Personal open letter to H.E President Salva Kiir Mayardit


Subject: Can there be Peace in the country before Christmas 2014?

Christ said to His Disciples “Peace be with you! As the Father has sent me, I’m sending you” John 20:21

“Those who conceal their sins do not prosper, but those who confess and renounce them find mercy” Proverb 28:31 BIBLE RANK 1557

By John Juan Dong,

a Retired Local Government Officer,

Best greetings

Your Excellency Sir,

JJDNovember 26, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Whereas I may have no right to write to a president of a country, however, I feel duty bound and satisfied to do so as we are all servants of this nation who volunteered to start the first movement in 1964. In my view, we all bear the burden of blame when we are sometimes overcome by the sudden crisis. We are viewed by the outsiders as being ignorant to pursue the chain of the cause. Am proud of being one of the Nuer elders to offer advice to a president from another tribe with whom we share the same right. Of course being the top leader of a country and as such being the fountain of honor, you may not need to be advised, however, sharing notes always leads to prosperity. “A Problem shared is a problem solved” – Dracker. Writing to a son from Dinka tribe whose culture gives the impression of being faithfully advised gives me confidence. Generally, my heart is still bearing the ten months of pain as I observe the first government in history of a new nation which is mandated to offer the best example of a peaceful leadership stumbling over a “rock”. Particularly, the 15th of December 2013 incidence when people of South Sudan were preparing the XMASS Day bears a permanent scare in the hearts of many. “We cannot escape history and neither can we escape a desire to understand it”. The period 1964-1968 I spent with you under Manyang Chol Ruej Command during the first movement of hit and run is recalled. We were so young, and I was a first year student of Bentiu Intermediate School but fighting a war as if in my home land Bentiu.

What we all know in Nuer culture is that, when a mistake is discovered the ill intention is over. The Dinka in culture do not disagree much. They both consent on what could cause chaos to future generation of the two big tribes living in the midst of many good peaceful tribes. Whoever conceals evidence to his brother is preparing for a war. And whoever discloses facts or evidence to his brother in hard talks wishes him success. “The Nuer are so similar to the Dinka in physical appearance, language, and customs that there is no doubt about their common origin, though the history of their divergence is unknown. The two people, despite intermittent, conflicts, live in close proximity, maintain continuous contact, have intermarriage, and have borrowed cultural patterns from each other. They have an array of myths and legends that speak of their historical unity. Both groups recognize their common origin” Evan Pritchard. “Customs and belief relating to Twins among the Nilotic Nuer” Uganda Juornal 1936 Vol.111. No,3 (Jan): Pages 230-8.

Insinuating situations:

It just clicked like a telephone call at mid-day of Sunday to write a letter to you. I was kept in the sitting room alone in suspense waiting for a car in vain to be dropped at Church. I suddenly found myself contemplating about lost lives; traditional culture and norms full of pride but badly abused, Properties and infrastructure recently constructed but destroyed in South Sudan. Think of the raping we hear that took place!! All these are not at all in our culture as Southern Sudanese, but have been vigorously practiced without shame of humanity. I felt devastated! From where has it been developed in a country which is only three years old? Besides, our parents and grandparents never dreamt of such immoral behavior! More than one million Southern Sudanese citizens, children and elderly from the two big tribes, Shilluk, Anyuak and Equatorians, have been displaced. It is a bloody fight which is taking place between traditional forces that had fought for 21 years to liberate the south, now still fighting a savage war among itself. It is a war of one traditional culture, the natural sample color in God’s creation the only black race not only in the world, but in the heart of Africa, that has made mass graves in Juba Capital city, the home of the country power. What do we want to tell the world that helped us? Upon that, something like an emergency telephone resounded in my mind. It was a solution to the conflict

One wonders how it happened for one strong power forming a national army to split and fight. Do we deserve this at only three years from independence? If not do our natural set up in culture deserve to fight each other? Everybody is asking random questions whether our government is competent or not? Besides, who initiated such uncivilized plan that has been imposed on us? Are there no efficient and highly experienced national generals who could easily detect, evaluate situation and avert such destruction before it takes place? Or the generals are involved in the play of hide and seek game? Whatever happened on the 15th December 2013 was a direct planned killing by a group from the government and implemented by Dinka soldiers, the SPLA killing innocent people along tribal lines in the national capital Juba. In reality, it was an intended massacre unprecedented by a new country in the world that has just obtained independence. The government should have had looked into this cold-blooded murder and ensure justice is done because being a soldier is not a license to kill at will or mere suspicion. The Khartoum army never made such a direct and open search killing in daylight of our people from house to house or looted houses till we decided to come to the south to cast our votes for secession. However, government forces, the Dinka soldiers, the SPLA in which you are the General Chief in Command have done it to Nuer citizens in Juba capital city, the residence of the president of the Republic of South Sudan. This was the physical starting point of massacre and destructions of South Sudan which later spread to the rest of the country ending into a form of rebellion in self defense. If not said today history will tell. As we are people of cows, tropical nature whose culture is full of pride, and whose historical path is wide and clear as the road to heaven, would not accept to dream of lies. We descended from chieftainship of perfect community. What is done by one’s hand is answerable to the other. In nature, question who wants to become the first and the best than all in Father’s house is like who wants to proceed with the Tower of Babel plan following the Great Flood.

