Press Release


By Professor/Ambassador David de Chand

Photo shows Spla -Juba Tanks destroyed in Shelling combats in 2014 by SPLA-IO forces in Upper Nile, South Sudan(Photo: supplied/Nyamilepedia)
Photo shows Spla -Juba Tanks destroyed in Shelling combats in 2014 by SPLA-IO forces in Upper Nile, South Sudan(Photo: supplied/Nyamilepedia)

Dec 27, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— “A nation that fights against itself would be bound to destroy itself. This is concurrent South Sudan prophecy”.

“Above and beyond all else, the Nuer Unity, its ‘leader’ and its ‘leadership’ takes precedence. Verily and verily, I say, unto you all along that the problem has not been the lack or the absence thereof of the Nuer Unity, per se, but it has been the issues of leaders and the politico-military leadership constantly in crisis and the lack or the absence thereof of credible leader and the leadership”.-Professor David de Chand

“There will be no National Dialogue par cum pari (equal) as proposed by Salva Kiir’s terrorist, criminal and genocidal regime. Does he really want the National Dialogue or does he want to play with people minds or intelligence? Only fools would want to have a National Dialogue with Salva Kiir, but let’s meet at the battlefront. The solution to the prevailing problems in South Sudan could only be resolved by an irony and folly. The proposed National Dialogue has come too and late too soon. This is a diversion to fight the Opposition secretly and no civilized human being will listen to a woman and a child killer, the neo-Nazis Hermann Goering of the Nazi Luftwaffe and the minister of death or the president of death in South Sudan”. Any proposal for a National Dialogue will be faulty line, baseless, ludicrous, dooms and glooms”. It will be easy for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle to have a National Dialogue with Salva Kiir’s genocidal criminal and dictatorial regime. Any National Dialogue therefore, will become predetermined by the politico-military events on the grounds. South Sudan has been already a house divided against it”. –Professor David de Chand

“Salva Kiir’s genocide the Nuer because they are I-O; any Nuer persons born or unborn, alive or dead, remained with Salva Kiir faction, just remember your roots that you are I-O and you could be murdered unnoticeably by the regime because you represent I-O”. – Professor de Chand

“For anyone that has joined the social revolution or social renaissance against the wicked, illegitimate, criminal and genocidal regime in Juba regardless of your background you are an I-O. We will fight and die in the same foxhole as I-O and the spill our blood will be our unity forever more because we have become out of many, one or in Latin (E Pluribus Unum) because our suffering, tribulations, death and happiness has become one than before”. – Professor de Chand

“We will fight this war with guts and gusto against Salva Kiir’s illegitimate and genocidal regime and all those that supporting it. We will make peace with our enemies, but not with our friends. This is the bottom line”. – Professor David de Chand

“Verily and verily, I say unto you all my fellow South Sudanese, let us unite our souls and energies against Salva Kiir’s regime for that would mean victory and a great deal for our hard won armed struggle for almost two scores and ten years or one-half of a century from our Arabized Muslim North to face another Dinka internal colonialism and internal imperialism. It must and ought to be uprooted and destroyed before it could take roots in South Sudan. We will achieve this and it’s only a matter of time. –Professor de Chand

“We are now on the crossroads with Salva Kiir’s regime; we either reconcile or face a disastrous catastrophic collision and destruction. The ball is on Salva Kiir’s court because he destroyed the peace in 2015 and he has got no one to blame except the US President Obama administration and its Secretary of State John Kerry”. – Professor de Chand


“The heterogeneous Dinka tribesmen being cowards of the cowards and the weak link have killed our leaders, our children, our women and girls burned them to death after their sexual ordeals like what the Hutus’ renegades had done to the Tutsi in the 1994 Rwanda Genocide that was what happened to the Nuer ethnicity in a preemptive attacked like a defeated people because they were members of an indelible group of the Nuer ethnicity of the SPLA-I-O led by former First Vice President Dr. Riek Machar. As I am drafting this article, all of the Nuer people have resolved first and foremost of all its unity, steadfastness, loyalty and primordial identifications to the SPLA-IO- meaning the Nuer people. Secondly, the Nuer people have resolutely, completely and totally pronounced their unity with South Sudanese who have come to join them in the social revolution or social renaissance against Salva Kiir’s regime, but not against the Dinka Community (DC) that the Nuer people have no problems with at all. Pretty soon the generals will undertake their job to re-strategize and to fight the war without any interference from the politicians until further notice. They would be given the freedom their job without any interference like in the past when Dr. Machar and his closed relatives monopolized power that has to be shared and delegated at this time to avert any monopoly from anyone, including Dr. Riek Machar and his protégés.

We are all now military and no politics until the war is won. Lot of changes, of course, will occur in the interim. We cannot wait for Dr. Riek Machar who remains as the rubberstamp or head of the Movement whilst he’s undergoing medical treatment in South Africa plus President Obama’s sanctions against Machar in favor of a dictator. Let every Nuer in the world knows that it’s the US President Obama that genocide the Nuer ethnicity in the mid-December 2013 Juba Genocide. In an interview conducted by Salva Kiir with the BBC Hard talk with Stephen Sukur, he stated it loud and clear that it was the White House through the US Secretary of State John Kerry to Salva Kiir that he should disrupt the scheduled general democratic elections in South Sudan. This was a great revelation for the people and the international community and for more, checks the BBC Hard Talks with Salva Kiir in the middle of 2015.

The different culturally diverse Dinka tribesmen should know and underscore that we have nothing against them, but we have problems with Salva Kiir’s illegitimate regime in Juba that must and ought to be overthrown or go by any means necessary. The Nuer ethnicity was targeted for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part. They were genocide in cold blood as members of an indelible group of the Nuer ethnicity because they are dedicated, loyalists members of the I-O. Therefore, every living Nuer man, woman, girls, ladies, children born and unborn alike, soldiers, businessmen, business women, generals, professors or academics, political leaders, policemen and all people associated with I-O or the Nuer people alike have become already inducted into the I-O and to become the mortal enemies of Salva Kiir’s regime infinitely in Juba. For any Nuer people on the GOSS side with the hell of ill intentions of creating any forms of armed factions closer to I-O forces or to unite with the archenemies of the Nuer nation and its brave, courageous and resilient people would be considered as Salva Kiir’s faction and surely, they could not to be spared, but to be destroyed instantaneously. This also applies to anyone that has joined Dr. Lam Akol’s gang as an agent of Salva Kiir’s in Juba, would also be destroyed. There are only two armies in South Sudan either one belongs to Salva Kiir’s camp or to Dr. Machar’s camp or both belong to Salva Kiir’s or to Dr. Machar camp because there would be no third force or the centrist path. There will be no forgiveness this time around for any Nuer persons that do not do well, he did it for himself and if he does badly, he did it also for himself. We will weed out all the bad app or onions or the fruitless fig trees in the orchard (kak jien). We have got to be cleansed


Most importantly, the Nuer genocide was orchestrated by the US President Barak Obama and the lobbyists led by Dr. Suzan Rice, Samantha Powell, Roger P. Winter, John Prendergast, Byran de Silver, Professor Eric Reeves, Frederick Peterson and Ted Diagne an Ethiopian émigré USCIA agent in the Library of Congress, Washington, DC. They have been advised by Dr. Francis Mading Deng Majok and Bona Malwal who have been pro-Kiir supporters and advisors and full pledged members of the Dinka Council (DC) a DASEH, ISIL, Taliban and Al-Shabab like terrorist organization. The Nuer people have been the victims of genocide on 15, 16, 17, and 18 December 2015 Genocide.

When the Nuer ethnicity was genocide in the mid-December 2013 Juba Genocide every Dinka person was joyous that they will avenge the 1991 Bor incident, that all Nuer people would be targeted for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part. Many of the Dinka folks from all-walks-of-life, including the Church clergy assumed that was the end of the Nuer ethnicity that the Dinka fears most in South Sudan and if there were to be any magical power to eradicate the Nuer off the planet-Earth, these unremorseful less, cannibal-like, uncultured, Godless, uncouth and useless Dinka tribesmen would become the happiest human beings. Well, the Nuer ethnicity is still alive and well and kicking asses of the perpetrators of this war in South Sudan like it happened on Friday, 8 July 2016 in J1 Building Grounds in Juba, Gudele, Lyana and Maridi Road for Forty-eight-Day (48) War. Many Dinka leaders thought that they would capture or kill Dr. Riek Machar, but they failed and the results were devastating and catastrophic for Salva Kiir’s forces in Juba and beyond. Let me tell the perpetrators of this war vividly and to all the enemies of Dr. Riek Machar and all the Nuer people that we met face-to-face in Khartoum with Dr. Machar’s and that his is well, alive and is not dead as many proclaimed so. I was shocked hands with him and discovered that he was pretty mighty fine and without a shot as Juba proclaimed in its negative propaganda. I am sure also that he is well in South Africa, that he has not been defeated by any means and he will return to South because to his people proudly who wanted him to return home alive, save and sound. On this ongoing war, Salva Kiir must and ought to know that victory is at the grasp of the Opposition, the Nuer, Shilluk, Feritet, Azanda, Ballanda, Mundari and all of the oppressed united against Juba. The war will be the longest and the most catastrophic war ever fought on South Sudan soil. We should be prepared for the consequences and its outcome. Peace is a bridge too far to cross as long as Salva Kiir’s remains as the illegitimate dictator in South Sudan. The Opposition promises nothing, but tears and blood. Peace will return through iron and blood. We cannot sit down on a roundtable conference again with Salva because he was the one responsible for messing up the brokered 2015 peace process by IGAD and its donor countries. What is left is that we have got to slug it out with Juba and iron and blood, courage, endurance will determine the outcome of the war started by the Dinka leaders in Juba. The Nuer and the opposition as a whole united will prevail against Juba illegitimate regime.

As a people and a nation, the Nuer collectively and solidly have been united against Salva Kiir’s regime to fight it as the most perfect and identifiable mortal enemy of the Nuer people on the planet-Earth. God Almighty would not punish any Nuers for having killed a Dinka because they were the first to have started this treacherous and infinite enmity and genocidal war on the planet-Earth.” Surely, what the Dinka Militias preemptively did, would always be remembered compared to the Armenians Genocide in the 1915-1920 by the Young Turks Marches to their deaths,; genocide against the Ovambo [Bushmen] and the Nama people in the then German Southwest Africa (Namibia) (1904-1908) by the notorious Kaiser’s Lt.-General Lothian van Thoroza; the Tutsi Genocide by the Hutus’ renegade in the 1994 Rwanda Genocide; The British gassed the Nuer with Mustard gas and Nerve (!915-`920) during the high the peak of the Anglo-Nuer or the Nuer Resistance or the Nuer Revolution (1900-1930), the Nazi Germany genocide or Holocaust against the Jews in Europe during the WWII (1939-1945); Saddam Hussein gassed the Kurds in Northern Iraq, the domination, oppression and exploitation of the Shia Muslim Communities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the tiny Kingdom of Bahrain; the ongoing genocidal campaign by the Buddhists fundamentalist, radical and extremist priests in Myanmar (Burma) against the Rhonyinga ethnicity as the most prosecuted Muslim ethnic minority in the world before the UN organization and the superpowers, including other examples that time and space would not permit me to jot down sincerely in this piece of work. But as a member of victimized communities targeted groups for genocide perpetrated against the Nuer ethnicity and other ethnicities by the Dinka because of power, money and control in the failed Africa’s youngest state in South Sudan, we will avenge it and no matter how long it takes, we will avenge the Dinka genocide un-mercilessly with catastrophic consequences or hefty collateral damages. We will prevail and the 15, 16, 17 and 18 December 2013 Genocide will be remembered like Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on Sunday, 7 December 1941 by the Imperial Japanese Naval and Air attacks as the day of infamy. Surely, I can say with full confidence, optimism and certainty that the Opposition will prevail and Salva Kiir whether he likes it or not will fall by any means necessary. This is the bottom line.


