By Professor David de Chand

“We, [the Dinka] are born to rule and not to be ruled”. “The Dinka are the Chosen People,” by whom and for what?” These statements deprived from the political ideology of the Dinka [Monyjiemg] similar to the Israelis and the Boers of South Africa. They are the basis of irredentism, racism and racialism and xenophobia of the Dinka tribesmen and power elite in South Sudan.

The chairman of South Sudan democratic front, Professor David de Chand (Nyamilepedia|The Nile)


“Genocide is… both the gravest and the greatest of the crimes against humanity” Alex Destexhe

On 15 December 2013, the Dinka dictator Slava Kiir Mayardit shocked the world by announcing that there was an attempted failed coup d’état in which Slava Kiir alleged that it was staged by the former VP Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon, one of the most prominent and outstanding British educated Nuer Mechanical/Architectural Engineer, PC Management System and the former lecturer in the Faculty of Engineering/Architecture at his Alma Mata, The University of Khartoum, one of the best SPLM/A field commanders, articulate, talented, the best and the brightest or la crème de la crème with higher spirits vs. the mediocre minds that are often afraid of the higher spirits, one of the political and democratic leaders of our times, educator, politician, scientist, philosopher and fourteen (14) other senior members of the SPLM Political Bureau (PB) as the ruling party.

Slava Kiir had a strategic plan to eliminate the well-rounded educated 14 leaders of the SPLM to avoid the 2015 democratic elections and fearful of the intentions of the former VP to run for the Office of the President of the Republic in Africa’s newest infantile pre-born and pre-failed state in South Sudan. The Dinka dictator wanted to rule for life and has become an absolutist anti-democratic change and the Dinka power elite stated it unequivocally loud and clear that “They [Dinka] are born to rule and not to be ruled”. They furter also asserted articulately in another fascinating statement that “They [Dinka] are the Chosen People” by whom and for what?- that remains a myth to be demythologized.

The VP wanted the establishment of a multiparty democracy with representation, participation, inclusion of ethnic minorities, transparency and accountability, thus, fostering national unity, de-triblization, unity in diversity of the variety of culturally diverse, converging and diverging interests amongst the people of South Sudan in unity in diversity, unity of purpose and of equals in the country. Slava Kiir is not only an ethnocentric and a non-benevolence dictator, but a blood thirsts killer or the “minister of death” of the third kind equals only to President Yuri Museveni of Uganda that killed almost his entire political opponents in Uganda that was once called the “Pearl of Africa.”

Slava Kiir Mayardit has been the first head of state and government in the African continent to have a private notorious Dinka Touich militia ill-trained, undisciplined, brute killers that could not speak any other languages except the Dinka Touich, the most notorious, stubborn, brute, uncivilized and uncouth Dinka militia in South Sudan known in Dinka language as Agetwang, Abut Bany and Malwal Anyuol commanded by the notorious killer and butcher Paul Malong Awan the former Governor of Northern Bahr-el-Ghazel State. On the nights of 16-17 December 2013, Slava Kiir gave stunned orders to his lieutenants to unleashed the so-called “dogs of war” or “The Dirty Dozen”- militia into the City of Juba to kill rampage the Nuer people in the streets and to move them out from house to house to go out to kill the Nuer children, women and men, students, doctors, civil servants and other professionals if they have been identified to be Nuer folks, to loot their properties and money, burned down to ashes their homes, including the home of the former VP Dr. Riek Machar.

Were the civilians’ population also the ones who staged the alleged coup d’état or was it because Dr. Machar’s negatively perceived and implicated as the ring leader of imaginary military coup d’état? Is it of a Nuer nationality like them that made them to become part and parcel of the alleged and collective punishment for the crime that they have not done, which they ought not to have done?

Slava Kiir’s militia murdered in cold blood many Nuer people as the targeted group and most of them were innocent Nuer civilians’ population, families of the GOSS civil servants, including the SPLA forces and many of them were those repatriated form Sudan after the split. It was strategically, surgically planned and calculated pogrom, genocide similar to the 1994 Rwanda Genocide and specifically collective punishment targeting the Nuer nationality because the accused- the former VP- is of a Nuer nationality or ethnicity. The thirteen (13) other accused of implication in the alleged foiled or aborted coup d’état comprised of different nationalities, including the Dinka negatively perceived to be anti-Slava Kiir Mayardit, the Nuer and the Shilluk (Tat) (Cholo) intelligentsia and professionals.

Based on this precise narrative, one could imagine and conclude that it was all really hell break loose and lawlessness of the third kind because the Dinka dictator went all out berserk to collectively punish the Nuer people and their leaders. Moreover, the civilians’ population, university students, professors, lawyers, economists, medical doctors, mostly Nuers, who studied different professions abroad within North America, Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan and other parts of Europe and North America were all almost gunned down in their homes or in the workplace or on their way homes from work. Hundreds of thousands of unarmed Nuer people and other nationalities were forced to flee their homes because of fear of probably being killed by Slava Kiir’s militia ran to the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) Compound for safety and the militia followed them at the UNMISS Compound and managed to kill wherefore the UNMISS personnel could not provide protection because of its size, outnumbered and could neither control the militia nor provide the necessary protection to the victims of the perpetrated genocide in Juba town.

They also introduced cannibalism to some people caught to food stuff in town Juba. Of course, the Dinka of Pan Malwal de Bongbar in Yirol, Lakes State, still practices cannibalism although no Dinka intellectuals and academics would want to expose to write and to talk about it in public. Although it is well-established fact its remains a taboo that cannibalism or human flesh eaters do still exist amongst the Dinka Community in South Sudan. To make the whole story short, what really transferred on the nights of 16-17 December 2013, up to this day has been and still is “Genocide” as defined in the UN Convention on Genocide in December 1948 perpetrated by the Dinka against the Nuer as the targeted group for destruction and/or extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part similar to the 1994 Rwanda Genocide against the Tutsi in Kigali, Rwanda perpetrated by the Hutus and in other parts of the world, including the advanced industrialized and civilized Europe with focus on the Balkans crisis and the extinction of the First Nation (the Red Indians) the Americas or in the New Hemisphere or the New World by the European Settlers and the Aborigines natives of Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand by the European Settlers. Specifically, the term “Genocide” was coined in 1943 by the Jewish-Polish Lawyer Raphael Lemkin who combined the Greek word “Genus” (race/tribe) or in my Nuer culture known as Raan ke Rami mi raan) (race, person of person) and the tribe is also known as “Wiec” (tribe/state), with the Latin word “cide” (to kill) or in the Nuer language also known as “Nhak” (to kill). In December 1948, the UN Convention on Genocide was held, which came into effect in January 1951.

In international law, genocide is understood to be the gravest and the greatest crimes against humanity and it is possible to commit it without realizing it. Of course, what transferred in South Sudan on the nights of 16 and 17 December 2013 was genocide pure and simple. Succinctly, for the purpose of this article on the current situation in South Sudan, I would like to say that it was a deliberate and willful strategized mass extermination against the Nuer folks in whole or in part as a targeted group of people, an attempt to destroy an entire group and wipe them out of existence. Based on my understanding and interpretation of international relations and international law, public administration and public policy, it has been obvious that it would not be difficult to assume or assert that all nation-states- developed, developing and underdeveloped- have been guilty of the crime of genocide or what the British Prime Minister Sir Winston Church called the “crime without a name” during the Second World War (1939-1945). The UK PM referred or inferred the whole guilt on Nazi Germany extermination of the Jews , Gypsies and the non-Aryans and the non-blue eyes people in Germany, but he excluded the British Genocide, war crime and crime against humanity in the German City of Dresden when the British Royal Air Force (RAF) bombed and completely destroyed the City and its innocent German population of more than 10,000 overnight air raids and burnt down to ashes the City of Dresden and excluded the British and the European colonial powers colonial crimes against the African peoples in Afro-Arab and Black Africa. To illustrate only a few incidents, the Germans committed genocide in its former colony of German Southwest Africa [Namibia] in which the notorious Lt.-General Lothan van Trotha exterminated more than 700,000 Ovambu (Bushmen) in Northern Namibia (1904-1908 for having resisted German colonization and this was recorded as the first genocide in Africa in the 20th century. In the Anglo-Boer-Zulu War (1898-1901) in the Republic of South Africa many Zulu people were exterminated in violation of their basic fundamental human rights in the land of their birthrights. In Sudan, the British exterminated more than 20,000 Sudanese at the battle of Kerreri; in Southern Sudan, the British genocide the Nuer in the Anglo-Nuer War (1900-1930) and gassed them in large numbers in 1915-1920; in Kenya the UK committed mass killings against the Mau-Mau uprising because of anti-colonial sentiments against the British colonial rule in the 1950s-1960s.

The French exterminated more than 2 million Algerians and today Algeria is known as the “land of a million martyrs”; the Belgians genocide in the Belgian Congo, the Portuguese, the Italians and the Boers in South Africa were no exceptions to the colonial crimes either. What the hell in the world that to-day Europeans lecture and give pap talks to Africans about human rights violations when they were the first to have violated such rights in Africa and the world at large. I think that Europe and North America should know that they have been morally guilty of the crime of genocide as the gravest and the greatest crimes against humanity and it is possible to commit it before realizing it. In brief, many European colonial powers exterminated Africans and there were no questions to be asked at all because they did not value African lives compared to Europeans. What a shameful and human right abuse that was in the contemporary history of European colonialism in Africa and saint elsewhere in the world. Reverting to the topic or to the ongoing genocide and war in South Sudan on the nights of 16 and 17 December 2013 up to the present, Slava Kiir committed and had been an accomplice to the crime of “Genocide” against the Nuer nation and its gallant people. The Nuer shall and will overcome Slava Kiir’s Genocide and there would be decisive, quick, surgical response into the Heartland of the Dinka in Bahr-el-Ghazel. Slava Kiir has not seen anything yet how the fighting Nuers would react to the events of the nights of 16 and 17 December 2013 and beyond. To bring this case closer to the attention of the Dinka dictator in Juba, I would be obliged to refer to Article II of the UN Convention on Genocide, which defines “Genocide” per se, as any of the following acts committed with the intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group as”

1. Killing members of the group;
2. Causing serious bodily and mental harm to members of the group;
3. Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
4. Imposing means intended to prevent births within the group; and
5. Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

For the purpose of the events that transferred in South Sudan, Slava Kiir’s regime committed 1-5 points against the Nuer civilians’ population that had nothing to do with the alleged foiled or failed coup d’état comprehended and understood in the world to be a lie because there was no attempted coup d’état by the former VP Dr. Machar and his colleagues against the Kiir regime in Juba town. Based on Slava Kiir’s limited knowledge and comprehension of the world around him and his politico-environment, I do not believe for a dime that Slava Kiir’s really understands the gravity and the seriousness of genocide as the gravest and the greatest crimes against humanity that he committed before the international community and that could haunt him like in the case of President Uhuru Kenyatta and his VP William Ruto in the post-2007 Kenya’s democratic elections events that Slava Kiir could be charged with committing the gravest and the greatest crimes against humanity of murders, forcible transfer of population to the UNMISS Compound under duress, depopulation of the Nuer folks, rape, other inhumane acts, forced cannibalism and persecution…etc.

Since I am not writing a legal indictment, I shall refrain from it until that time that I will have the opportunity to come face-to-face with the Dinka dictator Slava Kiir when he would be caught red handed in Juba town and would interrogate him on what he had done, which he ought not to have done against the Nuer nation, its gallant and industrious people. I think that Slava Kiir and many of his cronies, sycophants and henchmen have forgotten that without the Nuer commitment and the war efforts in the armed struggle, he could not have become the President of a country called South Sudan. Certainly, I do not blame him at all, but the American lobbyists led Roger P. Winter, John Prendergast, Dr. Suzan Rice, Ted Diangne, an Ethiopian émigré who became a CIA agent under the shadow or disguise of the Congressional Research Service (CRS) and Frederick Peterson a Congressional Advisor in Washington, DC, who stolen the victory or the show from the Nuer fighters in a broad daylight and awarded it to the Dinka dictator the late John Garang de Mabior in a silver platter. Nevertheless, it is not too late, for the Nuer people because they shall and will take over power in South Sudan sooner rather than later and by any means necessary or we separate into two (2) nation-states or three (3) nations-states with each one fanning out for itself and God for all. This brief definition and explication is all about the background of the combined Latin and Greek word “Genocide” what it is and what it really means and a precise analysis of the term. The details are incorporated inside the article from the beginning to the end or the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the end.


To begin with and prior to the split, South Sudan was pre-conceived as a pre-born and a pre-failed state because it did not have a strategized national pivotal vision, model or the foundation or the foundation of the pillar of the bridge on which to build or construct the national democratic institutions, infrastructure, sustainable good governance, socioeconomic development and human resource development or the manpower planning and human resource development. The SPLM/A was weaker, inexperienced in the state management, administration and always a military outfit that failed to trained cadres for the construction of the fabric of the national interest to unify the people for the sake of unity in diversity and unity of purpose and of equals, the establishment of culturally diverse society based on the concept of what is known in the Nuer language “Kondial” or in the Dinka language “Wok ba ben” or in Kiswahili “Harmbee” -meaning “all together united and bind together” in the construction of the pillars of the state and the institutions based on non-ethnocentric ideals or what is universally termed as the establishment or construction of democracy in political conductive atmosphere and its true acknowledgement, recognizable and acceptable universal values, freedom, liberty, social justice, equality for all citizens before the law, equal opportunity, non-ethnocentric (tribal) or de-traibalized state, multiparty democracy vs. one-party rule or Stalinist’s state or a non-benevolence dictatorship under the conduit, construct and influence of destructive vs. constructive political ideology that was inherently ill-conceptualized retrospect to the Marxist-Leninist SPLM/A inception and continuous chauvinism, machismos, Marxism-Leninism, tyranny, totalitarianism, oligarchic, autocracy, cabal [agent provocateur], anarchists, authoritarian vs. a commonwealth and constitutional operating under an authoritative document [constitution] that set forth the system of fundamental laws and principles that determine the nature, functions and the limits of the government.

