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Two- prong message from Nuer Elders.

By Nuer Elders | Addis Ababa

The Nuer council of elders addressing Dr. Riek Machar's leadership in Nairobi, Kenya(Photo: Machar's profiles)
The Nuer council of elders addressing Dr. Riek Machar’s leadership in Nairobi, Kenya(Photo: Machar’s profiles)

August 16, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — Our stand as Nuer elders is that we are still committed to achieve peace for the people of South Sudan and therefore back the compromise peace proposed by IGAD Plus on 24th July 2015. Hence, on behalf of the aggrieved and the massacred Nuer and the suffering South Sudanese citizens, we congratulate our brilliant negotiating Team under the leadership of General Taban Deng Gai for their excellent behavior and firmness through the long path of peace proceedings.

We put these two messages. First, we are for peace and unity among the Nuer people first and the people of South Sudan. This unity is basic for peace and harmony among people of one country. The Nuer people have to unite at such moments in history. We do not see any reason for disarray. The leadership some people yearn for is not there yet. It will be through democracy and not factionalism. Personal grudges are surpassed by the situation the Nuer community has been pushed into. Any action towards splintering would at most be the work of Salva Kiir and his cronies and that is not to Nuer interest. We are committed to Nuer unity as a community and therefore appeal to all Nuer to keep calm and let us unite as an aggrieved community that has a case to handle and seriously reflect on for its future ramifications.

Secondly, we will not accept any peace deal that does not address the following:-

  • The root causes of the massacre of the Nuer in Juba during December 16-19, 2013.
  • Establishment of Transitional Federal Government of National Unity (TFGoNU) during transitional period. It is the relationship and authority of states and the federal government that shall be stipulated in the constitutional amendment during the Transitional Federal Government of National Unity (TFGoNU). The federal government shall be delegated certain enumerated powers with others reserved to the states.
  • Position of two armies remains holding during 24 months while the process of National Army commences thereafter.
  • Power sharing as proposed by SPLM/IO
  • Demilitarization of Juba capital city that witnessed the massacre of more than 20, 000 Nuer civilians by government army of President Kiir. This demilitarization includes states’ capitals and other major towns.
  • All amendments made by SPLM/IO.

The Kampala Government is practically the one running Kiir’s administration in Juba and therefore shares in the atrocities, devastation and destruction of South Sudan. Its bombs, war planes and military weaponry are all over the South Sudan. Uganda is a culprit and is therefore for perpetuation of the war. The Kampalla new formula is a draw-back that throws peace to the black market. We can’t afford to buy it as it offers no solution. It takes us to our previous positions of not accepting any compromise with Kiir’s government.

The compromise by IGAD-Plus seems negotiable and we press on Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon to seriously consider endorsing that document once our input at Pagak III of August 1st 2015, are duly incorporated. For the sake of peace and unity we painfully relaxed our resolve that Kiir should not lead the transitional government of national unity because he doesn’t have the guts for such leadership after killing thousands of his own Nuer citizens in pretext of an alleged coup by his Nuer deputy and election running mate-Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon. We have sacrificed that resolve for the sake of a comprehensive peace..

If this IGAD-Plus compromise document is abandoned, we resort to our previous position of not accepting Kiir’s leadership and demand for his indictment for the human rights atrocities he committed against the Nuer people.

We are:-

James Mabor Gatkuoth (PHD)

Hon. John Juan Dong/ Retired Local Government officer.

Hon. Peter Charleman Chawach.

Addis Ababa

Contact: juandong92@yahoo.com

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