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By David de Chand

An SPLA soldier, shot in Malakal clusters earlier this year, dragged by his colleagues to safety.(Photo: past files)
An SPLA soldier, shot in Malakal clusters earlier this year, dragged by his colleagues to safety.(Photo: past files)

Oct 18, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Lately, the Dinka commanders and soldiers have done it again by turning the muzzle of the AK-47 rifles against their fellow loyalist Nuer nationality soldiers fighting side-by-side against what they termed as the rebel forces in the same foxholes and have committed a historical blunder, big lie and deception that no loyalist Nuer nationality soldiers have been killed by their fellow comrades in the SPLA in Upper Nile State. This is the biggest lie and deception ever told to the world and would haunt Salva Kiir’s Draconian-Machiavellian-Praetorian regime in Africa’s pre-born and pre-failed state in South Sudan. Of course, there are survivors who witnessed most of these killings committed by the Dinka commanders in cold blood against the loyalist Nuer soldiers in Salva Kiir’s ragtag regime in Juba. It’s a national disgrace, lack of leadership, the political will, guts and gusto and complete failure to discipline such criminals that have infiltrated the National Armed Services by injecting their hateful ethnocentric (tribal) ethos in the national armed services in South Sudan. We urge and appeal to Salva Kiir that if he fails to stop this crime within the National Armed Services that knows no tribal boundaries worldwide, tius, the road to peace to become narrower, slimmer and zigzag to be widen for peace and the national reintegration and reunification to be achieved in South Sudan.

Succinctly, with these horrendous behavior exhibited and crimes committed by the Dinka soldiers against the Nuer soldiers and civilian alike, no matter what happens in two, three, four, five up to a decade hence, South Sudan would not be the same and its people would be disintegrated and disunited on the basis of terrible and horrific crimes committed by soldiers against their fellow soldiers fighting what they have termed as the enemy or those fighting for democratic transformation, constitutionalism, democratization; the rule of law, human rights protection, comprehensive and inclusion in the process as well as transparency and accountability. We let Salva Kiir and his cronies known that their days are numbered in Juba whether they have signed a decade UPDF and its affiliated Mercenaries and Soldiers of Fortune (SF),through the people’s political will and desire for democracy, they would have to go down the drain or the tube. The people of South Sudan should know that this is the time to undergo turning or tossing the tables against Salva Kiir and his cronies, surrogates and sycophants compared to what happened in the Arab Spring or the Arab Streets against President Saddam Hussein of Iraq, President Ben Ali of Tunisia, the late Colonel Qadaffi of Libya, and President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt. In other words, the Dinka leaders have to do something with the situation against Salva Kiir leadership because it would be to their short and long term detriment in South Sudan.

The people of South Sudan should take their frustrations against the regime to demonstrate against the undisciplined, lawlessness and virtually failed Government of South Sudan (GOSS) in the streets of Juba. Failure on the Dinka to overthrow Salva Kiir, they should know that naturally South Sudan would surely disintegrate greater than ever before and could not be re-glued and re-amalgamated in the future and the present. This is the bottom line. For those soldiers and commanders that have committed killings of their loyalist Nuer soldiers and other nationalities, including those that might have been killing the Dinka soldiers in cold blood they would also face the disciplinary measures under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). The National Armed Services is a non-tribal entity and an organized dictatorship with its own law and ethics and all violators should be disciplined according to the letter of the law and social justice. As I see it, it is a big national disgrace and the complete failure or breakdown in the chain of command, the leadership and failure to execute orders from the upper echelon down to the lowest rank in South Sudan military if there is a military at all, in a pre-born and a pre-failed State in South Sudan.

What happened and continuing happening in the SPLA could not happen in any well disciplined National Armed Services and its officer corps in the civilized societies that soldiers fighting the same and killing together what they have defined to be the enemy (if there is one) could not be killing their fellow comrades-in-arms and fighting in the same foxholes for the national duty, honor, responsibility and the national virtue. These in-disciplinary incidents of soldiers killing their fellow soldiers have happened in one of the most uncivilized, most undisciplined and unprofessional SPLA or the so-call South Sudan Army (SSA). Realistically, the SPLA has not been South Sudan National Army (SSNA). Rather, it has been a party’s army designed to protect the failed dream of establishing the Dinka Dynasty and Chastitystan and Apartheid and the Dinkadustan in South Sudan. All along though the systematic killings of the Nuer ethnicity or nationality soldiers within the SPLA has categorically divided the command on ethnocentric or tribal lines and could create lack of cohesion in the fighting and become imperatively impractical, if not impossible, for the SPLA to fight as an efficient and disciplined unified force against what they have defined as the “rebel” forces with or without a cause that has become more disciplined and well-coordinated more than SPLA. The Dinka commanders and soldiers alike have lied by putting the blames and counter-blames of killings on the poor minority Shilluk (Chollo) soldiers in the ranks and files of the SPLM/A retrospect to its inception in 1983 to purposefully fit them against the Nuer majority in the Upper Nile State and in the SPLA archaic ranks and files system since its inception in 1983 up to this day. The Dinka have put rightly or wrongly all their eggs in one basket and if it could fall, they would all break with only a few left inside the basket to hatch.