Briefly, the people of South Sudanese did not enjoy any opportunity to live and work in a democratic state ever. They have got used all along from Abel Alier’s failed administration in the post-1972 Addis-Ababa Accord that granted the South a Local Autonomy or the 1972 Southern Regional Government Act to the one-man show, Marxism-Leninism and non-parliamentary democracy. Succinctly, when I expressed my free speech, political ideals consciously in a free spirit at the outset, I stated it unequivocally loud and clear before a large group of African journalists and audience of the like-minds in Kampala, Uganda, that South Sudan was a pre-born and pre-failed state even though I had qualified that statement as an academic and an expert in the field of governance and African affairs, I was bitterly rebuked and repudiated by my fellow Southerners who often accused me of having been a “collaborator” or became like a Jellabas or Arabized Muslim North or I had been bought or paid off with big money by Khartoum to speak out against South Sudan split pure and simple. Of course, I was not paid big money by anyone in Khartoum unlike some individuals that I knew who were after all paid big money under the negatively perceived concept of “get-rich-quick” or to suck out what anyone can get out of the Jellabas big tycoons, which is, of course, Harem in the sight of Kuoth [Allah] because that tantamount to corruption, looting of public purse or coffer for personal benefit, embezzlement, profiteering, self-glorification, self-aggrandizement and the Dialectic Materialism.

I further emphasized that South Sudan has a highly qualified calibers and experienced professionals that could set up the institutions for sound democratic governance, but because they have been alienated and excluded in the process, many have opted to go to the Diaspora, thus, creating a serious universally recognized “brain drain” or the exit of the best and the brightest or la crème de la crème in Afro-Asia to the Western industrialized nation-states in search for better employment and lucrative socioeconomic opportunities. This was the whole gist of my constructive criticism of what I had envisioned and pre-conceived would happen and foretold about the future and the present of Africa’s newest pre-born and pre-failed state in South Sudan led by the Dinka dictator Slava Kiir Mayardit the then “minister of death” of the SPLM under the tutelage of the late John Garang and the blood sucker of many innocent Nuer folks lives, souls and spirits under the pretext of the alleged fabricated or engineered failed coup d’état by the former Vice President Dr. Riek Machar and the would-be future President of the Republic of South Sudan through popular democratic elections based on the secret ballot box by the people of South Sudan in the foreseeable future and/or the emerging Greater Upper Nile state that would soon declare its independence from South Sudan to become an independent, sovereign de jure state to protect its own sovereignty and territorial integrity from foreign and domestic enemies.

When I speak of independence, everyone in South Sudan should critically thinks and pauses a bit about it seriousness because it is going to happen and nothing on this planet-Earth would prevent or obstruct it in any way or manner possible. Moreover, without the Greater Upper Nile, there would be no South Sudan. The deliberate and willful genocide committed as a “final solution” against the Nuer nation and its gallant people in Juba town on 15, 16 and17 December 2013 up to this day would be the basis of separation or the split similar to South Sudan split from the Mother country-Sudan- in 2011. I could not be more grateful that we have complied all the names of the dead in Juba town in “whole or in part” and our agents and informers have already continuously transmitting them to the data based at our end directly or indirectly for further compiling the dead until the whole work is completed. Actually, the events in Juba town against the Nuer folks by the ill-trained and undisciplined Slava Kiir’s militia (Agetwang, Adut Bany and Malwal Anyuiel) from Warrap and the Northern Bahr-el-Ghazel States was a real reminiscence of the 1994 Rwanda Genocide committed by the renegades Hutus’ against their fellow countrymen the Tutsi. The Dinka leaders have repeated baldly in a broad daylight this brutal, the gravest and the greatest crimes without a name (genocide), mass killings or genocide and ethnic cleansing in the 1994 Rwanda Genocide against one of the strongest, the bravest people and the ferocious fighters in South Sudan and Africa as a whole.

The Nuer nation shall not and will not be defeated or weakened by the events that transferred on 15, 16 and 17 December 2013 in Juba town, but it would strengthen the spirit of the Nuer nation, its unity, its national interest and the national consciousness of its gallant people to be united against the enemy and to fight a good fight with all its might and so help us God. As one of the Nuer intellectuals, academics, diplomats, and statesmen, I urge and appeal for the unity of the Nuer people and the Nuer nation in this critical darkest hour of despair, confusion and uncertainty in our national history to confront this unfortunate aggression and adversary with courage and positive outlook of the ensuing political, military and economic aggression for physical extermination or annihilation in whole or in part against our people by the perpetrators of the Juba town Genocide on 15, 16 and 17 December 2013. If you are a Nuer and happened to be a true Nuer nationality at heart and get caught on the other side of the aisle or with Slava Kiir’s camp, you have already made a democratic choice rightly or wrongly it would be up to you to judge, which side you are really on. If you are not with us [Nuer] as a part of the Nuer nation, automatically you are against us [Nuer] or if you are not with us [Nuer], then, you are the real enemy and a terrorist pure and simple. Every Nuer who is not with his fellow Nuer in this darkest hour of our history is a traitor and would be treated as such at the end of this war and should know that he/she has been already predestined for ex-communication or alienation to become an outcast or an outsider of sort as if an alien or stranger within the Nuer Community (NC) that they betrayed because they failed to take the necessary actions in providing protection to the people of the Nuer Community or even protesting the deliberate and willful selected genocide, collective punishment and the targeting of the Nuer people for extermination like the Jews during the Second World War (1939-1945).

Without the shadow of a doubt, genocide and ethnic cleansing against the Nuer were committed and any Nuers who did not do something to prevent the crime of genocide against his/her kin and kith because they have prostituted themselves to the Dinka dictator Slava Kiir because of the short terms positions in the government and the “Green papers” called the money, such Nuers would either be considered as accomplices to the crime without a name [Genocide]. What kind of Nuer leaders are they in the GOSS? How could they allow a government that they served and came to power because of their longest armed struggle as nationals allowed committing mass murder, genocide and ethnic cleansing in their presence? What kind of leaders are they? Shame, shame and shame on them all! I know that some of them have been collaborators and sycophants on this sad event against the Nuer people that occurred on 15, 16 and 17 December 2013 in Juba town up to the present. The world should know that what happened in Juba on the above dates mentioned, were not spontaneous reactions, but well calculated, strategized and surgical genocide by the Dinka power elite against the Nuer folks pure and simple.

The simplest outcome of the events in Juba would be that South Sudan would disintegrate as a state in which each region would fan out for itself and God for all. As the Bible teaches us all that “The love of money is the greatest necessary evil,” but the Nuer nation is an institution that would continue to strive and thrive for posterity that has been, continued to be and would be transmitted from generation to the next. The Dinka seized the opportunity to kill the Nuer folks because they are envious of the Nuer oil and gas and they have known that they have failed in the leadership and would not have it again for forever. I would like to let my Dinka cousins know that the Nuer nation and its people survive what happened in Juba with strife and courage, but there would be a price tag to pay one way or the other. The Nuers would reach Warrap and Aweil and the same measures that the Dinka have done, which they ought not to have done, would be measure and done with same equal degree or surpass the same measures that they have done, which they ought to have done to the Nuer folks in Juba. I give the Dinka folks a decade of no peace, but continue war and bloodshed until the mission would be accomplished.

They should forget about the Nuer oil revenue because the Nuer fighters would shut it down and to protect the oil and gas with their sweat and blood. We do not need the African Union troopers to enter into the Nuerland by no means. The Nuer nation and its people are united on this critical vital national issue and there would be neither retreat nor surrender. The fighting Nuers would fight a good fight against Slava Kiir’s cronies, thugs, crooks hoodlums and hooligans until they win the war against Slava Kiir’s aggression and it does not matter how long it takes, how much sacrifices the Nuers would make, how many lives would be lost in the battle fronts, I am optimist that the Nuer shall and will defeat Slava Kiir’s and his cronies in the battle fronts, nationally, regionally and internationally. The Nuers people have been historically patience and enduring species with great courage, patience, perseverance and no matter how difficult and tougher things and adversaries are; they have the courage, the political will, patience, perseverance and the guts and gusto to fight against this dehumanizing aggression with all their powers against the perpetrators until the end of time. Therefore, in my capacity as one of the Nuer leaders, I urge and appeal to the Nuer nation for a consolidated United Front among the All the Nuer nation Unity within South Sudan and in the Diaspora on the unity of purpose and of equal worldwide to consolidate solidarity amongst ourselves as Nuer folks and to unite our ranks and files to confront the events on 15, 16 and17 December 2013 up to now superimposed upon us and our people by the Dinka dictator Salva Kiir and Yuri Musseveni of Uganda to intervene in order to genocide the Nuer people in whole or in part in the land of their birthright. I urge and appeal to the Nuer in the Diaspora to make the necessary money contributions towards the war efforts for our guys on the frontline.

We shall defeat those who perpetrated this aggression and genocide in due course of time and they do surely know the political and the military reality that they have created for themselves. If our forefathers resisted the British colonial rule for 30 years and were not defeated nor surrendered to the British suzerainty. The Nuer people shall not and will not surrender to Slava Kiir and his foreign friends who have become foes of the Nuer folks in South Sudan. We do know these foreign powers that urge and appeal to Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania and Zimbabwe as well as the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) of Darfur led by Jibril Ibrahim and Sudan Revolutionary Forces (SRF) led by Malik Aggar against the Nuer nation along the southern Blue Nile State in the Republic of Sudan [ROS] and northeastern Upper Nile State in the Republic of South Sudan [ROSS]. The Nuers’ God would punish all its enemies and they [the Nuer folks] shall fight like hell for its very survival in South Sudan. Nevertheless, the statement I uttered was not intended or intimidated or insulting anyone at all, but I were telling the whole naked truth and the whole truth and so help me God.

I further elaborated it that South Sudan was a pre-born and a pre-failed because given the current politico-military circumstances, its unity as a state and people remains in jeopardy and in big question or in a big terra incognita and in real political limbo. Cognizance of the acute socioeconomic underdevelopment, backwardness, tribal conflicts and foreign intervention in the domestic affairs of South Sudan, genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, ethnic cleansing and the savage military confrontation in this most backward infantile Africa’s newest pre-born and pre-failed in South Sudan as the 54th member state of the African Union (AU) and the 193rd member state of the United Nations organization, its future and the present as a state remains murky and questionable that would require further research as a failed state in Africa. The split in 2011 has become a political disaster rather than a boon for the chronic, the longest and the most forgotten armed struggle in Sub-Saharan Africa. There is now a greater likelihood that South Sudan would be dismembered into three mini-states comprised of Greater Equatoria, Greater Bahr-el-Ghazel and Greater Upper Nile regions.

Alternatively, the South Sudan could disappear on the map altogether like Poland several times in Central Continental Europe altogether if the Greater Upper Nile region decided unanimously to seek for a political divorce to become independent with closed links with the Northern Sudan or Ethiopia in a form of a shared federal system or confederacy, Equatoria may wants to be annexed to Uganda and Bahr-el-Ghazel would decide where to go eventually at the end of the day. Before I could proceed ahead, I would be obliged to probe a few questions to all the readers from South Sudan like this “Can South Sudan survive without the potentially rich Greater Upper Nile region? Why Slava Kiir and his Dinka cronies did commit genocide against the Nuer folks in Juba? What have they done? Were they also involved in the coup d’état? What has the fabricated coup d’état has got to do with the civilians’ population? I do not need any rebuttals or answers because I have been one of the intellectuals that have already proposed at the outset that Greater Upper Nile would exit or split from South Sudan by any means necessary. The selective killings, collective punishment and the crime without a name against the Nuer civilians’ population has created a politically un-conducive atmosphere, mistrust and confidence building measures, parallelism and negated any conceivable peaceful and political settlement.


The current crisis in South Sudan surpasses the ongoing Ukraine crisis perpetrated by the US-European allied by orchestrating a military coup d’état against the democratically elected President of Ukraine that lured the Russian Federation (FD) intervention at behest of the 25-30 million Russians or 60% of 50-60 million Ukrainians in Crimea and the ethnic cleansing persecution of Muslim minority by the predominantly Catholic majority encouraged by the French military pretending to be the arbiter of all Central Africans regardless of race, ethnic, religion, gender and national origin in Bangui, Central African Republic (CAR). The situation is fluked in South Sudan and could eventually escalate rather than to de-escalate it in the future and the present. The involvement of foreign forces, mercenaries or Soldiers of Fortune from the Uganda-Rwanda backed M-23 recently defeated in the mineral rich Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DR Congo) by the Congolese Armed Forces could become a volatile and dangerous problem for the Horn of Africa and East Africa. The South Sudan crisis could easily overspill into Uganda and Kenya and beyond if it were not resolved sooner rather than later by the African Union and the IGAD mediators, the UN organization and the international community.

However, it should be reckoned that it is neither going to be an easy task nor could it be left without making any attempts to resolving it either. Furthermore, the IGAD mediators should exceptionally and extremely become impartial in the search for peaceful and political conflict resolution in South Sudan. The genocide and ethnic cleansing committed against the Nuer would make the situation harder to resolving because the genocide in Juba has created a socio-political extreme “mistrust” and confidence building measures. Specifically, IGAD member states that have already got involved on the side of the GOSS should be completely and totally excluded from partaking any roles in the conflict negotiations process because of converging and divergent interests in South-Sudan deepening cultural divides. Slava Kiir deliberate and willful murdered of innocent Nuer civilians’ population in Juba town would not go un-avenged and the conflict that’s has been termed to become a Nuer-Dinka War could take years to conclude and to heal the wounds inflicted.

