small boy when an Anyanya fighting unit, came to my village. They never looted, raped or mistreated the villagers. In fact the people were proud and felt honoured by the presence of the unit in their village. Many of the youths joined the ranks. One observation which is quite vivid in my mind despite time was the fact that only half the unit did possess firearms. The rest were armed with bows and arrows and spears. These were the people determined to fight a force equipped with machine guns, artillery, tanks and air power !!!

Their spirit of patriotism, courage and selflessness is ingrained in us.
Let us revive that great Equatorian spirit.
Let us stand up and fight the illegitimate and tribal regime of Salva kiir.
The regime is on life support, inaction would prolong its life and exacerbate the misery of our people.

Therefore as a concerned citizen of Equatoria, I call upon my fellow Equatorians in SPLA to desert their units. There are options that you could take, all will be serving the interests of your families and your people. Depending on your location, I urge you to join REMNASA under Major General Lasuba Lodaru or the group of Major General Elias Lino Laku. However if you are in Upper Nile or Bahr El Gazal then your only option is to join SPLA-IO forces. The SPLA is a Dinka army and your presence in it is like a drop in the ocean. Worst of all you will be fighting against your own people in defence of an illegitimate government.

The SPLA aggression and brutality has gone too far. Look at the carnage they unleashed on the civilians in unity state particularly Leer town. This has triggered widespread international condemnation. We have already seen the beginning of such atrocities in Mundri and Maridi.

They claim to have liberated the Equatorians from the Mundukuru rule, What a joke !!!
The SPLA never captured Juba, let alone Malakal and Wau.
The SPLA was defeated in Torit in 2002 and following that the war entered a stalemate. They can not say we never contributed to the victories. The Nuba people and the Angasana have contributed heavily to the war effort, did the SPLA liberate them ? Is Abyei now back within South Sudan borders ? We all remember how Salva Kiir ordered the swift withdrawal, in fact retreat, of SPLA forces from Panthou under pressure of an imminent blistering offensive from the Mundukuru forces. Also the massacres and the killing of the Dinka Ngok chief that went without response. It is really laughable to say that you have liberated the Equatorians while your lands are under occupation and you are unable to liberate them.

Carl Von Clausewitz, the Prussian general and renowned military theorist defined military victory as when your enemy lose the will to fight following military defeat. This did not happen after decades of war.

South Sudan independence did not come through victory in the battlefield. It came through multiple factors which are listed below in order of importance:

  1. The South Sudanese people who overwhelmingly voted for secession in the referendum. South Sudan would have not come into existence if the people rejected secession at the time. Ironically now you find people who have been very vocal against secession holding top government positions and ministerial posts!
  • The SPLA war effort.

  • International Pressure particularly the US, UK, Norway, the European Union and the African countries.

  • The pressure from the UN, the NGO’s and the relief  organisations.

  • Hence no single ethnicity can claim that it has liberated the others. We are all liberators and stakeholders in South Sudan independence.

    You can reach the author at loku.jada@hotmail.co.uk

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    AGUMUT July 25, 2015 at 1:55 am

    Equatorians themselves need to change about The Insecurity In Equatoria because they are like the Cockerels/Kokora. Kokora/Rooster was about eat and deny.

    ajuk July 25, 2015 at 2:56 am

    Dr Lako, well said, I am proud that you hit the nail with the right hammer, we are tired of this genocidal regime, Kiir and his groups are curse, the call for Equatorians in uniform to desert their posts is in place, we in EES have been saying this time again and again now is the time, I also joined you in this call for all the able men, boys and girls to sacrifice to liberate our land from this untamed animals (jienge) since civilization and diplomacy doesn’t work for these folks the only applicable option we are left with is to employ their violent tactics

    man of the people July 25, 2015 at 6:19 am

    AGUMUT, your comments about a well crafted article is a bitter pill to your throat and guts. Eguatorians have learnt their lessons in that, during the Anya nya war against Khartoum which started soon after the Torit Mutiny of 1955, the Eguatorians faught this war alone for 17 years and led to the birth of Addis Ababa agreement in July1971.
    As soon as the Government of the (HEC) High Executive Council was formed, General Joseph Lagu gave the Presidency of of the HEC to Abel Alier as a compromise, although he was with the Jalaba as a 2nd Vice President.To be exact,that is an act of a true nationalist, who never questioned if Abel Alier was an Anya nya fighter. Infact,the DINKA were dominating in the government of the HEC, as if the Eguatorians who spearheaded the war, were never to be rewarded for the peace they attained. This dilemma gave birth to Redivision (Kokora), as a means of letting everyone return to his region, to contribute development in his own backyard. Today, it sounds very much like the Federal system of government, in which everybody has to be in charge of his or her own state. History is repeating itself today. South Sudanese have seen enough of ethnic domination of Jieng in our lifes, instead of letting us alone, they constituted SPLA machinery, to terrorize the civil population all over Equatoria in order to achieve their objectives. Agumut, it is no more. South Sudan has changed for ever. The Nuer have always shown their nationalism in Khartoum and other parts of North Sudan, to stand bye their brothers from the south, at any cost, if they were attacked by a Jalaba. To a Nuer, it didn’t matter who started or how it ends. His objective was to rescue his south Sudanese brother, irrespective of who was at fault. That nationalism is a symbol of our solidarity, which you the Jieng have broken.