The question that is before us is whether we will change the Captain or the Skipper of aboard the boat drifting in the middle of the river with a new Captain as a replacement of the old Captain or Skipper or will we continue with the old Captain or Skipper and experienced Captain or Skipper until we have crossed the river? Who is going to be the replacement or the new captain or Skipper? It virtuous to complete a given task before you could venture with another new task. Let’s hypothetically assume and think about these questions and their relative tenable reasonable alternative (TRA) solutions. It surely sounds like the story of the cat and the mouse- that goes that all the mousses’ agreed that they are tired of being eaten often by the cat. So they met and agreed that they must find a solution to this ongoing unnecessary dying and continuous dying. One of the mice’s got up and said, well and good, with the decision that we have made. Ladies and Gentlemen, let me interject by asking you all, “who is going to put the bell on the cat’s neck? They all became stunned and amazed with the interjection from one of them and up to this time the enmity between the cat and the mouse still goes on and remains unresolved. Do we want this situation to go on like this or are we determined and dedicated ourselves and our energies to make sacrifices against Salva Kiir’s regime to induce political and democratic changes in South Sudan for the general good and welfare of the majority? Let’s all think about that critically. We must and ought to reckon that who will put the bell on Salva Kiir’s neck by any means necessary. This is the bottom line. We would not be like the cat and mouse story. Well, it was really amazing that when the Dinka Community (DC) met to attack the Nuer ethnicity, none of them ever got up to interject to ask them that “who will put the bell on Dr. Machar’s neck?” Who will fight to defeat the Nuers? The war has passed three-year (3) old and moving on strong to the four-year (4) and that Salva Kiir has failed to defeat the Nuer people in despite of the fact that he (Salva Kiir) imported foreign troopers, mercenaries and Sudan rebels (JEM. SRF and the SPLA-N) have been fighting for Juba. Did they or will they defeat the ferociously fighting Nuers? Why the Dinka leaders have to import foreign troopers on a domestic problem that did not need them? How long can the foreign troopers remain on South Sudan Sudan’s soil? Glad the fight against Salva Kiir has become nationwide civil war or ethnicities warfare rather than to be the treacherous ethnic warfare or as if a civil war.

Surely, we cannot from the strategic military viewpoint; we cannot underestimate the power from Juba. Nevertheless, we do know that the Dinka fighting capabilities and abilities, the fighting Nuers within combined with other oppressed, dominated and exploited group as well as genocide or democide of an indelible group like the Nuer ethnicity, they will defeat Salva Kiir regime in his fortresses in Juba and it’s only a matter of time. Thanks to UPDF that has been fighting for Salva Kiir in Juba. Because South Sudan belongs to all South Sudanese, we will be dedicated, determined and motivated to liberate it with our sweats and blood from any foreign power big or small. Uganda is nothing to us compared to the British that our forefathers comforted as anti-colonial elements. We would be more than proud that they have taught us history and we will not let them down ever. We promise Salva Kiir’s regime 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50 or up a 100-year war of warfare. Certainly, with a million rebel forces assembled in and around Juba and throughout all of the regions of South Sudan, we will suck it to Juba. We are preparing for a “Tet” or khor madit rei Juba (a big fight in side Juba town) until it will become to be a ghost town.

To the Nuer people as a whole we are all I-O and that was why we were genocide, dominated, oppressed and exploited by the short live Dinka political administration. Our boat is being steered by one and the only one person- that’s Dr. Riek Machar’s that we should as a people and the victims of genocide, war crimes against and crimes against humanity committed against us, we should hold our patience and souls together and never ever to surrender to the Jieng (kuany) and no matter how much they rise on top of the ladder, they often will remained “Jieng” and they know their place in society. For the Nuer people, patience is virtue. If any Nuers decided to jump off the drifting boat in the mid-river and if the crocodile caught him for dinner, we would neither mourn or cry no more because that was his democratic choice and decision to jump off the boat being steered by Dr. Riek Marcher’s in the middle of the river would not have the time to sacrifice so many lives for one that does not like him or I-O that represents all the Nuer people and its Captain or the Skipper for apparent raison d’être of hate, jealousy and enviousness. We hope that everyone knows that the I-O is not Dr. Machar, but it’s entirely all Nuer and our allies that have joined us to lead them to victory, democracy, federalism, social justice, peace and tranquility, growth and socio-economic development.

We should feel pretty proud and “United” around our charismatic and intelligentsia intellectual leader, a brother, comrade, friend and an elder and a father to so many of us. Like I said, anyone that likes or dislikes Dr. Riek Machar likes the outgoing US administration likes it or not, we will stand up tall with him and our new allies because he is our George Washington, our Winston Churchill, our Fidel Castro, our Charles Gordon (the Chinese Gordon), our Charles de Gaulle; our Josef Broz Tito; our Zamora Michel; our Kwame Nkrumah; our Amado Sekou Toure, our M.K. Gandhi; our Martin Luther King, Jr., of the US Civil Rights Movement; our Mandela; our Franklin D. Roosevelt to give us a “New Deal” and our Putin to guide us to victory; our Hoo Chi Ming; our General Ngun Gaip and many other revolutionary and nationalist leaders to be protected and to be adored as a leader to lead us all (kondial) to victory and to the glorious land or the Promised Land (Doar Kum khan) (the land of the plenty) or the New Israel (no relations to modern Israel). To you all the Nuer folks, we salute you because have built the foundation of freedom house in South Sudan like in the past you built Anya-Anya-1&2 A-&2) and the South Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-Army (SSPLM/A) that was snatched away or hijacked from you abated by the Marxist-Leninist Dreg regime led by the Colonel Mengistu Hale Miriam (1971-1981). Let me ask you a question: where in the hell in the world do you think you are running to when a great majority of South Sudanese already have come and are coming in large numbers to be joining you in the social revolution or the social renaissance that you have started? In South Sudan, we [the Nuer people] should all know that there are only two competing interests either- you belong to Salva Kiir’s camp or to Dr. Machar’s camp and there cannot be a centrist path or a third party like in the Mediterranean Island nation of Cyprus situation that had gone under politico-military tremendous changes in the aftermath of the 1974 Athens backed military coup d’état.


We would like to imbue to every Nuer, born or unborn, all those remained with Salva or with Machar’s and all that have joined hands with their fellow Nuers in the revolution, should all know that they are I-O that represents the Nuer and all the oppressed, dominated and exploited ethnicities or nationalities by the remorseful less, savages and cannibal-like Dinka leadership. If any Nuers or anybody feels that he dislikes or hates Dr. Machar’s because he failed to provide X and Y items, this is not correct and the time to air it out since our boat is still drifting or floating in the middle of the river. We can democratically air all of these grievances, concerns and disappointments and mischievousness when we have crossed the river. Let Dr. Machar steers the boat to the river shores, then, we bring out stored dirty laundry to them out and to put the blames where they belong and rights to where they belong. We should be forbearing, enduring these conditions no matter how much things got tougher, we have to remain sober and patience on the concurrent confusion and trusting that we are going to overcoming it and to be walking tall and proud before our archenemies. We should have patience, because it’s virtuous and let’s have the spirit of leaders and the leadership. Let us assume hypothetically that you or anyone, someone of us in the I-O dislikes or hates Dr. Machar’s because he did not do X and Y things, it’s your democratic right and free speech to speak out against for that. Nevertheless, we should not depart from each other because of negative criticism, but we will still have many options to perform peacefully and democratically like the people of South Korea who democratically took their case to the streets calling loud and clear for the impeachment of their democratically elected President for having shown secret government businesses to her personal friend, corruption, scandals and the revelations of Government’s top notch secrets to her personal friend. We would like to ask those disenchanted, discouraged and disillusioned with these sort of ideas and fears that we would like you to stand up tall to tell us before the mirror, for example, why do you want Dr. Machar’s to step down or to resign in the middle of the river, do you have the ability, the capacity and the capability to become the new Captain or the new Skipper or would we allow him as the old Captain or the old Skipper to continuing steering the boat off river shores of the river or to become the new replacement? For me, although I may have some discontents, disenchantments and disillusions, nevertheless, I would prefer that the old Captain continues steering us off the river shores safe and sound and then we will open up our dirty laundry for proper and appropriate discussions and to put all the blames on the old Captain that has terminated his tenure.

Let me be a double advocate, the Dinka have united and put a ring around Salva Kiir even though they do dislike or hate him [Salva Kiir], but they are protecting their power icon. Why can’t we do the same for Dr. Machar? Let’s in unionism stand up together tall and put a ring around Dr. Machar as the Nuer power icon. We should give Dr. Machar a second chance to complete his tenure and to move out peacefully in politics. Do the people bragging of removing Dr. Dr. Machar’s do they have the abilities and the capacities to lead? Surely, not everyone likes or dislikes Dr. Machar, but we should look for a peaceful removable of Dr. Machar after he crossed our drifting boat to the river shores. The same applies to the Dinka Community. How about those highly educated cadres and individuals who are highly qualified cadres and probably above average educated guys, compared to Dr. Machar’s or above staying with him and remained calmed behind the curtain and/or chopping up the food staff in the kitchen and cooking it and dishing it out in the kitchen and passing it through the Kitchen’s window to the people, where in the hell in the world are you going to be putting them? Don’t they want to lead? They are leaders, but they have been patience and would ask so many intelligent questions when the old Captain crossed the river or steered the boat off the river shores.


Before I could proceed, I would be obliged to jot down Dr. Lam Akol’s political history. He went on Sabbatical as a Lecturer at his Alma Mata University of Khartoum per advice from Sadiq El-Mahdi’s regime that enticed him go to join SPLM/A with the main purpose of disrupting it. Realistically, Sadiq Al-Mahdi’s regime was afraid and pretty much concerned about the Nuer-Dinka Unity that posed threats to Sudan’s national security as a whole. He was paid off with big cash in hard currency to get the job done. When the split occurred on 28 August 1991, he was part and parcel of the Nasir faction. He defected because he was not appointed to become the head of the Nasir faction instead of Dr. Machar who had the largest chunk of the forces and he had none on his belt. It had to be stated at the outset that Dr. Akol’s is a man with a pretty high ego, blind political ambition, selfish and an opportunist and a vulture and a hyena or savvy.

Many people are skeptics about Dr. Lam Akol to lead them or anybody because he’s not stable material or personality. After he defected from the Nasir faction, he formed his own Movement known as the SPLM/A-United and went to the refugee camps in Ethiopia to canvass for the Nuer cadres in the refugees camps in the Nuer-Ethiopia Gambela (region#12) to join him with a hidden agenda to disarm or to overthrow Dr. Machar that he had thoroughly failed to achieve for that. In 1997 Khartoum Peace Agreement [KPA], he [Dr. Lam Akol] refused to join the Pact comprised of seven (7) Southern Sudan movements that negotiated and signed on 21 April 1997the defunct Khartoum Pearce Agreement [KPA]. He [Dr. Akol] opted to negotiate solo the so-called Fashoda (Kodok) Agreement. However, when the so-called Fashoda (Kodok) Agreement became naturally defunct and failed, he moved on to join his friend the late Maki Belay and established the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) and quit it to join the National Congress Party [NCP] and later quit it as well. In the formation of the Government of National Unity [GONU] (2005-2011), he was appointed SPLA’s foreign minister in GONU that he could not have gotten without the efforts of Dr. Riek Machar as the FVP with all executive powers in the GOSS if it were democratically and constitutionally legitimate in Juba. Prior to the elections in 2010 general democratic elections and the split in 2011 of South Sudan, Dr. Lam Akol formed the SPLA-DC to contest the scheduled Presidential elections and became a member of the Opposition like other parties that did not participate in the process. In early 2012, he [Dr. Lam Akol] joined Lt.-General Lam Akol (SSDF) to form one command and General Phillips Bipan Machar based on seniority and military chains of command was appointed the Deputy Chief of the General Staff Command of the alliance to be followed by General Nyoun Nyabil, General Ayok Ogut and Colonel Johannes Okuich as deputies on Dr. Lam Akol’s side and others as deputies in command.