The two majority tribes or nationalities would remain parallel and that could make South Sudan to become ungovernable and would have continuous political instability without any legitimate government to reconcile the warring parties. Knowing the history of resistance well and the Nuer fighting abilities, the Dinka would lose at the end of the day and would suffer most because they are weaker, lazy and cowards of the cowards to fight and the current foreign involvement has been a clear indicative that the Dinka have neither the spirit, the will, the guts and gusto to fight and as a result, they resorted to hiring foreign mercenaries and Soldiers of Fortune with money from the public purse or coffer. The Dinka dictator Slava Kiir miscalculated the situation by involving foreign mercenaries as a way of exterminating the Nuer people as a “final solution” against the Nuer question in South Sudan. I think that the Nuer people have already proven beyond a reasonable doubt to the world and Africa once again retrospect to the Anglo-Nuer War in the 1900s-1930s in which the British colonial government committed colonial crimes against humanity, including the gassing with the mustard gas and other form of biochemical (1915-1920) and the bombardments by the Royal Air Force (RAF) against the Nuer nation pure and simple. Without the shadow of a doubt, the Nuer would once again overcome the perpetrated assault and aggression against it by Slava Kiir and Yuri Museveni, including the mercenaries, Soldiers of Fortune, JEM of Gibril Ibrahim as the SPLA dogs of war and the renegades.

I would like heretofore be obliged to make some reflections on the simmering political, tribal and military crisis in South Sudan and its present and the future catastrophic consequences. These reflections are excerpts of the previous articles that I authored in the past plus now the forthcoming book would create further uproars between me and the SPLM leadership with particular emphasis, on Pagan Amoum, Deng Alore (alas Ahmed Alore), including others of the so-called Garang’s Boys or the so-called Nyandeng Orphans as well as the Dinka dictator tall likes a palm tree with a horses brain and the big Gallon Cowboy hat on his empty head given him by the former US President George Bush,Jr. on range in the Lone State, Texas, USA, on the future and the present of South Sudan prior to the split from the Mother country- Sudan on 9 July 2011.


It is not kidding to assume that South Sudan has become a pre-born and a pre-failed state. This assumption has become a political reality as we shall illustrate in the forthcoming paragraphs. What I will jot down heretofore do not in any way reflect, insult or belittled anyone in any manners, but the political reality cognizance of the politico-military circumstances in South Sudan that has put a heavy dark cloud hovering over it. It would require everyone effort to clear the air for reconciliation, trust and confidence building measures because failure to attain the said above-mentioned, all hell could break loose throughout South Sudan before the heavy rainy season and beyond. Firstly, when I authored the article in which I sincerely argued that South Sudan was a pre-born and a pre-failed state in Africa and made recommendations or suggestions that the referendum should have been delayed and/or extended for another decade or so for Southerners to grasp the concept of government, the meaning of the state building process, sustainable governance, accommodation of the variant converging and diverging interests within the state because any deception, manipulation, maneuvering and marginalization of any sectors or groups or national minorities in the political and economic processes could tantamount to a call for disaster, national disunity, national disintegration as well as the chaotic strategic socioeconomic planning and the national economy, the vital national security interests and the human resource development or manpower planning and the erection of factories for the production of the basic rudimentary household needs in South Sudan.

Africa’s infantile state does not even have the capacity to manufacture the simplest needle to sow clothes and the soap for washing clothes and everything from the needle to soap and other basic commodities had to be imported either from the North or from the expired Kenya and Uganda food staff re-boxed in new boxes destined for South Sudan. When I published the article about South Sudan being like an infant child learning how to crawl, I was rebuked, repudiated and termed by the credits as a ‘mad professor’ because of their lack of vision, strategic knowledge, the politico-historical calculations, social sciences research methods, interpolations and critical analysis of sequential events, logical, epistemological, scientific and the moral philosophical as well as the theoretical framework, judgment, reasoning and reasonableness. It was further alleged that I was anti-South Sudan independent, sovereignty and territorial integrity. What a joke and childish that was! What moral justification, evident and scientific, epistemological reasoning and reasonableness could they provide? In South Sudan, people give general judgment without the scientific proof and this has been one of the unfortunate labeling and negative perceptions of people with scientific like-minds. Nevertheless, any jackasses or idiots in South Sudan should read history of the armed struggle and would be shocked to discover the roles that I have played in the armed struggle and in the search for peaceful and political conflict resolution.

Most importantly, my critic should hereon know that I had been exposed to strategic studies, training and have the scientific and logical reasoning to grasp issues and to envisage solutions to such issues intellectually, politically, legally and philosophically. For the critics that have been envious of my achievements and that I have been a league of my own, they do not have to worry at all because I would not ignore them as fellow human beings. Generally, I am humble, easy going gentleman, approachable, fearless and ready to Dialogue with anyone keenly to listen, to learn, to grow and to change to accommodate their opinions and ideas. They [South Sudanese] have morally failed to understand or to capture my art of reasoning and reasonableness. This problem has not been Professor de Chand’s problem alone in the developing and underdeveloped world, but it has been a worldwide phenomenon that tantamount to anti-intellectuals, the best and the brightest or la crème de la crème and against men and women of like-minds.

Nevertheless, the problem that I have discovered from South Sudanese has been that they lack senses of appreciation and do not like being told the truth as it is because it hurts and makes everyone free to have a free conscious, thinking and neo-thinking to be told the truth because it is bitter and it hurts, unfortunately. As an academic, diplomat and one of the former Senior National Experts in the Presidency of the Republic (2009-2011) prior to the split of Southern Sudan from the Mother country on 9 July 2011. I have acquired tremendous experience in government and diplomacy apart from being an academic. I was also involved in the armed struggle as youngster and in the search for peaceful and political conflict resolution in Sudan and Southern Sudan in particular, for over a decade through the IGAD mediation process, including other international forums and engagements. In 1994, I was one of the framers of the Six-Points Declaration of Principles (DOPs) that became the basis of peaceful and political conflict resolution in the North-South conflict and Southern Sudan in particular. I was also one of the architects of the 1996 Political Charter that was a prelude to the defunct 1997 Khartoum Peace Agreement (KPA) that ensured the exercise of the right of self-determination by the people of Southern Sudan and written articles plus the forthcoming book on the subject in question.

Although I had qualified the statement that Southern Sudan was a pre-born and a pre-failed state, it was not duly because there were no highly qualified and experienced developed men and women of the like-minds, but that they have been alienated, marginalized and completely excluded from the present political lime lights in South Sudan. Slava Kiir is anti-intellectuals and wanted to waste them all if he were to have the least or the slightest chance of opportunity. Actually, Slava Kiir had a schematic plan and the opportunity to murder all the 14 detainees, including Dr. Machar, the former VP and the Deputy Chairman of the SPLM in cold blood as one of the Nuers best and the brightest and/or la crème de la crème in government and public service in the SPLM party on 14, 15, 16 and 17 December 2013. He (Slava Kiir) should not have insulted well-educated leaders like Dr. Riek Machar and all the detainees as if they were his devoted servants, houseboys or slaves in his plantation. They have been well informed men and women of a league of their own and respected worldwide as professionals in various fields of human endeavours. These highly well-educated like-minds power elite and experienced individuals have been the best and brightest or la crème de la crème of South Sudan were deliberately and willfully excluded from the semi-autonomous Government of Southern Sudan up to the aftermath of the split in 2011 up to present. Actually, the denial of representation and participation of these talented intellectuals, technocrats, professionals and practitioners in the formation of the GOSS produced a gravely adverse impact and the lowest moral judgment and vision in the establishment of democratic institutions throughout South Sudan. Secondly, when I authored the second article focusing on the rampant rapid corruption, embezzlements for self-aggrandizement, self-glorification, dialectic materialism, nepotism, tribalism, favoritism and patronage by all the power elite in the government in Juba town, I was repudiated and constantly criticized destructively rather constructively by personalities that were not even of my caliber or social class, statute and national standard in South Sudan and in the world. Some of these lowly developed minds went as far as denying corruption and labeled me as a crazy professor.

Nevertheless, before long and before I know it, my critical and scientific analysis on the rampant corruption became political and logical realities and all critics became numbed or insensitive and disappeared from into the blue. To make the whole story short, the critics conceded with my scientific and moral arguments and philosophical observations as a visionary model reasoned and written by a well-educated Southerner intellectual and an academic expert on African affairs. There was nothing, of course, that South Sudanese should be ashamed of because it is obviously that corruption an epidemic social disease that has no cure in Africa and the most backward region in Africa like South Sudan that has ranked to Nigeria, Kenya, and Uganda in corruption and all negatively perceived “isms” and the likes at this juncture. In fact, my writing on corruption in South Sudan did look like I had pinched or administered a poison to everyone that was involved in the process because it was bitter sweet to chew, swallow and to digest it. Corruption has reached the highest critical crescendo, maximum capacity or its highest pinnacle in South Sudan in so short a period of time and everyone from the top down and/or bottom up or horizontally had done it from the President Slava Kiir down to all the junior officials and the movers and checkers or the big guns in Juba were not immune at all in the looting of public purse or coffer.

President Slava Kiir has been the main culprit that has accumulated billions of dollars in foreign banks, including a big mansion purchased with the sum amount of more than US$50m in Adelaide, Australia, and remits to his children the sum amount of US$3.5 m in Australia when most children have no food on the table, clean drinking waters and good medical care and medical insurance, schools and descent housing in South Sudan. In addition, the Dinka dictator amassed other properties in Kenya, Uganda and Khartoum respectively. Specifically, when I authored this article on corruption it was only intended to enlightening the world and to bring out to light the impact of corruption and how to eradicate it although its existence was well-known prior to the appearance of the said article, but nobody had the political will, the guts and gusto amongst the foreign donor countries, the NGOs, the USAID officials and the Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA), including Southern Sudanese alike that were all handicapped by political circumstances to touch this sensitive topical issue that could possibly figure triggers them to jail or imprisonment, fines or both on anyone that was caught by the GOSS notorious Gumuti in the Nuer language (Gestapo/spies or secret agents) or the security men that watch keenly and make it a taboo for anyone who writes, talks or utters anything about corruption in government and public service in the higher echelons and public places were arrested and charged with highest treason against the state and considered to have committed the highest crimes against the state. Anyway, once my article on corruption was published and circulated and read by so many in the country and abroad, I fell that was morally and mentally liberated because my political ideas and viewpoints have been exposed and penetrated deeper into the minds, souls and spirits of men and women of like-minds on rampant corruption in Juba town. Foreigners, basically Westerners and the Americans and the Norwegians and the European who have been pro-SPLM/A prior to the death of the late John Garang at the expense of other Southern Sudanese, became stunned, apprehensive, shocked and not surprised to reckon that a bloody thing was really going on pretty wrong in the GOSS in Juba town because the money donated tor start of rudimental infrastructure in the country, shown non-tangible results and could not be accounted for.

Of course, they were actually asphyxiated with the SPLM/A as a moral institution with a hell of good intentions to accomplish good benefits, but not knowing that it was like sitting down or standing on a volcanic rock that could erupt with deadly volcanic ashes to kill unnoticeably. In a study that released by the international financial institutions, i.e., The World Bank (WB) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the USAID, South Sudan was ranked amongst the top list of the most corrupt countries like Nigeria, Kenya and Uganda in Sub-Saharan Africa. Succinctly, up to now though corruption remains to be the obstacle and the order of the day in South Sudan. A Commission on Corruption was commissioned to eradicate it, but it has been a joke because no persons have been caught and brought to trials and convicted in the court of law because of corruption in South Sudan. I guess, the Commission on Corruption remains in quandary, less effective and bluffing that something was being done about corruption when in reality there was nothing being done at all, and it has become a showcase rather than real political institution or entity to deal with this chronic, incurable and social disease that devours the resources (wealth) of South Sudan for personal ego, self-glorification, self-aggrandizement, embezzlement, patronage, favoritism, nepotism and Dialectic Materialism by the officials or the gentry in higher echelons or higher places.

When I authored the third article on ethnocentrism (tribalism) in the GOSS, I was also condemned, rebuked and repudiated by the lunatics, idiots, the tribal chauvinist pigs and machismos that do not know or have full knowledge of the gravity and the impact on what ethnocentrism (tribalism) means and all about. It is an incurable social disease worldwide. In Europe and North America, for instance, it is diplomatically known differently, for instance, entrenched as racism and racialism and xenophobia, social discrimination like the current Islamophobia in many Western industrialized nations capitols, residential, streets and constant profiling against Muslims and Islam as a faith-based religion and labeled all Muslims to be negatively perceived as terrorists of sort as the followers of the Islamic faith, unfortunately.

In Israel it is called Apartheid against the Arab Palestinians similar to the Boer apartheid against the African majority prior to the demise of apartheid and racist system in the Republic of South Africa in 1994. In the Arab world, likes in Africa it is Ghabaliyya and most businesses have been conducted on the basis of that principle and that concept in most Afro-Arab countries, including both the Old and the New Sudan states. The Dinka ongoing perpetrated Genocide against the Nuer civilians’ population in South Sudan by the Dinka dictator Slava Kiir was in everything and ways similar in whole or in part to the 1994 Rwanda Genocide perpetrated by the Hutus against the Tutsi in Kigali, Rwanda, before the United Nations Mission in Rwanda under the command of the Canadian Commandant Lt.- General Rome Dalais in Rwanda. Actually, the big powers knew about it and they could have prevented by doubling up the already stationed 2,500 UNMIR peacekeeping force in Kigali, Rwanda. Similarly, the superpowers know firsthand what is now happening inside South Sudan against the Nuer people that is potentially rich in the black gold (oil and gas) that has drastically changed the international geopolitics for decades and a small poor and resource less country like Uganda could prematurely intervene on its own without the foreign backers-mainly from the Western countries and the “seven sisters” or the oil consortia in the Western world and the international Corporatocracy, the Wall Streets banks and the Jews seeking to monopolize and to control everything and anything that they can put on their hands and their moneys that has become the root causes of all social evils, drug trafficking and the international crimes pure and simple.