South Sudan political background and perspective:-

“People don’t fail because of who they are or what they do. It’s because of one inaction”. ERIC HOLITZCLAW.

But in most cases some leaders in LDCs fail because of lack of feed back. they purely depend on ethnicity advice that of great embarrassment exhibited by semi civilized group more likely to engage in aggressive/ delinquent behavior.

Your Excellency sir,

Please allow me once in life to have the comparative background of our political path between 1947 Juba round table up to the 15th of December 2013 Juba incidence. Since we achieved an independent nation on the 9th of July 2013, we should be proud that we are now beginning to write and record our own historical events in every second, minute, hour, day, month or yearly without bias. Although, we are wearing out like the Sun but history remains. Whoever is hiding his or her country events is like one who is dressed smartly with somebody’s suit in one night party. But whoever never leaves out any historical, socio, security or economical changes, is like that school master whose class exercise books are ever corrected. We cannot be free from sins unless we tell facts.

One is astonished if the present is compared to the past political, security, socio-cultural and economical background. It is disappointing! One south Sudanese Arabic writer pointed correctly out in one of his 40 verses poetry that “if God could allow Dr. Garang to awaken from sleep, he would prefer to step back to his sleep and pray God for us and to forgive us” Why did such crisis it not happen to Anya-Anya (1) forces headed by General Joseph Lago that brought the former Regional Government to the South Sudan under Addis Ababa Peace Accord 1972( AAPA ), or the first Regional Government under the leadership of legal Hon.Abel Alier Kuai? We all have the memory and reflection of our leaders between 1947 to1983 and how they were pursuing southern aspiration under tough Khartoum series of governments. If compared to us the present political leaders it gives sad thinking as to whether we were not observing the distinguished characters of high personality, crowned with respect, humanity and love that appeared in their physical characteristics and appearance. As leaders we observe and learn about how they walked and spoke in charisma. The real trustworthiness, transparence and patriotic talks that never revealed in dark corners or bearing ill intention We were their students and we could have recorded their national behavior in heart like poetry as to how they united us. The coherent leader William Deng Nhial from Tonj, the friend of Bentiu Intermediate school’s students is an example. In leadership, the Sudan Academy and Professional sciences is proud of lectures about the types of leaders.

Take an example of Both Diu, Clement Mboro, Peter Gatkuoth Gual,Mading de Garang of Grass Curtain, Lugi Adwok, Philip Obang, Othon Dak and Mathew Obur, Dr. Tubi Madut, Thomas Kume Kan, Bany Agar, Banak Riek, Aggrey Jaden, Cic Lam and the other 14 leaders headed by Joseph Odhu who wrote to United Nation General Assembly 1963 and many other best politicians (RIP). During that time, we never witnessed or heard of any socio-political and economic crisis, or government killing citizen as the case with today. Why? The political differences among the SPLM leadership of Political Bureau Office that have brought mass destruction in the country would have not happened with the former politicians. They should not take (9) months as (from March 2013 to Sunday night 15th December 2013) without a solution.  The consecutive firing started till today should have been avoided. The question is do we now know the value of one human being as a nation that has regional and international challenges awaiting us? Is the struggle forgotten! Politicians before us looked at our soil and culture as more unique than wealth. No one has a house in East Africa or in one of European countries. They died poor but rich in Soul.

They realized the danger of our tribal set up that if violated or forcefully damaged by the same hands, the Green would not accept (nature of course).We are not seeing it because of Sin. Hon. Isaiah Kulan and late Dr. Tubi Madut had frequent visits during general elections to Malakal 1973 to encourage their colleagues in Greater Upper Nile Province and via versa by Thomas Kume, Rev. Dau and others to Greater Bhr –elgazal. Why do our politicians of today look divisive and tribalistic and do not give proper advice to the government as any other country in the world? Refer to my open letter in November 2013 in the CITIZENS NEWS PAPER when government leadership was dividing sharply without fear to the new nation. The article was under the title “The Tripartite Triangle Rattled to Unite” The tripartite triangle is the SPLM, SPLA and people.

The statement said “Who knows, but God knows that we shall become a powerful and peaceful nation in the world if truth and honesty are made to be our basic principles of ruling. We shall give help to other nations in the world as we were seeking power in God’s name as the Earth spins around its Axin. But it seems God’s offer or the great expectation is going to be violated knowingly or unknowingly. The bible says the first becomes the last and the last becomes the first. Our ancestors because they feared nature, the Green, God reserved the Black Oil for their generations to live brotherly and happier in future among nations”. It continued “We are part of nature that is blessed to forgive and reconcile. The Nuer and Jieng are the biggest two tribes amidst the other tribes. Their existence between tribes is valuable, and without other tribes they cannot exist”. It ended. “In definition, Nuer social structure resembles a house with many rooms that people pass through over the course of their lifetime. The people come and go, but the house remains the same.” Evan Pritchard.