Dr. Lam was not happy with the arrangements and because of pride and prejudice, he privately and personally gave orders without due knowledge of the Chief of the General Staff Command Lt.-General Gordon Kong Chol to Ayok Ogut and Colonel Johannes to murder in cold blood General Phillip Bipan Machar(no relations to Dr. Machar) and General Nyoun Nyabil, including thirty-five (35) Officers, the NCOs and the Enlisted as well as eighty-five (85) Luai or Dok-Dok collectors- that means in Thok Nath language of the people of the people (Nuer) language) or the so-called Gum Arabic collectors for Dr. Lam Akol and Elei Pharmaceutical Company. Dr. Lam because of his blind ambition and jealousy to lead, he disrupted the SSLA and murdered the Chief of SSLA Operations General Kohl Chara Nyang and his Deputy in collaboration with Bapiny Montuiel and Tut Kaw Gatluak on Camp-23 in Karsand. In the aftermath of these offenses, he (Dr. Akol) departed for Kenya because of the fear that he might be kidnapped by General Gai Yoach about the death of General Kohl Chara Nyang and his Deputy, including forty (40) other victims of such a preemptive malicious cold blood murders or attacks their fellow officer or colleagues in along Sudan-South Sudan borders.

The preceded has been the precise background of Dr. Lam Akol’s strategic political background. It’s realistic to state it at the outset that whenever Dr. Lam Akol leads, he works diligently with such a group of individuals without any problems. Nevertheless, when his interests diminishes or recedes or to become equal with others in the pact or have been marched and balanced with other interests, he runs away from the project to create another prior to the completion of the ongoing project. This is now the main purpose or the case of creating the so-called a Broad Based Movement (BBM) that he would be predestined to be its leader instead of abandoning it and to come to join ranks and files with his colleagues as a people with one enemy and one objective that’s to cutoff its whacking tail and its legs in Juba. Dr. Lam Akol needs to change his leadership style if he wishes to succeed in life and to gain ‘trust’ from his own Shilluk (Chollo) traditional kingdom subjects before others could trust him to lead them. The point of argument that I am trying to impart to Dr. Lam Akol’s is that “charity begins at home” and that it’s about time that he should return to the traditional Shilluk kingdom to unite first his fellow subjects and colleagues in this great kingdom that we have learned so much on the issue of governance, respect, affiliation, loyalty, primordial identification; honor and honesty in the leadership otherwise known in the legal writings as ‘cestui que trust’ is unborn, or is ignorant of the existence of the trust… or may be defined to be an equitable, title, or interest in property, real or personal, distinct from the legal ownership thereof. Verily, I would like to say that he should unite his own Shilluk (Chollo) of the traditional Shilluk Kingdom subjects before others. He had no reason at all to be anti-Riek Machar with huge demography of people around him to give him full protection. For Dr. Lam Akol, he could not become the replacement of Dr. Riek Machar’s if anything extraordinaire such as death, impairment, senility were to occur to Dr. Machar and God Almighty forbids, he [Dr. Lam Akol] could not under no circumstances to become replacement of Dr. Machar within the Nuer Community [NC] that has produced so many educated young people in the Diaspora compared to any communities, including the Dinka in South Sudan. In the logical, critical and analytical and legal reasoning and reasonableness, the same argument would be same because if the Reth [King) of the Shilluk (Chollo) dies or become sick, impaired, senile, it’s only natural that the Shilluk Kingdom would not select a Nuer that come from the traditionally advanced democratic acephalous society wherefore all people that live in believe that it’s self-evident that all men/women are created equal, but not subjects of anyone and only one person- that the Reth who has been endowed to possess the temporal and the spiritual powers as opposed to traditional advanced democratic, egalitarian, communalism with opened traditions and customs could not become the Reth of the Shilluk. So let’s call a spade a spade or everything in terms of black and white. In Sudan’s universities and colleges, the Nuer has excelled more than the Dinka with college degrees in various fields of human endeavors. Succinctly, let Dr. Akol’s returns to his traditional Kingdom to unite his folks and then to come along with them as a united whole unit in which the sum must be equals to the sum of its parts.

Hear this folks; in the past few weeks Dr. Lam Akol’s held a Press Conference in Addis-Ababa, Ethiopia, in which he proclaimed that he has left or departed ways with the illegitimate GOSS as minister of Agriculture. This was a hoax and a historical blunder that no one could believe. Based on our concurrent strategic research and analysis on the Dr. Akol’s Press Conference in the Ethiopian Capital of Addis-Ababa and why he impretuly left Juba, it was a predesigned conspiracy, deception, manipulation and maneuvering of the third kind. Juba has got a strategic plan to disrupt I-O forces along Sudan-South Sudan border. As far as Juba was concerned, there could be no experienced person to undertake this conspiracy than other Dr. Lam Akol. Historically, it would be recalled that was Dr. Akol that disrupted the SPLM/A split on 28 August 1991, unfortunately. He tricked and deceived Dr. Machar’s to split from SPLM/A with a blasphemy and a deceptive plans. He had a strategic plan designed by ex-I-O Officers that followed the illegal VP Taban Deng Gai to create a Battalion or a Division closer to the I-O rebel forces and to be armed and supported by Juba to disrupt the I-O that they do not know their real intentions. As we have discovered, the whole plan was planned to launch attacks on I-O positions on 10 December 2016 at close range along Sudan-South Sudan border that Juba lost to the I-O for years. It has been alleged that they have been flown fifty (50) containers in advanced full of arms, ammunitions and equipment under the disguise of SRF, JEM and SPLA-N in Pariang, Abieth and Unity. Both Dr. Lam Akol and Taban came to Khartoum to recruit people and commanders. They were only able to recruit two commanders (General Gabriel Tang and Brigadier Chuol Gakah) that were paid off by both Dr. Lam Akol and Taban, respectively.

Naturally, both Dr. Lam and Taban Deng Gai (alas Mohamed Hassan El-Hagg) had attempted purposely of recruiting I-O Officers, but they did not succeed in recruiting only a few disgruntled, confused, “Dialectic Materialists’ as the German philosopher Karl Marx termed such individuals in his work- the “Das Capital”- and senseless commanders like General Gabriel Tang, Brigadier-General Chuol Gakah who have no soldiers to follow them as long as both Taban, Dr. Akol and General Gabriel Tang are the leaders that represents the so-called Lam Akol’s Broad Based Movement (BBM) to be supported by Juba and defined by I-O as the prima facie enemy. We have discovered that Juba delivered them more than fifty (50) containers full light arms with arms of infantry types and ammunitions, RPG-7, Machines Guns, to disrupt the I-O operations and presence along Sudan-South Sudan border. They wanted to create a third army with no relations or affiliations with the I-O along the controlled areas. To make the story short, we have only two armies in South Sudan designated as the SPLA-Juba and SPLA-I-O. Dr. Lam Akol has left the Shilluk folks alone and failed to unify them, but has been obsessed in leading the Nuer majority in the Greater Upper Nile region and the whole of South Sudan based on the 2010 Fifth Sudan Population Census (SPC) that’s any empty dream that could not materialize and could become like an empty nest.

Personally, as an intelligentsia intellectual of like mind, I would like to advise Dr. Akol to go first to unite the Shilluk (Chollo) because “Charity begins at home” and to return on board with a people behind him to compete with Dr. Machar, Professor/Ambassador David de Chand and other highly qualified Nuer intelligentsia intellectuals and notables in the Diaspora because of the ongoing treacherous tribal warfare or as if a civil war or ethnicities war in South Sudan. Specifically, I am highly qualified academic, diplomat and a former Senior National Expert in the Presidency of the Republic of Sudan prior to the split and an experienced Nuer, am I not capable of leading the Nuer people? I think I can because I have the capability and the ability to lead the Nuer people. What does Dr. Lam Akol know that I do not know or alternatively, what is that he can do that I cannot do in the world? I do not believe that he [Dr. Akol] has got magical powers of knowledge or what Robert Peal termed as “The power of positive thinking” than I do neither that he surpasses me nor highly qualified more than me in international affairs and decision-making. I am highly trained and qualified American political scientist and a former Veteran of the US Army. The world rotates on my fingers tip. In a nutshell, I would like anyone to tell me frankly what’s that Dr. Lam Akol’s knows in the world that I do not know? Most importantly, if there were to be ten (10) South Sudanese assembled, I would be among them. If there were to be 9, 8,7,6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 and the only one, I would still be there. So Dr. Lam Akol and I are men of like-minds that should each other with respect and dignity for that. Our differences appeared in various fields of knowledge that we perused in the Universities and the Colleges and fields of specializations. For instance Dr. Akol is a Chemical Engineer and I am a Political Scientist or social scientist. We both have learned and read well in all our fields of knowledge.

I urge and appeal to Dr. Lam Akol to come join the I-O pact and let him not repeat the past mistakes. We have not forgotten his political history in the SPLM/A split in 1991 and beyond. Frankly speaking, the Nuer people will never again allow a non-Nuer to lead them. The late John Garang would become the first and the last non-Nuer leader to lead the Nuer and that later on he was the first to spoil the broth or the soup when he reckoned that was uplifted from abject poverty or from the de-classsie status and became a multimillionaire, lived and died as one compared to the Yasser Arafat of the PLO and the late Dr. Johannes Sambvivy of UNITA in Southern Angola and, then, turned out to become the prima facie enemy compared to Abel Alier in the defunct Southern Sudan Higher Executive Council (HEC) in the 1972 Addis-Ababa Accord from within the Movement against the Nuer nation and its resilient people. No Nuer leader would ever repeat this historical blunder. Therefore, let it be known to all concerns that the Nuer shall and will not repeat the post-mistakes and the historical blunders. We have learned the hard way because our traditional advanced liberal and neo-liberal democracy, tolerance, equalitarianism, communalism, and kondial (all of us together) a quasi Nuer socialism, social justice and equality have been our premiere enemy. The Nuer nation and its resilient people will not forget the past and will always remember the past mistakes and will not forget, but to pass the torch to this generation, to the next generation and to all generations of the Nuer nation of the present, the future and the future is now.

We cannot allow any development of a third rebel force that we do not know its ideological, sociopolitical, methodological and philosophical intentions to co-habit or coexist with I-O. In South Sudan today there are only two forces that anyone could identified himself as either I-O led by Dr. Riek Machar or the SPLA Juba led by Salva Kiir and there will be no third force. Dr. Lam Akol, Gabriel Tang, Johannes Okuich, Taban Deng they had already collided with I-O commanders and specifically told by the I-O commanders that if they are part of the establishment or if they wish to join the outfit let them declare so, but if they are not, they should declare to peacefully move out or to be crushed without any delays as already shown by the latest developments in Kuek. Nevertheless, if they are not part of I-O, they are automatically SPLA Juba and this has been the main purpose that Dr. Lam Akol’s left Juba as an agent of Salva Kiir, Taban and Paul Malong Awan to disrupt I-O forces along the borders with Sudan. Of Course, now that I-O has discovered their trickeries and inner secrets as such I-O intelligence already has discovered this plan of the GOSS and it could not work anywhere throughout South Sudan under the I-O forces controlled. Dr. Lam was sent to Khartoum under the disguise of being an opposition against Salva Kiir’s regime; in fact, it was not part of it. For Dr. Lam Akol who had murdered and Killed in cold blood Nuer Officers in Hambra and Magnisis and a wanted man dead or alive for him to turn around coming closer to establish military camps that belong to Juba. Surely, I-O will not tolerate that the existence of a third force and the orders should be to crash them all or they would have to move on to the GOSS fortresses and we will get them together. I-O will prevail in this war and all future wars against Salva Kiir.