As I see it, there is no democracy to be exported to the developing and underdeveloped because the entire world has seen and experienced exploitation this concept like in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and in the Central African Republic predominantly Catholics vs. Muslim minority and the Rhoingya Muslim ethnic minority in Myanmar (Burma) as if the most persecuted and mass killings or genocide denial of the right of citizenship and deportation out of the land of their birthrights to nowhere and the international community ignored the gravity of the situation and gives it a blind eye because they wanted to protect their vital national interests in Myanmar’s (Burma) minerals contracts and the marketplace. The issue on tribalism has been serious, critical even though it was apparently fell by so many, it was also categorically denied by the semi-literate and the octogenarian Dinka power elite assigned to positions that they do neither deserved nor have the educational qualifications and work experience in public service even though this fact has been visible agenda to all observers in Juba town. In a nutshell, the under Slava Kiir’s autocratic and oligarchic rule or leadership, the Dinka tribesmen wanted to grasp and to monopolize what they do not deserve at gunpoint and there is no any nationality amongst the sixty (60) nationalities or so that has the guts and gusto and the political will to challenge and sucks it to the Dinka except the Nuer nationality that Dinka fears most like a rattle snake or the African Black Mamba and the King’s Cobra snakes and the Continental Europeans, including the British Isle have Germanophobia.

Specifically, when I authored the fourth article with focus and forecast on South-South War on ethnocentrism (tribalism) because of the lack or the absence thereof of concrete national vision or model to prevent the country from drifting or plunging into the death trap of becoming a pre-born and a pre-failed state, ethnocentrism, rampantly immoral corruption, nepotism, patronage, favoritism as opposed to merit and meritocracy as an immoral disease and unforgiving sin that has to be eradicated, that tribalism has also become the worse enemy of South Sudanese and eventually all of the said above-mentioned, could lead South Sudan state into a bloody civil war, I was also negatively and destructively criticized and rebuked by my very own blood that has become a selectively targeted for annihilation or extermination by the wicked, the most inhumane, satanic cult, uncivilized and cannibal-likes Dinka tribesmen that such a thing could not happen. Now, it has happened before their eyes and the international community, what is to be done about it? That is the question, to be or not be, and that is the question. To the best of my knowledge, it has happened and would surely take a long, long and a long time to quench, to conclude, to heal the wounds and it makes the future and the present of South undesirable to remain in a state of constant political disequilibrium.

My critic has become stunned, absconded, fell ashamed and betrayed about the ongoing events beyond their control in South Sudan, unfortunately. I said it unequivocally loud and clear that if the current trends of political, military and tribal discord remains unresolved or uncorrected Africa’s newest and infantile state in South Sudan could possibly plunge into a bloody civil war, thus, leading to rapid national disintegration and to prevent or to deny any harmonious co-existence. I was also right because the bloody civil war is now raging on in South Sudan and will spread like bush fires in Africa and South Sudan in particular, and could absolutely displace or overthrow Slava Kiir from reigns of powers and transferring it to te Nuer people. This will surely happen because the Dinka cannot the defeat the Nuer in despite of Kiir-Museveni’s unholy alliance against the Nuer people. The interparty political dichotomy that was fueled and ignited the ongoing upheavals and war has been attributed consequently to the irresolvable internal contradictions within the SPLM Political Bureau (PB) as the ruling party in South Sudan. The Dinka dictator Slava Kiir should know and underscore that no nation-states on the planet could be built by one tribe, but its often required concerted efforts of all groups or tribes to be represented, it takes two to tango, equitable democratic representation and participation, transparency and accountability in the sociopolitical in the nation building process.

The octogenarian Dinka power elite failed to adhere to advice the Dinka dictator about the concept of sound and sustainable governance and the need of accommodation of all various entities within the state and their converging and diverging interests in the management of the state as a public property or polity based on social contract or contract social in French rather than on complete and total absolutist ethnocentric (tribal) ethos, ethnocentricracy or tribal absolutism. This genocidal war started on 15, 16 and 17 December 2013 and goes on today and one knows how and when it will end, but only haven knows when it will come to an end. Realistically, as a political realist and a professional soldier, this war would consume many South Sudanese lives because are already deeply seated historic feuds and socio-animosities, anger on genocide specifically targeting the Nuer nationality town on the nights of 16 and 17 December 2013 respectively, and beyond in Juba town , which led to the death of hundred of thousands of innocent Nuer folks amongst those fighting this war, unfortunately. Frankly speaking, we should not kid ourselves that the war will end in a month, in a year, in two years, in three years, four years or five years, but it could possibly take longer period to end. Let us assume that supposedly, Slava Kiir steps down or not, it would not be easy for the Nuer fighter to stop killing the Dinka until there will give good and sound explication of raison d’être of wanton mass killings or genocide of children, women, the Nuer professionals, intellectuals, businessmen/women, doctors and engineers that the Dinka do not the replacement for them now or in the future and the present. I could not feel proud that all my political, sociological, philosophical and epistemological analyses, thinking and neo-thinking as well as analytical legal reasoning and reasonableness and critical thinking and neo-thinking have come to path or materialize at the end of the day. What the people really should do and critically think about now is the future and the present should be whether the South Sudan remains united, disintegrated or dismembered state. The future and the present of South Sudan as I see it, given the rapid prevailing politico-military events and circumstances that transferred in the last three months or so, does not need a rocket scientist to comprehend and understand that it remains in jeopardy, political limbo and dangerous trajectory path.

This article would high light and focus on the issue of unity in diversity or cultural diversity, unity of purpose and of equals, national disintegration or dismemberment and should further make several proposals for peaceful and political conflict resolution of the ongoing political and military contention in South Sudan. The Dinka power elite totally and completely failed South Sudan unity in diversity, its cultural diversity as if one united and indivisible state from Abel Alier to John Garang to Slava Kiir as a result, history would not absolve them at all. I think that the Dinka tribesmen have reached to their last pinnacle of power and money monopoly and should realize that they would have to be taught a wonderful listen that they would not forget because of their arrogant, stubbornness, negative sophistication, pride and prejudice and greed that Slava Kiir would mark the end of times and epic of the Dinka political leadership in South Sudan on the one hand and or South Sudan would disintegrate or t dismember into two, three, or four mini-nation-states, or to reunite with the mother country-Sudan or place it under the UN ECOSOC mandates of trusteeship for a period of 10-20 years under with the UN as the Administering Authority until its people learn the art of good and sustainable governance one way or the other.

I will recommend or suggest different political solutions before the conclusion of this article. Perhaps, another issue of vital national interest would the future and the present of South Sudan at the end of this genocidal warfare and ethnic cleansing and the determination whether South Sudan would remain as one polity or state based on the principle of democracy and its true values, multiparty system, multicultural state to preserve its unity in diversity, multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and multiracial identity. Realistically, the future of South Sudan as if one unified state and invisible. Surely, if the AU and the UN failed to properly resolve the conflict in South Sudan, we could probably have another Ukraine crisis and the Crimea referendum on Sunday, 16 March 2014 16 to be re-united with Mother Russia since 1954 when Crimea was annexed to Ukraine by the former Soviet President Nikila Khrushchev in 1954 or there could be continuous crisis or creeping revolution and the absence or the lack thereof of political stability in Arica’s newest failed state in South Sudan. Succinctly, all the four articles were indicative that Africa’s newest state would collapse and to become a failed state that would be constant state of political instability, civil war, moves on to become stateless and to statelessness similar Somalia in the Horn of Africa.

The question that is to be probed and that lingers over many South Sudanese like-minds would be about the future whether it would remain as if one united indivisible state, two states or three states? As I see it, the future and the present of South Sudan remains bleaks, murky, unpredictable or what is called in French ménage a trios (a household of three) remains in real jeopardy, political limbo and pretty much unpredictable. Nevertheless, it would be stated unequivocally abundantly loud and clear that everything remains at stake and all options for national disintegration remained the on the table like what is going on now in Ukraine and the forthcoming referendum in Scotland on 18 September 2014 for the exercise of the right of self-determination from the United Kingdom to become an independent and sovereign Kingdom as if it were prior to the Union with England in 1763.

In the case of the Greater Upper Nile that is potentially the richest and the hub of the black gold (oil) that has totally and completely changed the international geopolitics in Sudan and South Sudan in particular, wherefore the Dinka dictator as well as the state sponsoring terrorism supported and sponsored by President Yuri Museveni of Uganda has lost controlled, the dream of an emerging new nation in the Greater Upper Nile region is on the rise at the horizon, the people and the fighters have been motivated to mob or to clear out all areas of the SPLA in northern Upper Nile (Latjor) and Unity (Liech) States first and then they would decide the formation of the would-be new state. There are also other options to be explored on the table, i.e., the establishment of a shared federal system similar to the United States of America (USA), the emergence of a Confederacy like in Switzerland, a Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) like in the Russian Federation, Asymmetrical federalism or a nation with one door two windows system or any other amicable systems of other associational socio-political and economic arrangements within the framework and the frame of reference (worldview) of the three regions of South Sudan, namely, the Greater Bahr-Ghazel, the Greater Equatoria and the Greater Upper Nile regions to tackle the future and the present human and social problems.

However, the future and the Present of the South Sudan Revolutionary Forces (SSRF) and the White Army (WA) and other Allied Forces (AF) public opinion on the future and the present of South Sudan would be that it would have to disintegrate into three mini-states with each region fanning for itself and God for all. We, in the SSRF do not envisage to foresee any window of opportunity that would keep South Sudan to remain united at this juncture under Slava Kiir and his militia, namely, Agetwang, Adutt Banny and Malwal Ayuol organized by the President solo as his personal special militia from Warrap and Awiel in Northern Bahr-el-Ghazel directly commanded by the notorious butcher and murderer Paul Malong Awan, the former Governor of Northern Bahr-el-Ghazel to commit and accomplice to commit genocide, ethnic cleansing targeting the Nuer nation and its great people in a form of collective punishment against the Nuer nation as a “final solution” in “whole or in part” and compelled hundreds of thousands to seek refuge in the United Nations Mission in Southern Sudan (UNMISS) would have to respond to aggressively, surgically, rationally and reasonably until the last of Slava Kiiir’s militias, including Paul Malong Awan and his accomplices would be caught, indicted and brought to justice sooner rather later.The Nuer nation has the capacity to fight this perpetrated tribal warfare against Slava Kiir Mayardit and his cronies. The recent causes of the South-South War, if not appropriately and succinctly explicated in this article for the world and the people of South Sudan readers to know and to be updated of what transferred retrospect to 15, 16 &17 December 2013 up to present.


Was there really a failed coup d’état staged by the former VP Dr. Machar against the Dinka dictator Slava Kiir Mayardit in Juba? Who were the officers loyal to the former VP Dr. Machar involved in the so-called fabricated coup d’état in the SPLA? Did Slava Kiir have a strategic plan to superimpose “collective punishment,” genocide or the crime without a name against the Nuer nation because of the alleged coup d’état conspiracy by their prominent leader? What prompted Slava Kiir to give orders to superimpose genocide, collective punishment, murders and mass killings against the Nuer nationality? Did the President really study the consequences of his actions both short and long terms effects on the Dinka-Nuer relations and the people of South Sudan? Who coached the President to undertake what he did against his own people? Are the Nuer people not citizens or stateless people in South Sudan? Let’s assume hypothetically the targeted group or nationality-the Nuer- was considered as stateless, why did they fight so hard for the liberation of South Sudan? If all the readers were Southerners with rational thinking, the like-minds and clear strategized national vision, unity of purpose and of equal, unity in diversity, cultural diversity and wishes South Sudan to remain united as an one indivisible state with cultural diversity, united by a common purpose to build a nation-state, the desire to live together as equal and shared the same interests in the nation-state or polity without superimposing collective punishment on any groups or nationalities or to target them to be genocide and ethnic cleansing, they have the right to deploy a real critical, logical, analytical, political, sociological, scientific, epistemological and philosophical thinking and neo-thinking on what really transferred on 15, 16 and 17 December 2013 up to the present in Juba town and its future consequences for the Dinka nationality in South Sudan.

First and foremost of all, I should state it in the strongest language possible that there was no failed or foiled coup d’état staged by the former VP Dr. Machar and the 14 detainees minus four (4) now on mock trials in a Kangaroo courts in Juba as Prisoner of conscience, the international community, the Human Rights Watchers the world should intervene on behalf of the four (4) prisoners being trialed in a mock trial in a mock court or a Kangaroo court. The four detainees could not have fair trials in my opinion in any of law in Juba because the lawyer representing would be threatened by the SPLM authorities.

The whole affair was manufactured as if a fabricated foiled or aborted coup d’état the make the national, regional and international community to believe that there was a coup d’état when, in fact, there was no coup d’état at all. Frankly speaking, the alleged coup d’état was a hoax, groundless, baseless and was engineered or manufactured by Slava Kiir Mayardit and his cronies, sycophants and the security henchmen to superimpose “collective punishment” targeting the Nuer nationality to commit and to become accomplice to genocide in whole or in part and ethnic cleansing against the Nuer nation as a “final solution” in South Sudan. I have stated it unequivocally loud and clear to the international media that there was no coup d’état and my position was overwhelmingly supported by the international community, the United Nations organization, The UNMISS, the Western international media and the Afro-Arab media, including the US Department of State that has been pretty much closely monitoring all the events in South Sudan prior to prima facie split and beyond rather than ipso facto. There has been no doubt that Slava Kiir’s administration has committed genocide against innocent Nuer people in Juba who had nothing whatsoever to do with the alleged coup d’état on 15, 16 and17 December 2013 instance up to present in which Slava Kiir’s militia continue to murder the Nuer nationality as the most selected or targeted group for annihilation or extermination as a “final solution” to the Nuer question in South Sudan.