In my opinion, culturally, people of south Sudan are not like people of the world, though we are in one God’s creation of Adam and Eve. Likewise, we look at South Sudan as a country a bit different from the rest of the African countries. We are gifted and our culture is full of pride and humanity. See our soil and climate that never change. Despite the three decades in war our natural environment in rivers, streams and valleys never changed but waiting for us to rejuvenate them. Instead, we are perpetuating the war. During the three decades in struggle (1962-1972/1983-2005) no one made a step to rebel without the other to follow. There is no book, report or essay about south Sudan without mentioning tribes, as there is no tribe that leads the written document.

When peace was signed, and the country achieved in 2011, we thought we shall make a difference in the world. Surprisingly when Juba incident occurred on Sunday night 15/12/2013, few bothered to endeavor to establish who was killing Nuer citizens in the national capital city and so is the extended killing to Bor, Malakal and Bentiu. Nobody has courageously declared responsibility of the crime. Is there anyone who expected such death especially after the election? The raping that took place is not at all in our culture as southern Sudanese, from where has it being adopted in a country where we are all one race. Thousands and thousands of Nuer citizens were killed as I’m not sure about other tribes in number.

The Shiluk who did not join either side found themselves victim of circumstances. Hospitals and Churches where one could expect “more life” instead witnessed brutal mass killing. The hard- won infrastructure and property was not spared either! Is it the rat eating its tail? Who expected the power from within to destroy the lives and properties of the citizens it is meant to protect? Should we expect the CPA to restore the lives lost? The killing of more than one hundred Nuer displaced citizens in UNIMISS camp in Bor town last March 2014 by Dinka in uniform is a bad record to history and the tribe that claim to rule. I’m not intending appear tribalistic but rather putting facts right for an effective corrective measure, and system of governance (please remember my article in Citizen in March 2013 when differences arose in the SPLM political Bureau meeting cautioning the SPLM+SPLA and People under the title, “The Tripartite Triangle rattled to unite”. I put the word “to unite” in the title to encourage the Political Bureau leaders to do so even when they were not. The statement read” As we read the matter of tribalism and those who are not historians, think that historical events may cause inconveniences among people if they are translated into national history for the future generation to benefit”.

These events occurred and we have accepted them. We cannot reverse them. Just imagine what is in the heart of one million people who escaped to the northern Sudan seeking for safety/refuge and have been well received by Sudan states governments at boarders, the country we just left. Only God knows how many were dragging their feet and could not survive this long journey of 500km north. We do not know how many exhausted ones found themselves hostages in the mouth of man eater. Valuable possessions were abandoned and many scattered in the wild jungle forest lane. Dressing shirts of Nurse Armna Mamoon Marjan, were among possession identified.

Imagine the feeling of citizens in UNIMISS camps inside the country as some were badly wounded during resort. Only God knows what is in the mind of thousands of orphans gazing apprehensively to the infinite horizon imagining the feature of their fathers in a moving theatre. The young ones who are ignorant about life and death, still, have doubted hopes that their fathers would at one time appear as rumors of peace spread. How about the widows whose husbands were killed by this war and still sighing up to this moment looking at us as inefficient politicians who could not manage a country. Little did they know that a group of irresponsible armed figures can cause destruction to the entire country? The wild animals that stood at the mouth of the forest looking tormented at the burning villages are blaming the tamed how they were misled to share life with unfaithful human beings. Analyzing the current war in the country, every creature has been affected. There is no grass left not burnt whether huts or forests, as there is no stream in Great Upper Nile State, Jungli, Unity and Upper Nile States without floating bodies of human beings. In Rub-kona town, a group of flying birds celebrating marriage in the open peaceful sky given to them God, found themselves intercepted by invisible flying bullets being fired from every direction. Dogs turned to be wild beasts eating human flesh as they became “Land Lords” in some deserted houses.

War suffering Compared to other countries? Should not be compared.

Your Excellency Sir,

Analyzing and comparing the nature of our conflict to the world and solution, there are lessons to learn. Any human being or any citizen has his own picture of his country since childhood to 15th of December 2013 crisis. In my view, the destruction we are experiencing cannot be compared with the one of Iraq, Syria, Libya or the whole Arab world as some people from the Green would like to compare. Neither can it be compared with that of Rwanda genocide between Hutus and Tutsi. Theirs happened in 1993 after 31 years from independence (1962-1993). God has shown them to us only to be our indicators. It is an awakening call for our new born child to ever be alert. But ours is just 3 years from independence (2011-2013). If compared to them, we are just a tenth of their journey! Are we serious? Besides the Tutsi having originated from Ethiopia found Hutus in Rwanda four hundred years ago but Dinkas and Nuers have the same origin. The Iraq and Syria children are being heard all over the universe still crying due to system of governance.