Specifically, the Dinka commanders assume that blaming the killings done virtually by them (Dinka) on the Shilluk soldier who irritate the Nuer soldiers to turn the muzzle of the Ah-47 rifles against the minority Shilluk soldiers to create enmity between the two nationalities in the Greater Upper Nile state and in Greater Upper Nile State. It would be, for instance, when the war reaches Bahr- el- Ghazel as if the Nuer would kill the Dinka in large numbers and then put the blames on the Feritit or Jurchol and other non-Dinka tribes to create enmity amongst them and the ruthless, uncivilized, cannibals or the Weir-wolves or human flesh eaters and savages Twic Dinka of Warrap State and Aweil in Northern Bahr-el-Ghazel state, respectively. We urge and appeal to the Nuer soldiers not take their avenge against the Shilluk soldiers who have been our neighbors for generations and even though we might have internal quarrels here and there, those have not divided as a people living under one roof for many generations. The commanders should not permit their soldiers not to prematurely kill any Nuer soldiers in their ranks and files. Frankly speaking, they have no enmity with the minority Shilluk people and the tiny Shilluk Kingdom in Upper Nile State. Of course, the Nuer soldiers have been bloody mad on this naked Dinka lies and cheap shot propaganda to fit the Nuer majority and the Shilluk minority. As an intellectual in the Opposition, I would appeal to the Nuer soldiers not to shoot any Shilluk unless they turned on them the muzzle of the gun against any Nuer commanders and soldiers to restrain themselves not to just shoot any Shilluk people suspected of being Dinka spies and they would have the right to shoot in the act of self-defense as the first law of nature for self=preservation. In the same vein, I would urge and appeal to the Shilluk soldiers not to shoot any Nuer soldiers because there could be a bloody retaliation because the situation is pretty tense indeed and hard to cool it down.

We would urge the Shilluk minority soldiers to abandon the fight between the Nuer and the Dinka because at the end of the day, it would have great devastating effects on the Shilluk minority like the current Ebola Virus devastating effects worldwide. Both the Nuer and the Shilluk commanders and soldiers in should reconcile their differences because when the Dinka would be defeated in Greater Upper Nile Soon, it would be the Nuer majority and the Shilluk minority that would remain living under the same roof in the Greater Upper Nile region. The current problem in South Sudan is a problem between the Dinka and the Nuer in which other tribes should not be involved, but to keep out of it. Let the Nuer, the Dinka and their UPDF allies slug it out up to the end. Conclusively, the systematic killings of the Nuer nationality soldiers by the Dinka occurred immediately following the SPLA major defeat, dissemination and annihilation that occurred in Dolieb, Achabe el-Nil, Obel I and Zinc or Tut Kiernyang where the SPLA lost more 400-600 soldiers, including Generals, Brigadier- Generals, Colonels, Lt. Colonels and many junior officers that SPLA has failed to talk about them in the media. UPDF members have been also killed in Dolieb and it adjacent environs South of Malakal, the Capital of the Upper Nile State.

We have discovered the Draconianism, tricksters and deceptions of the Dinka and we would like to appeal to the Nuer soldiers not listen to the negative cheap shot propaganda perpetrated by the Dinka soldiers against the Shilluk soldiers of killings the loyalist Nuer soldiers at the frontline. The blames and the consequences of these brutal acts would fall on the Dinka soldiers at the end who have started and perpetrated this war against the Nuer nation and its resilient people rather the Shilluk people. We would like to advice all the non-Dinka tribes to keep out of this war. This is a Nuer-Dinka thing that no tribes understand to get involved in this duel could be caught in the political winds doldrums and the consequences could become severe for them at the end of the day. This is the bottom line.

