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The Most Corrupt Ministers and the Serious Business Cartels in the Oil Industry

By Vladimir Deng Mayen,

Former Director in the Ministry of Petroleum & Mining,

Hon. Stephen Dhieu Dau, South Sudan's Minister of Finance and Economic Planing(Photo: file)
Hon. Stephen Dhieu Dau, South Sudan’s Minister of Finance and Economic Planing(Photo: file)

April 12, 2017(Nyamilepedia) ——- Immediately after the formation of the government of Government of National Unity, the business cartel appeared as threat to Oil industry. They constitute a political and business cartel at the heart of all deals in the sale of Crude Oil in South Sudan. These incompetent and extremely corrupt Ministers are directly responsible for economic crisis and famine in the Country.

The business relation between Trafigura Trading LLC and the syndicate is seriously damaging to our economy. The syndicate headed by Mayiik Ayii is seriously engage in dirty loans with the companies in Geneva last month. The business cartel has developed the skill of turning the crisis in the Country into lucrative opportunities. It is a friendship made in the hell of famine that has engulfed South Sudan. The business cartel is engaged in looting and sabotaging the government business by targeting all qualified cadres and technocrats in government institutions.

Mayiik Ayii Deng – Minister in the Office of the President

In the absence of functioning government instructions, sycophants have merge to snatch the political show in the country. This uneducated Minister is always misleading the President Salva Kiir Mayardit with erroneous information and gossip. It is crucial to understand that Mayiik Ayii has contracted his company to rehabilitate his office block and intimidated the Managing Director of Nilepet verbally to pay 420,000 USD to his company. He is unfit to even hold any sensitive portfolio in the government. The current political strife in Oil industry is orchestrated by the so – called greedy Minister in the office of the President Mayiik Ayii Deng. He is sabotaging every progress and reform in Oil Sector. He is targeting well educated and well experienced technocrats in Oil Operating companies. The Minister is busy making unclean money from Oil Sector and others government contracts. His main objective is to loot as much as he can. Further, he is trying to settle his outstanding bills of Child Support in USA from the Public funds.

It is essential to know that Mayiik has failed basic English Course given to illiterate migrants in Minnesota Community College in USA.He is holding unauthenticated Master degree from one of the Mexican Universities. Mayiik can’t write full stop in English. It is a crime to have a Minister in the Office of the President who has forges his University degree. This fraudulent activity must be investigated and punished. He is a fraud. Reliable sources close to his business partner Deng Johnson revealed to me that one of the scholars in SUDD Institute is helping Mayiik in writing the Speeches and outgoing letters of the President. This is a serious political embarrassment to this uneducated Minister Mayiik Ayii.

The Minister is telling the staff in Presidency that he has a blood relation with the President. Mayiik is tarnishing the image of the President by exaggerating rumors. He is circulating rumor that General Paul Malong Awan is planning a military coup against the sitting government. In their conversation with Deng Johnson, he has that proposed General Malong Awan to be appointed in a Ministry without any political influence, like Ministry of Wildlife Conservation and Tourism. His colleague in crime Deng Johnson is leaking the confidential documents of President Kiir to international intelligence communities. Mayiik is seeking young people to support Nhail Deng Nhail in 2018 Presidential bid. His primary objective is to build his niece Abraham Nhial Deng as successor to the President Salva Kiir Mayardit. Mayiik Ayii and his cronies are celebrating that they have humiliated Ambassador Telar Ring and Engineer Akol Paul politically. Mayiik should understand that fighting historical leaders would result in losing his position. I am urging our President to dismiss this uneducated and incompetent Minister from the office of the President before he causes further damage to his Presidency.

Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth – Minister of Petroleum

Ezekiel Lol Deng Gatkuoth, Minister of Petroleum(Photo: file)
Ezekiel Lol Deng Gatkuoth, Minister of Petroleum(Photo: file)

It is crucial to get genuine information that the human disaster that occurred in Presidential Palace in July 2016 was premeditated by the so –called Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth, the Minister of Petroleum. This notorious Minister is a traitor and enemy of Goodwill. He and his cronies have planned to assassinate President Kiir Mayardit and the First Vice President Dr Riek Machar Teny with objective of getting rid of the two principals. This Minister has a long history of betraying his political bosses. He is a political opportunist, a womanizer, a materialistic and individual that can’t be trusted in any national issue. The Minister has instructed the Managing Director of Nilepet to appoint his ill-equipped cousin Mr. James Dhan Thich as Internal Audit Manager in Dar Petroleum Operating Company,Mr.Dhan Thich holds an associate degree in Human Service from Iowa Community College. There are qualified professionals that can occupy that sensitive position for the benefit of the nation. Ezekiel Lol should stop capitalizing on the blood of Nuer victim.

