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Poster of Unity State Students Association In Egypt
Unity State Students Association chairman Mr. Tap Tap Gatluak on the left and the General Mass on the right navigation of the board.

07, March 2017 (Nyamilepedia) — It is very disappointing and irresponsible act from the government of South Sudan to prevent over 1300 students sheltering inside the United Nation Compounds and Western Equatoria State from taking their Secondary examinations, also known as South Sudan leaving Certificate.  The war affected students should not be isolated or denied rights of being part of the South Sudan just because they are displaced. It is often said that the children of today are the citizens of tomorrow. Therefore, the government in Juba should understand that the future of these young generations is more valuable and more important than any political rhetoric. We all know that they are collectively the bright future of our nation. They will proudly participate in building this nation one day if we give them the chance of education today.

Recalling the fact that Pres. Salva Kiir and his government has been lobbying for the closure of the UNMISS for the last three years; we, the Unity State Students In Egypt sees that the Ministerial order of Deng Deng Hoch as a political tactic to bring out the displaced young men in the UN campus for military recruitment. Mr. Hoch claimed that the exam’s security organs were denied entrance in the POCs; a claim that is proven untrue. Salva Kiir’s soldiers shoots at our people in the camps and continue terrorizing citizens in Western Equatoria and other parts of South Sudan; how would you expect us to trust the same government on the announced prepared centers outside the protection sites? The regime in Juba previously deported three reformists from Nairobi, Kenya to Juba, South Sudan. Why wouldn’t they hijack the very centers the prepared?

The Unity State Students Association in Universities and Higher institutes in Arab Republic of Egypt condemns in the strongest term possible the government political intervention in the educational system of South Sudan. It is very unfortunate for the rogue government of South Sudan to use education as a manipulation tool to hijack the future generations to come. Education should not be used as tool to achieve political goals. Education does not discrimination nor capitalizes any particular political interest. Education carries the ultimate future benefit of the nation. Utilizing education as a means to humiliate certain ethnicity in South Sudan will not hold.

In this regards the Unity State Students Association in Universities and Higher institutes in Arab Republic of Egypt call upon the United Nations, African Union, Intergovernmental Authorities on development (IGAD), Human Right and UNISCEF to condemn such destructive order and demand necessary alternatives to pressure the government of Salva Kiir in order to take-in the final exams to the 2017 candidates who are in the UNMISS campus and other war affected areas.

Tap Tap Gatluak – USSAUHI Chairman
Mewar Kai Lam – USSAUHI General Secretary

For more information please contact the Association through their email: unity.statestu@yahoo.com

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