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South Sudan where our leaders should have started building it to become a peaceful modern and great State in the region

Column; Pointing Out Learned View.

By Mangong Mawien Madut Majok,   Kampala , Uganda.

Kampala , Uganda.

August 11, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— The world is great due to its great people, great things are done by those who work on them, likewise to South Sudan, it is great due to its achievement being admitted to be an independent State, having been given a room on world map after sacrifices were made by South Sudanese .An history is made by those who believe they can make it and therefore, in fact, it is what people of South Sudan had made. They had created their history and distinguished themselves as South Sudanese and named country as Republic of South Sudan. In general, South Sudan is not a great nation as per now but potential future great regional State if South Sudanese sit down and identify what is the problem to State building, find solution to it, undermine traditional dogma and start building State they inspire.

What would have be done in 2005, 2011 and why it is still necessary currently in 2016 to 2017?

In 2005, the war politicians would have convince themselves and make proposal about what kind of state are we supposed to have as per separation from Khartoum was concerned and most top agenda in hearts of South Sudanese. Convince themselves that they are in position to build and laid down unshaken foundations for generations. Make it as State‘s current and future fundamental concern and vision.

These politicians would have recognized first that we had our own internal problems which could need solutions. Problems like tribal and sectarian wars and conflicts among communities by addressing them. Take lead action on these issues. Because Arabs‘s policies divided South Sudanese by then turning ethnic groups against ethnic groups during liberation struggle. Arabs misinformed South Sudanese and made false propaganda against SPLA in order large number of people refuse to join or even leave it in order the support for liberation struggle lacks masses morals and not to achieve national mobilization. These are facts our leaders would have made clarifications about them and inform all ethnic groups of South Sudan about falsehood of such cheap disinformation, the issue being turned against each other etc.

Mangong Mawien Madut Majok…

The reasons for this first stage is to challenge historical or any violence of inter group, hatred and sectarianism. SPLM the people ‘s liberal movement would have teach nationalism to all citizens of South Sudan as way to bring their minds to sense of being one people in order for them to push into nationalism and forget ethno nationalism. In reality, the love and loyalty for this country is questionable among South Sudanese citizens. There are some South Sudanese who feels to be with Arab rather than being how they are now currently. Moreover, such feelings are of broaden sense. As of those facts, we would have not rushed to be building new State when where to start is not clear and defined. Broadly, it is not that simple duty. It takes toughest obligations and costs. If we were to start building peaceful State then why was it not important to identify our problems as South Sudanese before we begin? Well, the main cause of messes of our country affairs is lack of nationalism and patriotism in the hearts of many politicians, leaders and citizens as well which is the most weakness we conceal to speak it out. It is a major threat to stability to this country. Undoubtedly, we had not taken this country into our hearts. The true nationalism is not with us, but to be fair, some are patriotic. Am not challenging if I personally recommend for real nationalism to be taught to South Sudanese in wherever they are. The rationale behind my recommendation is for us to avoid future gross mistake or war against nation. Mistake like burning down of national flag in Wau 2012. One can’t believe that the national flag of Republic can be burnt by South Sudanese.

This is a serious problem although it was calmed. Realistically, when you look into such activities, it is not an irrational to say that the loyalty, love and pride for the nation had not been cemented in the hearts of such an individuals. On the other hand, wrong act like such is not grossly painful to regime in power but country. Reason the regime any time ends and country remains in case individuals are not happy with regime. Therefore, for this nation to move forward peacefully and be built. Then teaching of nationalism and patriotism among South Sudanese citizens must be prioritized and made as an obligation by key national political players in good faith.

Nationalism has the power to unite all South Sudanese regardless of ethnic background, political, class, religion or, gender. Nationalistic powerful ideas are built in national and local political speeches and other gatherings in order to change ethnical ideologies from centralistic to nationalistic. Additionally, such duties are carried out by politicians. Powerful Ideas like these, example, we shall build world‘s greatest State, for our greatness to be meaningful in the region, citizens’s problems domestically must have been solved by government.

The national loyalty and love for Republic of this country is national spirit and every good citizen must observe that. The sacrifices made by our martyrs will never be betrayed by surrendering this nation to any common enemy. Our country‘s sovereignty shall never ever be penetrated or undermined by any human being apart except almighty God. An ethnic loyalty is detrimental to building of sounding and loving South Sudan.