In summation, the Nuer people in particular, should feel proud that they have been genocide because they were I-O that represents the entire Nuer nation and its allies, our children were murdered because they were I-O; our pregnant women and lactating mothers were killed and burnt because they were I-O; our girls were raped; our young children who are our future precious jewels were castrated and sodomized by the Dinka homosexuals [Gays] because they were I-O; our men were forced to eat a roasted human flesh and to drink the fresh human blood of a dead cadaver at a gun point because they are I-O. Those that did the preceding acts were remorselessly murdered at the end of their humiliations and degradations because they were I-O. We have fought and we will fight to die because have been I-O. For that the Nuer who behaved like unguided missiles or artillery shells or confused and opted to follow the Jieng for the sake of money, where do they think they are going? If any Nuers have opted to return to SPLA Juba, well and good, we will get you there when the time comes for us to enter in Juba if you would remain alive because you will be hacked to death or killed in cold blood by the remorseful less, uncouth, and cannibal-like Jieng before we could reach to you because you are an I-O in the first place. In other words, any Nuers that have opted to return to Juba would be considered as dead octopus human beings and to be ex-communicated from the Nuer community. The Nuer unity could be the greatest endeavor to unite and to stick together like a bundle of sticks, to unite together, to fight together; to share all the difficulties together; to face trials and tribulations together; and to feel proud and to be joyous that victory is at our grasps of the masses.

For those Nuer folks who would jump off the drifting boat in the mid-river before it could reach off shores or would be leaping away from its preys, they should know and understand that if anything happens like if anyone drawn and the crocodile grasped them for its dinner to that unstable and weak spirited mediocre, they would owe it to yourselves because if you do good, you do it for yourself and if you do bad you do it for yourself as well. Patience is virtue and meticulous strategic planning have been the ingredients to success. If we understand the arts and the spirit of the revolution and nationalism alike, we would be what Professor Albert Einstein termed it as high spirits vs. the mediocre spirits. Those with mediocre spirits have been the ones failing the Nuer people for personal interests and they do not live long. They have been the ones jumping of the boat in midst of the river and have got no sense of direction because they have overwhelmingly fears of the unknown.

I am an optimist and believe that all men and women should have red badge of courage in all situations no how tougher things might be, courage, patience, endurance and perseverance Psalms No. 23 teaches us that “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want; he maketh me to lie down in green pastures. He restoreth my soul even though I walk through the valley of shadow of death, I will fear no evils for thou art with me, thy rod and thy staff shall follow me all the days of my life…. and I will dwell in the house of the Lord ever”, Amen! These words are the best ingredients of life until death depart. If our mindsets have been focused on what Philosopher Karl Marx called Dialectic materialism (Nhok yeuini ke nhok kuakni) they have been the ones that failed the Nuer community. We will weed them all out like fruitless fig trees or fruitless mangoes trees in the orchard.

In all revolutions, from the American Revolution (1775), French Revolution or Bastille Day (1789) to the Russian Bolshevik (1917), Castro’s Cuba, Mao Tse-Dong and all Africans national movements and their anti-colonial and apartheid agendas, they did put first the defined objective to be achieved by any means necessary and the rest will be added. I say unto you all brothers and sisters in the name of the revolution, let’s put first our objective- in which we have all unanimously agreed and united to overthrow the Dinka dictator Salva Kiir similar to the long terms dictators overthrown throughout the Arab Spring or the Arab Streets. We have at our disposal both choices- the intensification of the armed struggle or to have a South Sudan spring or autumn or Spring, or Summer or a South Sudan Streets like in South Korea forcing their democratically elected President to resign through the free will of the people because of scandals and corruption. What choices do we have now? So you wake up, to stand up for your rights and to stop sleeping in beds. We should all work day and night like beehives to achieve our dream objective-that’s to get rid of Salva Kiir and his cronies by any means necessary.

This should be our predetermined goal and objective, then, let’s stop once and for all criticizing our leaders negatively, but to let us give them hope and the spirit to plan for the course of the social revolution or the social renaissance. Remember folks, “United we stand”, “Divided we fall”. Our motto should be in Latin “E pluribus Unum(out of many, one) as in the Official Seal of the United States of America. We should dream to become the first country to be known as the United States of Africa (USA) with a Constitution that truly reflects the mirror of the Constitution of the United States of America or the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The Dinka Bor war, led by Salva Kiir’s illegitimate, dictatorial and genocidal regime has committed genocide defined as the gravest and the greatest crimes against humanity. It has also committed other heinous crimes against humanity. The Nuer nation with or without Dr. Machar that Salva Kiir seems to have put all the blames on him for everything that has happened in South Sudan, the Nuer nation and its resilient people will avenge this genocide no matter how it takes the perpetrators will pay a hefty collateral damage.

We will not relentlessly stop this war until the mission to end genocide will be accomplished. Some people will become internally displaced persons (IDP), homeless and stateless. If the world did not care about the premature killings of the unarmed and helpless Nuer ethnicity in hundreds of thousands in the mid-December 2013 Juba Genocide compared to what happened to the Tutsi in the 1994 Rwanda Genocide, the Jews in Europe in Nazi Germany, African majority in South Africa during the darkest days of Apartheid, the First Nations in the Americas, the Aborigines in Australia, the Armenian Genocide by the Young Turks in 1915-20s, the Mau-Mau Detainees tortured by imperial Britain and the Anglo-Nuer War (1900-1930) or the Nuer Revolution or résistance(Khor Naadth ke Nath kie Lonolithni) or in Arabic al-Sura el-Nuer to resist the British colonial rule in Southern Sudan in contemporary Sudanese history similar to al-Madhya in the Northern Sudan. The ongoing Rhoyingas Muslim ethnic minority situation perpetrated by the Buddhists fundamentalist, radical and extremists before the UN and superpowers in Myanmar (Burma) and many other others have been befallen folks because of genocide around the world that the international community has failed its moral duty and its moral obligation like in South Sudan. It’s a clear reminiscence of the past war of independence for almost one-half of a century that the UN and the international community kept silent and more than 2.5milllion South Sudanese were grossly and systematically genocide by various partially elected so-called democratic governments and the military junta[1] that ruled the country the longest retrospect to political independence in Khartoum without any condemnation compared to the outcry in Darfur Crisis that erupted in 2003. It deliberately and willfully empowered Salva Kiir abated by the outgoing Obama’s Administration and its Secretary of State John Kerry that advised Salva Kiir in an interview with BBC Hardtalk’s Sukur to disrupt the elections scheduled for 2015 was a gross interference in the domestic affairs of South Sudan. Based on the preceded information, the war in South Sudan should be termed as the US President Barak Obama War or the Obama’s neo-scrambled in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Sudan in particular.

The perpetrators should know and understand that they have wakened up a sleeping giant that was studying and analyzing slowly, surely and carefully was studying and analyzing systematically, which way Salva Kiir was steering the nation and did not feel or had any envies or trust of the Dinka leadership. We urge and appeal to all southerners who have been affected by Salva Kiir’s regime to form a United Front in order to overthrow it once and for all. We can and we will do it easily than you think or imagine and it’s only a matter of time, it will be gone with the wind. To the Nuer nation and its resilient people, this is veer kempt (our war) (Khoran) because we have been targeted for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part. We have been aggressed by Kuany (Slaves) (Jieng) [Dinka] to kill the Nuer ethnicity for the sake of their God’s given natural resources-the oilfields and the gas fields in the country. Surely, we will make the perpetrators know their place in South Sudan. To the international community, in my capacity as an elder and a leader in the Nuer Community, we have got nothing to fear to jot down freely our political, philosophical, sociological and epistemological feelings, thoughts and intentions as members of the civilized Nuer society that guarantees free speech even if it’s obscener or even if one had to be indicted by the ICC, the Nuer nation will be ready to fight Salva Kiir’s illegitimate, dictatorial and genocidal regime by any means necessary until it will be defeated and it will surely be defeated; it’s only a matter of time.

We would like to rest assured the international community that the enemy is not the Dinka Community [DC] that we respect and cherish as our cousins, neighbors and that we also believe that if the Dinka were to be annihilated or wiped out to become statistics like the Red men in the First Nation in the New World or in the New Hemisphere (the Americas), the next vulnerable target would become the Nuer ethnicity by our lurking enemies who are also our neighbors waiting like vultures and hyenas to tear apart our fleshes without any distinctions who’s is a Nuer or who’s a Dinka because they are the same, they must and ought to be destroyed. These lobbyists, deceptive, manipulative and maneuvering dream that has been an orchestrated policy of Dr. Lam Akol Ajwaien ever since that he had decided to destroyed the Nuer-Dinka relationship in the once invincible Marxist-Leninist SPLM/A split perpetrated by Dr. Akol on 28 August 1991 and who is also lying low and works through deceptions behind the scene and by birding illiterate General Gabriel Tang and Brigadier-General Chuol Gakah to form a new movement to split the Nuer people in order to get a choice to rise and to fulfill an empty nest dream of aspiring to become the President of South Sudan.

Certainly, Dr. Akol, General Tang, Chuol Gakah and Johannes Okuich have been part of that lost generation of some stupid, chaotic and useless Nuer people who could not have already smell the fruits of the Nuer unity and will not be divided by anyone no more. They are solidly united as a people and stand up behind Dr. Riek Machar and other Nuer leaders to fight Salva Kiir regime in Juba by any means necessary until it will be defeat and it will surely be defeated. I have question for the idiots that hate and dislike Dr. Riek Mchar’s does anyone of them have the ability and the capacity to become his replacement? As Dr. Lam Akol’s a person of like-mind like me is aspiring to become President of South Sudan, what could prevent me also from aspiring to become the President of the South Sudan? My record, qualifications and work experience as an academic, diplomat and the former Senior National Experts in the Presidency of the Republic of Sudan prior to split of South Sudan on 9 July 2011 has been pretty clean, well-educated, highly qualified or overqualified and have great work experience in the USA as an academic, a Veteran of the US Army and in Sudan as a diplomat and Senior National Expert in the Presidency of the Republic of Sudan prior and a leader of South Sudan Democratic Front Part (SSDFP) that will change its acronyms to South Sudan Democratic Party (SSDP) retrospect to the split of South Sudan from the mother country-Sudan- to become true on 9 July 2011.

I would like seek the Office of the President through the democratic process and I will transfer power at the end of my tenure through peaceful democratic process that will bring me to the highest Office in the land and would transfer power peacefully at the end of my tenure one or two terms (8 year). This is the bottom line. I have been in Opposition from day one and still I am going on strong and have neither joined the wicked regime in Juba nor involved in corruption, embezzlement and self-aggrandizement. Many top notch bureaucrats have been in and out, corrupt individual. I could term myself as one of the lost Boys of Anya-Anya 1&2 (A-1 & II in retrospect to 1965. I could not truly compared myself with Dr. Lam Akol’s who had been leaping “in” and “out” of the regime until recently when he was appointed as the minister of agriculture that has no bearing with his educational background and experience as a Chemical Engineer. In other words, he has been trained and misplaced or one of the “lost generations” a term applied by Gertrude Stein “the Lost Generation”- referring to a group of expatriates of US writers living in Paris, France, in the 1920s, including her, whose work reflects the breakdown of orders and values after WWI (1914-1919). In the Nuer socio-philosophical political and sociological thoughts it may be termed it as “E Reich mi ci baath”- referring to and the Nuers and other South Sudan intelligentsia intellectuals in the Diaspora in the US, Canada, the UK, Continental Europe and other parts of the world forced to remain in exile by the ongoing carnage in South Sudan.

