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SPLM Youth League in Ethiopia Join RED-CARD RALLY

In the picture Angelina Teny, Ezekiel Gatkuoth Puot Kang Chol , Henry Odure, Dr. Bern, Ambs. Otim, Ambs. David Dang, Gov. Alier Ateny and others.
In the picture are Angelina Teny, Ezekiel Gatkuoth, Puot Kang Chol , Henry Odure, Dr. Bern, Ambs. Otim, Ambs. David Dang, Gov. Alier Ateny and others.

July 20, 2015 (Nyamilepedia) — SPLM Youth League Chapter in Ethiopia, the largest chapter of Opposition in the world yesterday made a colorful rally that asked the world to look into South Sudanese crisis in a deeper perspective. The rally which was held at Gerji Community Hall on 18th July attracted a massive crowd and delegates. Hundreds of young South Sudanese students schooling in Addis Ababa made their way to the hall as early as 12 pm while other travelling from the far to be part of the event. It goes well and angry youth asked Salva Kiir to resign to give peace a chance. Looking in the hall, almost everyone carrying something in hands that displayed the words, “Salva Kiir Must Go” in a big card painted in red. RED-Card, an act many believed to be a symbol of dismissal of Salva Kiir. as signal of Salva Kiir is not wanted by the people of south Sudan.


SPLM-In-Opposition officials were massively presence during the rally. The former Ambassador to US, Mr. Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth who was over joy for the dynamic participation of the Youth advocate for the peace and asks the world to listen to the Opposition demands. Ezekiel who gave a long speech full of hilarious recall the times he was in detention for a crime he didn’t committed.


We never made any coup. Salva Kiir decided to make a coup for re-election, to re-elect himself” adding that, “His time is up and he is no longer wanted by the people of south Sudan


Puot K. Chuol the President of SPLM Youth League asked the youth to take power back from Salva Kiir who he describes have no shame to resign despite killing South Sudanese in broad day light. The outspoken Youth Leader re-treated his call for unity among the opposition. “Unity must be our theme in defeating Salva Kiir”. He also challenged the world to see the vision of SPLM under the leadership of the able Dr. Riek Machar Teny. “I heard people saying we SPLM have no vision. What about our vision for Federalism, restructuring of State institutions currently tribalized by Juba regime, reform Security sector and several other things we have been asking the world to see from us? He wonder, “Are those not the aspiration of South Sudanese?” he believed Federalism is the only alternative that will save the young nation from disintegrating completely. “Federalism is our vision; the aspiration of South Sudanese from the day one. It will set this nation to the prosperity we have been wishing, asking and praying for.


He thanks the people of South Sudan who joined the war and campaigning against Salva Kiir regime. “I appreciate my brothers and sisters from Egypt, US, Australia and Uganda for giving Salva Kiir RED CARD. This campaign begun from 9 of July and will continue until the killer is out of power

SPLM Youth League Ethiopia chapter under the leadership of Riek Riek Zhong joined the RED-CARD RALLY
SPLM Youth League Ethiopia chapter under the leadership of Riek Riek Zhong joined the RED-CARD RALLY

Puot K. Chol also hit at SPLM-G10 wondering whether they were serious to fight a regime that killed South Sudanese. Mr. Kang described them as opportunists and betrayal to the bloods of South Sudanese who fought hard for their released. “Never worry much about them. They don’t have courage to face the truth for the fear of losing what we all know, their positions.


G10 who recently made a comeback to work with Salva Kiir regime are being expected to be part of the upcoming reshuffling. Pagan Amum, the G10 leader vowed to work together with Kiir’s government to bring peace. He has been reinstated back to his previous position as the SPLM Secretary General; despite the president of Uganda calling them “rebels” the bold seekers believed they are in the right direction.


Old men and women sang the songs of wars and praise the courage of White Army for defending their home town from foreign hired mercenaries by Salva Kiir. Riek Zong Riek calls for Unity and peace without the presence of Kiir. Riek who is the Chairman for the SPLM-Youth League in Ethiopia argued south Sudanese youth who are idles to joined war to defend their homes from being burnt to ground. “If you are not doing anything joins our brothers and sisters in fronts to defend our old people not to be burnt alive by Salva Kiir. For Salva Kiir to go we must join our people in the front line. Kiir must go. He is no longer legitimate. He has no right to rape young girls and burnt them alive.

Ambassador Otim representing Opposition to Nigeria, declared that, “massively Equatoria are defecting Juba Regime”.

In conclusion, we would like to call on every South Sudanese worldwide to conduct the same RED-CARD RALLY since Salva Kiir is still in power. The head office of the  SPLM-IO has saw and appreciate South Sudanese residing in EGYPT, United State, Uganda, Australia, and now Ethiopia; we are still waiting to hear from the rest of the nations particularly, Sudan, Nairobi, Canada, and all the countries that has our supporters.

This is the time the South Sudanese must be united in diversity to collectively show love, unity and patriotism for their nation. Salva Kiir has deprived our people of the proceeds of their struggle. Through corruption Kiir has mismanaged our peoples resources meant for development and our people have become destitute in their own country. Salva Kiir had wronged us and we must dwell on that until he realizes that South Sudan is a nation of 64 tribes and they all deserve an equal share in love and peace.


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Goweng Torbaar July 20, 2015 at 9:44 pm


Luke Luate July 20, 2015 at 10:44 pm

Idiots why are you making nonsenses in exile, come and smell the goodness of bullets

chuolkhan July 21, 2015 at 12:38 am

Luate man do not think that bullet is far aways from you where u are okay we are very near to u in Juba see around in south of Juba and south westren part of the town what do u see ?who are there ?some things will exploise in the city wait

chuolkhan July 21, 2015 at 1:12 am

Bravo,bravo SPLM YOUTH LEAGUE in opposition there in Ethiopia to join and show it up to other world the RED-CARD for Kiir to step down if not to leave the office . Too much thanks all of you that is the part of youth,s role in the moment to defeat Kiir if we are united ourselves and do things in the same hands care it out to any branch of our from other countries like Uganda,sudan,Kenya and so on where ever we are let us show up the Red card for this killer president who need to be in the office with the full of commitement of the criminals act .Totally he has lose his vision instead to kill womens and childen who brought him in the office of presidential post during the election last three to four years also he forgotten the 98 per cent who voted for separation from North last three years ago what the president is this? and how he would be in the office for more than three years extended He do kill and he do burn alive and he do rape also he will continues to do more if we are not serious for his being in the office for more than three years mind u that Youth league

ALONEWOLF July 21, 2015 at 4:35 am

this Red card boys and girls thing is meaningless, where was the Red card boys and girls when we were fighting Arobs. North?

ALONEWOLF July 21, 2015 at 4:51 am

you’re the one who is idiots toallow yourself to be fooled by people who don’t want to smelling the bullet. who gonna do it for us if you don’t do it that your job. if you don’t want then quit.


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