Therefore you citizens of South Sudan must be mindful about this, we must be careful with whoever is trying to divide South Sudanese whether he is our citizen or foreigner. Such person shall be our common enemy. God bless South Sudan. These are ideas South Sudanese politicians should use when giving speeches in private, public, national or in local political rallies instead are they seen mostly talking cheaply. Substantially, preaching dominant ideology for nationalism in this country is only way we could progress.

More significantly, the other a major issue of concern for State political elites should do is an integration of these factional different communities to be national integrated community of South Sudan in order to reconstruct a shared sense of national identity such that to overcome sectarian, ethnic or communal difference as to rebuild origin of identity and loyalty to Nation that Arab had created a gap. As set above, these are instrumental key priorities supposedly to be conducted as priorities if we want to build modern peaceful country. Crucially, building State needs first national integration and rebuilding of its political, social, cultural and economic foundations in order to challenge number of issues. This is done by national political elites; they are responsible for managing state building. In that systemic context, after nationalism is built in the hearts of citizens. Coherently, the building of State begins after citizens had already identified their positions and roles in the country.

Politicians and leaders perform their obligations as they are given powers. Furthermore, building and establishment of State key‘s institutions begins from there. And of course not just institutions as some people may think. Certainly, public appreciates institutions that meets their expectations because an institutions becomes worthless if their duties are not being performed. Citizens only give credit to state institutions which are functional. So, these are kinds of an institutions Iam referring too. Indeed. In 2005, 2011, why government would have start building more an effective, accountable and responsive institutions that respond public expectations because the target goal of every government is delivery of basic services which includes provision of security, health, education and roads, infrastructure, advanced industries etc.

Rule of law, we are expecting the rule of law to be an absolute and had supremacy as opposed to the influence of arbitrary power and unjust wide discretionary by government officials and agents as well being experienced by an ordinary citizens. As stated by professor of law A. Dicey, argued that no man is punishable or made to suffer for good except if he breaches law established in ordinary legal manner before the ordinary courts. Unquoted, the Rule of law must be strengthened in this country. All citizens of this country whether an ordinary citizens or government officials must equally respect law and order. The government employees must operate within the law when performing their duties in a manner that reflects the rule of law.

The kind of state we are still dreaming for is a great nation in the region.

We need to rebuild and reshape this nation, make it a great nation in the region. The greatness I mean here is not only limited to having the mighty military power, the largest economy power. To me personally, I believe the greatness of this nation is when we had integrated our clans and communities/tribes to be national integrated community which people see themselves as South Sudanese, to have a vision for South Sudan , provision of the basic necessary needs to populations, reduction of poverty, discouragement of an inequality within national integrated community, employment of young people who had are educated in both private and public institutions, prioritizing an electricity, roads that links all parts of the country, upgrading of higher education to regional level as well both basic and secondary education.

The greatness I also emphasizing is for leaders to inform national integrated community about benefits of involving themselves in business and empower them to set up their businesses. No country would progress when citizens are not doing business. We must start producing local products. The greatness I believe is for the country to have productive industries that are built. Not every single commodity is always imported. Leadership by example within South Sudan, strength to have capacity to influence global affairs, greatness that we treat each other humanly and with respect, greatness that we manage domestics politics, affairs and differences not to be influenced by outsiders. Nevertheless, some countries around the world have been heard of doing everything. Then it is time South Sudanese to do wonderful things as rest tried their best before. The country we always dream for is a country for opportunities for citizens. We are dreaming to be land of an opportunity. We are dreaming to have country that educates her citizens such that they acquire knowledge which is useful to the world. We need to stand for our own invented idea. It is an obligation to figure out what kind of ideas should we stand for, as an America stands for freedom, liberty, human rights etc.


National pride and commitment to nation must be taken into consideration by South Sudanese. Developing love for the nation and spirit of patriotism are among key solutions to most of our problems. Our loyalty may be valueless if it is narrowly given to politicians rather than country. It is not bad to support politician or government you admire but what is important is loyalty for the country. People of this country must show respect, consideration, fairness, appreciation etc to themselves if they want to move on peacefully. Nationalism and love of nation must always be observed before egalitarian/egocentralistic interests. Let us build a modern South Sudan. Thanks. God bless South Sudan.

Author is Mangong Mawien Madut Majok,   Legal affairs Minister of South Sudanese Students Union in Uganda. He is in fourth year, School of law and a part time blogger and columnist. Reach him on +256782229324/   +256752949345 or mangong120@gmail.com

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