South Sudan Muslim Leaders: Peace And Reconciliation Are Paramount

September 13, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— TORIT – Torit Mosque Imam Musa Omar Mohammed Guduri urged South Sudanese leaders to cultivate peace, reconciliation, love, harmony and friendship, Imam Musa Omar issued message of peace in an event marking Eid-Al-Adha-Al-Mubarak in state capital Torit, Imotong State.

Torit Muslims Gathering Prayer ( photo 2015/Filed)
Torit Muslims Gathering Prayer ( photo 2015/Filed)

Musa said South Sudanese should go back and think deeply and find out where they went wrong and ask God for forgiveness. He added that if there is peace, many investors will come and invest in various investment sectors which could boost the economic state of the nation.

Imam Musa advised state youth to turn guns into agricultural tools and produce enough local food rather than hijacking, looting and killing innocent people on the roads.

Musa said that people have families in Juba, Kopeata and the rest of the States in south Sudan but they fear visiting each other because of fear of being killed.

There was no local official from state authorities who attended Eid-Al-Adha-Al-Mubarak, causing some Muslims to termed it as “lack of respect” Imam Musa State didn’t sent a representative to the even, There was no state congratulatory messages to the Muslim faithfuls through  own-radio 97.5fm the voice of Eastern Equatoria.

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They white Muslim attire or jallabiya as a symbol of peace and reconciliation, Nyamile press has not reached Governor’s advisor on Religious Affairs for comment.

Imam Musa Omar  alledged that the Muslims as family offered beef to the poor, widows and widowers saying this is Muslims’ goodwill while calling upon South Sudanese to work together for peace.

“I am calling on South Sudanese citizens to work together and embrace peace and reconciliation, this is a collective responsibility,” he continued.

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