The disastrous that happened to countries around the lakes, Rwanda and Burundi, was a scourge that shall remain in memories forever and ever. God has shown us the Libyan crisis, and what is happening to the children of Syria is excruciating” That was my remark in 2013. All the same, ours started from the leading party in the country and ended by government troops, the SPLA killing itself. There are no tribal spears that killed Nuer citizens in the national capital Juba or in UNIMISS camp in Bor. But what we have today is the Oil price of bullets killing people. Houses and properties were looted or destroyed not by tribesmen, but government soldiers, which is supposed to protect its people and property. It is the one that violated the law! The displacement of more than one million citizens is equally caused also by the same fighting power, the SPLA forces. All in all, whether through debate or not, government remains responsible. And in a country like south Sudan the tribal color of the leadership takes the burden of blame. Whereas the IGAAD may down play this philosophical judgment, you being the Commander In Chief you ought to play a centre role to a solution in this misuse of power.

  • Who might have read “The Islamic Civic Rule” in those days before Christ, as they are still fighting up to day cannot at all be compared with today’s crisis. It is theirs since the beginning of Genesis. It is their culture and not African norms. In my view, ours does not deserve to be compared with Arabic Islamist Extremist system of governance, unless we want to adopt. We are born unique, top human. We descended from honored families and having clear records of communes. It is God’s image now being abused in South Sudan by the same image in which he was created. Our ancestors in creation have taught us to offer the yield of our crops before we have it. “Honor the Lord with your wealth, with the first fruits of all your crops” Proverbs 3:9 Bible Rank 1,972. Did we honor God with our Oil as traditional tribes – the bones of our ancestors when we achieved independence? Or we honored Him as authorities in the civilized European procedures of governing? You know when our fathers used to give blessing and such blessing became reality not because of their gods. Never! It is because they were clean in the Green. Their life was purely domestic cultivation and cows. Their social aspect was either yes or no. No more! Their cooking utensils are natural from the Green not from iron or chemically made. They are the best, guaranteed from heat or any temperature in food or liquid.
  • You know when Arab system of governance started, and what type of systems of ruling have been introduced in Iraq three thousand years ago.( وفي كتاب “المتنبي”(الموسوعة الأدبية الميسرة) تأليف خليل شرف الدين. ” ما كاد النصف الأول من القرن الرابع الهجري يكتمل حتى رأينا الدولة العباسية تتنازعها عوامل إنحلال شامل. وقعت الخلافة أيام المقتدر والقاهر، والراضي، والملتقي، والمستكفي، والمطيع تحت نفوذ البويهيين..فانقلبت بغداد عاصمة إسمية..بل مغارة لصوص بعد أن كانت أيام الرشيد والمأمون عاصمة الدنيا. فهل يا ترى ستصبح جوبا مغارة لصوص حسب المقارنة؟ كلا ثم كلا! فقط قد تشبه حالة إنقسام المكتب السياسي للحركة الشعبية وتفرقها حتى وقعت الحرب بينها في 15/12/2013 بالحالة التي وقعت عليها بلاط سيف الدولة في العصر العباسي والتي إنتهت بالحرب بينها كما جاء في البيت المُرْتَجَلِ لأبي الطيب المتنبي”:-

إنْ كَانَ سِرُّكُمْ ما قالَ حاسِدُنَا:: فَمَا لِجُرْحٍ إنْ أرْضَاكُمْ ألَمُ

Reference is made to my statement in the same said article in the Citizen and still fighting up today.”God has given us sharp vision to settle catastrophes or disasters before they occur. God has revealed them to us before peace was negotiated”.

Your Excellency Sir,

Remember, we as sons from tropical African culture, the Green of God’s true nature. Remember how our ancestors directly put exclamation marks to God “What is it God! What is happening?” “With whom are you quarrelling when everything is yours in this Universe” These were exclamations marks always directly addressed to God by an elderly man in his Luak (byre) or by an old woman in her hut with her grandchildren in her bosom when thundering and lightening is becoming a threat to their lives in a stormy rain. Suddenly the lightening stopped and the rain continued with shower. If that was the relationship between man and God, is it a sin for people of South Sudan to ask the president made from the same flesh why the Green (SS) is covered with blood? “He is the friend of men who helps them in their troubles, and Nuer sometimes address him as “Maadh” “friend” a word which has for them the same of intimate friend” Evan Pritchard. The same to Jim Reeves, in his song “Oh! Lord do you know I have no FRIEND like you, if heaven is not my home, and then Lord what would I do?

For how long will the war take? When will the over 1.5 million displaced citizens and pitied orphans celebrate God’s mercy? Should the children of the Green celebrate the 25th December 2014 and 9th January under the same divided situation, because the blood circle has not yet completed its course? My advice is not to complete the circle. Let us restore peace before the 15th December 2014.

Your Excellency Sir,

There is nothing most painful in Christianity of human life than committing a Sin to hide the truth which of course you do not have. Contrary, as there is nothing most historically remembered in public eye than to make the truth a reality and to be heard in heaven by God. We are bound by nature to tell the truth especially being in a nation that comprises of different traditional tribes. It is upon both of you the President and the SPLM/SPLA in opposition leader to stop this shameful war. The president is like a father who sacrifices everything for the success of the family.

