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By Mangong Mawien Madut,


President Salva Kiir Mayardit, centre, with Vice President Dr. Riek Machar, left, and James Wani Igga, centre right, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, at Juba airport on 8 February 2011
President Salva Kiir Mayardit, centre, with Vice President Dr. Riek Machar, left, and
James Wani Igga, centre right, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, at Juba airport on 8 February 2011

July 21, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Our State South Sudan is one of the nations internationally recognized by various global organizations in three years back. Having the country like South Sudan which the central government is mandated and publicly accepted by her citizens is more important than any other thing.

Citizens doesn’t only feel proud of having centralized government but they first love the sovereignty of their nation which whole world called now Republic of South Sudan after long waited Referendum fulfilled by people the South Sudanese citizens in 2011 when majority of civil population voted for separation.
How hopes of citizens were not only failed but regrettably destroyed by Juba Elites
Who are Juba Elites?
Juba elites are a small group of people who are/were controlling a disproportionate amount of wealth and political power since 2005 to the date of their outdated political disagreement which resulted into bloodshed in modern world of peaceful settlement of problems.

they are/were selective groups who run the government of South Sudan friendly and favorably since the transitional interim government but unexpectedly they challenged each other, criticized themselves for the total failure of the ruling party SPLM and forgotten that the citizens knew their good and poor performances in government from the date they assumed the positions.

Elites of Juba thought they are /were more clever enough to corrupt the system, embezzled the public funds and failed to implement the urgent basic human needs and at the same time instead to sit down as top government officials and advise themselves to stop misappropriation of the country ‘s resources and build for us a modern nation South Sudan because no one among them is poor compare to others they just went out barely and publicly to challenge themselves and tell the total failure of country without knowing that the poor civil population in this country alright knew how they are being failed by them {Juba Elites} but the poor civilians kept silent for having no an alternative to Juba government of selective politicians.

So elitism of Juba government’s top politicians was not their intelligence but luckiness to meet as a true friends who can never and will never make an accountability to themselves despite of how too much they are corrupting the government provide that they are in the system and practicing the similar scandal.

That is what happened to them not intelligence nor an interests of South Sudanese citizens to leave their country being mishandled to the extent of high corruption but it was their time {Juba Elites} to do what they expect not what citizens expects to be down by the politicians who loves their people and State.
Internal division of Juba Elites
As the common saying put it, politic is a dirty game. Which had misinterpret rated itself since an emerge of an earlier political theories. So I think it is not the case here in politics of modern world. The theory that says politics is a dirty game is more to be contradicted in nation of learn t politicians and people.

Then for the case of Juba Elites politics, how the politic came really to its common saying as a dirty game. Despite that the theory of politics being a dirty game was rejected by young people who made independent and accurate research about politics. But majority of people agreed when Juba Elites divided themselves into groups mainly Gen. Salva Kiir his group and Dr. Riak Machar his group.
The division came surprising and sharply when the two leaders presented their ambition for the chairmanship of the ruling party SPLM for the 2015 elections. The top politicians of SPLM disagreed in an appointment of the party’s chairperson to compete with main opposition leaders.

The politics they played in SPLM for election ticket revealed too many people that politics is a dirty game. Giving more questions to people of how Gen. Salva Kiir fell out with his long time true friends in SPLM who can never disagreed with him in any circumstances If it was not a believe theory of politics being a dirty game trying to happen and show itself in Africa’s youngest nation which truly engulfed our country into bloody civil war.

No more debate, politics is a true dirty game if it is ill-played based on what happened to our nation South Sudan. The current crises facing the innocent people who don’t know anything in politics is not only horrible but painful leaving blame always on top politicians who carelessly enforced the experienced war to poor people.

This war is not only destructive, divisive but continuously is implementing unshaken hatred between the (Jieng) and (Nuer) If there will be no sincere sensitization of Nuer and Jieng ‘s civil populations about their closeness and relativity and their none business on Kiir and Riak ‘s heedless war by rejecting unhelpful orientations.

later when almighty God make it, bring a comprehensive peace among the misled communities to understand the position they are supposed to take in any political disorientation, the government has to take necessary measures in reconstruction and transformation of the societies by educating them well not to make any mistake again to back up the politicians who doesn’t need the enjoyment of stability of country.

This is time for poor people to take their children to school instead to be misused in any situation created by those who want to come to power or maintain their positions. It is an essential and has to be considered seriously by victims.
Problems needs political settlement to end the senseless war

It would be better for two leaders of two groups the warring parties to sit down and honestly convince themselves on how to bring lasting peace to country.. They have to reconsider the suffering of civilians as currently the innocent are displaced from their homes and forced to homeless. Dialogue is a solution to grievances and political differences.
If both leaders really love and cares for people, then they have to give peace chance and forget interests they are pursuing.

Author is reached on mangong120@gmail.com

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