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By Yien Lam,

Map of the 28 states decreed by President Kiir
Map of the 28 states decreed by President Kiir….

Jan 20, 2017(Nyamilepedia) ——- Since the creation of the nation’s sovereign state on 24 October 1648 known as Westphalia treaty in Germany,  I never read or  heard of any nation that changed its states from 10 to 36 states with in the period of 14 months. This is a first time for the world to witness such a thing ever in my view if not a views of many in the history of humanity.

Despise not being heard off, Jieng Council of Elder  always wanted something that had not happened  in the world before .In that sense,that notorious group is doing whatever in its disposal to destroy this great country. It did this purposely to split us for its own benefit. The group has no mercy and prefect system that it uses.  In such a situation, its leader has injected divided and governed policy into the system.

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This was done in order to rule the people of south Sudan with Iron and fist through insane leader who does not know how things are being ran in the nation.  Because of his naivety, everyone outside the supposed system says whatever s/he wants accordingly. This has been the reason that cause a rip in our nation because the president is not independently taking decisions. He always seeks the help from the above aforementioned organization that intentionally designed to kill our nation.

Therefore, the country was supposed to be governed by parliament but instead steered by the Jieng council of Elder. If the country is being ran like the properties of the few, what would you think will happen? Mess right! Not only that, you believe it or not, the nation’s president is having paranoia personality disorder that add the fuel into the fire of JCE. If you doubt that, check its symptoms to help you better if you are goofy supporter of the regime. For me, I need not to check that because I knew it from the get go. This is so because since south Sudan independence, some Payams were needed to be elevated to the counties level by its people.

However, the government rejected that   with the reasonable argument that said there was no budget for such  a counties. If that was the case with the 10 states, why would it be good for 28 and 36 respectively to elevate the states instead of counties? Where will the government get  a budget of 36 states? Should that be realistic! Of course not, and there should be no sane person that could agree with an assessment as such because if there was no budget to augment the counties of 10 states then, why would it be possible for 36 states now.  As the matter of fact, 10 states were having 87 counties. Were that right? If that were so, what numbers of Counties would that be for 36 states?  Probably more as we know that 28 states had 180 counties! If you come to your sense of knowledge, would that not be the public deception? It surely should if you are not the goon supporter of the killer regime.

 In this regard  in my view, the degree that increases the number of states during the civil war as such is not the demand of the people as the regime is saying. This is the political demand for the regime to split people and governed them. There is no logical reason or argument other than that in my viewpoint. In this sense, the increase should be based on the population census in which they did not while around 2 million south Sudanese have left the country to Neighbored countries. Namely, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan, Uganda and Chad. They did not go there peacefully; they forced  themselves there because of the war in the country to get refugee. that is simple as such.

 In addition, some are living in Internally Displace Camps in the country that increase its states. Having live in the internally displace camps in the country you call home is telling everyone something  fishy is going on. If people are still living in the country that you are enlarging, what is going on in your mind? Be the judge! To me, I knew the regime is not healthy enough because there is no such thing to have happened in the country whose population erodability is beyond imagination to have increase its states randomly as such ever. It is nonsense.

However, believe it  for contain, this regime is not shying away to do everything in its power to destroy this great nation of ours. It may farther create more states for all 64 tribes in South Sudan. You trust it or not, population census may not be an issue. The issues  now are tribal and erroneous political demand of divided and ruled to defeat the rebellion. If that is the case as we all have seen it, who would not want to have his/her tribes recognize by the fail regime. The complete answer will definitely be all.

Nonetheless, to advice you the supporters of  kiir, kiir and his JCE will always change you like underwear. That will always be the norms and I think you all know that if your underwear is dirty, what should you do?  The simple answer to this question is to change it and put a new one on. This constantly will be the case if you are (Jang yiouni). Within that token, you cannot blame your master for being changed. Should you? I do not think you should have ever done that because you are enslaved by your ego and gives up all your rights as a South Sudanese.

However, to those who are always yearning to join the regime, my simple advice to you is this; there is no money in Juba that could lead you to negotiation your rights to live in your own country happily. Kiir regime is done and there is no point to compromise the death of your own people in the country you call home. Are you people insulting our people to death? Be the wise person in your judgement. Do not be like a dog that goes back into its regurgitation. Think like somebody who has ever right in the Country. If you are going back to them because of money, forget it. Money will never be in south Sudan my friends. This is what was prognosticated earlier by Nuer prophet called Ngundeng.  Whether you are in the Sin City of Juba with them or not, you will never be comfortable until Kiir nyaldieng is finally being ousted out of power. It may seem like a joke for one who does not know this.  It is not.It is a reality  that will only be a matter of time. Remember this, freedom is not a gift. It takes lives in order to be free.

Finally, as the Nelson Mandela said, “A winner is a dreamer who never gives up.” That is true. Giving in to what you started is not an option to many.  therefore,South Sudanese need to work collectively to oust kiir and his JCE from power. Otherwise, Kiir and his notorious organization will remain to use divide and rule system and continue to create more states despise the population census and demand of people.

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