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Thousands of Khartoum Residents Turned up To Commemorate the Victims of 15th December Juba Massacre.

By Khor Nyang Mabor.

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Nuer mourners praying in Khartoum on 15th Dec 2015 (photo credits: James Kueth Kong)

Dec 17, 2015(Nyamilepedia) —  South Sudanese communities in Khartoum, mainly from the Nuer ethnic group, turned out in large numbers in Khartoum at the Evangelical church to commemorate the 2nd anniversary of the two-year old conflict that has claimed more than 20,000 lives.

The event was organized by the Nuer community known as Bentiu, Nasir, Fangak as well as Akobo(BNFA). It’s a prayer series ranging from 15th– 16th /Dec/2015 under the slogan “we will never forget 15th Dec, 2013″.

The commemoration attracted thousands of mourners from many parts of the Republic of Sudan in which a Military governor, Major Gen. Gabriel Duop Lam was the guest of honor.

Fighting erupted in South Sudan capital in mid December 2013 after the commander of Presidential guards unit ordered militias loyal to president Salva Kiir to disarm guards from the Nuer tribe.

The president, who came to addressed the Nation in military fatigue the following morning alleged that a coup, masterminded by his former deputy Riek Machar, was foiled – an allegation that failed its test.

Machar accused his boss (Kiir) of attempting to silence the calls for reforms that was demanded by members of the ruling party.

According to Dr. Machar in his speech on B.B.C in early January of 2014, the tension between him and Mr. Kiir begun when he started demanding reforms in the country.

Many politicians and analysts believe that Kiir failed the country in all institutions and his style of running the country’s policies has changed the cause of liberation struggle that yield the fruits of freedom which gave South Sudanese as a young nation.

He( Machar) added that “lack of political will and competency from Salva Kiir made him to become the most dictator of all kind. I always wanted a reform and a true democracy in the young nation but kiir paid a deaf ear and instead sacked the entire cabinet. Kiir went ahead by preparing his private army known as (Tit ku-bany) that mean protecting the President in which he later used for attempting to assisinate his opponents and that sparked of the crisis,” Dr. Riek Machar said.

Partly read the press release externded to Nyamilepedia website by the SPLM/A-IO youth league, “the chairperson of the organizing committee Tap Koang Tony in his statement said that,” the 15th/Dec/ 2013 is the day when the war was impost on Nuer Nation by Salva kiir Mayard and his disgruntled Malitia were beyond brutality.

Our heroes didn’t die in vien, they died in defend of our freedom. May their soul rest in peace!

Look at the mess done by the regime of Salva Kiir, it is unforgettable history in the Nuer Nation. “Koang continued, attacking an armed men, women, children,eldery people and non governmental staffs. Feeding fellow with human flesh, burning children and mothers without any Mercy to all those vulnerable groups.

The secretary of information Both yiech Yat described the black day to Nyamilepedia as a day when we were forced to rebelled against Juba regime by the failed government. It was the day when thousands of innocent women and children were forced to sheltered in UNMISS camp. It’s a day when Nuer were divided splitting into a group loyal to Kiir and that of Dr. Machar.

15th/Dec/2015. kicked of the memories of the 2nd anniversary but women shed tear while blowing their candles. Nyaliep James a Khartoum resident who took part in the even said that the day will remain in her memories but call on her fellow nuer to embrace peace with the rest of 63 tribes.

The press release extended to Nyamilepedia contained a report of Juba Nuer Massacre as summarized below.

Table containg Summary of Juba Nuer Massacre.
Table containg Summary of Juba Nuer Massacre.

These data were collated from the states were Nuer population reside, this was done from the counties by counties basis for a period of one month. Various method including FGDs, KII, and among others research tools were used. The figure change as the situation dragged on.

The author is a professional journalist who correspondences for Nyamilepedia. He can be reached at.   Email: khorjames14@gmail.com or at +249-962-947-833.

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