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SPLM-IO Mission To Brazil Condemns Private Firm – BTP Advisers – For Meddling in South Sudan Politics

By Amb. David Luoy Top.

Rodney Dixon, a UK based lawyer for Public International Law, and works for a DPT Advisers made controversial comments about South Sudan Politics(Photo: file)
Rodney Dixon, a UK based lawyer for Public International Law, and works for a DPT Advisers made controversial comments about South Sudan Politics(Photo: file)

Oct 06, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– The SPLM/A-IO Office of the Representative to Brazil is hereby condemning in the strongest term possible the statement by Rodney Dixon QC of BTP Advisers that Dr. Riek Machar is an “impediment to lasting peace and reconciliation,” and categorized it as irresponsible, delusive and baseless antipathy against the only peace loving leader in South Sudan.

BTP Advisers, a consultancy firm hired by Salva Kiir to lobby for and advise his Government have received millions of blood tainted dollars from the incompetent, tribal, corrupt and war monger regime of Salva Kiir for their ill intended advices and negative compaigns against real peace in South Sudan to continue the senseless killing of innocent civilians across the nation.

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Millions of South Sudanese whose relatives have been massacred and livelihood destroyed by Salva Kiir’s rogue regime are outraged by this heartless statement made by BTP Advisers which have no business in South Sudanese affairs and call for them to stop exploiting the current situation and apologize to the victims of this war for their enablement of Salva Kiir’s regime to violate the agreement and for barbaric killings of hundred s of thousand innocent civilians.

The Governments of UK and the United States of America should investigate the negative role of BTP Advisers in fueling the war in South Sudan and elsewhere in Africa. Should Salva Kiir be taken to ICC, BTP Advisers must also be answerable for their part in wrongfully advising him to ethnic cleanse his citizens as a means of maintaining power and squandering illegal wealth while citizens are dying of diseases and starvation.

For BTP Advisers and other blood sucking firms’ information, Dr. Riek Machar was responsible for the establishment of Healing and reconciliation Commission which was later stopped by Salva Kiir in the early 2012. Dr. Machar did not wage war after his unnecessary removal from the presidency, but was almost assassinated by Salva Kiir and his gangs in December of 2013 that led to the Genocide intentionally committed against the Nuer innocent civilians causing uprising in both Greater Upper Nile and Bhar El Ghazal Regions.

As a peace loving leader, Dr. Machar and his SPLM/A-IO unconditionally returned to Juba with only 1370 personnel as a sign of commitment to save the nation and rescue our citizens from Salva Kiir’s fatuous war. For their last failed attempt, Salva Kiir with the help of his evil protege, General Taban Deng conspired again to assassinate Dr. Machar in order to abrogate the peace agreement and prolong the suffering of South Sudanese.

The SPM/A-IO have sacrificed too much for the sack of peace, but if the so called peace partner’s only interest is to assassinate, rape and kill innocent South Sudanese while beguiling to be a peace lover, than it has no choice, but to rescue our population in any way possible from it.

The Obama Administration should not dine with these Juba war criminals that authorized raping of innocent American Aid Workers as a form of payment to their tribal militias and laugh at their victims. The recent condemnation of the SPLM/A-IO’s recent statement by the State Department while allowing Salva Kiir to terrorize our population is a clear license to this dastard and corrupt regime to continue with its ethnic cleansing rampage against the people of South Sudan in order to creat a “tribal state”.

The SPLM/A-IO under the able leadership of the legitimate FVP, Chairman and C-In-C Dr. Riek Machar remains committed to peaceful resolution of the conflict in South Sudan if the international community will pressure the outdated regime in Juba to abide by the terms of ARCISS, allow the UN/AU Intervention force without conditions and remove General Taban Deng from the FVP post that he has illegally occupied.

Viva SPLM/A-IO Viva!!
Viva South Sudan Viva!!
Viva South Sudanese Viva!!
Viva Dr. Machar Viva!!

Amb. David Luoy Top
SPLM/A-IO Representative to Brazil
E-mail: splmbrazilmission@gmail.com

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