A caveat that I would like the readers to know is that in the Shilluk traditional culture and ethics “no Shilluk can rise above the traditional King (Reth) of the Shilluk (Chollo)”. Because Dr. Lam Akol is a Shilluk, he cannot become the President because he could surrender the state as the most important personality (VIP) in international law to the suzerainty of the Reth (King) of the Shilluk. Most importantly, all Shilluk intelligentsia intellectuals and the locals are bound by the traditional customs to vowed down 150-200 meters before the King (Reth) and they cannot look at him directly through the eyes because that would be an offense and could possibly warrant fatwa (edict) because the Chollo Reth is both temporal and spiritual leader of all the Shilluk (Chhollo) and death from the King himself or to curse any Shilluk to “Nyikango” to make him disappearance without any trace and there would be questions to be asked about that lost soul. This statement is true because Shilluk King or (Reth) does not usually die a natural death, but they are strangulated or suffocated if His Royal Highness (HRH) the Reth becomes too ill or sickbed or senile… and nobody talks about Reth’s death until a new Reth has been sworn in as the replacement of the dead Reth. In brief, my brother Dr. Lam Akol does not stand a chance to become the President of South Sudan and no matter how much he will try climbing the ladder, he would fall given all the circumstances above-mentioned in this work in the Shilluk customary law, ethics and norms. I hope there would be an article in the constitution governing anyone like Dr. Lam Akol aspiring from all the kingdoms in South Sudan to seek the highest Office in the land. We would like to be free and independent people, democratic, but not subjects to any human beings except God Almighty. This is the basis of the Nuer egalitarianism, communalism and “Kondial” (together) equivalent or similar to Harmbee in Kiswahili and social equality for all before the law of the land and God Almighty or cestui que trust is unborn, or is ignorant of the existence of trust…

The Nuer nation and other ethnicities united with them in the concurrent circumstances and specially the Feritet of Western Bahr-es-Ghazal, we would like to reiterate that they have no enmity against the Dinka Community, but against anyone that is loyal to and still wearing or has worn the SPLA insignia and committed genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity and its Special Twic Dinka Militias (Bany Adut, Mathiang Anyour, Malwal Ayier, Ting Bany and Ageng Weng) will become the real prioritized and identified public enemy’s Number one of South Sudanese people as a whole. They must and ought to be eliminated, civilized and to be tamed, including their primitive and savage, woman and child killer Salva Kiir; or the “minister of death” or the” President of death” or the Hermann Goring-like of the Nazi Germany Luftwaffe (German Air Force) during the WWII (1939-1945) against the European Jews. No powers could stop the Nuer combined with other exploited, oppressed, dominated, murdered and killed by Salva Kiir‘s regime fighting this war against it to remove this monstrous establishment or outfit from power on the face of this planet-Earth. When we will overthrow Salva Kiir’s wicked, totalitarian, genocidal and dictatorial regime, we will together begin with big programs of re-construction, re-unification, re-integration and redevelopment programs of the failed state that moved from being politically instable state to stateless to statelessness from ground zero and to make it rise again like the Phoenix and The City of Atlanta Georgia, USA, that was burnt down to ashes by General George Sherman of the Union Army during the US Civil War (1860-1865) and to follow the Marshall Plan in Europe at the end of WWII (1939-1945). This would require a skillful and experience leader to convince donors for a “Marshall Plan” similar to post-War Europe for South Sudan.

We should all be determined in unionism to fight Salva Kiir’s regime by any means necessary until it departs for good similar to the Arab Spring or the Arab Streets that let go or overthrown the North African dictators in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt. We will together replace it with a democratic, a shared federal system of government based on the ten (10) states with a federal constitution that permit any states or regions to freely exit the Union like the British Exit the EU as one of the founding members of the EU under the 1973 Lisbon Agreement that established the European Union (EU) and awaiting to trigger Article 50 to negotiate a single market relations with the EU and that no state the states in South Sudan would have to surrender certain powers to a shared federal government like in the United States of America. I would recommend a constitution that would be 100% reflective and comprehensive of the mirror of the US Constitution. However, there could be no exceptionalism because of cultural values and the current state of South Sudan. Nevertheless, we should insert articles, phrases and /or clauses to be fulfilled by any of the states or the regions if they so desired or opted to exit from the Union to negotiate its future relations with other states and the regions that are still member states of the Union of the Federal Republic of South Sudan. Because of the events that have occurred in the mid-December 2013, South Sudan would not be same at all. Its future, reunification and reintegration remain bleak. I am a skeptic that the South Sudan would ever reunite or to become the same again because there is no trust and confidence building measures. Of course, we do not knows what the future holds for us, but we do know who holds the future God’s Almighty (Kuoth Nhial) and Creator (Cakdan kondial). It could or it could not be reunited or to be reintegrated; all of them would be good for the people of South Sudan.


Genocide has been defined as the gravest and the greatest crimes against humanity. This crime has been committed by the Twic Dinka Special Militias and the SPLA per direct orders of the Dinka dictator Salva Kiir in South Sudan. Genocide is generally considered one of the worse moral crimes a government (meaning any ruling authority, including that of a guerrilla group, a quasi state, a Soviet, a terrorist organization, or an occupation authority) can commit against its citizens or those it controls). The specific reason has been the case of the Holocaust, the systematic attempt of German authorities during WWII (1939-1945) to kill all and every Jews no matter where found- to destroy Jews as a group. In the mid-December 2013 Juba Genocide the dictatorial and genocidal Salva Kiir’s regime gave orders similar to those of the preceded German authorities to target the Nuer ethnicity no matter where found-to destroy the Nuer ethnicity as an indelible group.

In Nazi Germany more than 5-6 million Jews were targeted for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part. In the same vein Salva Kiir’s regime targeted hundreds of thousands of unarmed and helpless Nuer ethnicity for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part. The politico-military events that flourished in Germany during the Second World (WW II) (1939-1945) became the classic paradigm case of genocide underlines the word’s origin. Because of genocidal experience, there was an international attempt through the United Nations to make genocide to become an international crime to bring its perpetrators to justice. Thus, in 1948, it approved and proposed the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide [UHCG] signed it into law by the ICC. Of course, the main purpose or intention of genocide as a crime has been to destroy and identified indelible group for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious, as such. In the mid-December 2013 Juba Genocide in the aftermath of the internally split within the Marxist-Leninist SPLM as the ruling party and then followed by an alleged coup d’état masterminded by the former FVP Citizen Dr. Riek Machar against his boss the Dinka dictator Salva Kiir that targeted one of the largest, the strongest and potentially the richest in terms of natural resources, oilfields and gas field, critical and crucial strategic minerals such as Uranium, gold and other minerals in higher demands in the international marketplace. The dictatorial and genocidal regime in the mid-December 2013 Juba Genocide in cold blood more than 200,000 to 100,000 unarmed and helpless Nuer ethnicity because Dr. Machar is of the Nuer ethnicity in Juba because of the euphorically alleged coup d’état. The ICC accepts the definition, further elaborated it, provides broader jurisdiction and can subject individuals regardless or status or rank to prosecution.

The ICC covers not only genocide, but crimes against humanity that include aside from genocide, government murder, examination campaigns, enslavement, deportation, torture, rape, sexual slavery, enforced disappearances, and apartheid. Fact, genocide is also a subject of social science and scholarly study, but it does not allow for empirical and historical research. The definition of genocide for research purposes has, in essence, been two types: genocide is the intention to murder people because of their group membership, even if political or economic. A second definition is democide that is any intentional government murdered of unarmed and helpless Nuer ethnicity people for whatever reason.

Many governments around the world have been responsible for the crimes of genocide. They have murdered probably around 200 million plus people in the 20th through 21st Centuries. Most of the killing, probably around 120 million plus people, have been due to communist governments, especially in the former Soviet Union under Nicolai Lenin and Joseph Stalin and their successors, and China under Mao Tse-tung (45 million). Some other totalitarian regimes are also largely responsible for this, particularly Hitler’s Germany (30 million) and Chiang Kai-chek’s Nationalist Government of China (Formosa) (Taiwan) about 15 million). Other regimes have murdered lesser millions include Khmer Rouge, Cambodia, Japan, North Korea, Mexico, Pakistan, Poland, Russia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Serbia, or Tito’s Yugoslavia, Nigeria, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda and Africa’s youngest failed state in South Sudan that has moved from politically instable state and moved to stateless to statelessness like Somalia in the aftermath of the 1992 fall of General Sayaid Barre in Mogadishu.

Fundamentally, genocide is a product of the type of regime a country has. There is a high correlation between the degree of democratic freedom as people enjoy and the likelihood that the government will commit democide. Modern democratic governments have committed virtually no domestic genocide compared to the dictatorships around the world. Specifically, the governments that commit the most genocide have been totalitarian governments, while those that committed lesser genocide have been partially or wholly authoritarian and dictatorial.

Regardless of the type of regime, the likelihood of genocide increases during their involvement in war, internal disruption, as by revolution, rebellion, or foreign incursions. Regardless of war or peace, the motive of genocide may be to deal with a perceived threat to the government or its policies, to destroy those one hates or envies, to pursue the ideological transformation of society, to purify society or to achieve economic or material gains. This is so to be true of the concurrent ongoing treacherous tribal warfare or as if a civil war or ethnicities warfare in South Sudan. Virtually, the Dinka dictator Salva Kiir per advised from the outgoing US President Barak Obama Administration, has been solely responsible for the crime of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity committed throughout South Sudan. It begun with the Nuer ethnicity and later on up to now spread to other sixty-three (63) ethnicities, including the Dinka people themselves. Without the shadow of a doubt, that the Nuer will surely avenge the act committed by the Dinka in the mid-December 2013 with catastrophic outcome and its does not matter how long this war goes on, the Dinka have not seen nothing yet and they are not out of the woods yet.

The Dinka led regime in Juba hates and envies the potential Nuer ethnicity riches because of given raw materials- oilfields and gas fields and strategic critical minerals in high demands in the international marketplace. Most importantly, rapid rise of the Nuer nationality in education, business, and their aspirations for the establishment of a shared federal system amongst the existing ten (10) states has presented a permanent jury and fear to the lazy Dinka tribesmen who are the poorest in terms of resources and the laziest in terms of work. Certainly, the aspiration of every Dinka is to become a ‘white colliers’ vs. the “blue colliers”. Because they are lazy, they often preferred to become the bosses even when they have no the necessary qualifications and work experience on the job to give only orders. This conception or gist cannot work in South Sudan where over 80% of its population still remains agrarian and making their living by tilling the soil. The alleged coup d’état in Juba against Salva Kiir was and intelligent and tricky way to genocide the Nuer ethnicity for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part. The Dinka interest has been and will be economic interest or material gains in the Nuerland. The Dinka is also fearful of the stronger and potentially rich, democratic and egalitarian and communal Nuer ethnicity taking over power and resources (wealth) without any sharing. This time around, they would have buy oil and gas and the Nuer would give them agreements similar to Ukraine and Russia on gas and if they failed to pay the revenues, they would be shut down for that.

The specific raison d’être that Salva Kiir spoiled the first general democratic elections in  20015 was that he sensed or smelled a defeat from Dr. Riek Machar and was advised by the outgoing US Secretary of State John Kerry to disrupt scheduled general democratic elections for 2015 to take place because that would end Salva Kiir’s dictatorial rule that the outgoing US Administration was supporting in Juba. This aforementioned statement was said loud and clear by Salva Kiir’s in his own mouth during an interview that he had with the BBC Hard Talks Chief Stephen Sucker in 2015. Salva Kiir’s regime to implement genocide or democide it undertook eight (8) steps, which are classification of people into different categories; the symbolization or characterization of them; dehumanization of members of the group; organizing the murderer or extermination of the members of the group; polarization of the moral distance of the group; preparation for campaigns of extermination; the actual genocide like what occurred to the unarmed and helpless Nuer ethnicity; and after the fact, a denial that such was not carried out. Without the shadow of a doubt, that the crime of genocide did occur per Salva Kiir’s direct orders to the Presidential Guards General Marial Chinoor to target one nationality, the Nuer nationality from every estates for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part. This a repeat of the 1994 Rwanda Genocide orchestrated by the Hutus’ against the Tutsi in Rwanda.

