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An humble advice to the reformists

By Yien Wil Mayuak,

Oyai, Malong, Pagan and Cerilo meets in Nairobi (File/Supplied/Nyamilepedia)
Oyai, Malong, Pagan and Cerilo meets in Nairobi (File/Supplied/Nyamilepedia)

May 15, 2021 — By Dear reformists, I hope this message finds  all of you in peace wherever you are in the capital cities of the African countries and other continents. I know you are all committed to reform Junub but the question is in which way is our country going to be reformed?

As reform is about change, what are you going to transform and from what to what? Change can either be positive or negative and hence looking ordinarily  into the word reform, there is a perplexity whether it is a positive or a negative reform.

I don’t want to conclude by saying that your reform agenda is  negative without first explicating the rationale for the negativity of your reform mission. The people of South Sudan are now talking about peace while you the reformist are waging war on media. Where is the reform going to come when the reformists are working against peace?

Most of you are doubting those who are implementing peace as per the agreement by saying that they are surrendering. Surrendering cannot happen in the time of peace rather it is during the war that each side surrenders when the war becomes lethal. If there was a Surrendering, it would be during the last six years when the war was escalating day by day in the presence of different nations including Ugandan who involved in the war by siding with the regime of Salva Kiir.

Dear reformists

Others are working for peace while you are waging war, a war that cannot bring anything other than dragging our country into the level of Democratic republic of Congo and the resembling countries. If the warring parties agree to bring peace back, it doesn’t mean that there is a side that has surrendered, it means that there is a realization that war cannot build the country but it is a peace that can transform the country for better.

Dear IO reformists of Duer Tut

Our country is rich in history of war. We fought  against  Arabs for decades and we never achieve anything through war but our heroes and heroines taught good lessons to the Arab that the land has owners. Their sacrifices is what gave birth to the comprehensive peace agreement (CPA) of 2005, a peace agreement which was the threshold for the referendum which was conducted in 2011. Looking into the retrospect, you can realize that it was peace that brought the independent of South Sudan. It was our resources that were used by the Arabs in the North to dislodge us from our land. They use our resources to buy heavy weapons and hence it was  unpredictable to defeat the Arabs through war. Through peace, we defeated the Arabs which led them back to their desert leaving with us our rich and fertile land.

If the surrendering you talking about is between Dinka and Nuer, you will be blamed for misleading the public. The Nuer fought the war bravely, and no any Dinka can say that they defeat the Nuer. Ugandans were brought in since the beginning of the war to fight against the Nuer. Heavy weapons were bought by the regime of Salva Kiir to target the Nuer who had only light weapons in their hands but the Nuer used to defeat the government soldiers in different battles. The Nuer traveled to Congo in the midst of bombardment, different satellite companies were hired by the regime to  kill Riek Machar and those who were traveling with him to Congo, fortunately, that small number made it safely to Congo after 4o days. As A matter of telling the truth, Dinka cannot say that they defeat the Nuer and the acceptance of peace by the parties to the agreement should not be considered as a surrendering.

Dear reformists

If you want to reform our country, you should accept peace as the threshold to reform Junub if the reform you are talking about is for a better Junub. The peace agreement states that there will be an election that will take place at the end of the transitional government.  During that election, South Sudanese have a right to elect their leader. If you want to form another SPLM/A-IO, why don’t you do it and wait for election instead of talking about waging war against the transitional government.

Dear reformists of Duer Tut

You will end up like those of Taban Deng who dilapidated 2016 peace agreement because of the ministry of petroleum. You are a bunch of jobless youth and uncles who are triggered to be against the transitional government by not being appointed to any position in the current government.  You are making noise in other countries, making propaganda and trying to mislead military generals so that they can start war only because you and your uncles are left out.

Through peace, a country can be ameilorated. Working to bring peace back to our beloved country is not surrendering as the counterfeit reformists have skeptically been uttering.

Yien Wil Mayuak Nyoch is a Pan Africanist and African cultures activist who can be reached via his email at yientharngoany@gmail.com or gatwiel2017@yahoo.com.

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