The Nuer nation has the right, military might, guts and gusto to respond this deliberate and willful aggression against its survival and its gallant citizens. As one of the Nuer intellectuals, I could state it at the outset that Slava Kiir Mayardit has blemished the Dinka leadership with red blood the Nuer-Dinka relations for posterity. The so-called coup d’état was a cover up to deny the democratic elections in 2015. As far as we are concerned, democratic elections would go ahead by any means necessary. However, if there would be no elections throughout South Sudan as scheduled in 2015, the alternative would be for the South to disintegrate into three or two states. The people of South Sudan as a whole should know that the people of Greater Upper Nile would sooner declare their intentions as soon as the pockets of SPLA and its foreign backers have beeb mobbed up and cleared out in the region. The independence of the Greater upper Nile should become eminent or anticipated and there would neither be power nor Slava Kiir Mayardit would stop this process or would work to grind it down. Nevertheless, we shall first show our intentions to the Dinka in Bahr-el- Ghazel that we could be also as cruel or nasty as they had been to the Nuer people in Juba town on 15, 16-17 December 2013.

In summation, the real gist of the alleged coup d’état was to secretly genocide and ethnic cleansed the ordinary Nuer folks that had nothing to do with the fabricated coup d’état in Juba. In the political history of coup d’état civilians’ population have not been involved at all in the military barracks and those caught in the failed coup d’état should be dealt with according to the military justice under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). Because there was no shredded evident that the Nuers civilians’ population were involved in the alleged foiled coup d’état, there was no reason in the fullest reasoning and reasonableness of the law to undertake unilateral collective punishment against the Nuer people as a targeted group, unfortunately. Nevertheless, if the actions were to scarecrow the Nuers similar to Slava Kiir and John Garang old tricks did years ago by cooking human corpses to scare the Nuer and others that Dinka are cannibals or human flesh eaters and secretly thrown the cooked corpses into a hole or a ditch, the Nuer people have not been scared by such devilish or satanic tactics. In fact, the Dinka still practices cannibalism in Yirol, Cieng Malwal de Bongbar in Lakes State. There was no shredded iota evident to substantiate the so-called alleged foiled or aborted coup d’état alleged to have been staged by the former VP Dr. Riek Machar in which there was no clear and concrete tangible evident to proof beyond a reasonable doubt, that there was a coupe d’état. The US State Department denied any coupe d’état in Juba and I also denied through the international media that there was no credible evident to indicate that there was a coup d’état. I think that the Dinka dictator Slava Kiir and his closest advisors Tellar Ring and Dr. Lam Akol Ajawien, Dr. Riek Gai Kok and James Kok Raui went berserk or he (Kiir) was acting contrary to the law under the influence of Alcohol that made the guy drunk 24 seven and 365 days per one calendar year pure and simple.


The existence of the oil and gas (over 90% throughout the Nuerland, 70% of the natural resources in the Nuerland, fertile agricultural lands, animal and fisheries resources and wildlife in the Nuerland is a big below to the Dinka to stomach. Most importantly, based on the 5th National Population Census of Sudan, the Nuer is now the largest nationality in South Sudan. The availability of resources in the Nuerland poses threat to the Dinka tribesmen that do not have sufficient resources compared to their Nuer counterparts. The genocide against the Nuer people in Juba by Slava Kiir regime has been based specifically on the alleged foiled coup d’état staged by the former VP Dr. Riek Machar against Slava Kiir.

First and foremost of all, there was no coupe d’état at all. It was the biggest lie of the century that a coup d’état occurred and foiled. There was no credible established sufficient evident to substantiate that the so-called engineered or manufactured coup d’état happened and without any shadow of a doubt, the President of South Sudan lied to the world has he had done so on many occasions in the past. There were neither identifiable officers involved in the alleged foiled coup d’état nor the former VP was involved in any manner of the law and the detention of more than fourteen (14) SPLM top notch political leaders was illegal, unconstitutional, baseless and groundless, including the former VP Dr. Machar who fled for his life and personal safety into the bush and began to waging a bloody war against his former boss the Dinka dictator Slava Kiir Mayardit in South Sudan.

The international community and the international media, including the United States of America have confirmed and reaffirmed that there was no attempted coupe d’état. I guess, that Slava Kiir was in an abnormal state of mind or nuée ardent (turbulent) or incandescent cloud of hot gases and volcanic ash and nugatory (worthless) claimed of a coup d’état and the least noblesse oblige or the maxim that it is the duty of those who are privileged to use the privilege to the benefit of the less fortunate. The whole story was a well- researched conducted fabricated with the intent of negatively implicating the former VP and all other detainees. Precisely, Slava Kiir lied to the entire world about the alleged foiled attempted coup d’état. The strategic plan of the alleged military coup d’état was planned and executed by President Yuri Museveni of Uganda that gave Slava Kiir such a mediocre and melancholic advice to kill all the best and the brightest such that there would be no democratic elections in 2015 and none of them would challenged the elections because they would all be dead. During Slava Kiir visit to Uganda, President Yuri Museveni took him by night to the graveyard that he buried his top government officials, namely, the VP, the minister of defense, the chief of intelligence, the finance minister and many others that he murdered Joseph Stalin’s style as revealed by the late Soviet writer Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn in the Gulag Archipelago. President Museveni asked Slava Kiir that who eats more beef, the one with a gap or the one with tightens teeth? Naturally, the answer to the probe question was, of course, obvious that the one with tightens teeth would eat more beef compared to his/her counterpart with a gap. The story was narrated to the officials by Slava Kiir’s personal bodyguard who was present during the two dictators’ conversation in the graveyard in Kampala, Uganda.

The demands of the VP Dr. Machar to release all detainees as a pre-requisite to any Dialogue par cum pari (equality) or a negotiated settlement has not been indicative that Dr. Machar’s has been supporting Pagan and Deng Alore who had been his archenemies in the GOSS, but would like them to be released in any manner as soon as possible. Nevertheless, as a leader and an intellectual, he exercised the kernel of moral responsibility because all the accused were also implicated with the VP who could have died if they were all caught by the Dinka dictator Slava Kiir Mayardit. Therefore, the demand for their release has been based on moral humanitarian grounds, the international humanitarian law, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights under the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) resolution 207 A (III) of 10 December 1948 in Paris, France, and the international law. Supposedly, that Pagan Amoum and Deng Alore have been released, there was no indication that they could work together with Dr. Machar given their previous opposition against the former VP. Probably they did not want to become their own bosses like Deng Alore has done neither part of Dr. Machar’s establishment nor had any interests to become part of South Sudan. In the case of Pagan Amoum and Lt.-General Wiecyach Deng Ajak, it would be up to Dr. Lam Akol that would determine their release or fate because he (Dr. Lam) already perceived them to be his rivals in the Shilluk Kingdom although no Shilluk could be above the Mak (the King) of the Shilluk who is the spiritual and temporal leader of all the Shilluk Kingdom.

Based on the above-mentioned, no Shilluk could become the President or the Vice President of South Sudan ever because he/she would compromise independent, sovereignty and its territorial integrity of the state as the very important personality (VIP) in international system over the Shilluk traditional Kingdom. We would not allow this event to occur even though Dr. Lam Akol has been vying and conspiring against Dr. Machar and others to become the VP, he (Dr. Lam) an individualist, egoist, an opportunist could not become the President or the VP because the structure of the Shilluk Kingdom as an absolutist pure and simple. Precisely, if any Shilluk like Dr. Lam Akol who is subject of the king and not a citizen would be vying to become the President or the VP of South Sudan, he would have to disown or to disavow the Shilluk Kingdom and/or he would risk to be ex-communicated from the Shilluk Kingdom with no loyalty to the traditional Mak (King) of the Shilluk in Kodok, Upper Nile State or an Anuak would have no loyalty to the Nyieya of the Anuak in Pachala in southeastern Jongeli State respectively and the King of the Azande in Western Equatoria as the principal spiritual and temporal leader of these absolutist traditional monarchies. So this rule of the thumb applies to all Southerners across the board to all South Sudanese with the traditional monarchy backgrounds that seek the highest office of the President or the VP of the Republic ever in the land.

On the contrary, if the absolutist monarchies were to be liberalized to make the King to become only the symbol with no absolute powers both spiritual and temporal, any South Sudanese that hail from these liberal and non-absolutist traditional kingdoms or monarchies, could run for the Office of the President of the Republic of South Sudan. Certainly, no state constitution would compromise the state sovereignty and its territorial integrity to the traditional monarchies anywhere on the planet-Earth. When the true and final constitution of South Sudan shall be drafted, approved, ratified and adopted by Parliament or the National Legislative Assembly (NLA) or Congress, an article should be incorporated to this effect. We would make sure that this could happen in the drafting of the constitution of South Sudan as the highest document of the land. Nevertheless, if the candidates for the Office of the President or the VP so wish to do so, they would have to undergo abolishing the absolutists traditional monarchies or kingdoms that existed and not equal to the independent, sovereign and de jure state internationally recognized as the most important personality in international law with particular emphasis on the Shilluk (Cholo), Anuak (Baa)r and Azande (Nyam-Nyamni) subjects of the traditional monarchies. This statement should neither reflect nor be interpreted as a form of racial discrimination, but it is the reality and the structures of the traditional monarchies in traditional Black Africa.

To the best of my knowledge, I believe that Dr. Machar does not trust the two guys- that is to say, Pagan Amoum and Deng Alore (alas Ahmed Alore) and many others could not possibly work with any of them because they have been identified as the most notorious troublemakers and the communist pigs and chauvinists fellows or sharps in the Marxist-Leninist SPLM outfit pure and simple. Perhaps, another specific rationale and raison d’être has been that 90% of the oil and gas has been discovered in the Nuerland, 70% of natural resources, fertile agricultural lands, animal and fisheries resources, strategic critical minerals have been also discovered in the Nuerland. Given, all the above-mentioned, the Nuer nation and its gallant people have the potential to become an economic power house. Furthermore, on education and the democratic leadership capabilities that many other tribes do not have, including the Dinka leadership has been tried and failed the state. The demands for democratic system by the Nuer people in South Sudan has created tensions that led to genocide, ethnic cleansing and collective punishment superimposed not only against the Nuer nation and Dr. Riek Machar’s in particular, but also between Slava Kiir the late John Garang in the 1991 split led by Dr. Lam Akol and Dr. Machar against the late John Garang and the idealist the Old man Advocate Abel Alier whose leadership absolutely, completely, totally divided and failed South Sudan on ethnic or tribal lines. Most importantly, the great fear of Slava Kiir and the Dinka power elite has been the equitable transfer of power through the democratic process to the Nuer majority rule and with the minority rights protection. Based on the Fifth Nation Census of Sudan in 2008, the Nuer nationality has become the majority in South Sudan more than the Dinka tribesmen.

The 2008 Census should automatically replace the 1956 Census as the basis for the national demographic statistics and records that were conducted haphazardly and the Nuer people were not well registered because of their historic resistance against the British colonial rule. The Dinka power elite do not absolutely want to share power with others and the Nuers in particular. Realistically, whether the Dinka likes it or not, they would have to concede to the Nuer by any means necessary. Although the Dinka arrogantly and negatively assumed or asserted that “They [Dinka] are born to rule and not to be ruled” and they further asserted that “They [Dinka] are the “Chosen people” by whom and for what? It remains a myth to be de-mythologized in the state power sharing. Why God Almighty should choose the Dinka people as the “Chosen people,” how about the non-Dinka folks and other nationalities are they not also the “Chosen People” on the planet-Earth? As far as I could envisage, the idea of being the “Chosen people” has been perpetrated by the Jews for centuries and the ultraconservative Zionists vs. the liberal Zionists as a form of racism and racial discrimination that was adopted under the UNGA resolution 3379 (XXX) of 10 November 1975 equating Zionism has a form of racism and racial discrimination like Apartheid as a form of racism in the ex-Apartheid and the racist South African that is now also prevailing in Israel against the Palestinian Arabs in Arab Palestine in the land of their birthrights occupied by the European Jews under the 1917 Lord Arthur Belford Declaration and in the aftermath of the Nazi extermination scheme against the Jews as a “final solution” in whole or in part. Finally, the Dinka resent the fact that the Nuer nation has over spilled into two countries, namely, Ethiopia, Sudan and as the majority population in South Sudan, the oil and gas as well as the natural resources. There is nothing that Slava Kiir and his Dinka power elite could not do anything about the natural phenomenon and arrangements. There would be no future and the present Nuer leader would ever attempt to alter such arrangements because the wrath of the Great Nuer Prophets Nyundeng, Dieu and the Greatest Prophetess Nyamatti would be upon him/her.


The prospects for the Greater Upper Nile region to split from South Sudan are greater than ever before. Reckoning the current political circumstances in the pre-born and pre-failed state in South Sudan, there are many options on the table to determine the future and the present. The proposals or options that I highly recommend or suggest for the political future and the present would be that Greater Upper Nile would undergo amicable peaceful and political divorce from South Sudan because the citizens of the Greater Upper Nile have been declared by Slava Kiir Mayardit as non-citizens or stateless of the Republic of South Sudan that could not serve in the Presidency or in the GOSS. Under the international law any persons considered to become non-citizens of any established nation-states have the right to cede from the nation-states wherefore they are t considered non-full citizens with rights thereunto, duties, responsibilities and obligations.