The UNMISS and the Contribution to “The African Commission of Inquiry On South Sudan Report” have corroborated the intensity of violence in Juba and those who have survived the carnage either fled the town by motorized transport or those who ran on foot to the UNMISS compound. The interviews were conducted by African Commission of Inquiry also satisfactorily justified that genocide against the Nuer ethnicity was preplanned and abated by Museveni’s UPDF that entered Juba on 12 December 2013 prior to the starting of the incidents, including the coup d’état attempt allegedly masterminded by Dr. Riek Machar against his boss that turned out to be a hoax by all national, regional and international standards. There were no general and soldiers caught to be the plotters of the coup d’état. So the Salva Kiir lied to the people of South Sudan about the coup d’état and the international community. If South Sudan were to be a democratic state like South Korea that its populace freely and democratically took their case through demonstrations for demanding their democratically elected President has been forced to abdicate or to resign because of scandals, Salva Kiir would have been already forced to abdicate or to resign or to step down from the Office of the President of South Sudan not only on genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity, but because of rampant corruption of the third kind in Africa compared only to Uganda, Kenya and Nigeria combined.

Reckoning that the regime in Juba was a pure dictatorship abated by the US, everybody kept silent and lived in a state of anxiety, fear and for those courageous individuals that had written anything at all, about the genocide and the dictatorial rule, they all became cadavers or wasted. This has been the concurrent political reality in South Sudan in a situation of “you see nothing”, “you say nothing” “you write nothing or you report nothing” or “you just keep your mouth shut” or you will be dead in the hands of the state security per Salva Kiir’s dictatorial rule abated by the Obama Administration and his Secretary of State John Kerry”. Presently, the outgoing US President Barak Obama administration clearly maintains the status quo ante in its favor and wanted to pass torch on to the incoming President-Elect Donald J. Trump leadership in the White House. The Americans and the world should know that it was the US President Obama that killed or genocide the Nuer ethnicity in hundreds of thousands in the mid-December 2013 Juba Genocide.


Genocide is foremost an international crime for which individuals, no matter how big in authority, by be indicted, tried, and punished by the crumbling ICC. I say crumbling because African countries are withdrawing from the ICC because it focused all it cases on African leaders and the nationalists compared to other leaders in the world. According to Article 6 of the ICC Statute, genocide, involves, any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, national ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

  • Killing members of the group;
  • Causing seriously bodily or mental harms to members of the groups;
  • Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about physical destruction in whole or in part;
  • Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the groups;
  • Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.”

Without the shadow of a doubt, that all of the above mentioned had been committed by Salva Kiir regime per the US President Obama Administration that Salva Kiir identified in his own words as being the one that encouraged and told him not to accept or to disrupt the scheduled democratic elections to takeoff in 2015. So the ongoing war in South Sudan has been John Kerry’s war because his company is now illegally mining alluvial gold in Eastern Equatoria and the outgoing President Obama has been given a 100-year contract to produce rice and jute in Aweil and the Israelis have been contracted from Eastern Lakes States, Unity and Jonglei States up to Sudan-South Sudan border and South Sudan- Ethiopia border to construct huge radars stations and Missile launching pads for both long range Missiles warheads launching pads and the Nuclear warheads against the Arab countries in any future Arab-Israeli war. We totally and completely rejected Israelis Missiles and nukes warheads presence in South Sudan. We wanted to be a free “Nuke Zone” and neutral in Arab-Israeli conflict. We call on the Israeli government and the people of Israel to peacefully withdraw from South Sudan. We are sure Israel expatriated South Sudanese in Israel to back to South Sudan because Netanyahu’s regime said they do not deserve to be in Israel because they are Blacks by virtue of their skinned color or pigmentation. So what does Israel wants in South Sudan? The Israelis should know that once Salva Kiir goes, so too they will go.

Further, Salva Kiir mortgaged the Boma Plateau fertile, its fertile agro lands and its rich wildlife to Qatar via Chinese connections and appointed one his of relatives as the Managing Director (MD) of this project. Whilst Lt.-General David Yaw-Yaw the highest Murle faked General remains loyal to Salva Kiir, he should know in advance that he and his Murle people do have any land because it has been mortgage out and the sumptuous cash had been pocketed by Salva Kiir and his siblings. The US in this case has been the prime criminal and terrorist state rather than terming African and Afro-Arab states to be terrorist states. How realistic is this contradiction?


In 1998, 120 countries voted to adopt the treaty establishing the ICC. With its Statute signed by 139 states and ratified by 76, the ICC formally came into existence on 1 July 2002 at The Hague, The Netherlands. The ICC was embraced with enthusiasm by a wide range of people, the NGOs and governments when it came first into being on 1 July 2002. Actually, I was a skeptic like Euro-skeptics and a big critic against the ICC inceptions because as a trained political historian, the European where searching for ways and means out to re-dumb their unsettled colonial crimes and the guilt back on the independent African heads of state and governments. Many of those who welcomed it were Africans. As an Academic who specialized on African affairs, I knew the African heads of state and governments would become the prime victims of the ICC because the ICC would focus only Africa and the Africans rather than worldwide. Despite of the auspicious start, the ICC quickly ran into considerable controversy within month of its establishment. With hindsight, it became clear that the ICC contained the seeds of its own destruction from the beginning.

Surely, it turned out be one of the nastiest manifestations with globalization with what really appeared to be exclusively focused on Black Africa. In short, the ICC motto became sentenced-first-and-verdict afterwards or what David Hoile described as “Europe’s Guantanamo Bay”. Guantanamo Bay and The Hague became the nerve centers for gross system of human rights violations more than those put behind from Afro-Arab states and the rest of the world in the name of human rights and they both claims international jurisdiction. Both claim that they exist in order to punish and to deter the most serious of crimes. This could sound to be true, but the question to be probed would be like this: why the former US President George Bush and the former UK PM Tony Blair were not indicted for the most serious genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria and Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen. Therefore, the jurisdiction of the ICC and Guantanamo Bay could be complete without the indictment of George Bush, Jr., and Tony Blair. Before I could proceed with the analysis, I would like to state it at the outset that Robin Cook, former British Foreign and Commonwealth Secretary stated it that “The ICC is not a court set up to bring to book prime ministers of the United Kingdom or presidents of the United States”. If the ICC and the Guantanamo Bay really had international jurisdictions like the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in the UN Charter, why should the UK one of the five Permanent member states of the UNSC make such a malicious and illogical statement? If God Almighty created me to be a racist and certainly am not, but had been constantly the victim of racism because of my skinned color or pigmentation in America, Western European countries, including non-EU countries, I could do figure pointing on Robin Cook’s statement. Nevertheless, since God created me to be Black and pretty proud to be what I am, I will forgive him, but I will not forget that statement and he would have to utter with it and his own conscious as a leader of a multicultural Britain to rustle with it publicly and privately and then he knows how he will give his own verdict or to find tenable reasonable alternative (TRA) solution for himself and his Creator.

The creation of the ICC and the exemption of some heads of state and governments to be prosecuted or to be brought to the books, has been indicative that there are two (2) worlds, namely, the superior world that represents the Caucasians (white folks) and the other world that represents all the non-white world and cultures of all different races and nationalities. This statement by Robin Cook was pretty clear to all because the White folks have utilized the Bible to exploit many people. For example, the Boers in South Africa utilized in the darkest days of apartheid in South Africa and the White Anglo-Saxon Protestants (WASPs) utilized the Bible to perpetuate slavery, exploitation, domination and oppression not against only the African-Americans who landed in the New World prior to Christopher Columbus landed in 1492 and the First Nation in the Americas, the destruction of the Aborigines in their own native homeland in Australia, the Maura natives in New Zealand and colonialism and imperialism all over the world. Realistically, both tribunals were unaccountable or autistic legal approach which states that there is no alternative to what they are doing.

Certainly, in the future and that future is now, both the ICC and the Guantanamo Bay will inherit one thing in common- that’s to say, they will become synonymous with judicial failure and colonial and imperial legacy and arrogance. This failure as I had already elucidated in my research on the ICC, I did forewarn on the schemes of the twenty-one states proposed by Dr. Machar and the twenty-eight (28) states proposed by Salva Kiir and the Dinka Council similar to Islamic State, DAESH, Al-Shabab and Baku Harem. Both Dr. Machar and Salva Kiir have proven that they are non-practitioners and inexperienced in public administration and policy decision-making that evolves risk taking. In the case of the ICC African member states should withdraw from it because I have observed from its fastest establishment of the ICC that it was not a legally motivated court, but rather a politically motivated court designed to entrapped the African heads of state and governments for the colonial crimes committed by ex-colonial and ex-imperial Metropolitan powers to be re-cycled and reattributed to the African leaders and the nationalists. I could not be more than pleased to note that before the completion of my research on the ICC that some African heads of state and governments have started what I may termed as the ICC exit (ICC-EXIT) one state after another (South Africa, Kenya and the Gambia) have withdrawn from the ICC since there would be no articles to be triggered compared to Article 50 of the 1973 Lisbon Agreement that the UK was a founding member state of the European Union (EU). Certainly, I would urge and appeal to African member states to trigger a free ICC exit as a whole to quit the ICC and to create an African Hybrid Court [AHC] to deal with specific serious African issues that could become independent from exercising any influence from the member states jurisdiction.

The Rome Statute establishing the ICC was a flawed and it was not hard to see the fault lines. As a student of political science, international relations, international law and public administration and policy, I would have to admit that “good law evolves over decades: the ICC statute was purposefully rushed through in four (4) weeks of deliberations by Western NGOs not by lawyers, on a card blanch of take-it or leave-it basis. The ICC states that “The Court is an independent judicial institution”. Nevertheless, the truth has been that the ICC is as independent as the United Nations Security Council [UNSC] or its EU funders to let it be so. Although the ICC is being an independent, impartial [if it is an international court], the ICC is inextricably tied to the UNSC. Article 13 (b) and 16 of the ICC’s own Statute grant special “prosecutorial” rights, to refer and the ICC investigation or prosecution to the UNSC, or more specifically to the five (5) member states of the UNSC. Perhaps, a critical criticism that I would be obliged to make about the ICC has been that the UN Charter grants no power to the UNSC, or elsewhere, to create a criminal court.

The Charter itself includes the statute of the International Court of Justice (ICJ). It was deliberately denied any criminal jurisdiction. It is my believe that that we could not have had a UN Charter or a UN organization if the five (5) permanent members established in the Charter (the UK, the USA, France, China and Russia) thought there were was a possibility of a criminal court.

The only way to establish a criminal court can be created by an Amendment to the UN Charter. This was not done at all. Why the ICC was established? What was behind it? Who was behind its creation, for whom and for what, remains a myth to be de-mythologized. Under international law, the establishment of the ICC would have been possible through a multinational treaty that would have provided an Amendment to the concurrent UN Charter with unanimity from the big five (5): the UK, the USA, France, China and Russia). This is how the ICC, long overdue, finally came into being on 1 July 2002. The deficiently Statute was ratified by 120 countries, but not the USA, which undermined that statute before approval and had refused to ratify the treaty. Most importantly, the readers should know and acknowledge that the US has obstructed justice by coercing eighty (80) countries, at the latest count, to enter into bilateral treaties that prohibited the surrender of any US citizens, or soldiers for trial by the ICC.

If the UN Security Council can usurp power to create a criminal court, what limitation is there on its power to do whatever it chooses?

In conclusion, the ICC from its inception has been illegal under international treaties and the UN Charter because there was no Amendment thereunto to the UN Charter per agreement of the five (5) permanent member states of the UNSC and the multinational treaties. The steps that were taken by African countries to withdraw from the ICC have been the right step in the right direction. If the world’s desires to have an international criminal court there should been an international demands of incorporation of a New Amendment to the UN Charter and to be unanimously agreed upon by the five permanent member states of the UNSC and an international multinational treaty without any exceptionalism of any countries to ratify the ICC Statute. Robin Cook’s statement that “The ICC was not designed to bring to the book Primes ministers of the UK and presidents of the USA, and that no American could not be surrendered or tried by the ICC should be considered as obsolete and null and void. This sound rubbish and it should be thrown or tossed out because the statute of the ICC and the intentions that it was founded has changed.

