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SPLM-Arizona Chapter Fully Establish An Office in Arizona!

Arizona 1Oct 26, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — The state of Arizona in U.S. was the first state which denounced the support of the oppressive and the genocidal regime of President Kiir Mayardiit, which had carried out a massive massacre in Juba during Dec 15, 2013 and beyond. The SPLM Chapter in Arizona had switched its support from SPLM led by Kiir Mayardiit since February 22, 2014, and the party supporters in Arizona give their full support to the SPLM leadership under the visionary leaders and SPLM Chairman Dr. Riek Machar Teny and his deputy Chairman General Lado Gori.

South Sudanese and SPLM members in Arizona denounce dictatorship tendencies of Kiir Mayardiit within the SPLM party and the way he has led the country into this abyss/crisis. We the South Sudanese in United States and Arizona in particular applauded the greatest roles played by the IGAD countries during the negotiation processes. However, SPLM Chapter leaders in Arizona, U.S.A. still condemns in strong term possible the present of foreign troops such as Uganda troops and Sudanese rebel forces in South Sudan soil and we renewed our call for their withdrawal. The Arizona SPLM Chapter Leadership once again suggested that IGAD countries should exclude Uganda government participation in the Peace Talks because Uganda cannot fight, negotiate, and mediate at the same time and Uganda must choose either one. Such a Uganda government behavior hindering the warring parties to reach viable solution.

We support Peace Talks in Ethiopia and we still support Ethiopia as suitable venue for negotiations/Peace Talks. Per quest from Kiir delegations to move the Peace Talks to another country, Arizona SPLM chapter leaders sees it as a delaying tactic that can create a null for peace processes and would increase the sufferings of the people of South Sudan. We believe the International community and the IGAD countries must be fully aware of new African Dictator’(Kirr Mayardiit) calculation to avoid the imminent success of the peace process, given his delegates’ recent call for venue change.

We the SPLM leaders and party supporters in Arizona, USA support the following proposals and if implemented from the beginning of transitional period, permanent peace would attain:

  1. Installation of Federal system of governance
  2. Give Executive Powers to Prime Minister as the head of the government and
  3. The President must do a ceremonial roles as the head of state like any other nations ruled by federal system
  4. We accept SPLM intraparty dialogue to reunite the SPLM party. However, we reject Kiir to be the chairman of SPLM party because Kiir has failed the SPLM party and the nation as whole during his 10 years leadership as chairman of the SPLM party and the President of the Republic of South Sudan

By implementing the aforementioned proposals, South Sudan will undoubtedly become a democratic state whereby federal system of governance will avoid future crisis and South Sudan. People of South Sudan has lost trust on Kiir Mayardiit as leadership has been tested for the last ten years and nothing new he will provide to the people of South Sudan. In comparison, our country issue was started as the way Ebola virus started in West Africa. The world first pronounce it as a West Africans’ deadly virus but after it becomes an epidemic disease, the international community united against it seeking for measures to get rid of it before it’s too late. The same implication is true for the South Sudanese with Kiir Mayardiit as their new invented Ebola virus. By looking back to genesis of Dec 15, 2013; it started as the SPLM party issue, but the dictator ended up targeting and massacred one ethnic group in Juba, South Sudan.

“Our message to all South Sudanese Communities all over the world is that, let’s remain united, vigilant, and upright to condemn, reject, and oppose the leadership of Kirr that put our beloved country into this abyss of unpredicted crisis”.

As the Arizona SPLM General Assembly Meeting was conducted on Saturday, October 18, 2014, the following resolutions were passed by party members. It was good meeting as the turnout was very huge…

  1. a) The SPLM party members in Arizona endorsed the leadership structures….
  2. b) The party members accepted to reinstate their membership….

Below is the Arizona SPLM Chapter Leadership Structure:


(1). Bol Dey Loal: Chairman

(2). John Agok Thuch: Deputy Chairman

(3). Alexander Okuye Oriho: General Secretary

  • Tut Luony Gatyiel: Deputy General Secretary

(4). Jane Abucha: Secretary of Political Affairs

(5). Gach Gatkuoth Kur: Secretary of Information

  • Cassim Abucha: Deputy Secretary of Information

(6). Simon Amada Lokicha: Secretary of External Affairs

  • Nyadet Mathiang Puk: Deputy Secretary of External Affairs

(7). Joseph Peter Wal: Secretary of Finance

  • Paride Georgori: Deputy Secretary of Finance

(8). Justin Mading Mabany: Secretary of Social Affairs

  • Kueth Tongyik Doluony: Deputy Secretary of Social Affairs

(9). Nyabang Diew Tut: Secretary of Youth Affairs

  • Ruot Jok Muon: Deputy Secretary of Youth Affairs
  • Bandak Lam Lul: 2nd Deputy Secretary of Youth Affairs

(10). Leadership’ Political Advising Committee……

  • Daniel Abusheri Daniel
  • Alhag Elisa Dada
  • Lasu Bethuel

Cordially comrades,

Signed by……

Bol Dey Loal: Chairman of Arizona SPLM Chapter and

SPLM West Coast Regional Coordinator, USA

John Agok Thuch: Vice Chairman

Alexander Okuye Oriho: Secretary General

Gach Gatkuoth Kur: Secretary of Information

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