Press Release

Urgent Call For Humanitarian Aids in Regard to Over 70,000 People Displaced by the Floods in Fangak County

Emergency—Press Release

For Immediate Release,

Fangak, Phow State,

People standing in flooded areas of Pangak County(Photo: supplied)
People standing in flooded areas of Pangak County(Photo: supplied)

Sept 20, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— An estimate preliminary number of over 70,000 people is affected and displaced by the currently devastating floods in Fangak County.

This came as a result of on and off or the recurrent heavy rainfalls which started since mid April 2016 in the County. Those heavy frequent rainfalls/rains accumulated water, later mixed with rivers water (Nile & Zeraf Rivers) is now causing flood in the residential areas.

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Literally, at the time of releasing this press statement, thousands of floods affected and displaced people are in a dire need—very urgent need of Humanitarian Assistance/Intervention.

The most and badly affected Payams (locations) in Fangak County include Mareang, Toch, Old Fangak, Pulpam, Pagiur, Pulita and Barboi with massive displacements and an estimated descend number of about 19,000, 18,000, 15,000, 13,000, 8,000, and 5,000 respectively. This means almost the whole county is affected.

The numbers of people affected are displaced to both higher grounds nearby the flooded villages as well as to other far distant locations but within the county. So, currently the situation of the floods affected and displaced people in Fangak County of Phow State, formerly Jonglei State, is terrible and in need of quick intervention from the humanitarian agencies in the country.

Any help, even an assessment, would be highly appreciated.

Therefore, we call upon all Humanitarian Agencies including UN Agencies, International Organizations, theirs Partners and National Organizations to swiftly intervene as soon as possible, in order to arrest this humanitarian catastrophe.

The displaced people’s priority needs are NFIs (mosquito nets, plastic sheets for sheltering, buckets, saucepans/cooking items, fishing twins/gears…etc), Food aids and health facilities and medicines.

This is an urgent call for all UN agencies, International and National Organizations to come swiftly to assess and bring in the above mentioned emergency none food/food items or anything at their disposal.


Signed by:

Thomas Jenay, Leader

Fangak [South] County Youth, Old Fangak

On behalf of the floods affected people [IDPs]

Contact: thomasjenay591@gmail.co

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