The war that goes on in South Sudan has been perpetrated by the Dinka Bor leaders who are now in hiding in East Africa and the Western world and mainly by the notorious killer General Kuol Manyang Juke, the concurrent Minister of Defense (MOD) in the dictatorial, illegitimate and genocidal regime in Juba, Makui Lueth (kaclora), Minister of Information and the Spokesman of the illegitimate regime in Juba, including the Dinka B or icon Abel Alier Kauai as well as other staunch Dinka Bor anti-Nuer element like the notorious General Mach Paul, Dr. Majak d’Aggot, and many others in the hidings. They should know that can run, but they cannot hide because we would eventually catch them wherever they went hiding like the Nazis who murdered the Jews in Europe and ran on hidings in Latin America and other parts of the world. We will hunt them down to face the law dead or alive. They negatively painted General Peter Gatdet of having killed civilians’ population in Bor. This was a fallacious accusation without any shredded evidence to corroborate and to substantiate it. To the best of my ability and intimate contacts with General Peter Gatdet all accusations against were all malicious and devilish intentions of the Dinka Bor who have been obsessed being anti-Nuer people because of the their uncalculated and ingrained fears of the unknown. These allegations could be disputed. Without the shadow of a doubt, that General peter Gatdet killed the soldiers and commanders that rebelled in his command as the head of the Army.

There was no shredded evidence to implicate General Peter Gatdet to have killed many Dinka Bor civilians’ population for that was a repeat of the 1991 Bor incident in which Dr. Machar was accused by the same perpetrators of having massacred Dink Bor civilians’ population. They should also realize that they have killed the unarmed and helpless Nuer people. We will not accept this negative accusation against General Peter Gatdet by some lunatic and scrupulous personalities who have always put all wrongs that occurred in Sudan on the people to paint them to be bad people before the international, regional and national communities. It was the UPDF that killed all civilians’ population with Cluster bombs, Napalm bombs and the White Phosphorous and other incinerates international banned that Salva Kiir had deliberately and willfully denied access to the Office of Chemical Weapons (OCW) to investigate the use of such internationally banned weapons. We are sure that UPDF and Uganda Air Force (UAF) used such weapons that it obtained or imported from Israel per knowledge of the outgoing the US President Obama administration. This is the bottom line.

They have started a fire that they could not quench and they would have to face it. It is a new form of neo-imperialism and neo-colonialism designed by Dinka Bor to conquer the Nuer people that have come too late too soon for them to conquer the Nuer nation and its resilient people. The Nuer people are determined to resist, to suppress and to subdue the Dinka Bor deliberate and willful devilish schemes and intentions. It was the same Dinka Bor that used to give threats to the Nuer people that the next war would not be like in 1991; that they taught the Dinka school children the art of psychological fear that those that who killed your fathers, mothers, uncles, sisters and brothers, they were the Nuers. Who rustled your cattle they were the Nuers and whoever did the worst things to the Dinka Bor in the October 1991 Bor incident, it were the also the Nuers. This type of inflammable language spoken by a minority within the state that is majority or predominantly Nuer of its 3million people (85%) plus Nuer was pretty dangerous to bear. Nevertheless, the Nuer folks were calmed and letting the Dinka to bark like dogs and the camels were moves on and the Nuer folks neither talked about the war nor undertook it too seriously that such beer talks in Juba bars and pubs beers and whisky and womanizing drinking 24 seven, including the President of South Sudan would surely take them now. The Nuer folks knew that Dinka Bor have been anti-Nuer people because such rattling, barking, incitements and hateful language was due to anxiety, frustration and protection and would take them nowhere, but to hell. They have betrayed the Dinka of Bahr-el-Ghazal who did not know the nature and culture of the Nuer people. They have been now implicated to something that they cannot handle, its shame on them.

Given, that the Dinka of Bahr-el-Ghazal have committed the crime genocide…, defined as the gravest and the greatest crimes against humanity particularly on the unarmed and helpless Nuer ethnicity in Juba. They should always think critically about their future in South Sudan and in Warrap and Aweil in particular. We have promised them nothing to the Twic Special Dinka Militias, nothing, but Hammurabi’s law that says that an eye for an eye (wang ke wang) and a tooth for a tooth (lei ke lei). We will pursue them relentlessly no matter where they go to hide, they will be found and to be dealt with accordingly. The international community should know that we have got nothing against the Dinka Community, but the renegades recruited by the regime to go out there to kill unarmed and helpless Nuer ethnicity would be punished. No nation will stop the Nuer people from avenging this gravest and the greatest crimes committed against humanity. The whole world should know and understand that our most precious jewels- our children of the future-, our pregnant women, lactating mothers, students, professors, teachers doctors and many other professional and para-statal professionals, engineers, computer scientists, agronomists were all killed in cold blood because they were SPL-IO that represents the entire Nuer nation rather Dr. Riek Machar and his immediate family and burned with their fetuses and their little babies per orders of Salva Kiir in Juba, including many other regions like dogs. Every Nuer whether on the SPLA Juba side or I-O side, should know and reckon that the raison d’être that they murdered in cold blood was they were Nuers.

Therefore, any Nuer persons, child born and unburned, girls, women and lactating mothers that were killed, including the next generation of the Nuer that will read this epic or episode in history, they reckon that their number one enemy will always be the Dinka and they deals with them like Skaggs and succumbs. We should all be proud that we all died for the SPLA-I-O and surely, it would be the movement to know who the Dinka are and to fear them, but often make them to fear you as a Nuer forever. Did the Dinka leaders really asked themselves about what they were doing? They were all devilish or Lucifer’s. Remember folks, we will avenge what happened on 15, 16, 17 and 18 December 2013 every year hereon against the Dinka folks. We will kill them in large numbers on those days of infamy to avenge what really happened on December 15, 16,17and 18 on December 2013 and we should also remember our dead loved ones on said days annually and to pass the torch on to our children’s children forever. We must teach our children that always the days above-mentioned of December yearly they should be celebrated as signing of morning for our dead loved ones. We should because they were the Nuers’ Holocaust similar to the Jews in Europe during the WWII (1939-1945). We should all remember this incident in ancient, medieval and contemporary history. We have the courage and wisdom to overcome genocide that we have experienced like other folks have experienced in Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. We will prevail and we have to move on in providing for the living. This should be one single purpose for our eternal unity and solidarity as a nation and a people. We should remain optimistic about the future, but never ever to be disillusioned because only the defeated people do that, but the brave and courageous like us (the Nuer) we will overcome this blot of incident determined by time and space. God is the greatest and we should follow him at all times.

Surely, the Dinka have done things, which they ought not to have done. Because of these devilish deeds that have committed, they have surely have put a wage of an everlasting cultural divides that will prevail from generation to generation forever. They have cut off the umbilical cord and we will remain virtual enemies until the end of the Judgment Day. They have created the Nuer-Dinka conflict that could be similar to the Arab-Israeli conflict and in the Palestinians Occupied territories retrospect to the 1948 Israeli War of Independence, the 1967 Six-Day War, the 1973 Yom Kippur War and other subsequent wars and skirmishes that have occurred here and there. The Twic Dinka Special Militias have started the longest, the dirtiest and the infinite war that they will not handle now and in the coming generations. In other worlds, this war will be like an unhealed wound, a volcano outburst, Tsunami and/or a heavy Atlantic storm drifting odd shore. There would be no forgiveness because they have destroyed innocent young lives and that they should pay for the penalty of their actions or what they have done, which they ought not to have done. The Nuer will fight the Jieng (Dinka) until they would become homeless, beggars, carpetbaggers, vagabonds, stateless and either to emigrate for good from South Sudan to go saint elsewhere in Africa and the world. In short, they will become like the Rhoningas ethnic Muslim minority in Myanmar (Burma). This is the bottom line. The Nuer will surely and will truly avenge or suck it to the perpetrators who committed genocide on 15, 16, 17 and 18 December2013 Juba Genocide. There could be reconciliation, forgiveness, but not to forget the mid-December 2013 Juba Genocide as a clear reminder of the 1994 Rwanda Genocide, the German authorities’ genocide or the Holocaust against the German and Euro-Jews during the Second World War (WWWII) (1939-1945).

The Dinka tribesmen should know that the Nuer nation and its resilient people have already overcame the tiny “black dent” or “spot” that they have inflicted or dented on the face of the Nuers’ nation. However, the Dinka have already paid a hefty collateral damage and they will anticipate still more to come. They are not out of the woods yet until Warrap and Aweil have been destroyed and burned down to ashes like they did in the Greater Upper Nile region. The Nuer properties that have been robbed, stolen, looted or snatched in Juba, Bor, Malakal and Bentiu and transferred to Warrap and Aweil States, respectively, will be recovered or to be destroyed by any means necessary. The Nuer will make sure that no Dinka person will ever enjoy stolen Nuer properties in Juba, Malakal, Bor, Ayod and Bentiu and taken to Warrap and Aweil. They will be returned by any means necessary or they would be burned down to ashes for any Dinka to enjoy stolen property. Further, the government of South Sudan must and ought to pay reparations to the victims of the genocide.

We would make sure that the Dinka should be mindful of such disgraceful, systematic gross crimes committed against humanity and inhumane actions, epics or episodes that they have done, which they ought not to have done. If the Dinka Bor encouraged the cannibals-like, remorseful less sub-humans, uncivilized, savages and uncouth Bahr-el-Ghazal Dinka to undertake such the unexpected degrading and humiliations against the Nuer folks to create psychological fear, they have been kidding themselves and the Dinka Bor totally have misled the “foolish majority” Bahr-el-Ghazal to do such ugly and inhumane acts. We would like to let the readers know that the tem Jieng (Dinka) is what unite the Dinka otherwise they are heterogeneous people with different cultures and customs. They have dung their own graves. They have orchestrated an infinite war similar to the Arab-Israeli conflict in the Middle East. The Dinka-Nuer conflict in South Sudan would be an endless affair and there could be no power to stop it ever. The Nuer people could be more pleased those other tribes in South Sudan that have been aggressed by the Dinka and fighting for their rights in this social revolution or social renaissance against the dictatorship, genocidal and illegitimate regime. The will welcome to I-O to make it become a multinational force. Together, we will liberate or emancipate ourselves from any possible or probable Dinka domination, oppression and exploitation. Together we will defeat Salva Kiir and to replace his criminal, dictatorial, illegitimate and genocidal regime with a democratic regime and a shared federal system of government like in the United States of America. We could also make South Sudan to become the first United States of Africa (USA). These are just philosophical, administrative and public policy terminologies.

The Nuer has been united and will stand up for their rights as a people united by constant social injustice, genocide and to seek to have one objective, one leader, one command, one military force and military chief of staff to lead all the troops to victory against Salva Kiir and his cronies in Juba. The Nuer should show leadership to South Sudan ethnicities the art of good leadership, command and control, and unity of purpose and of equals. The Nuers should know that they have now full responsibility on their shoulders to unite and to liberate or emancipate these oppressed groups like us and to be united in unionism with southerners who have come to join us in this social revolution or social renaissance to overthrow Salva Kiir in Juba. This is the first prima facie objective of the revolution. We should get rid of Salva Kiir first and the rest will be added. It’s really a shame that some Nuer leaders and commanders through deceptions, manipulations and maneuverings from the “ins” and “outs” personalities like Dr. Lam Akol who wanted to move them out when many souls and allies are moving in to join us in this glorious revolution against Salva Kiir and his henchmen. We say that those Nuers who wanted to exit should refrain from such misleading because at the end of the day, they could be marked for ever as Salva Kiir’s protégés or agents or clients. The Nuer people have been now united under I-O, they will die as I-O, they will liberate South Sudan as I-O, and those martyrs that died in cold blood and genocide, including operations against Salva Kiir were all I-Os and May their souls rest in peace. We have accepted that we are full and complete I-O entity, we should all unanimously agree to have one objective, one president, chief of staff command and his deputies, and political leaders with political cadres to undertake the political work if any Nuers leaders and commanders should make any attempt to leave he/she would be automatically branded as Salva Kiir agent and he could move on to the pockets of GOSS controlled terrains or areas until we come to liberate such areas from them.