We urge and appeal to all the Shilluk people and soldiers to keep out of this war and to cross to west bank to rejoin General John O’loung to never launch counter-attacks or undertake operations behind the enemy lines against the Nuer soldiers that have no enmity against the Shilluk soldiers and people because this could produce devastating effects and retaliations. The SPLA command in Juba lied to the people of South Sudan and the world that General Johnson Oloung has been killed by the Nuer rebels. This statement was not true, but a big lie and negative deception to create enmity between the Shilluk and the Nuer people of the Greater Upper Nile State. We would like the Shilluk people to know that they have no good reasons to die except the love of money. The Nuer nation has no enmity against the Shilluk and other minority groups, including the Dinka Bor with the exception of those that have betrayed the cause, including some Nuer folks who are still wining and dining with Salva Kiir in Juba. We shall do our very best to reach out to all the Nuers who have remained on the other side of ails for Dialogue par cum pari (equal) such they would not blames anyone when this war is over in the future and the present. We do need them as part of the community, however, if they do not understand that because of positions that come and go like winds or seasons, it would become after them and could not be mourned by the community that they have rejected because of positions. Surely, the Dinka would kill them in Juba. They should not trust Jieng (Dinka) because they eat and wine together, but at the end they would kill their friends and buddies. Dolieb, Zinc, Tut Kiernyan and Obel I and the Malakal UNMISS employed and technician are good examples to cite that Dinka were uncivilized and cannibal-like people and the most wild and undisciplined human beings on the planet. If they could have kill children, newly born babies, women and professionals most of the people that are loyal to them would be killed by the Dinka at the end of the day. The fact that they do not allow many Nuer people to leave Juba has been clearly an indication that they have been targeted for extermination as a “final solution” solution in whole or in part. So it would be in the best interest of all concerned in Juba to accept Dialogue for the return to their community. It has to be known heretofore that Greater Upper Nile region would not return to Juba ever. It shall determine its destiny to become an independent state. There would be no unity between the Nuer and the Dinka. This is the bottom line.

We would like all the tribes of Greater Upper Nile to know that the Nuer shall soon liberate the whole of Greater Upper Nile region and the Dinka of Bahr-el-Ghazel would be returning to their land either dead, wounded or ran like cats and the dogs in the wild fields. We the people of Greater Upper Nile region shall determine together our political destiny without the savages, cannibals and uncivilized Twic Dinka from Bar-el-Ghazel and would never ever set foot on the Upper Nile soil until death depart. We would want the Shilluk to keep out of the Nuer-Dinka duel because we do feel and know that the Dinka have already lost the war and that was one or the raison d’être that they (Dinka) hired UPDF, Mercenaries and Soldiers of Fortune (SF) to helping the Dinka fighting the Dinka against the ferocious fighting rebels.

This is the time that every Nuer should realize that whatsoever propaganda that comes out of Juba has been a big lie and deception to create enmity between the Shilluk Kingdom and the traditional advanced democratic, liberal political and egalitarian Nuer system. Furthermore, the Nuer nation urges and appeals to the tiny Shilluk Kingdom and its people that they should keep out of this bitter Nuer-Dinka duel in Upper Nile State that could become a new international “hot spot” or a hot potato to be swallowed by the foolish and undisciplined Dinka Bahr-el-Ghazel. Most importantly, all different nationalities in South Sudan should all keep out of the Nuer-Dinka duel because there would be serious consequences for them at the end of the day.

The Nuer nation, its gallant and resilient people has been more solidly united, more disciplined, more determined and more motivated to suck it to the Dinka and their Uganda allies who have already smelled the signs of defeat, dissemination and annihilation. Who would respect the Dinka any more in South Sudan? The Dinka tribesmen have claimed that they are warriors, but if they were so, what in the hell in the world that they went out of the way to hire the UPDF, Mercenaries, Soldiers of Fortune, the Tarboro (JEM), SRF and the SPLA-North? As I see it, the Dinka tribesmen could no longer claim that they are warriors because the hiring of foreign forces tantamount to self-destruction of South Sudan infrastructure and its unity as a culturally diverse or multicultural polity or state. If the Dinka tribesmen were really good fighters or warriors as they have proclaimed to the world, they should not have hired the UPDF, the JEM led by Jibril Khalil, the SRF in the Nuba Mountains led by Abdul Aziz al-Heliou and SPLA-North in Southern Blue Nile (Ingessena) led by Malik Aggar to fight for them against the Nuer nation and its resilient people. Precisely, this is indicative that Dinka have been historically been weak and morally defeated by the fighting Nuers for generations and the next. Even though they could come with the tanks, jet fighters, trucks, steamers, helicopter Gunships, they would always become Dinka and they would defeated, disseminated, annihilated and no Nuer people would be afraid of them and to fear them than ever before forever.