Is Juba Khartoum on 15th December 2013 war?

We the people at the periphery or at the suburb of government, we now look at Juba like Khartoum during the 21 years savage war. Khartoum never dared how long the war would take. It never dared about immoral acts against humanity done by its soldiers in south Sudan? Juba is not now responsible about the severe situation being faced by 1.5 displaced citizens and the immoral acts against humanity done by its soldiers in South Sudan. No respect on how many children of south Sudanese died per day because the population credit was not to its social economic strategy. It was fighting generations who will own land. Is Juba fighting in the same course of south Sudanese? It should be remembered that, you and I along with General Dominic Kuol Arop, Ahmed Deng Arop, General Yeik Kuar Tudael, Tigley Athiem, and of course our leaders Joseph Lagu and David Koak among others still surviving in south Sudan are the remaining generation that started the first movement and have turned the dream into reality.

We have nothing fruitful to offer to the entire population for remembrance than the truth. It is the truth that makes an African country of tribes united. It is the truth to set us free. In a country where democracy is perfectly practiced, the loyal national supporters of a president always appreciate the faithful decision the president takes for the sake of the country. And as such the president is pleased. I thank God most of them might have passed through difficulties, either in the first movement or the SPLA/SPLM. The situation is critical, and it is either the head or the tail to bear the pain of blame.

Previously before your government, Dinka and Nuer intellectuals never disagreed in politics, they both highly agreed to immediately stop what could bring damage to their treasured traditional culture which has made them to be called in tribes. Those who are ignorant about this war always say “Nuer and Dinka are still fighting over a cow”. It is the civilized cow without color and without horns that has now been introduced killing inhabitants. It is not our traditional cow that always keeps our brotherhood in touch, the most tamed wealth God has given us on earth. What is now happening to our country shall never be recorded as a rich event but a destruction that has occurred in South Sudan. It will remain shameful unless drastic measures are taken now by the leadership and correct the matter. It is a criminal conspiracy against people and it is time to be corrected. The 15th December 2013 incident was not a demonstration against the government or a rise of people of south Sudan claiming independence. It was a course of military firing started in a military barrack of the presidential guards at Luri that covered the Green (SS), the whole country.

Your Excellency Sir,

I would have no spirit to advice you when my son Edward John of Segi University murdered in this confusion and my brother son, a young aircraft engineer graduate from Russia University, the only aircraft engineer in my Buma, Jiec Maloah, was also murdered in his house by the presidential guards, the Dinka in military government uniform. However, watching the future generation of the country and many of Nuer intellectuals murdered and how the country political atmosphere is reshaping, I feel obliged to save the lives of the remaining ones. If you contemplate to the future of the country with the present situation, the equilibration is deterred. And the future generation is at risk and the traditional unity of tribes we inherited from our grand fathers is diminishing. And if tribes are becoming extinct, then the country is over. Would other neighboring countries build population on the account of a destructive country?

Of course if a country is at war, there are warmongers and war traders who never turn and look back to what the structural God has made us to be, distinguished from different nations in the world. In evaluation of the ongoing war, people have divided into two. One group sympathizes to the brother that has been forced to militarily take arms and the other group remains supporting the government including the “yes man”. As we are all people of culture, would you accept a dance to be played in a family farm that has just been cultivated three days ago, or they look for a suitable open area where they can exercise their drill?

In my opinion, culturally, people of south Sudan are not like the other people of the world, though we are in one God’s creation of Adam and Ave. Likewise, we look at South Sudan as a country different from the rest of the African countries. We are gifted and our culture is full of pride and humanity. See our soil and climate that never change. Despite 21 years of war our natural environment in rivers, streams, wild life and valleys never changed but waiting for revitalization. However we are promoting wars.

Your Excellency Sir,

May I refer to my statement in the Citizen News Paper in 2012 cautioning your government; it says “Nuer and Dinka are the two big tribes. God never created them in vain among tribes, but each to counter the other if one of them tries to throw more weight on other tribes, or wants to run away with power of all people, or tries to impose its power on other tribes of the same nation which still crying in pain until this very moment.” It continued, “As Law is always violated by the power itself through sin and blood (tribe of course) it has to be noted with keen attention by all the tribes who have given them such consideration for them to realize the sources of mistakes. The two big tribes Nuer and Dinka must accept to be held responsible for any cause that shall lead to any destruction. However we pray for this not to happen. The rest of the tribes shall be witnesses before God who among the two is guilty”. That was my advice in 2012 to your leadership in the news paper. I’m sure nobody from around you delivered it to you.