On 5th Feb, 2017, the Minister has authorized the Managing Director to release two truck of Diesel/Petrol to an entity called (Pay Oil Company). He has presented a request of 180,000 USD to DPOC to settle his accommodation bill in Crown Hotel but the Ministry of Finance and Planning has already cleared the outstanding bill of SPLM – IO in the Hotel. Mr.Lol Gatkuoth has contracted his wife Rachel Nyahok Banyping to furnish his office for an amount of 160,000 USD without involving the Procurement Unit and Legal Administration in the Ministry. On 6th March, 2017, the Minister has intimidated the management of the Ministry to awarded another contract of 200,000 USD to his wife Rachel Nyahok Banyping to supply the Minister’s Residential House with furnitures.It is obvious that Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth and his wife Rachel Nyahok Banyping are looting the Ministry of Petroleum. There is a very serious looting machine in the Ministry of Petroleum. Further, Ezekiel Lol is neither the most qualified SPLM – IO Nuer to lead the Ministry nor a man of any integrity.

Stephen Dhieu Dau – Minister of Finance & Planning

South Sudan set out to become multicultural society of equal citizens, where opportunities are equal and a person’s contribution is recognized and rewarded on merit regardless of tribal, clan, language or religion. His discriminatory policy of Promoting nepotism and encouraging tribalism in the government institutions are seriously upsetting. Stephen Dhieu employed his political puppies and relatives sacked by Governor Simon Kun of Upper Nile State who has no qualifications and experiences in Oil Operating companies as General Managers, Managers, and Section Heads. This is an ominous political development in the Country. The recruitment in Oil Operating companies should be on merit and competence as stipulated in Petroleum Act 2012.It is disheartening to know that Stephen Dhieu has instructed DPOC Procurement Manager to single source a contract to his son Deng Stephen Dhieu student in the UK.The government should form a committee to review all the Contracts in the Oil Industry. Stephen gave most of the contracts to his political puppies and relatives.

He has recently misled the President to appoint his unqualified colleagues to lead the economic sector in South Sudan. They are not qualified as he told the President. The Minister of Trade and Industry was 7th grade employee or a Pharmacist in the Ministry of Health, the Deputy Minister of Finance & Planning is a historian and NGO professional. More importantly, the real Minister of Finance and Planning is Geth Abraham. It is certainly true that the current economic situation needs a leadership capable of economic policy and management abilities to uplift the country from this chronic state of corruption. The Minister should stop issuing exemption letters to his political puppies and relatives. It is ridiculous to see this incompetent Minister of Finance and Planning joking with this deteriorating economic situation in the country. Stephen Dhieu has no capacity to manage and reform the economic sector as he claimed. This Minister is holding diploma in Commerce from one of the Egyptian Universities. His wrong advice was behind the shutdown of Oil in 2012

It is quiet disturbing that Stephen Dhieu has paid his former boss Pagan Amum Okiech, the Chairman of South Sudan Reborn Party Millions USD to purchase his building in Juba Market Complex. Stephen Dhieu is still cooperating and assisting Pagan Amum Okiech financially.

The Financial Act 2016 was designed to trigger downfall of the government of President Salva Kiir Mayardit. I am urging our President to suspend Financial Act 2016 and to appoint a well experienced Economist with integrity as Minister of Finance and Planning to rescue the nation from the current chaos made by this traditional leader. Stephen Dhieu should start his reform agenda with Ministry of Petroleum where he employed his incompetent relatives (e.g. His brother In-law Deng Ngor, the General Service Manager in DPOC).I am urging the new Managing Director of Nilepet to review the recruitment procedures and academic qualifications of the senior staff in Oil Industry. Stephen is extremely corrupt and I will expose him with material and substantial evidence. I have all his dirty record in the oil industry.

Vladimir Deng Mayen is a former Director in the Ministry of Petroleum & Mining and can be reached at 00211921116004

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