The UN organization advances the right of self-determination as stipulated in the UN Charter under Article 1 (2) and Article 52 as one of the cardinal principles of the UN Charter that guaranteed to all peoples, including the people of South Sudan and the Greater Upper Nile in particular. Since Greater Upper Nile has been liberated from Kiir’s hegemony and dictatorship it has left with no choice, but to forthrightly declare political independence and the rest shall be added. The predominantly Dinka led GOSS genocide more than 1500-30,000 innocent Nuer folks in whole or in part as a “final solution” to the Nuer question in South Sudan. Nevertheless, the death of the above- mentioned, citizens and others would not go un-avenged and every Dinka that has been misled to kill, to murder or to abuse the rights of others in their own country under the pretext of the so-called coup d’état that never occurred as already reckoned throughout the international media and the international community. We would assume that Slava Kiir tall like a palm tree, but has got a horse brain acted under the influence of Alcohol and had gone frantic, berserk and deranged to give orders to his undisciplined personal militia otherwise known as Agetwang, Adut Bany and Malwal Anyuol to go from house to house to kill, to massacre, to murder or to genocide any Nuer folks in Juba town.

We have already responded and would continue to do so aggressively in the forthcoming weeks, months and years until those committed genocide and their accomplices against the Nuer folks in Juba town would definitely pay a hefty price for their inhumane actions. Perhaps, Slava Kiir assumes that genocide or the mass killings of the Nuer folks and the threats that he issued against the Nuer intellectuals, academicians, students, civil servants, medical doctors, military officers, agronomists, engineers, pharmacologists as well as other professionals and paraprofessionals would become similar to killings of Feretit in Wau, Western Bahr-el-Ghazel on 28-31 December 2013 and on 1.1.2014 and beyond, unfortunately. Every Southerner should hereon acknowledge that the Nuer nationality is not a tribe, but a nation that has over spilled into Ethiopia, Sudan and according to the 2008 Fifth Sudan National Census has become the largest nationality in South Sudan and potentially the richest in oil and gas, natural resources, animal and fisheries resources and fertile agricultural lands.

Furthermore, the Nuer nation has over spilled into Australia, North America, Europe and the Arab world. The fact that oil and gas plus strategic critical minerals have been discovered in the Nuerland has been the source of hate, indignation, envy and enmity by the Dinka against the Nuer nation. I should be obliged to state it at the outset that the Nuer nation as the determination, courage, commitment, the guts and gusto and the military might to respond to genocide or the crime without a name in whole or in part as a “final solution” against the Nuer folks on 15, 16 and17 December 2014 in Juba. We shall fight a good fight and we shall not and will not be defeated by the Dinka idiots and hoodlums in Juba town or throughout South Sudan. The Nuer nation has the capacity to take the war into the Dinkaland by any means necessary in the same mannerism that they brought in Ugandan, Kenyan, Rwandese, Burundians, Tanzanians, and Zimbabweans military forces in the internal affairs of South Sudan. We shall and will teach them [the Dinka] a pretty nasty listen that they would not forget.


The proposed appointment of a Commission by the African Union (AU) to investigate human rights violations in South Sudan and specifically targeting of the Nuer nationality as I see I it, would not augment well and would be a waste of resources, energy and time. The Nuer nation would not accept any investigation that its outcome falls short of and would not include the term “Genocide” as defined under the UN Convention on Genocide in December 1948 has been committed by Slava Kiir militia against the Nuer folks in Juba on 15, 16 and 17 December 2013 respectively, up to the present. The AU has often been completely incompetent, incapable and partial in whatsoever activities that it undertook and performed in Africa in my opinion as an expert on African affairs. To illustrate this viewpoint, the AU failed to prevent the ongoing genocide, ethnic cleansing and internal displacement of Muslims in the Central African Republic (CAR). The religious and inter-tribal fighting or the predominantly Catholic Christians vs. the Muslims minority is anti-Christ and anti-Islam because both religions are interrelated and have no acute difference compared to other religion denominations in both Christianity and Islam alike. Nevertheless, it has been encouraged and perpetrated by France and other Western authorities that have been against Islam and Muslims folks alike and the fastest growing religion in Africa and the world at large.

The religious crisis or animosities in CAR has been unusual because both Christians and Muslim have co-existed for centuries in CAR. Hence, the current situation between Christians and Muslims in CAR has been through the external influence of France as the former colonial power and the growing Islamophobia in many Western countries that has been exported to CAR since the French intervention in that African country. Never in history of African that I have ever heard of Christian-Muslim hatred, religious animosities and religious insensitivities in CAR because it has been no different from Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Gaza Strip, the West Bank and Ramallah in occupied Arab Palestine, including South Sudan. The situation in CAR is a new phenomenon that would require further research to determine the root causes of the religious strives in CAR in recent years. In the case of genocide, it shall and will overcome this deliberate and willful organized and perpetrated genocide against the Nuer people with courage, strength, determination, motivation and with help from God sooner rather than later. Therefore, both the AU and the UNMISS have failed disastrously in preventing genocide and ethnic cleansing and providing security and protection against the Nuer nationality and the necessary to the internally displaced Nuer folks and other nationalities that have sought refuge on the UNMISS Compound from the continuous attacks and mass killings from the Dinka dictator Slava Kiir Mayardit’s militia, his henchmen and sycophants in Juba town. However, credit must and ought to be given to the UNMISS personnel no fait accompli or job well done wherefore it is due because the survival of so many people was duly of the presence of the UNMISS personnel that was outnumbered by the marauding uncultured, uncivilized, cannibals and savages Dinka militia in Juba town.

We could not be more than grateful to the UNMISS and Hilde F. Johnson, UN Secretary-General Representative to South Sudan and for her courageous, outspoken and direct confrontation against the GOSS in Juba town. Briefly, we must and ought to state at the outset that we absolutely and completely object the inclusion in the proposed AU Commission to investigate genocide and human rights violations of Ugandan academic Mahmood Mandeni and the former President Olusegun Obsanajano of Nigeria on the Commission to investigate the Genocide and ethnic cleansing against the Nuer folks in Juba would squarely negate the effectiveness of the aforesaid Commission fact-findings because Kenya, Uganda, Burundi, Tanzania, Rwanda, Somalia, and Zimbabwe have been deeply involved in the South-South War backing Slava Kiir Stalnist’s state, ethnocentric and entrenched autocratic one-party rule as well as the mercenaries, soldiers of fortune (SF), treasure hunters and international terrorists with backing from some foreign nation-states hungry for the sake of controlling of the oil and gas resources and the fertile agricultural lands in the Nuerland. Therefore, if the desire of the said Commission would be fair, free, democratic, transparent and accountable in its fact-finding mission in South Sudan, we urge and appeal the immediate and the unconditional removal or withdrawal of Professor Mahmood Mamdani of Uganda and the President General Olusegun Obasanjo of Nigeria and the representatives of all the countries involved in war in South Sudan crisis because they could prejudice and to be impartial and objective on the Commission to investigating human rights violations by the GOSS in Juba town.

Hitherto, I would honorably urge and appeal to the honorable and august Commission that if it fails to remove or to withdraw the individuals above-mentioned in the said Commission, it would surely be perceived negatively by the relatives of the dead victims in any outcome of the AU Commission investigating genocide and the gross systematic human rights violations because such a report would not be impartial and reprehensible to “Trust” at all. We further request for the setting up of an International Tribunal similar to the Rwanda International Tribunal in Arusha, Tanzania, on the 1994 Rwanda Genocide and the formation of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) in the Republic of South Africa in the post-Apartheid era in 1994 and beyond in Africa’s pre-born and pre-failed state in South Sudan to be comprised of impartial judges, technocrats and workers from different countries of the United Nations system, the AU, the EU, the Russian Federation, the PRC and the Quartet (the US, the UK, Norway and Italy) that sponsored the peace process in the ex-North-South conflict resolution through the bilateral Naivasha Peace Agreement of 2005 otherwise known as the Comprehensive Peace Agreement of 2005. Nonetheless, the AU would be freed to do whatever it wanted to do because any outcome would be illegally and politically non-binding as long as it does not include the term “Genocide” and its perpetrators against the Nuer nation and its people in juba town on 15, 16 and 17 December 2013 up to the present time. It would be the only way to get Justice done because justice delayed is justice denied.

In the meantime, whilst the AU is going ahead with its investigation, the war would not stop, but the Nuer people would suck it to the Dinka people for the crimes that they have done, which they ought not to have done. This is the bottom line. In the meantime, the Nuer folks would aggressively sucks or takes the fight against Dinka in the Greater Bahr-el-Ghazel region continuously until the mission would be accomplished and everyone of the tripartite Kiir’s militia known as Agetwang, Adut Bany and Malwal Anyuol are caught alive or dead would be indicted and brought to Justice, including President Slava Kiir who gave orders to his special militia under the command of Paul Malong Awan and his lieutenants to go from house to house to drag every Nuer citizens from their homes to shoot to kill or genocide them in whole or in part. We urge and appeal to all and also to those affected by Genocide committed against them by the Dinka in Juba to unite their ranks and files with Nuer fighters and to suck it to the wicked, uncultured, uncivilized, cannibal-likes and savages from Warrap State and Aweil, Northern Bahr-el Ghhazel State. If they sought that the fighting Nuers would not reach these areas, they got to be kidding because the Nuer would crises-cross the Greater Bahr-el Ghazel more than one-hundred times until justice is done in the same degrees and mannerisms that the wicked Dinka committed genocide in Juba on 15, 16, and 17 December up to the this time.

Whatever genocide that the Dinka militia committed against the Nuer folks would be avenged aggressively, surgically and effectively until Slava Kiir and his henchmen acknowledged the wrongs and other heinous crimes that they have done, which they ought to have done against the Nuer people as well as other inhumane acts that they have done, which they ought to have done to other nationalities on 15, 16 and 17 December 2013 in Juba town up to this present. The fighting Nuers would launch the revenge in pretty precise and surgical manners. It should be known and underscored out rightly by Slava Kiir and his cronies that they provoked a great people that would fight a good fight against the Dinka militia until the war that they started against the Nuer in Juba town would become aggrieved fighting Nuers who would have to finish it for them sooner rather than later. In fact, the Dinka militia should not kid themselves that this war would end in six months, in one year, two years, three years, four years…, but it could take long and protracted years than anticipated. It is going to be a hell of a long and perpetrated war that could exhaust resources forcing many people into exile for life. The foolish, lazy, cannibal-likes and savages in Bahr-el-Ghazel should reckon that the Nuer will back until they are defeated, disseminated, annihilated and should reckon this well that it is going to happen in due course of time.

As we would say in the Nuer language that “Ke boum, ke ciot Kuoth in rielo (with strength and in the name of God Almighty), the creator of all things above and below, the fighting Nuers shall and will prevail at the end of the day and the Dinka dictator Slava Kiir and any jackasses accomplices would reckon in advance the outcome of this war would not be in the best interest of Slava Kiir. I would like Slava Kiir, his cronies and sycophants in Juba town to know and to understand comprehensively and to repent that the aggression and the war of attrition being waged against the Nuer in Juba town has not been about the so-called engineered and fabricated coupe d’état in which Dr. Riek Machar had been implicated at all. It is a war being fought at behest of those innocent people murdered in cold blood by Slava Kiir undisciplined militia known as Agetwang, Adut Bany and Malwal Anyuol commanded personally by Slava Kiir and Paul Malong Awan in Juba town to go from house to house in search to kill any Nuer persons. Without the shadow of a doubt, some Equatorian tribes were also involved as accomplices and let them know and think about it for the time being.

The Nuer people would come to Juba town sooner than anticipated and to read between the lines. Every Nuer life taken away does have a price tag to it. The fighting Nuers shall return to Juba to catch Slava Kiir and his accomplices dead or alive. This is the bottom line. They have committed serious gravest crimes against humanity and would certainly pay off the price in due course. I would make no bones about it. Surely, the war has been waged about the probable causes of genocide and ethnic cleansing against the Nuer nationality as a “final solution” in the country that they fought so hard to liberate and only to discover that they have been mistreated like succumbs, lepers, thugs, hoodlums and hooligans in the land of their birthright. It is going to become the longest and direst and nastiest war ever fought in South Sudan wars and it is without end until the Dinka power elite would admit that they were pretty wrong and bloody wrong to have hired and involved all East African nation-states spearheaded by Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and God knows who’s who would get involved next. These foreign powers would not get a pint or a gourd of the black gold (oil) without a price tag over the Nuer dead bodies in Greater Upper Nile region.

Assuredly, we would not, I repeat, we would not welcome any African soldiers into the Nuerland. We would welcome only Sudanese rather than Kenyans, Ugandans, Rwandese or the Dinka who would not dare to come to the Nuerland or they risk death without any prior notice to enter into Nuerland now and forever. Certainly, Slava Kiir should acknowledge and underscore that the Nuer nation would neither be defeated nor would surrender to the mercenaries, soldiers of fortune and all the crooks involved in South Sudan. The Nuer nation believes that they shall and will prevail over Uganda’s aggression one way or the other. The Ugandan military forces have already tested more bitter-sweet pills and for the Dinka, they should reckon and underscore that they have messed around with the wrong nationality called the Nuer that can be as nasty as it can be. Actually, the Dinka have begun to smell it in advance that there is coming and have began to flee like cats and dogs to Darfur as they have been began it. Without the shadow of a doubt, the Nuer nationality would follow them with all its might wherever they go to hit the Dinka twice or thrice as hard as they could for the genocide that they has been committed or done, which they ought not to have done in Juba town on 15, 16-17 December 2013 up to this time.

Furthermore, the direct military intervention of the Ugandan People’s Defense Forces (UPDF), Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Burundi and Somalis elements, including and the JEM and SPLM/A-North and others have been indicative that Slava Kiir and the Dinka militia, namely, Agetwang, Adut Bany and Malwal Anyuol have been ill-trained, undisciplined weakened militia could not sustain the ferociously fighting Nuers. They should realize that our forefathers resisted the British colonialism for 30 years (1900-30) and were neither defeated nor colonized by the British colonial adventurers and the Nuer folks were the only nationality that was not horded as slaves by the European, Turko-Egyptain and Zubeir Pasha Slave raiders in Southern Sudan and in Black Africa. Nowadays, we have acquired better non-lethal weapons and we do have the knowledge and the know-how and the potential to manufacture or to produce non-lethal weapons in the Nuerland to fight the Dinka militia, Kenyans, Ugandans, Tanzanians, Rwandese, and Burundians, JEM of Jibril Ibrahim and the SPLA-North of Malik Aggar, including any other African mercenaries and soldiers of fortune hired for pay by Slava Kiir’s regime against the Nuer nation that have already experienced bloody noses, mayhem, death and many wounded or captured alive.

