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United States Condemns Continued Fighting in South Sudan

Press Statement

By Mark C. Toner
Deputy Department Spokesperson
Washington, DC

July 30, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– The United States joins the Intergovernmental Authority for Development and the African Union in condemning in the strongest terms the continued fighting in the Equatorian region and other areas of South Sudan. We call for an immediate halt to combat operations and full compliance with the ceasefire declared on July 11 and in the peace agreement.
Those taking actions threatening the peace, security, or stability of South Sudan, and those responsible for attacks on civilians or UN premises, may be subject to sanctions under UN Security Council Resolution 2206 (2015).

The short-sighted actions of South Sudan’s leaders in recent weeks have exacerbated an already intolerable humanitarian crisis; large portions of the country are facing crisis or emergency levels of food insecurity. The people of South Sudan should have the opportunity to build their country and pursue their aspirations in peace. Instead, they are facing the further untold suffering of continued conflict.

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Recent weeks have featured well-documented reports of civilian killings and a surge in the number of government soldiers in uniform raping and gang raping women and girls who have taken refuge in UN Protection of Civilian sites. The U.N. has documented at least 120 cases of sexual violence in the last two weeks.

Those responsible for war crimes, crimes against humanity, and other violations of international humanitarian law – including those who order or incite violence, or encourage or contribute to the commission of crimes – will be held accountable. We remind all parties that the peace agreement provides that the Hybrid Court for South Sudan will have jurisdiction over violations of international law committed during the Transitional Period, including those committed during the ongoing violence.

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GatNor July 30, 2016 at 11:15 pm

United Nations does not even bother pointing fingers at the obvious aggressor which is South Sudan’s tribal government. A government known for its gross human rights violations, crimes against humanity, sexual abuse and barbarism that is absolutely unimaginable if you consider the fact that South Sudan’s tribal milita are forcing fellow human beings to eat dead and decomposing bodies of fellow human beings at a gun point.
They find rationale and logic in condemning both sides in a nonchalant fashion yet little do they know that their non-neutral blanket is exposed by these bias statements that lumps both the aggressor and the none aggressive peace partner in the same scale of justice. The logic in that is quite beyond me. How this s’posed to be world police type of intity(organization) is reduced to such standard as low and weak as it is today is ..for lack of better words shamefully corrupted.

GatNor July 30, 2016 at 11:20 pm

definitely got the U.S mixed up with UN. but anyways they both are one in the same. US is the biggest donor to UN and have more influence on what the UN decides on hence the reason for the mix-up.

Whortti Bor Manza July 31, 2016 at 6:19 am

Ya Mark Tonner,
Ask your self or your Ambassador Molly Phee, as to who started the fighting in Juba. The US armtwisted the hands of Riek into accepting to come with a small force toJuba maids thousands of well armed Dinkas. When are going to implement your threats . This is the usual barking of a toothless dog. Riek should listen to this rubbish.

Lokoyong Mogga July 31, 2016 at 10:32 am

Are the problems of South Sudan power struggle or it is modernized early Dinka/Nuer cattle conflicts?

Everywhere around the globe there are several pieces of land, rivers, forests and other natural resources and among all these resources there are people living in particular areas. Those people are the inhabitants of those lands, forests and everything in those areas. In South Sudan we also have tribes hailing and inhabiting geographical locations around the country
Juba belonged to a group, a large group that shares common interests, dialects and cultures and so comes the name juba originally Jubek (meaning the home and land of Jubek). Now, Juba has grown and has become the capital of South Sudan where every South Sudanese prefer to stay and work.
As Juba is now the so called capital of South Sudan, the rivals of power are based in Juba practicing their dirty games of massacring others in attempts to really eliminate other ethnic groups.
The recent conflict has claimed lots of lives (civilians and soldiers alike), leaving Kiir’s soldiers threatening, looting properties of residents and killing those who questions them as to why they loot property.
Who are the people mostly affected in Central Equatoria in the power struggle conflicts between kiir and machar?
The answer is they are Equatorians mainly from Central Equatoria, the inhabitants of Juba. On the second day of the conflict, Juba Nimule road was crowded by vehicles and pedestrians who were struggling to escape the fire in Juba. Looking critically at the majority of the people running away, I realized that they were dinka and foreigners. A big question can be “why did the Dinka have to run away?” And why did the Nuer have to stay still in their safe haven (UNMISS)? Why can’t the two rivalries transfer the conflict somewhere else to give our children and women a breath?

Is Juba a contested area for kiir and Machar or are they struggling for power?

Before I attempt to answer this question myself, I can heavily call this government of Kiir “a piece of garbage”, a government of cattle mind”. It has nothing to do with unity of all South Sudanese, but full of hatred and discrimination. Who can imagine Kiir could order war planes to bomb his Vice president’s residence as if he was in war with a foreign country? Who can imagine really that Kiir can bomb an area which is full of civilians who have been residing there for years before they made part of the area to be his vice residence? Kiir never cared about our children, women and frail people who reside inside the area behind Jebel Kujur, kiir never care about the inhabitants of this land of Juba but he cares about his own tribe and kingdom. Kiir is quite aware that anything that happens in Juba affects the people of central equatorial and if there is massive death the people of central equatorial bear it, so he doesn’t care as long as his areas are peaceful.
Kiir in his rule has compromised the rights of everybody with his personal gains and I believed that his family will never enjoy the respect that should be given to every leader who has served a nation. Who will like to see kiir’s tomb like Kenyans visiting Kenyatta’s tomb? May be his 100 wives and his failed children who behave the same way as their father.


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