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South Sudanese Fundraising Party in Anchorage City of Alaska State.

By Khak Banguot

South Sudanese Fundraising Party in Anchorage City of Alaska State.(Photo: supplied)
South Sudanese Fundraising Party in Anchorage City of Alaska State.(Photo: supplied)

October 23, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — A week ago, South Sudanese community in Alaska had a fund raising party in support of the Nuer survivors and victims of 15th Dec. 2013 genocide which took placed in Juba South Sudan targeting the Nuer population with their families.

Families of the humiliated Nuer victims gathered in Anchorage city to extend their financial support to the most needy Nuer families back in South Sudan of which many of them are either residing in the Neighboring Countries Refugees camps, UNIMESS or are IDPs within the country.

The event was gracefully blessed with participation of EX MP Hon. Sophia Pal Gai, who was the guest of honor and the patron of the event. The party had attracted all South Sudanese community from all walks of life from faith based groups, Elders, women, youth, Students, Business community, as well as friends of South Sudan. This was the third time the community is conducting fund raising activities in support of the community back home.

Emotions, bitterness and tears filled the spirit of those present remembering their murdered love ones, relatives and friends who were killed, victimized, humiliated, or destroyed in the eve of Dark nights and Days in juba starting from Dec.15th -20th 2013, where thousands of innocent lives were lost without apparent logical reasons.

A fabricated pretext of attempted Coup was explained by the Kiir’s government, the story had been refuted by the world leaders that it was a lie, however, the genesis of this conflict was perceived to be political issue within the ruling Party SPLM but the perpetuators turned it so tribal so that Nuer individuals are killed under the bloody hands of security personnel ordered by the President Kiir, this action had significantly showed lack of good leadership within Government leading to a failed state and a suppression of democracy.

The event started with a word of prayers followed by the National Anthem and a one minute observance of silence in remembrance of all the fallen innocent victims who were victimized because of their ethnicity, culture and were undignified buried in mass graves or left for the dogs to feed on.

As the event continued, few recognized individuals were given speeches to encourage the community as such they urged the IGAD mediators to listen to the voices of ordinary people who demand peace in the country, they said all the root causes pertaining to the current civil war be addressed in IGAD let peace process, they would like to see an adoption of federal system of governance within a permanent constitution, they want to see a total Democratic transformation in all government institutions including the security, a transformation of the SPLM party, a unified transitional government with structures of responsibilities which will conduct fresh elections within specific time frame, not forgetting aspect of national reconciliations and healing while strongly recommend an accountability and justice be taken against the perpetuators of this horrific genocide.

Hon. Sophia who was the guest of honor, encouraged the community to rally behind a visionary leader who will take South Sudan forward and have plans for a better South as the current leader Salva Kiir failed to take the country forth, she said we need a leader that will respect and accommodate all diverse cultures within the country, removing tribal politics and use the constitution for the welfare of every citizen, stating that tribal leadership has been practiced by Kiir’s regime to the highest order when he first killed the Murle people than killed the Nuer people in the name of a Coup, imposing war against the will of people causing unnecessary suffering to the people of South Sudan, she called upon the people to unite as South Sudanese community worldwide regardless of the tribe they come from since God is the one who created all tribes in South Sudan, we’ve existed as people of South Sudan and will always do, we need peace within ourselves and forgive each others.

She said as People of South Sudan, we should not hate all Dinka brothers ro sisters, they are not all bad, that’s why Dr. Riek Machar has Dinka in The SPLM Leadership council Structures, these people are standing with us and with the truth, they want to see Democratic reforms in the Country, they didn’t like what President Kiir was doing against Nuer people, we have to know that some Dinkas are also suffering under Kiir administration, that’s why they were five members from Dinka community who were imprison by Kiir and now representing the SPLM Leaders as Former SPLM Political Detainees out of 11.

Sophia concluded her speech by saying that let the blood of all murdered victims of Nuers community be remembered for total democratic transformation of the Country so that no more dictator be allow to hail as a President again. She also urged the people to advocate only for a Just Peace so that the country is back to truck in the path of development and progress.

Finally Hon. Sophia encouraged the people to study hard so as to be used in future as the seed of reconstruction of the South after it has been destroyed by a regime that imposed the current war on people, corrupt entity with poor leadership style. The party managed to secure a considerable amount of funds to be sent back home in support of the Nuer families and victims. The organizing team distributed awards to few individuals who have working tirelessly in the community since the eruption of the conflict in December 2013.

Best regards

Khak Banguot

Chairperson of South Sudan crisis management team

Anchorage Alaska.

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