Actually, the presence of foreign military forces in South Sudan have already made them tested the bitter-sweet pills, bloody noses, anxieties, traumatic syndrome, war fatigue and more dirty pills would soon come forth rather than later. My message to my fellow Dinka cousins (Gaatgulien) who had killed the Nuer families’ without crimes committed, but except that they happened to be of Nuer nationality in cold blood as if they were fishes from the White Nile River and weaker Homo sapiens species. The Nuer people are stronger, patience, courageous, ferocious fighters and can endure and preserve any difficulty no matter how tough the going may be, how long it takes and how bitter it is, the Nuer can survive it compared to wicked and the foolish, cannibal-likes (Liet), savages, uncouth, uncivilized and uncultured Dinka of Bahr-el-Ghazel led by a foolish leader tall as if as if palm tree, but has a horse brain and a cowboy hat given him by the former US President George Bush, Jr., during a visit by Slava Kiir Mayardit to the Bush’s range in the Lone Star State of Texas, USA. Without the shadow of a doubt, the fighting Nuers would show to the Dinka militia and their foreign backers that the Nuer fighters are mighty stronger and ferocious fighters to be reckoned as a formidable force in South Sudan.

Although the Dinka militia with their accomplices burnt down to the aches Nuer towns in Bor, Gatdieng, the capitol of the Great Jonglei State, Malakal, the capitol of Upper Nile States, Leer, Adok, Bentiu, the capitol of the oil rich Unity State (Liech State) and Mayoum, Unity State, in the Greater Upper Nile region that have liberated, the Nuerr forces in reciprocity, shall and will do the same damages in equal measures or even greater degrees in the Greater Bahr-el-Ghazel region. They have not seen something yet. It would be a tit-a-tit or to implement the old Hammurabi law that “An eye for an eye and tooth for tooth.” They [Dinka] rapped girls, women and wives and killed children as if the Nuer nation were a defeated people, they [the Nuers] have the capabilities and the abilities that could do the same ways and equal degrees in Grater Bahr-el-Ghazel especially in Warrap the hometown of the Dinka dictator Slava Kiir and Mading Aweil the homeland of notorious killer Paul Malong Awan. It should be state at the outset and in advance that all those atrocities that the Dinka militia did commit the doers of the above-mentioned were either dead, captured alive or wounded and might not return to Bahr-el-Ghazel alive. Verily, I say to the people of South Sudan, Africa and the world, the Nuer people have the political will, the military capability and the guts and gusto to reach Greater Bar-el-Ghazel and the Dinka could be sure that all hell would break loose pure and simple.

The SSRF and the White Army have the guts and gusto and the fighting capabilities to reciprocate whatever atrocities that the Dinka militia and their foreign friends and allies have committed in Greater Upper Nile and against the Nuer nation and its gallant people in particular, would be reciprocated with greater precision, degrees, accuracy and surgically operation. Presently, the Dinka dictator Slava Kiir administration has been treating the Nuer nationality as if they are succumbs, lepers, animal-likes and similar to the Rhoingyka ethnic Muslim minority in Myanmar (Burma) as if the most persecuted ethnic Muslim minority and the ongoing deliberate and willful genocide and ethnic cleansing before the world and massive internally displaced people (IDPs), mass killing mercilessly and persecution of the Muslim minority in the Central African Republic (CAR). The Dinka militia should know that the fighting Nuers have been fearless and they have nothing to fear except fear itself. The Nuer have the political will, determination, motivation and the guts and gusto to fight back in order to regain their dignity and respect and as equal, but never ever as subordinates to the Dinka in South Sudan that they liberated with their sweat and blood before the Greater Upper Nile declares its intentions to separate from South Sudan as a freed and an independent sovereign de jure state to protect its territorial integrity from foreign and domestic enemies. We shall overcome Slava Kiir’s genocide in Juba and the Nuer nation and its people shall neither be deterred, threatened bluffed nor failed to revenge to inflict the maximum collateral damages sooner rather than later the carnage against the Nuer people in Juba town on 15,16 and 17 December 2013 and beyond.

The crisis in South Sudan would take a long hull before it comes to conclusion and as such, it should not be ignored by the international community, the international media, the UN system, the African Union [AU], the neighboring regional powers and the entire humankind. The war in South Sudan would escalate and would over spill throughout the entire region. As pre-requisite, all parties should work harder to de-escalate the conflict and would be the immediate and the unconditional withdrawal of the foreign forces in the crisis in South Sudan. We do not want any African or any foreign forces, the UN peacekeepers or the men/women in Blue Helmets to enter South Sudan, but what the world can do is to bring pressure to bear on the Dinka dictator Slava Kiir to step down without any pre-condition or quid-pro-quos “Now” and the rest shall be added. There will be no peace, political stability, law and order and harmony amongst the people of South Sudan and probably Africa’s newest failed state could experience national disintegration, more genocide and lawlessness. Last, but not least, the war will continue as long as Slava Kiir remains in power and total release of the detainees and the withdrawal of forces in South Sudan.


It is extremely important to inform all parties concerned with the oil production in Greater Upper Nile, especially the Sudanese Government, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and Malaysia that the combined White Army (WA) and the South Sudan Revolutionary Forces (SSRF) can rest assured in advance that all the oil installations are safely guarded and that we would do our best for speedy utilization of the oil resources (wealth) for the benefit of Sudan Government, PRC and the SSRF authority in South Sudan. We promised that Greater Upper Nile shall and will fully safeguard any attempts from South Sudan to destabilize any regions in the Sudan Republic especially Southern Blue Nile, Southern Kordufan and the Western Sudan Darfur region. In the past the oil production was undertaken to benefit the PRC, Sudan, Malaysia and Juba at the expense of its true owners- that is the Nuer nation and its people.

We would demand retroactive payments and royalties for reconstruction and development of the burnt to ashes towns and villages, including the rural electrification. Now, given the current political and military circumstances, the oil would be shut down temporarily until the ongoing South-South War would be resolved and returns to normal and the situation stabilizes in all liberated areas, including the oilfields. We shall not and will not accept any presence of foreign forces in any oilfields. We do have the capacity to guard and the ability to protect all oil installations. I would be obliged to tell the international community and the Africa Union that we DO NOT, I repeat, we DO NOT want African forces under the umbrella of African Union and the UN to enter South Sudan soil and the oilfields in particular. We would regard this as an act of invasion and occupation and we would do whatever it takes to make miserable for all foreign troops (Al-Gawaat Al-Ahnibiyya) to protect our sovereignty and territorial integrity as required under international law. We have the ability, the capacity and the readiness to protect the oilfield installations, workers whenever the reproduction resumes in the near distant future pure and simple.

This is my message to the whole world and humanity to understand in simple layman language that we DO NOT want to see any foreign soldiers on or soil now and forever. However, if the conflict in South Sudan would not be resolved too soon because it is complicated, compound complex with so many dynamics involved, it could become an infinite war until those who perpetrated the gravest and the greatest crime of genocide against humanity in whole or in part as a “final solution” against the Nuer nation in South Sudan are apprehended, indicted, brought to justice, trailed and sentenced for what they have done, which they ought not to have done. Slava Kiir should be the first to be indicted, charged with committing the crimes against humanity, trailed and sentenced with crime of genocide like Charles Taylor of Liberia, the Rwandese in Arusha Tribunal and others in the international tribunals.

Furthermore, in the cases of the oil agreements, there was no representation and participation or any involvement of the Nuer leaders and the locals in any manners. Therefore, we shall envisage undergoing to review the past oil agreements with the GOS prior to the split in 2011 and any subsequent agreements signed with the GOSS in the post-split period. Without the re-opening of the books on the oil agreements and contracts, surely, no oil would further flow from the Greater Upper Nile region northwards to Sudan’s Red Sea Port of Port Sudan to the international markets. We urge and appeal to all parties concerned that we do not have ill-intentions whatsoever to strangulate anyone from accessing oil. We just wanted our fair shake or the piece of the pie in the cake pure and simple. Certainly, reckoning the massive destruction done by the Dinka thugs, crooks, renegades, savages and cannibals in Greater Upper Nile in the last few months, of course, we do desperately need the money to begin serious modernization and the reconstruction and development in all sectors of the political economy.

We would, for instance, rebuild hospitals, schools, residential quarters, shopping centers (Al-Suk) and every Nuer citizen dead or alive would be compensated, soldiers would be paid salaries as the guardians of the revolution and the protectors of the nation, big military hospitals would be constructed in Greater Upper Nile region for the benefit of the servicemen, their families and their children, including establishment of the Department of Veteran Affairs (DOVA) to deal specifically with the veteran issues, pensions and direct assistance to the veterans and to meet their critical needs in the post-war period. With the available oil and gas plus the revenue that it can generate, it is possible to do and to accomplish these strategic planning projects. Kindergartens, Elementary and Intermediate Schools, Secondary schools, and universities and colleges higher technical Institutes and Vocational Training Institutes (VTIs), Nursing Schools, infirmaries and midwifery would be constructed for the veterans, the wounded, the handicapped and the children of the dead soldiers and handicapped because no child would be left behind. We would make public education and medicine free for all forever like it was in the yester years of our times.

Any future oil production in Greater Upper Nile region would no longer be determined by Juba, but rather by Dr. Machar’s forces that are now in complete control of the oil and gas oilfields installations in Greater Upper Nile region. Because the future of South Sudan remains in total jeopardy, flux, darkness, unpredictable and in political limbo, it would be useless to continue oil production by foreign companies in Greater Upper Nile region. Before any foreign oil companies or consortia start reproduction they would have to meet certain conditions or criteria pertinence to the environmental protection and wildlife conservation and non-pollution of the waters would become the pre-requisites and foremost for the benefits of the locals and the future and the present development. In the past, however, there was no transparency and accountability all oil contracts signed without the involvement of the Nuer leaders and locals consent and they did not benefit from the oil produced revenues. Nevertheless, this time around, the rules of the game would have to change now and forever.

The Nuer nation as the proprietor and the hub of the oil would keep all doors open and all options on the table for review with particular specificity because all the past contracts were negotiated and signed in secrecy solo by the Chinese oil companies and the Government of Sudan prior to the split. However, because we do envisage the re-negotiations and re-signing of such contracts, they would be invalided and declared as null and void, defunct, dysfunctional ,obfuscated and should be declared as invalidated, including any contracts signed by the Chinese oil companies and the most rampantly corrupt GOSS in Juba. Most importantly, we would urge and appeal to the oil companies to build a National Oil Refinery (NOF) in Bentiu for self-sufficiency and to trains the locals’ cadres, technicians and skilled and semi-skilled laborers for the future and the present. The People’s Republic of China (PRC), Malaysians and Sudanese Government oil consortia would have to meet the Nuer demands before any oil reproduction could resume or to take place. We (the Nuer nation and its people), we are willing to work with all the parties concerned as equal partners as long as they meet our demands as quickly as possible and to provide scholarships, technical training for our youth to study petroleum and agricultural engineering and petroleum technology to prepare them for the future and the present. This plan was to be implemented efficiently and effectively by the oil companies could become a win-win situation for all the parties concerned.


In conclusion, Africa and the international community should know and underscore that the current conflict in South Sudan is “Genocide” as defines by the UN Convention on genocide in December 1948, which became into effect in January 1951 and in Article II of the said Convention perpetrated against the Nuer nation and its people by foreign powers in coalition with the non-benevolence dictatorship in Juba. It is a pretty dangerous crisis that if it is left alone and could not be handled properly, it could explode and over spill into the entire region with catastrophic consequences that could take years to conclude. Perhaps, this is the greatest fear and catastrophe in the current crisis in South Sudan. As it happened, Africa and the international community should know and reckon that South Sudan could no longer become stable state and ripped to become the next Somalia that moves from political instability to stateless and then to statelessness in the Horn of Africa.

The collective punishment, genocide, ethnic cleansing, lynching committed against the Nuer people as a “final solution” in whole or in part orchestrated by the oligarchic, tyrannical, totalitarian and the Marxist-Leninist regime, would create an infinite conflict in South Sudan. In addition, the already existed historic feuds between the Nuer and the Dinka would become rekindling, reconsolidated and re-entrenched and would be difficult to resolve them in South Sudan. The root causes of the war has been based on the fabricated alleged foiled coup d’état by Slava Kiir on 15, 16 and 17 December 2013 followed by the selective targeting of the Nuer folks. Alex Destexhe writes that “Genocide is… both the gravest and the greatest of the crimes against humanity” strategized as a “final solution” against the Nuer question in whole or in part on 15, 16 and 17 December 2013 in Juba. The most inhumane and dangerous politico-military and Dinka militia events in Juba town town have been the greatest reminder of the 1994 Rwanda Genocide committed by Hutus against their own fellow countrymen the Tutsi.