Your Excellency sir,

In the same vein, some views were stressed in my previous article on 25/9/2013 addressed to all members of the Political Bureau at the time when differences were approaching to burst. The title reads (We are part of nature that is blessed to forgive and reconcile). The statement stresses that: “Any president or national figure in the world has his own theory of ruling his country according to its nature, either to rule it in peace or in crisis whatever he prefers. However, there is no leader who wishes his country to be in chaos. But if not vigilant, whistling wind blowing from hot different land always tries to envy and destroy a blessed nation in a competition. In a country where there are traditional tribes like South Sudan, it is simple to make the two choices possible. To make the country live in crisis; let hatred be caused between tribes. However, for everlasting peace among all the tribes for generations, then build a pyramid of love of all the tribes in the country. This will be remembered throughout ages. Prayers and reconciliatory procedures are important. We ought to forgive and forget. Let the mercy of God act upon the eight years of the SPLM leadership, the political Bureau to lay a peaceful foundation for our children and future generation to come.” Unfortunately, this advice could have not delivered to you by the people whom you trust, your tribe mates.

Suspicion propound by opponent leaders :-

Your Excellency Sir,

There are suspected questions that sound in the mind of everybody looking for solution in reference to the incident of the 15th December 2013. They are recorded for not only historical facts but also for the sake of future generation to compare notes and possibly lay grounds for peace. “A hen without a sense of history is like a cow without eyes” Plato. “Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past” – George Orwel.

  • (4) Christ said to his Disciples:- “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid” John 14:27. After the death of our late leader Dr. John Garang de Mabior, the country peace maker, everybody of us all looked puzzled, looked afraid how the country security would look like, how would it be handled. Dr. Riek Machar Teny, in his capacity as the Vice President of the Republic of South Sudan by then, honestly and indisputably initiated a piece dialogue with the governor of Jungli state, major general Kuol Manyang Juuc in order to indoctrinate peace between Nuer and Dinka of Jungli state. Why was he ordered by the palace to stop peaceful initiative and to report to Juba in April 2013?

(2) Jesus said to them again “Peace be with you. As the father has sent me, even so I’m sending you”. John 20:21. Despite presidential order Dr. Riek in Juba and particularly in NEW SUDAN HOTEL, he still proceeded with the peace dialogue and held a peaceful conference which was attended by all the intellectuals of all the tribes in the country. Prof. Abenego Akok Kashuol now Chairman of National Elections Commission, was the patron. Unfortunately, the Vice president of the Republic of South Sudan and Vice Chairman of SPLM Political Bureau was again and finally surprised by a presidential decree on the 12th of April 2013 ceasing such powers of peace building by Machar. Why? Was Kiir against peace, or was he surrounded? Of course there is no president against peace of his country.

(3) Hon. Makuey Luedh was removed from his professional position of being the Assembly minister of cabinet affairs and was made minister of Information, a position irrelevant to his profession?

(4) Where on earth or in any party leadership heading the government in the country, for its POLITICAL BUREAU differences takes nine solid months, without resolving their only one dispute of who is to contest and who is not to contest for 2015 presidential election? There was no other agenda at all of dispute that has now brought comprehensive death and crisis with a lot of mass destructions in the country except this agenda. It is an agenda that can be left to the people to decide. Meetings were halted as there was no normal sitting or monthly sitting of POLITICAL BUREAU OFFICE for nine (9) months as from March 2013, until the firing combat was heard on Sunday night the 15th of December 2013. Till today, the 15th of Oct.2014 it is still going on.

(5) If wasn’t for the massacre to occur, would there be deaths and destruction of infrastructure in Greater Upper Nile? Would SPLA/SPLM get divided? Would the clean history made by late Dr. Garang de Mabior get dishonored as manifested by 15th December 2013 Criminal Act?

(6) Christ said “Peace to you, according as the Father hath sent me, I also send you” You are attending continuous peace calls by IGAAD, in Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda and even United States of America, the super power in the world are all looking for peace dialogue between you and SPLA/SPLM rebels’ leader for the total peace to prevail in the country. Should such human initiatives of peace building you have attended all through be denied? Let peace prevail in the country before the 15th of Dec.2014 for fear the blood of the people of Green to complete a circle. Would such human feeling be denied tomorrow? It is not in our traditional culture of course, that the blood of the black citizen of the Green intentionally killed by the same hand in culture to still bleeding for a complete year. Please as a brother, let there be peace in the country before the 16th of December 2014. Do not let the blood of your people of the Green to complete a circle! The sin was done somewhere and it is not you to complete the circle, the sin. You don’t deserve it.

Your Excellency Sir

Kindly consider my advice: When you see African legislators listening to a statement of a president when the country is in crisis, do not think that their quietness is an acceptance of what the president is preaching. It is just like the quietness of growing sons whose mother is being bitten wildly to death by their father. My fear is the continuation of this barbaric inhuman killing to future generation and becoming a habit. It is time for a gentleman who is a leader to take drastic decision on his own, and shall be known not only to his people but historically all over the universe. This would restore confidence to the people, as your people do not deserve this war to be prolonged. “Surprise your colleagues [IGAAD leaders and rescue the fate of your country”.