The current denial and deception that no Nuer nationality soldiers killed by their Dinka commanders and comrades has been a big lie and deception similar to the latest security law that has been recently passed in South Sudan Parliament and approved and signed into law that allows security and soldiers just to kill anyone free at will at anytime. Without any shadow of a doubt, the new security law or bill would make South Sudan to become a Gestapo state or a police state in the world. Who would accept this security law on faith value? We would assume that only the cowards of the cowards, undisciplined soldiers and the drunkards within the helm of the SPLM leadership and power would make the wrong decision-making and to deny them at the end of the day. The New Security law has made the pre-born and pre-failed South Sudan state a virtual Gestapo or a virtual police state in the world like the Nazi Germany during the Second world War, the former Soviet Union in the post-Bolshevik Revolution in 1917-1989 perestroika (restructuring) and glasnost (openness) era as the legacy of President of Mikhail Garbochev for the Soviet Union.

To prove that the killings of the Nuer ethnicity soldiers have been executed by the Dinka against their Nuer comrades-in-arms on 15 October 2014 in Malakal international Airport, a UNMISS employed and a technician of a Nuer origin was caught and taken and killed by the Dinka soldiers and they claimed that the UNMISS employed and technician was killed by the Shillluk. The politico-legal question to probe would be like this: who caught the UNMISS employed and technician? Was the UNMISS employee and technician caught at the Airport was it the Dinka soldiers or the Shilluk soldiers? Obviously, from the political and legal analytical reasoning and reasonableness, the UNMISS employed and technician was caught by the Dinka soldiers, therefore, he died.

We could assume that he was killed by his Dinka captors’, rather than by the Shilluk soldiers who had no role to play in the captured of the UMISS employed and technician. Another game that needs critical and analytical analysis being gambled at has been the case of General Johnson Oloung who has crossed to the west bank of the White Nile River under the pretext that he disagreed with General Johnson Gong Beleiu of the SPLA in Malakal. There is no evident to prove and to justify that there has been quarrels between General Oloung and General Belieu. Based on what we know and recorded in the last few days in the aftermath of the captured of Dolieb by the rebel forces, Commander Johnson Gong Beleiu alleged or here say that General Oloung was killed by the Nuer rebel forces under the command of General Gabriel Tang and General Mabior Dhoal, Chief of Operations of the rebel forces.

Now, the contradiction has been this, General Johnson Gong Beleiu has advised Johnson General Oloung to go across the west bank of the White Nile to undertake counter attack against the rebel forces as if they have big quarrels. As we have collected all the information, there are no problems amongst the two General Johnson Oloung and General Gong Berlieu. In a nutshell, General Johnson Oloung has been deliberated relocated to the west bank of the White Nile to launch a counter attack against the rebel forces marching towards Malakal the Capitol of Upper Nile State. The rebel forces have already discovered this strategic plan and the operation. We urge and appeal to the Shilluk Community to advice General Johnson Oloung to return to the east bank of the White Nile to rejoin General Johnson Gong Beleui in Malakal Military Barracks. Any failure on General Johnson Oloung to adhere to this message, he could find himself and his entire community in trouble without any prior notice. Of course, General Oloung being on the west bank is tactical and this has been discovered by the rebel military Intelligence. Therefore, the Shilluk Community should be asked to return to the east bank to rejoin the SPLA forces rather than endangering the Shilluk community. We have complete evident that General is not friendly, but a foe against the rebels once commanded some of them in Krasal or Camp No.23 under the command of General James Gai Yoach of the SSLA one of the components of the South Sudan Revolutionary Forces (SSRF) and the White Army (WA). Conclusively, the Shilluk Community should take note to allow General Olong to return to the east bank without any preconditions rather than to endangering the entire Shilluk Community that is no enemy to the Nuer nation and its gallant people. They (Dinka) have put the blames and counter-blames on the Shilluk Community that did not commit such criminal offenses against the Nuer soldiers. In fact, the Dinka did the killings and barbaric of terrorism as an act of revenge for their Dinka comrades and colleagues killed in Dolieb, Zinc, Obel and Achabe el-Nil.

