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South Sudanese Rapper K-Denk Releases a New Single – Hope in Canada

April 06, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — A South Sudanese Hip Hop Rapper, songwriter and producer, K-Denk, releases a new single, ”Hope – There Will Be A Brighter Day”, in Canada where he currently resides.

“Hope”, which was released to Youtube and social media yesterday, would be the first song of an album that is yet to be released according to his earlier interview with Nyamilepedia.

Now climbing a new trajectory in Alberta, Canada, K-Denk, as he is popularly known, has established brands such as Wangdunkon and Wangnaath in South Sudan and East Africa but he is yet to gain momentum in North America.

Asked of why he chose “hopes” for one of his first songs in Canada, K-Denk said he is dedicating the song mostly to his people back home who are divided by decades of civil war.

“… For when you are missing that peaceful coexistence with neighbours all you need is hope. The South Sudanese people should understand that there are brighter days ahead and for that they should unite and work together” K-Denk said.

To build peace, unity and nationalism, he believes the South Sudanese must intermarry beyond their subclans, love and help one another. 

The release of the new single, which talks abouts hopes and inspirations, coincides with a difficult moment as the world is slowly shutting down due to global pandemic caused by coronavirus.

K-Denk in the studio in Edmonton Canada releasing his new singles Hope - There will be a brighter Day(Photo credit: Wandunkon/Nyamilepedia)
K-Denk in the studio in Edmonton Canada releasing his new singles Hope – There will be a brighter Day(Photo credit: Wandunkon/Nyamilepedia)

The release of “HOPE – There will be brighter day”  also coincides with confirmation of the first case of Coronavirus in South Sudan that leaves many people worried,

Asked of what he thinks about the case of Coronavirus in South Sudan, K-Denk hopes his new single could give young fan something to look upto; however, he strongly encourages people and the leadership to take prevention measures more seriously.

“South Sudan, the world’s youngest nation, is robbed of many opportunities by civil war and therefore it can easily be dismantled by this coronavirus if the leadership and the people do not take the necessary prevention measures seriously”

Although he has been based in Canada for almost one year, K-Denk maintains significant influence in South Sudan and East African region not only through his music but also through fashion industry which carries brands such as WangBoy,  WangNath Leadership, Wangdunkon and others.

About K-Denk

Koang Deng, popularly known by his stage name K-Denk, is a sensational South Sudanese Hip Hop Rapper, songwriter and producer. He is the founder of Wangdunkon/ Wangdunkon Empire and WangBoy Records.

K-Denk, who is currently a permanent resident of Canada, has been writing, recording and performing his own music since 2008. His popular singles include “Ou Ce Jiek” (2009), ”Guolä Ni Widä Ping (2016), ”William Deng” (2017) Wimuon” (2018), ”Life Is You” (2019) and “VICTORY” (2019) which continue to bring new fans to his already exceptionally enthusiastic following.

His musical style is a prime illustration of Neo Afro Rap Soul in that it focuses on the contemporary styles of the genres soul, hip hop and reggae, and sends out a deeper message as opposed to just relevant content to issue a piece of common or commercial music.

K-Denk’s main artistic influences include the late Rial Bany (South Sudan), Gatdet ChotLit (South Sudan), Jay-Z (USA), Nas (USA), Diddy (USA), the late Oliver Mtukudzi (Zimbabwe) and Alpha Blondy.

In music production and writing process, he takes elements from each of the above and creates his own uniqueness to stand out from the crowds and with different personality that emphasizes on danceable beats, happy melody lines and more of the usual uplifting and empowering lyrics.

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