    AGUMUT July 25, 2015 at 8:17 am

    eh. Actually what is your real Language? Meant your mother Tong.

    tutu July 25, 2015 at 7:15 am

    Why bring destruction into equatoria? you will regret what you are preaching and asking for, equatoria is calm and progressing so far. You guys are provoking dinka and government at the same time, war that you will not handle.

    Kajokeji Lokuron July 25, 2015 at 11:49 pm

    Mr. Tutu, It is guaranteed that at the end of South Sudan crisis, there will be no more Dinka in Equatoria lands. Salva and his group have destroyed the country beyond repair! Soon, the Nuer victims of genocide will be independent in Upper Nile Region and that will be followed by the Equatoria Region. As for the Dinka, they will go back to their cattle camps to finish themselves alone- for they will not be able to govern themselves.

    mamer mareng July 26, 2015 at 1:31 am

    You equatorian,tell me how many cities do you capture during any any #1 war times ? To let me know you capture the cities from jalaba ? For example the war I know is the SPLA war, I was in the war , so Don’t tell me you are a warriors , wild you Don’t even capture one to three cities .

    mamer mareng July 26, 2015 at 1:47 am

    During SPLA war times capture many cities from jalaba , so Don’t tell us you are a warriors , the any any # 1 war is not equatorian alone is everybody war ,

    Madut Abraham July 26, 2015 at 5:42 am

    Equartorian are liars and evils people who do not good things. Dinka liberated them from Arab (kartoum regime) them forgot how they were treated. Arabs used to make Equatorian contributed young girls to soldiers in Juba for sex slave.

    John Kijana July 26, 2015 at 11:45 pm


    At least you were with your jellaba cousins in Khartoum, when John Garang was about to throw off the SPLM after several defeats in South Sudan. Liberation was greatest in Equatoria when all jienge villages (towns if any???) were already emptied because thousands of jienges were either too hungry to carry the guns or too scared to fight and taken as slaves to Daieen, El Obeid in Kordofan to scavenge on jellaba food leftovers. Some turned to shoe-shiners in Khartoum streets. There was nothing to liberate in jienge land other than a few villages and luaks. Now these “jienges things” are calling themselves liberators. liberate you dumb minds to reason as humans.

    Madut Abraham July 26, 2015 at 6:39 am

    You equatorian , did not learn a lesson . You do not know what is coming to your area .Riek Machar when to used equatorian to achieved is dream for president of south Sudan in return equatoria region will be war field . that mean . the freedom you are enjoying, education, development and business in your area will move out and go other places . Ti for Tat . Nuer people special educated one, wants to be even with you (equatorian) You have agree to over throw South Sudan government,but you fail to joint them and remain and enjoy. Now their areas are destroy by war, they want you feel it too. Also Riek Machar is not going to anything good to South Sudan in general. Here is why . Riek Machar, Lam Akol and others are Muslim, they have secret seal on their bottom stamp by using permenant ink. That’s was discovered when plane crashed in the late 1997 or so , in plane was Sudan minister of defense , Lam Akol , Arok Thon and many others . Sudan minister of defense and Arok Thon die and Lam Akol survive . Arok Thon was a southerner and have return to Sudan government with Riek Machar, Lam Akol leaving SPLA/SPLM movement . Now get this point . Arok Thon when southerners who live in Kartoum want buried him on their cementry ,Muslim refuse and claim that ,he should buried in muslim cementry .But Arok Thon relatives refuse took the body , that where it was discovered that Arok Thon have secret seal of Muslim on his bottom , and also Riek Machar, Lam Akol . So president Omar el Bashir trust them . they are commit to muslims ideal . Mark that point and watch. The winner in south sudan is Muslim in Kartoum , the know very well that , USA, China and other get in game of take resource , they will turn most of east Africa Countries to war. That is good for their business . Also Riek Machar, Lam Akol and Arok Thon have one thing in common , they do not have christian names and they seal their Muslim name.

    Kajokeji Lokuron July 26, 2015 at 11:42 am

    Mr. Madut,
    Accept that God is not fair for depriving you with wisdom! What comes out of your mind is a complete garbage and it proves that you are an animal on two legs who happen to share a space with normal human beings. If I may ask you, can you call South Sudan a State the way things are at the present? No. it is zoo of animals and run by animals from top to bottom! Your president brought death, chaos, looting, and insecurity to the Eqauatorian people. He, Salva Kirr and his criminal group is worse than North Sudanese Arabs or the British colonialists. Therefore, stop your meaningless propaganda, which I know is not going to save Salva and his henchmen!

    AGUMUT July 26, 2015 at 2:32 pm

    I like that picture. Before it’s too late,Equatorians need to mind the Wheelchairs.

    Madut Abraham July 26, 2015 at 10:56 pm

    Mr. Lokuron, You are moron and walking dead. You are brain wash by Satan Riek Machar. Riek Machar is a terror . This is fact , in 1991 when SPLA/SPLM was almost capture Juba from Sudan army, Riek Machar rebel and attack civilian in Bor , in 1997 Riek Machar signed oil deal with Omar el Bashir , that is where Sudan began to by heavy weapons with South Sudan oil and made the war last long and more live lost. Also Riek Machar rebel again in 12/15/2013 . He went back to Omar el Bashir for help and say that he is sorry making South Sudan get independent . Nuer and Equatorian love to be Arab’s slave . they missed their girls being raped in Juba by Omar el Bashir soldiers. Riek Machar is Muslim and he has secret seal on bottom, to verify that , take him doctor and check it. Also Lam Akol too. They were try when they were attended school in Kartoum in their high school. That is why they do not have christian name . Very soon you will know. It is just matter of time.


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