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SPLA-IO Press Release on Magenis meeting with the Agwelek Leadership

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SPLA-IO forces in Northern Upper Nile, South Sudan(Photo credit: supplied/Nyamilepedia)
SPLA-IO forces in Northern Upper Nile, South Sudan(Photo credit: supplied/Nyamilepedia)

May 19, 2021 — Today this morning at around 8:00AM, the SPLA (IO) Chief of General Staff, First Lieutenant General Simon Gatwech Dual, and General Johnson Olony Thabo, Sector (1) Commander (Cdr) with some senior officers from both Agwelek, and Division one (1) respectively held a very fruitful military parade.

General Simon Gatwech Dual, allowed both officers NCOs and men of (each) Division to narrate their grievances among themselves while in actual fact, they are comrades who had been fighting the enemy together and also still waiting boldly to be amalgamated with the regime’s forces if this progile peace still holding.

Moreover, most of the soldiers found that nothing can trigger fighting amongst themselves rather than the rumors and hypocrisy ideology which is being installed by some SPLA(IO) senior officers in Juba whose jobs aim to disintegrate the army and engineering fallacies and illusion campaigns against the pillars and the heartiness commanders who are still keeping the vision and revivalism of the movement.

Therefore, General Simon Gatwech Dual, was seriously addressed and advised the forces as from today, they must work together and should abstain out from disheartenment literally caused by hangout senior officers to destabilize the movement by spreading liars against the colleagues and comrades.

General Dual, further warned those commanders specially those with temporary assignments in different mechanisms in Juba, to stop fueling harmful gaseous within our army, since your duties seem to denote developments not to destroy the unity of the movement.

He went on saying that, anyone found again with long nail to spoil or scary the movement, shall be cut off immediately, and also must be held accountable accordingly unless I’m not on duty as a chief of staff of the SPLA(IO) movement.

Brig. General William Gatjiath Deng,

SPLA (IO) Army Spokesman, GHQs

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Gol Bol May 20, 2021 at 6:21 am

“SPLA-IO Press Release on Magenis meeting with the Agwelek Leadership”

My goodness! Aguelek leadership is ‘Magenis’?!!

There you have them. We informed these low lives, foreign puppets/stooges and traitors, that their children-like-war fares is below ,the ,Muonyjiengs/Jaangs/Jenges/Dinkas standards’ we fight wars to win, we don’t fight wars to lose.

Mr. Joseph Konyi (of the LRA) was in Magenis all along. Mr. Ariek Machar, Lam Akol, Alfred Lado Gore, Peter Kenyi, Ismail Konyi and myriads of Nuers ke nyantoc were used by cloned so-Arabs of North Sudan as their mercenaries to toy around with our mighty SPLM/A during our genuine war of independence.

Fellows, careful. Where is your Riek Machar, Lam Akol Aduok Nyabe Pagan Amuom, Majak Agoot, Thomas Cirillo, Rebecca Nyandeng, her ugly son and other bunch of low lives, who thought; they would always make a living over the BACKS of People who CANNOT SEE eye to eye with their bunch of SECRET CRIMINALS.


YOUR SO-CALLED AFRICA UNITY and REGIONAL INTEGRATION being propagated by low lives who covet our COUNTRY and our PEOPLE isn,t going to in our country fools.


We are the Ancient Egyptians. And we are going SETTLE OUR SCORES WITH OUR ENEMIES ONCE AND FOR ALL.

There limits low lives.


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