Nevertheless, the Nuer nation is neither deters, defeated, weaker, hopeless, helpless, but ever remains stronger, does have the capability, the capacity and the military might to counteract or to fight back the inhumane events that transferred against the Nuer nation in Juba town within the Dinka Heartland in Bahr-el-Ghazel. In other words, the Nuer shall and will take the chicken home to roust in Greater Bahr-el-Ghazel region. We shall make no bones about it because it is going to come to path one way or the other. We know whereabouts of the Dinka militia that committed “Genocide” per orders of the President Slava Kiir as the gravest and the greatest crimes against humanity. Secondly, Slava Kiir’s cronies and sycophants have been weakened and the rampantly corrupt government should know and underscore that its genocidal scheme would be reciprocated accordingly because there are no obstacles to deter the Nuer nation and its great and gallant people to avenge such inhumane acts. Thirdly, there would be no negotiated settlement until all forces have been withdrawn specifically Burundians, Ugandan, Rwandese, Tanzanians, Somalis Zimbabwe mercenaries and soldiers of Fortune from South Sudan. Fourthly, there is no “Trust” and confidence building measures in the nation building process and the lack of implementation of agreements by the GOSS. The two parties are extremely parallel in the negotiations as long all the requirements put forth have been met or exhausted. Therefore, any attempts of peaceful and political conflict resolution would be for the Greater Upper Nile region to declare independence or secession through an amicable political divorce from South Sudan or the people of Greater Upper Nile region have the guts and gusto and an inalienable right to achieve this objective by any means necessary.

Of course, this would be the most tenable reasonable alternative (TRA) solution similar to Ukraine neo-Nazis violent coup d’état with backing of the US-European allied against the democratically elected President of Ukraine, thus, creating the Crimea Referendum as an inalienable right to the exercise the right of self-determination to rejoin the Russian Federation on Sunday, 16 March 2014 and that came to effect on 18 March 2014 when Russia and Crimea signed the deal in Moscow. Scotland seeks its inalienable right from the UK to the right of self-determination through a scheduled referendum on 18 September 2014 to become and independent and sovereign Kingdom like it was prior to the Union with England in 1763, Catalina vs. Spain, Basques vs. Spain and France and Venice vs. Italy, including many others peoples are seeking the exercise of the right of self-determination to determine their political destiny, socioeconomic and cultural well being and the right to development. The world community should be reminded that suppression, denial and the destruction of the Republic of Biafra in Eastern Nigeria situation after which it won the civil war in Nigeria in 1971 would not to be repeated by the AU in this era of the inalienable right to self-determination by all peoples globally. I should also be obliged to state at the outset unequivocally loud and clear to the people of Nigeria that unless they unite to negotiate peaceful and conflict resolution with the Boko Harem, the likelihood of Sudan’s situation or experience could creep in and to repeat itself in the Federal Republic of Nigeria in the future and the present.

It was the OAU (AU) and its foreign conspirators that facilitated the split of South Sudan from the Mother country- Sudan- in 2011 as the surest way to implement and to achieve the orchestrated policy of the regime change retrospect to 1996 against the democratically elected government in Khartoum. What is the solution of the ongoing South Sudan war? The future and the present of South Sudan is in real political jeopardy and in political limbo whether it continues to become one country or not remains murky and remains to be seen. There is no “Trust” and confidence building measures and political conducive atmosphere to conduct any negotiations and reconciliation because of the political vacuum created by the lack of “Trust” and confidence building measures, non-withdrawal of foreign forces in South Sudan impedes and hinders any would be unlikelihood of a negotiated settlement that could prevent not to reach any conflict resolution sooner and the war would escalate rather than to de-escalating it because already foreign forces have intervened in South Sudan crisis or in the domestic affairs of South Sudan. Given, the collective punishment and the selective targeting of one particular group-that is the Nuer nationality by the predominantly Dinka led GOSS in Juba with Uganda and others regional countries backing under international law, the targeted group has the right to secede or to separate to establish a nation of its own by legal means as an alternative method of conflict resolution for its survival and preservation of its cultural identity as a people and a nation.

We shall not and will not accept to continue living with the Dinka otherwise the Nuer people could wipe them [the Dinka] out of existence in whole or in part or they could wipe out us [the Nuer] of existence in whole or in part and vice versa pure and simple. Indeed, the Nuer could wipe them out of existence the Dinka tribesmen physically in South Sudan. Realistically, unless all the aforesaid conditions have been met, it would be imperatively impossible, if not impossible, to negotiate peaceful and political conflict resolution. Thus, the only the best tenable reasonable alternative solution would be to recognize without any pre-conditions or any quid-pro-quos as sine-qua-non to peace the separation of the Greater Upper from South Sudan as a separate polity.

Of course, this would be the last recourse of the volatile events in Africa’s pre-born and pre-failed state in South Sudan. Every Dinka power elite, technocrat, soldier and their accomplices in Equatoria and in the Greater Upper Nile region itself as well as those that have been deceived by the Dinka dictator Slava Kiir’s cronies and sycophants to commit genocide, ethnic cleansing and mass killings and massacres as a collective punishment against the Nuer civilians’ population shall and will bear full responsibility and the consequences of their actions would be catastrophic followed by inter-factional, inter-ethnic and intra-ethnic fighting that could take years to conclude. The Nuer nation is big enough and stronger with its military might to resist and to avenge the Juba Genocide anywhere, anytime and at any place throughout South Sudan. Slave Kiir and his cronies and sycophants should know that the Nuer would preemptively strike them whenever, wherever, whatever, and however time and place of the Nuer own choosing against Slava Kiir Mayardit and Yuri Museveni unholy alliance has failed to read between the lines and to comprehend the Nuer sociopolitical history in Sudan and Southern Sudan in particular and Africa in general. With Kuoth Nhial (God Almighty), determination, motivation, courage, patience, endurance, perseverance and well-organized forces, the Nuer can and will win this inhumane aggression at the end of the day.

It was both the only nationality that was neither conquered nor colonized by the British colonial adventurers nor enslaved by the Turko-Egyptian with the Arabized Muslim North acted as intermediaries in Sudan and Southern Sudan in the 1900s. The Nuer nation has been totally and completely united and consolidated to fight this genocidal aggression to the fullest of the law and we would defeat the combined Kiir-Museveni unholy alliance, including their mercenaries, soldiers of fortune and the terrorists allied against the fighting Nuers and no matter how long and how many lives it takes, the Nuer would, surely, defeat the Dinka genocidal aggression in the Dinka Heartland in Greater Bar-el-Ghazel region. The Nuer nation has the capacity and the ability to reach the Dinka Heartland whether it would be in paradise, in hell or down under, it would be reached no matter how long it takes, it would be reached to resist and to avenge the perpetrated genocide against the innocent Nuer civilians’ population in Juba, Malakal, Bor and Bentiu towns, unfortunately. The Nuer soldiers and the White Army would leave no stone unturned until Kiir’s renegades, mercenaries, terrorists and soldiers of fortune, including the JEM of Jibril Ibrahim and Malik Agar’s SPLA-North rebels have been disseminated, wiped out of existence and kicked out in the Greater Upper Nile region, defeated and conceded to do so.

The People of South Sudan should know and underscore that the ongoing war is not all about the personalities alleged to have staged a fake coup d’état led by 1Lt.-General Dr. Machar’ as the ring leader, the former VP of the GOSS, General/ Governor Taban Deng Gai (alas Mohamed Hassan) or Madam Nyandeng Garang de Mabior or Lt.-Governor Hussein Mar of Jongeli State or about Professor/Ambassador David de Chand, an academic, a diplomat and a statesman…, etc., and the probable implication in the utopia alleged coup d’état against Slava Kiir dictatorship and autocratic rule. It has been all about résistance to avenge the crime of Genocide, ethnic cleansing, collective punishment and the mass killings of the innocent Nuer civilians’ population in Juba town, unfortunately. The parties to the conflict remained a breed apart, irreconcilable and parallel like the railroad tracks that do not have points of intersection for a positive Dialogue par cum par (equality) to listen, to learn, to grow and to change. The deliberate and willful genocide committed against the Nuer nation and its people is beyond the normal traditional methods of conflict resolution in the Nuerland with its neighbors. Of Course, this article proposes different possible solutions on the South-South crisis. It proposes that South Sudan would have to be dismembered or disintegrated to become two or three nation states, to reunite with or to rejoin Sudan similar with the North and South Yemen or to establish a Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) model- that is a nation, state or other political entity or polity founded on law and united by a compact of the people for the common good or it could alternatively become a shared federal system similar to the United States or a confederacy similar to Switzerland.

The communist system that has been practiced by the SPLM failed in which the state plans and controls the economy, often authoritarian, party held powers, state control are imposed with the elimination of private ownership of property while claiming to make progress in goods are equally shared by the people. If the GOSS fails to become a communist state as it has been under the SPLM leadership, it could opt to become Constitutional- that is a government by operating under an authoritative document (Constitution) that set forth the system of fundamental laws and principles that determine the nature, function and limits of the government encroachment. There are also other viable and vibrant political systems to be investigated and to select amongst them the best for South Sudan. However, as a political scientist/economist and an expert in democratization, sustainable governance and comparative political and the state systems, Southerners should rely on their traditional democratic systems and how they traditionally resolved conflicts of this gravest and the greatest nature and magnitude.

Last, but not least, it would be imperatively impractical, if not impossible, to keep or to maintain South Sudan as a united and indivisible state. The disharmonious Nuer-Dinka relationships, mistrust and the lack of confidence building measures, would not make it to construct a viable and vibrant state in the future and the present. Therefore, this article highly recommends or suggests that the national disintegration of a failed and an instable state would become the most tenable reasonable alternative solution in order to prevent or to avert continuous Nuer-Dinka genocidal warfare. The international community should not impose a united South Sudan given the deepening cultural divides and the deeply unhealed wounds because of the recent Genocide in Juba and by taking the war into the Dinka Heartland in Greater Bahr-el-Ghazel region. It would seem that the Dinka tribesmen have forgotten history in so short a period of time. Professor George Lukas writes that “Those who forget history are bound to repeat it.” It is important that we learn from the mistakes of the past. Pastor John Hagee writes that “Those who fail to remember the mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat them in the future. History reveals humanity’s triumphs and failures, giving us a compass for the future”. I shall and will be obliged to jot down for posterity that any future conflict resolution in South Sudan crisis would require the national disintegration of South Sudan into three (3) mini-states with each one fanning out for itself and God for all pure and simple. Any externally superimposed conflict resolution would become invalid and be as null and void. I neither shall nor will retreat from this position ever, but I shall be determined baldly as ever for each people of South Sudan to exercise their inalienable right through the exercise of the right of self-determination without and hindrance or impediment.

Actually, the right of self-determination has been a political, legal and fundamental basic human rights guaranteed to all peoples or to any peoples as one of the cardinal principles of the UN Charter, international law, international humanitarian and human rights protection worldwide. As I see it, I have already succeeded in mobilizing the Greater Upper Nile folks to exercise by their inalienable right to self-determination to separate from South Sudan to determine in unionism their political destiny, socioeconomic and cultural well being and the right to development. Can South Sudan exist without the Greater Upper Nile region? Briefly, indeed, the answer is Nay, Nay and Nay or No, No and No, because there could be no South without the Greatest Upper Nile region that is the pillar of the bridge to separate or reunite both the North and South Sudan or the Wadi el-Nil from Alexandria on the Nile Delta to Numely in the far south of Al-Ballad Al-Souda (the land of the Blacks) as it named so by an Arab explorer and geographer Ibn Battuta in 1450, the Jewish explorer and geographer David Rabini and later on by the Greeks the land from Abu Samara in Egypt to Ethiopia (aithios) (burn) (opax) (face) – meaning the land of people with ‘burned faces’. This is the question to be or not to be, and that is the question. I urge the readers to read this article with open and keen eye birds, critical and analytical reasoning and reasonableness. No insults in this work, but critical logical, political, sociological, epistemological, philosophical thinking and neo-thinking. Enjoy reading it and join the resistance against Slava Kiir’s dictatorship and the perpetrated Genocide against the innocent Nuer civilians’ population that had nothing to do at all with the alleged engineered or manufactured or fabricated foiled coup d’état that did not in reality did happen that negatively implicated the former VP Dr. Machar as the ring leader of the alleged coup d’état that happens to be of Nuer nationality and the 14 other colleagues comprised of all nationalities Dinka, Nuer and Shilluk nationality minus the Equatorians who did participate or implicated in the alleged coup d’état.

My personal earnest and urgent appeal to the Nuer nation in the Diaspora in the United States of America, Canada, European Union (EU) countries, the UK, the Continental Europe, the Nordic countries, the Russian Federation, Australia (Aussie) or the World Under, the Arab and the Islamic world, the Arab Republic of Egypt, including Sub-Saharan Africa, to unite our ranks and files to make the necessary financial contributions and other urgently needed humanitarian assistance, i.e., medicine for the sickbed, the wounded, medicine for vaccination of children against Polio and other tropical diseases that has come to a virtual standstill, food stuff for mothers and the kids, equipment for water purifications to the most needy and the internally displaced persons (IDPs) inside South Sudan and along the un-demarcated North-South border with the Republic of Sudan (ROS) with particular emphasis on the Greater Upper Nile region that is potentially the riches in oil or the black gold and gas and other natural resources and fertile agricultural lands. I would also appeal to South Sudan friends and the Nuer nation or the noblesse oblige-the maximum that it is the duty of those who are privileged to use their privilege to the benefit of the less fortune”. The privileged folks should not to abscond, shy away to do something in the name of humanity or to ignore executing or carrying out their duties and social responsibilities to do something beneficial for the underprivileged or the less fortunate. The Nuer as a courageous, determined, motivated people, we shall and will win this deliberate and willful perpetrated genocidal war against its perpetrators. Let us do our very best from within in-house war efforts before could venture to seek outside help and donations in this gravest and the greatest difficult time of need in the darkest hour of history in the Nuer nation. We shall not and will not become despair and discourage and disillusion, but to remain calm and courageous as our forefathers, fathers and our generation to confront this epic of genocidal aggression. We shall and will prevail and with God, determination and motivation, patience and endurance, we shall and will win and we shall overcome this gravest crime against humanity committed against our people and the Nuer nation in particular in Juba town. We have nothing to fear, but to be men and women of courage and bravery to serve and protect the Nuer nation and that we will overcome this genocide against the Nuer nation in South Sudan. “United we stand, and divided, we fall” God blesses you all or in the authentic Nuer language translation, Bi kuoth yiendal puoth, Amen!



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