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SPLM-USA position paper on North Carolina illegal elections

Dear comrades’ in struggle,
SPLM-USA National Sec
 December 04, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — SPLM USA National Secretariat leadership would like to take this opportunity to inform South Sudan Community in the United States and SPLM community in particular of  illegal elections which took place in the city of Greensboro, North Carolina on November 28-29, 2014. We, the leadership of the SPLM-USA National Secretariat and on behave of the SPLM family in the United States of America do hereby grossly North Carolina illegal elections conducted by individual in the name of SPLM follow by misleading statement from SPLM Secretary of External Relations Ms. Suzanne Jambo.
First of all, North Carolina convention was discussed with SPLM members and SPLM Chapters leaders in various states and it was clearly stated that the gathering in North Carolina; shall be the welcoming Ms. Suzanne Jambo to the United States to discuss issues facing SPLM here in the United States of America and to interact with members who never get a chance to meet with her and SPLM USA National Secretariat leadership for the first time.  We have to admit that SPLM Secretary for External Relations Ms. Suzanne Jambo misled SPLM Leadership in Juba by downplaying a serious game that about to divide SPLM community in the United States intentionally in the following areas:
Suzane Jumbo
Suzane Jumbo
  1. She never cooperate with SPLM USA National Secretariat since the inception of this Office under leadership of Mangok Mangok Mayen; for her own hidden agenda that she don’t want to bring into surface for some dangerous reasons, but her current action revealed a lot in face of SPLM leadership in Juba.
  2. Yes, Suzanne Jambo played a double face leadership handling SPLM External Relations business in opposite manner towards SPLM- USA National Secretariat leadership; favoring outsiders from SPLM- USA National Secretariat leadership since June 21, 2013 and electronic communication exchange documents will be revealed to SPLM Headquarters in Juba in comprehensive report.
  3. Her motivation towards North Carolina gathering behind many things, particularly her cooperation with un-official elements who are not key players in SPLM-USA National Secretariat leadership is questionable; and that is a very dangerous game that is led to division among SPLM family in United States currently.
  4. SPLM Leadership in Juba has been misled in term of SPLM Diaspora business that been placed in Ms. Suzanne Jambo’s hand, it will take long time to repair all ill activities that Ms. Jambo has been engaging in since January 24,2010 till today.
  5. Those SPLM members who undermined the noble Party leadership in Juba that is what gave birth of December 15, 2013 that has created unrest in our beloved country South Sudan, but I assure Ms. Jambo that it is too late for that game to be display here in United States of America.

In addition, what happened in North Carolina on November 27-28, 2014 is simply a defection organized by few State Chapter leaders whom cooperated with former deputy chairman Mr. Lado Jada Gubek, Santino Mayik Deng supported by Ms. Jambo and other key players behind the seen against SPLM-USA National Secretariat leadership. SPLM-USA National Secretariat is very committed that next leader of SPLM must be elect by following systematic and democratic elections procedures

On October 17, 2014, SPLM-USA National Secretariat under my leader officially issued elections directives to all SPLM-State Chapters Leaders and the SPLM Community in the United States of America that the term limit of SPLM-USA National Secretariat has elapsed. As a result, SPLM-USA National Secretariat executive Office do hereby calling for national convention to elect new leaderships for both State Chapters and SPLM-USA National Secretariat leadership as well. In elections directives, we made it clear to SPLM-State Chapters Leaders and SPLM Community in the United States at large that we were under instructions from Secretary General Comrade Pagan Amum by then, and SPLM Secretary for External Relations Comrade Suzanne Jambo to delay SPLM elections till the basic documents of the party are passed by a national convention in Juba, South Sudan. Unfortunately, due to the political turmoil in our country and political challenges facing our party, SPLM national convention has not yet convene up to date, and party basic documents are not yet to be pass in next year convention.  We also made it clear to general public that we are in communication with the Office of Secretary for External Relations, comrade Suzanne Jambo to officially override previous instructions in order for  SPLM in Diaspora and SPLM – USA in particular to convene State Chapters elections follow by SPLM-USA National Secretariat convention to elect new leadership. We issue the following directives to all SPLM State Chapter leaders in their respective:

  1. Conduct free registration of SPLM members in every state for the period of 45 days starting from November 1-December 15, 2014.
  2. Each member must confirm his/her membership in his/her home State chapters within 30 day period starting from January 1st-30th, 2015
  3. Conduct State chapter elections (exceptions will apply to chapters which had their elections in 2014).
  4. Establish a body to regulates or oversees elections process and that committee must act immediately when three steps above took place.
  5. If SPLM members in some state are least than 45, then that State must join the nearest State to create a party join mission under leader of their choice.
  6. The date for SPLM-USA National Secretariat election will be set when essential steps are accomplished.