In summation, we would like to appeal to the Nuer soldiers not to prematurely shoot to kill any Shilluk persons because the propaganda perpetrated by the Dinka that the Shilluk have been responsible for the killings of the Nuer soldiers at the front line or any Nuer persons caught by them as being fictitious and we have already witnessed that on 15 October 2014 with the case of the UNMISS employed and technician caught by the Dinka frustrated soldiers from the front in Malakal. Therefore, the only Shilluk soliders that deserved to die would be any Shilluk soldiers that shoot at Nuer soldiers and that fire would be returned only in the act of self- defense. The Shilluk must be exonerated because they have not killed the Nuer ethnicity soldiers because there is no evident to corroborate any cases reported. Rather, the Dinka soldiers have been the ones deliberately and willfully did the killings because they are undisciplined, frustrated, savages and cannibals of the third kind. The advice that we could give to any Dinka in Greater Upper Nile is that if they wish to live alive either to leave peacefully or would be given a corridor to the Greater Bahr-el-Ghazel region if they wish to live for a while or as if they are dead-men-walking or return to Bahr-el-Ghazel otherwise they could return as dead cadavers. The rag-tag Dinka dictator would be held accountable for all the crimes that have occurred in the past years in South Sudan.

Finally, in this analysis to all South Sudanese, Africa and the world at large would be that the only way to end the current civil war or as if a tribal warfare would be firstly that Salva Kiir to resign or to step aside, secondly, that the UPDF, mercenaries, Soldiers for Fortune, Tarboro (JEM), SRF and SPLA-N and any other foreign forces in South Sudan be immediately be withdrawn without any preconditions from South Sudan and thirdly, Salva Kiir must give an adequate explanation on 15,16 & 17 December 2013 Juba Genocide committed against more than 30,000 people mostly children, women, student and professionals targeted the Nuer ethnicity for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part who have nothing to do with allegedly coup d’état attempt against the Dinka dictator and the “minister of death” Salva Kiir Mayardit. The peace talks by the IGAD have become a failure, useless and would not produce peace in South Sudan. Africa and the world should know that fighting has not been about the Presidency or the would-be created post of the Prime Minister, but it has been all along about the systematic and gross genocide, human rights violations committed in Juba and throughout the country. Most importantly, Salva Kiir should know loud and clear that he has a case with the Nuer nation in any international tribunal to give explanation of genocide against the Nuer ethnicity in Juba and throughout South Sudan retrospect to mid-December 2013 up to the present. We shall file a lawsuit against Salav Kiir soon.

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1 comment

Bayang L. Ajak October 19, 2014 at 8:08 pm

Professor/ David de Chand
Your article is not only discouraging it is also full of hatred expression:
I would like to comment on some points not all of them. I’m a Dinka from Upper Nile, not a Dinka Bor the people you have favoured them. If you are a tribalism professor who encourage conflict, and who wants to whip out Dinka in Upper Nile, I do not think this could happen, your article is full of assumptions and these assumptions are not going to happen. Dinka in Upper Nile has been there in the East Bank of Upper Nile region and no one will remove their identity from Renk and Meluth, Akoka, Baliet till Atar. If you are desperate of crisis occurred it would be better for you not to encourage tribalism.
Mr. Professor David de Chand, you possessed a high title of being a Professor and your educational effort by obtaining that career is valued you as well. However I don’t think your political profession could be respected, the article you have prepared and your analysis both indicate major concern about your political career. In addition to that, it seemed that, you like someone who really know nothing about the identities of South Sudan ethnic groups, the way you have addressed and the way you have favoured Shulluk tribe indicate that you know nothing about such tribe, Shulluk is not a poor minority as you have stated there are so many intellectuals and significant characters who can address issues. I don’t want to advocate but if someone from Shulluk read this article, he/she will tell you something.
Mr. Professor David, I do not think either the current conflict is between the Dinka with Nuer as you have stated, however I would say that conflict occurred because of power. There is a time for war and there is time for peace, one day this conflict will vanish. If could allow me to code some words said by respectful current foreign minister of South Sudan when he was addressing South Sudan conflict in foreign media he said “ We can fight each other but there is a room for reconciliation” people fight and reconcile at last. Nothing to do with Dinka to over-throw Salva Kiir, he was elected by the people of South Sudan and they will replaced him by Ballot-box, the choice will come from the South Sudanese people to choose whoever to lead them. Dinka and Nuer have been living together for long time in peace and harmony, even this crisis there are so many families and individuals still living in Dinka areas and they are safe.
Comparing Salva Kiir to President Saddam Hussein of Iraq and Kaddafi of Libya is not matching either because both leaders were removed militarily by the west and I don’t think that could occurred in South Sudan or Juba Streets one day.


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