Your Excellency sir,

If I were to be the president of the Republic of South Sudan as a Nuer in tribe and whose ancestors had social and cultural relationship in creation with Dinka, and my government has caused such killing of thousands of innocent Dinka and covering the whole nation in blood during my reign, I would never hesitate at that time the incident occurred to be the first solution seeker/maker for the sake of respect of my tribe in particular and all the tribes of South Sudan in general. This would in turn set precedence for future generations in time of peace or war. How would I reign in a capital city with mass graves of my voters killed by my own government that they voted into power? This question shall be acknowledged by many to my charisma. What clemency shall I ask from God in confession on every Sunday Mass before the Alter when spirits of innocent citizens from the same culture are listening like Angels? The historical statement on June 30th 2014 by youth leaders from Bhar elghazal State declared support to a proposal by the Council of Elders calling on president Kiir to step down, saying peace and unity in the country is more important than individual interest. It was God’s image that rang in their mind, the Green culture. Though they were seriously convinced by unknown power, but they conveyed the message of God to the president in particular, and the Green in general. Now time has come foe Peace to be implemented and no power than the president to honor the word of God “15 If you love me keep my command-16And I will ask the father, and He will give you another advocate to help you and be with you for ever-17 the Spirit of truth”

To honor our traditional culture and norms is more worth than the competitive leadership over power. “Today’s tomorrow is our challenge” Let us not think of today but of what Kiir and Machar are going to do tomorrow. The title of this advisory letter in African perspective is meaningful in resolving such crisis when they suddenly emerge on the surface. It is upon we the black nation from the Green to decide on our own as statesmen. As I earlier observed, we are unique, matchless compared to other cultures in the world. Let us assume a good start that shall not have bad reflection to our history for future generations. The everlasting peace is the peace that is negotiated face to face by the two key rivaling figures in the presence of world mediators, as we are No, 183 in United Nation General Assembly. People are people wherever they are in the universe and they are people of God to be protected

Your Excellency Sir,

Important advice:-

Please have the following advice:-

If this war is not immediately stopped, the country may or shall be exposed to unexpected criminal world challenges:-

  • The longer the South Sudan peace talks takes, the more the country will adopt serious destructive and deadly symptoms and so is the world at large. The longer the new white shirt is exposed to dust, the more it attracts dirt. Where deaths in cold-blood are practiced officially or secretly under government cover, no doubt the country has already fallen into international insecurity records.
  • The volume of crimes which South Sudan has in world criminological research records (terrorist), shall soon be played under military confusion of the war, and in a country of world diplomats can be embarrassed. Causes of terrorism slowly emerge if ethnic soldiers are left to shoot on their own will and as well as no punishment ever witnessed. What then generates perceptions of unfairness is competition/rivalry when an ethnic is subordinated or disadvantaged in economic opportunity, social status, political voices and rights, or cultural expressions.
  • Government machinery or public service system looks odd and redundant as there is no accountability. Who is to account for what or whose acts? And who is to punish who? All look like orphans or a football match without rules or referees.
  • As antagonistic war and hostilities unnecessarily continues on a large scale in a country of one race. Law and order is violated. Citizens avoid returning home, due to the disastrous events contributed by too many Sins.
  • The country forces are engaged in wild traditional scale war among themselves without giving any form of military observation about signs of World war 111 as predicted by geopolitical scientist, Threats between super powers (without putting details). Shall our Oil, the world economic factor be saved? Where are we to New World Order? Who could imagine the destruction of big machines factory at Lake No in Western Nuer District(WND), now Unity State were the remnant of world war 11 air raid to paper Factory, the only huge factory of River Nile Factory, Feb.1944? I think it is time to adjust policies before the flaming storm comes, or before the earth shifts into a new dimension.
  • Where are we to AU constitutive Act of African Union when we are only (3) three years in membership now fighting itself for almost one year war that has killed not less than twenty thousand people and1.5 citizens displaced to neighbor countries. Or no article governing such devious wars whenever they occur.
  • As deadly arms are excessively getting exposed to the young nation from foreign countries through the coast of East Africa of Indian Ocean, the question of Alquaida ((الْقَاعِدَةmay not be ignored. The nature of marketing and foreign exchange if not well supervised, are simple avenues for terrorism as our brothers from East African countries are now suffering from such a chronic disease. Money transfers need to be strictly monitored
  • The great expectation and dream of a country full of grace shall turn into sorrow if the president does not involve himself into negotiation with    SPLM/SPLA leader in opposition as two sons of South Sudan.
  • The reading of the nation from 2011 to date seems dark and it does not exhibit good omen compared to your (6 years) transitional government of 2006-2011.
  • You are a national president. You are not the president of Dinkas or Nuers, but for all the tribes in South Sudan. Whoever whispers to your ear with breeze like what the rat does at night to a toe of a snoring person, that you are fighting a war for Dinka leadership is misleading you. William Deng Nhial was assassinated in August 1968 by Khartoum soldiers between Wau and Tonj not because he was a Dinka, but because he was defending the right of all Southern Sudanese people. William is alive because all tribes of the Green prayed for him and we are still praying for him and not Dinka alone as a tribe. Exhibition of a national character will build the nation to higher horizons. Question on who is to lead the country among the tribes forever can not finish with thousands of lives. It is uncivilized point been dictated to your government. World civilized nations would have not put four years as a limit time of presidency. It is just like your sons who among them will lead after you depend on who will respect the vision of the father. The young ones can do it.”If God is for us who can be against us?” Romans 8:31
  • Many Dinka officials and especially politicians are aware that Dr. Riek is not tribalistic especially when he was your Vice. Yes! Dr. Riek wants to lead like any other political figure sitting there scornfully behind curtain. He is open and direct being a Nuer, which has been wrongfully interpreted that he was prepared for a wrongful act which is a false. He is just a political bureaucrat. Remember in March 2013, during SPLM Political Bureau Meeting, Dr. Riek Machar declared his intention to stand contest for presidency as Nyandeng and Pagan Amum. If he was preparing for a coup why would he do so? Why would he conduct rallies in November 2013 just one month before the planned alleged coup, and after the sharp differences in Political Bureau meeting over elections Agenda? He was open to national security and intelligences while meeting politicians in his residence as Vice President announcing his intention to contest. “Nuer solemnly ask for advice before entering a situation of potential conflict, nor is unsolicited advice followed” Evan Pritchard 140:165
  • Riek is not alone in the rebellion. He has key political characters from all the tribes of south Sudan, Dinka, Equatorian and other different tribes of the three states, Shiluk, Anyuak, Zandi, Murle tribes, Pertit, Blende, who are in decision making positions in SPLA/SPLM in opposition. This portrays a national cause to address as opposed to a particular tribe’s or personal ego.
  • Nuer as a tribe, with other tribes can’t under rate the role played by mother of SPLM/SPLA, Nyandeng de Mabior and her son in respect to cultural relationship between Nuer and Dinka and the rest of our respective tribes. The social and cultural relationship between Nuer chiefs and Dinka chiefs of Dinka Bor in those days was like a drive shaft.
  • Dhiew Mathok has shown unity of tribes in opposition during South Sudan Peace Negotiations.
  • The declaration of General Dau Aturjong from northern Bhr- elgahzal join Machar has reduced tension from Nuer whose sons, brothers and sisters, and especially the educated class killed by the presidential guards. I’m not looking into military balance but to our national cultural tribal balance leading to unity.
  • The contribution of old aged politician Lado Gori from Equatoria from Toriet mutiny between 1955 and 15th2013 has fulfilled what the South Sudan wanted to be. It is a symbol of unity of tribal political leaders. If you look keenly to this set up, you will easily read the solution of your country problem.
  • Both the president and the SPLA/SPLM rebel leader should not only look into sharing of power but also have a very important humanitarian task that they have to act upon honestly and without bias. It is purely human. The families of thousands of Nuer citizens killed by government soldiers in Juba capital city during 15th of December 2013, and citizens from Dinka and Shiluk and other tribes` killed when fight extended to Bor, Malakal and Bentiu should also be treated the same. Also the over one hundred displaced Nuer citizens killed inside UNIMISS camp by armed Dinka to be considered. It is a national duty and the United Nation Security Council Human Rights to consider without delay because it is connected with orphans, widows and dependants of over half million in population and whose properties have been looted or disappeared. It is the government of national unity to see into it that thorough data collection is made and prepared for an immediate compensation to take place.