Second, North Carolina convention was officially postponed by written statement from Ms. Jambo to push it to the week of December 6-7, 2014 as a result of her consultation with SPLM leadership in Juba. On the following day, Ms. Jambo contradicted her won written statement when group she has been supporting rejected her request to postpone the convention by issuing another statement secretly to go ahead and SPLM Juba leadership will bless the North Carolina outcome. Below are facts why we delay elections until today:

  1. In 2011, Suzanne Jambo gave an Ok to SPLM USA National Secretariat to delay elections to September 2012 instead of January 2012, and that was the first thing held back SPLM-USA National Secretariat elections and all SPLM chapters were informed,
  2. In April 2012,   SPLM Secretary General Pagan Amum by then, ordered SPLM-USA National Secretariat to delay elections until SPLM National Convention in Juba take place first in order to approve new guidelines for theSPLM Diaspora to conduct their elections.
  3. Just last year before comrade Pagan was removed  from his position as SPLM Secretary General, he ordered SPLM Women League to cancel their elections stating that no changes shall take place until Juba convention take place first,
  4. In September 2013, Vice President and SPLM Deputy H.E. Wani Igga received documents from SPLM-USA National Secretariat in State of Michigan during his meeting with SPLM-USA National Secretariat and some chapter leaders. Mr. Igga was accompanied by high ranking SPLM members including John Adruga and Dr. Akech, former South Sudan Ambassador to the United States, just to mention few.
  5. In July-August, 2014, SPLM- USA National Secretariat Chairman Mangok Mayen went to Juba twice to meet with party leadership to discuss chapters’ defection issues and elections from State level to national. However, Chairman Mr. Mangok Mayen’s his official trip intended to meet with party leadership was not successful due to many circumstances and Ms. Jambo is aware of that.
  6. After unsuccessful visit attempt to meet party leadership, SPLM -USA National Secretariat leadership voluntarily decided to go ahead with elections to elect new leadership starting from State level to national level, and elections directives were sent to all chapters on October 17, 2014 follow by teleconference to answer any questions chapters leaders might have.

Third, Instead of consulting with SPLM leadership in Juba to officially override previous instructions in order for SPLM in Diaspora and SPLM – USA in particular to convene elections procedures starting from State level follow by SPLM-USA National Secretariat convention to elect new leadership as we requested, Mrs. Jambo sidelined with unofficial group who were calling for immediate election instead of systematic and democratic elections procedures set by SPLM-USA National Secretariat. After numerous exchanges of emails and phone calls, Ms. Jambo informed Secretariat to join group as SPLM community members to meet in Greensboro, North Carolina to discuss issues facing the party here in the United States of America and seek ways how we, the SPLM community in the United States can work together for the best interest of our party and no election.

Finally, my fellow comrades, we want to remind you that ‘we SPLM members diaspora and in the United States had been instrumental in helping the SPLM/A during our liberation struggle; and we argue to stand together in the same spirit to promote peace and democracy in our country starting with us here in the United States. Comrades, we lost thousands of people and many people have been displaced or scattered in the bushes of South Sudan, and others are still in hospitals in our country due to confusions made by few people. SPLM members are behind Mangok Mangok Mayen leadership and ready to implement SPLM USA National Secretariat election directives; and their press releases on North Carolina illegal elections will flow as they were waiting to hear National Secretariat position. We in the SPLM-USA National Secretariat want to make it clear to you those who went to North Carolina are defected groups and we want to assure them and Ms. Jambo that Juba crisis should not and shall not be transferred to United States under our watch.

Importantly, SPLM-USA National Secretariat leadership dismissed the circulated allegations that we boycotted North Carolina party gathering; those who sent this wrong message to general public are responsible for their displayed social media wrongly. They know it very well what went wrong on logistical side procedures; stay tune as we are still working on comprehensive release in public soon. .

SPLM leadership must investigate this interrupted issue immediately before it gets out of hand now than later by questioning Jambo her motivation on North Carolina event.  We are 100 % sure that what happened in North Carolina was mistake by few or individuals level that need to be investigate thoroughly  by SPLM Leadership in Juba. The policies of take and kill tactic is impossible down here in USA under, and already we took our stand very firm through go forwards conducting our plan for smooth leadership change in United States of America by following democratic and just procedures . Thank you all and may God bless South Sudan. see original doc attached.

  • South Sudan Oyee
  • SPLM Oyee
  • SPLM USA Oyee
  • Cde Salva Kiir Mayardit Oyee,
  • Cde Wani Igga Oyee,
  • Cde Ann Itto Oyee

Please note that distribution and reproduction of this document  is absolutely permitted


Mangok Mangok Mayen

SPLM-USA National Secretariat/ Chairman

Philip G Aguot
Deputy Secretary of Info, Communication & Culture
SPLM-USA National Secretariat
Tel: 603-486-4789
Email: korlane@yahoo.com

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Sunday Theresa Taabu December 6, 2014 at 8:22 am

SPLM National Secretariat in USA has drained into the seas under the leadership of Cde Mangok Mangok Mayen for over five years since he was elected to office in Jan. 2010. This position paper does not only reveal his weakness but lack of articulating himself well in English language by using words such as “Coup” which he alleged took place in North Carolina USA where there was no single report of violence filed to the police nor did any single hotel staff was notified. What he does not know is that this letter reveals his untamed personality that Cde Suzanne Jambo endured for the past five years. I see her a winner in this allegations. This letter will be brought to the attention of the legal bodies in Greensboro, NC for factual examination. Suzanne Jambo did not attend the convention will not be accountable for the allegation of coup, but I am my colleagues will. We are US citizens. Therefore, this crime will soon be addressed, and the author of this article will be notified.

abiok December 26, 2014 at 3:33 am

Finally, mangok mangok found a good speech writter too late.


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