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USA: SPLM Chapter Leaders Congratulate Dr. Riek Machar for signing Peace Talks

Washington-USA-SecretariateAugust 23, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — First and foremost, the SPLM chapters leaders in the United States have congratulate the SPLM/A Chairman Dr. Riek Machar Teny for signing the Peace Talks under auspice of IGAD plus modality. In the meantime, the chapters’ leadership would like to thanks the entire SPLM/A (IO) leadership under the Chairmanship of Dr. Riek Machar Teny for taking such a bold step by signing the peace with the government of the Republic of South Sudan. Special thank to Chief Negotiator Gen. Taban Deng Gai and his team for making a historic negotiation during these difficult months while civil war ranges and negotiating with unfaithful regime. The SPLM Chapter leaders would like to thanks the following organizations such as the SPLM(FD), specially their leader the reinstated SPLM Secretary General Pagan Amum, South Sudan Civil Society, the Faith Based Groups and South Sudanese elders for signing the document.

South Sudanese in general have applauded the IGAD Countries’ envoys for their tireless work they have been inserted by bringing the two warring parties together to the negotiation table and negotiated the Compromised Document and finally, sign the peace. We thanks the IGAD plus partners to the peace talks such as the five African Nations, the Troika Countries, the United Nations, the European Union and Africa Union for supporting IGAD plus proposal and bring peace to the sufferings people of South Sudan whose lives were highly affected by this man made catastrophe. We thanks the freedom fighters specially the men and the women in uniforms who sacrificed their lives to bring freedom to majority of marginalized citizens of South Sudan who rights were taken away by dictator in making.

While President Kiir Mayardit didn’t ink the compromised agreement, we would like to urge the international community, the United Nations, the European Union and the Members of African countries to seriously urge President Kiir Mayardit signs the Compromised document so that, the sufferings of the people of South Sudan come to end. The chapter leaders in the United States would like to urge the defected Generals such as Gen. Peter Gatdet Yaka, Gen. Gathoth Gatkuoth Hothnyang and their allied politician Changson Lew Chang to abandon rebellion and come back to the moment you have invested in the most and continue fighting the war with dictator Kiir Mayardit as a unified forces in case Mr. Kiir Mayardiit failed to sign the Compromised Document. There is a dialogue underway as the chapter leaders in the United States, Nuer Pastors and Nuer Elders have got involve by reaching out to the Chairman, Dr. Riek Machar and the defected generals to have genuine dialogue/negotiation so that their differences are resolved/ironed out. We cannot achieve anything if the failed regime divided us!

Our message to Gabriel Changson Lew Chang; we are not happy for your recent declaration by being parallel to recently signed peace talks while we put our trust on you when you came to the United States and handed over the mobilized resources in Diaspora to you as the contributions to support our brothers and sisters who are in the frontlines. But we heard that, you kept the money and never made any report to the SPLM/A leadership regarding Diaspora contributions and kept the money as yours and use it for your political gain. For your information comrade, we cancelled all the accounts that were opened under your authority through the Humanitarian Wing and nobody will again make any deposit into the accounts that were opened under your name when you were the Chairman for resource mobilization Committee. There is saying, you can fool individuals once, but if it happens for second or third time, then those individuals must be fools. However, the same saying would be similar to what you have done to us as you have stabbed the moment on the back with your associated Generals and betrayed our cause at last.


Signed by…..

  1. Sabata Ramba: SPLM National Coordinator
  2. Simon Tongyik Nguth: SPLM Former National Coordinator
  3. Bol Dey Loal: Chairman, Sate of Arizona
  4. Gondor Timithy Tongyik: Chairman, State of Minnesota
  5. Makuel Wie: Chairman, State of Nebraska
  6. Gach William Wie: Chairman, State of Washington Seattle
  7. Simon Puok Dak: Chairman, Sate of Dominoes Iowa
  8. Achor Achor: Chairman, State of South Dakota
  9. Tor Dojiok Gach: Chairman, State of Alaska
  10. Michael Gatwech Joack: Chairman, State of Tennessee
  11. Jonh Paulino: Chairman, State of Taxes
  12. Peter Dokuoth Gak: Chairman, State of California
  13. Chuol Buor Tang: Chairman, State of North Dakota
  14. Julious Dima: Chairman, State of Kansas
  15. James Deng Kuol: Chairman, State of Maine
  16. John Ruka: Chairman, State of Salt Lake City
  17. Gidien Abraham: Chairman of Colorado
  18. Nyagile Thot: SPLM Women League, Chairperson
  19. Nyaduir Girwath: Former Women League, chairperson
  20. Matthew Dobuol Ruon: SPLM Youth League, Chairperson
  21. David Mai Tang: Former SPLM Youth League Secretary

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