In reference to the above explanation and composition of the SPLA/SPM rebel in opposition, it offers you the following facts to note:-

What the rebel group wants shall not be contrary to what people and the entire country wants. Their national demands shall never be deemed as tribal pack or individualistic but rather nationwide concerns.

In regard to the above illustrations of SPLM/SPLA rebel, if I were the president,  I would recommend to take one of the following THREE choices:-

  • To accept and honor what SPLA/SPLM rebels in opposition have agreed upon on behalf of our people in the system of governance. This acceptance shall not be untied by any influences thereafter.
  • Hold face to face talks between you and the SPLA/SPLM opposition leader Dr. Riek Machar Teny under the guardianship of UN and OAU so as to come up with an agreed agenda, if possible before X-Mass 2014.
  • The two figures are rivaling for not only leadership of the country, but for values, characters, integrity, Judgment and iron will. They can stand aside and wait until the end of transitional period that they can contest for presidential elections. Sine they are faithful leaders from one origin, the Green they can honestly persuade the action of peace to prevail in the country.

“ I think it only make sense to seek out and identify structure of authority, hierarchy, and dominion in any aspect of life, and to challenge them, unless a justification for them can be given, they are illegitimate, and should be dismantled, to increase the scope of human freedom” Noam Chomsky. He is an American linguist, philosopher, political activist, author and lecturer. Professor in Massachusetts Institute of technology. Born on the 7th Dec 1928. A cognitive scientist, logician, political commentator. He has spent most of his career at the Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT), when he is currently Professor Emeritus. He also authored over one hundred books. He has been described as a prominent cultural figure and was voted the “world’s’ top public intellectual” in a 2005 poll.

Lasting personal peace can only be provided by Jesus Himself. After explaining to his Disciples that He would always be presented inspirit He said ”I have told you these things, so that in Me, you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world”.(John 16:33

Thank you

John Juan Dong

Retired local government officer

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