We have already discovered Dr. Lam Akol’s schematic plan to disrupt I-O. He did not leave the GOSS in Juba for he is still a government official holding the portfolio of agricultural minister, but was sent on a mission to disrupt I-O and to act or behalf as someone who has had irreconcilable differences with the GOSS to come fool Khartoum to undertake work compared to what Taban Deng Gai (alas Mohamed Hassan El-Hagg), the useless so-called generals Chiang Jiek and Karlos Kuol who had one against the I-O in Khartoum prior to the J1 incident on Friday, 8 July 2016 that was perpetrated by both Paul Malong Awan and Taban Deng Gai to assassinated Dr. Machar and if possible Salva Kiir prior to the premature rise to the illegitimate power of Taban Deng Gai who does not have any followers and hated most in the Nuer Community because of his lack of charisma and thuggish and bad behavior and his love for money, power and control to be appointed by Salva Kiir without any prior consent and consultations with the Nuer Community, unfortunately.

In the case of Dr. Lam he has been utilizing his old tactics that helped disrupted the once invincible SPLM/A that Umma Party as the ruling party was fearful of the security risk of the Nuer-Dinka unity in Ethiopia. Therefore, he was contacted as a lecturer at his Alma Mata at the University of Khartoum University to go on Sabbatical and to leave his post to go to disrupt the SPLM/A that he had succeeded to do and was sponsored by some figures in the Umma Party (UP). When he succeed in disrupting the SPLM/A, he disappeared and announced a split from Dr. Machar’s Nasir faction because he was not appointed as its leader over Dr. Machar who had the overwhelmingly support and loyalty of the forces and he (Dr. Lam) had nothing on the ground and needed only to given a position like anybody else within the system. Because of this, split from Dr. Machar and formed the SPLA-United (SPLA-U). When seven Southern Sudan movements negotiated the defunct Khartoum Peace Agreement, Dr. Lam refused to join the pact, but opted to go on his own and signed the defunct so-called Fashoda (Kodok) Peace Agreement with Dr. Ali El-Hagg Mohamed and General Dr. Al-Amin Mohamed Al-Khalifa. When things did materialize as he anticipated, he and the late Mohamed Bilal joined the Darfur groups and formed the Justice and Equality Movement. As he put Darfurians in hell or in the hot seat, he departed again. Hence, the political history of Dr. Lam Akol is well known in Southern Sudan.

Specifically, he has been to be an opportunitist, a lone ranger, selfish, egotist and the most unstable and distrustful to work with. As a matter of fact, he has been disowned by his own community-the Shilluk (Chollo) as their leader because he could not afford to unite a small ethnicity like Shilluk comprises of no more than 130,000-150,000 people in a small traditional Shilluk (Chollo) Kingdom headed by the Reth (King) who is also both the temporal and the spiritual leader of all Shilluk subjects and that no any Shilluk subjects could be above the Reth of the Shilluk (Chollo). In fact, Dr. Lam Akol knows all of these facts, hurdles and obstacles before him and because of those irresolvable facts, hurdles and obstacles, I guess he has been socio-psychologically anxieties, frustrations and projections as a result, he opted to destroy anything done by other persons of his qualifications and experience because he has already concluded that he would not achieve that position, therefore, the best tenable reasonable alternative (TRA) solution would be to destroy what has been built to help those in need of social justice, equality, democracy and fraternity.

Conclusively, Dr. Lam Akol’s premature desertion from Juba was remains questionable and was a calculated strategic plan designed by General Thomas Douth Guet and Brigadier-General Gatewich Pouch (Herman Goering or the butchers of the Nuer people in Juba Detention Centers in J1 and the Military Headquarters in Bill Pham II sponsored by President Museveni of Uganda. Therefore, the war in South Sudan has taken 180 degrees turn from that of Dinka-Nuer treacherous tribal warfare to become what I may term as the ‘ethnicities conflict’ for social justice, equality, comprehensive inclusion against the Dinka tribesmen dictatorship, neo-colonialism and neo-imperialism, domination, oppression and exploitation throughout South Sudan. As I see it, the future of the Dinka ethnicity remains bleak, dooms and glooms in South Sudan because no ethnicities could “trust” the and could live in harmony with the them because it’s imperatively impractical, if not impossible, to attain that at this juncture. They are hardcore to live with, the most disorganized and chaotic people who lack order of things compared to other human beings. They are pretty proud with negatively sophisticated pride for nothing, but nothingism.

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If the Dinka were good fighters as they claimed to the world that they are and the “majority ethnicity” in South Sudan, that they have also claimed to the world, why did they have to hire Ugandans, its affiliated mercenaries from East Africa, (Kenya, Somalia, Rwanda Burundi, Tanzania and Zimbabwe as well as other imported foreign fighters against the Nuer ethnicity that they have not historically defeated and will not be defeated in this war in despite of foreign fighters intervention in the war? We will tell our Dinka cousins that they have failed the test or the course of the politico-military developments. The notorious Kuol Manyang Juuk proposed a seventy-two (72) hour to fight and to defeat, to disseminate and to annihilate the Nuer ethnicity. Up to this time, the war elapsed to three-year (3) old and still goes on strong to the fourth-year and has not made a dent on the Nuer nation and its resilient people to fight like the German Panzers, the Red Army, the Vietcong against the US Army in the former South Vietnam quagmire, the Taliban in Afghanistan, Iraq and other US undeclared wars around the world. If it were not Yuri Museveni’s intervention fighting for the regime in Juba, it would have fallen and gone a long time ago with the wind and, surely, its only a setback, but it will go with the wind sooner rather than later because the rebel forces are preparing a million fighters for Juba’s “Tet” like the Vietcong “Tet” offensive in Saigon in 1969 followed by President Richard M. Nixon’s Quam Speech and then followed the US withdrawal from South Vietnam in 1971. The last fight on Friday, 8 July 2016 would be nothing this time around because that will be more dangerous and catastrophic for any souls inside Juba. Juba, per see will become a ghost town because it will be burned down like The City of Atlanta, GA, USA, that was burnt down to ashes by General George Sherman of the Union Army during the US Civil War (1860-1865) or the German City of Dresden destroyed by the British Royal Air Force (RAF) during the WWII (1939-1945) murdered more than 10,000 innocent German citizens that tantamount to genocide. Further, other Dinka cities, towns and states like Warrap and Mading Aweil in Northern Bahr-el-Ghazal would not be immune or spared, but will also be destroyed as the Twic Special Militia’s will be destroyed like Malakal, Bor, Bentiu and other cities and towns in the Greater Upper Nile region. For those people that we do know that have killed people in cold blood, the rebel forces know them all and they would not be spared for a dime and their accumulated blood money or wealth through corruption, embezzlement and self-aggrandizement will not buy them freedom because they would have to die.

Reckoning that the Dinka tribesmen are weak they resorted to hire foreign fighters against the brave, courageous, fearless, lion-like fighting Nuers or what the Dinka has termed as “Thon Anyar” (Buffalo) or in Nuer language known as “Muok” (Buffalo). Because Salva Kiir, Paul Malong and Kuol Mayang Juuk (Dinka Bor) has been well-known to be anti-Nuer and knew that they could not fight the fighting Nuers they resorted to lying to Africa and the world that there was a coup d’état masterminded by the former FVP Dr. Riek Machar of the Nuer ethnicity. They wanted to implicate Africa because the heads of state and governments of the African Union (AU) who are either dictators for life agreed that if there is any coup d’état anywhere in Sub-Saharan Africa against any heads of state and governments, they must unite to give support to any heads of state and governments that has perceived an eminent political threats or danger or coup d’état. Salva Kiir relied on the preceded statement and assumed that it was the best method to entrap and to implicate the fighting Nuers that the Dinka perceived to become a headache for them to be genocide by African armies that would be sent into South Sudan to massacres them free at will to do catastrophic destruction against the Nuer ethnicity. Thank God Almighty there was no coup d’état orchestrated against the Dinka dictatorship by the Nuer leaders and its populace. In fact, the Nuer gave the Dinka a chance to show the people of South Sudan, including the Nuer people how they could govern such a cultural diversity and/or multiculturalism. They have completely failed to govern and failed the hard won armed struggle for the exercise of the right to self-determination as a right guaranteed to “all peoples”. In brief, the liturgy of the coup d’état was a hoax as approved, signed, sealed and delivered by the international community. The political ambition now would be to topple the illegitimate and unconstitutional Dinka dictator Salva Kiir and his henchmen from power. It will happen pretty soon. The military officers could do this now for their own future in South Sudan.

The Nuer people would like Kuol Mayang to know that they have not forgotten their loved ones that he murdered comprised the Seventy-Six (76) Nuer Officers that he could not escape their murdered and think that he could get away with it this time around like he did under the late John Garang de Mabior when he further summarily executed six (6) dedicated Nuer Officers in Ekotus, Eastern Eqautoria, without any offenses that they committed as dedicated loyalists, nationalists and patriots of the revolution except that they were they of the Nuer ethnicity. Certainly, we will apply the law. The concurrent VP Wani Iqqa could also be charged with criminal offenses because he could also be subpoena to testify on the murders of all the Nuer Officers under his command in Eastern Equatoria and he could become a material witness in this case in the future. The Nuer will get Kuol Manyang and Wani Iqqa no matter how long it takes because they have been already dead man walking posthumously. We have not killed the captured Dinka soldiers they are alive and well-integrated in despite of the false claims and statements uttered by Salva Kiir that they have been killed by Dr. Riek Machar rebel forces. Where are the Nuers captured by the SPLA were they not killed? Was it not Salva Kiir-qua-Salva Kiir that gave orders on 26 December 2013 that killed all the Nuers no matter where found-to destroy except women that were in labor and giving births, but they later on killed all the mothers, including all the new born children. Can the Nuer people forgive and to forget this gravest and the greatest crime against humanity? “Never again” the Nuer will not forgive, but will not forget this act. The US President Barak Obama and the lobbyists (Roger Winter, John Prendergast, Dr. Suzan Rice, Samantha Powell, Bryan de Silver, Professor Eric Reeves, Ted Dainge an Ethiopia émigré and USCIA Agent in the Library of Congress) were responsible for the genocide and the war in South Sudan. It’s Obama’s war; the US lobbyists and their Dinka partisans have been defeated by the fighting Nuers and will be defeated completely in due course of time. Surely, this could be a tougher poison or cyanide to swallow. The Nuer people are more civilized, with advanced traditional democracy and its universal values, laws of war engagements and humanitarian laws on war engagements compared to the Dinka who are still cannibals-like, remorseful less and uncouth individuals, undemocratic and pure dictators of the third kind on the planet-Earth.

When Salva Kiir, Kuol Manyang Juuk, Marial Chinoor, Commander of the Presidential Guards, the cabinet and the generals started this ongoing war, it was a strategic systematic schematic plan orchestrated by the American lobbyists, namely, Roger P. Winter, John Prendergast, Professor Eric Reeves, Bryan de Silver, Frederick Peterson, Dr. Suzan Rice, Samantha Powell and Ted Diange, an Ethiopian émigré recruited by the USCIA in the Library of Congress, it was designed to wipeout the Nuer ethnicity on the pace of the planet-Earth within seventy-two(72) hours as General Kuol Manyang predicted and was boasting to his Ugandan colleagues fighting for the weak link Dinka in Juba and that the war against the Nuer would end within Seventy-two hours. Given, the timetable that elapsed elusively and the rattling sounds of the guns was still rattling and could be heard in and around Juba, that the book was (…and still open) to be closed, that life goes on as usual in Juba town and that the Dinka have destroyed the most fear ethnicity that often challenges the so-called Dinka supremacy, superiority and the most fear ethnicity like rattle snakes, African Black Mamba and the African King’s Cobra snakes that strikes its prey twelve (12) feet away with deadly doses of the most effective poisons that could have claimed to be the best fighters and victors over the British, the South African Generals, the Western Sudanese Ajani (Fur, Nuba Mountains Calvary and the combined Egyptian-Northern Sudanese infantry, including the recruited Equatorians and a few Dinka-Nuer speakers from Yirol (Cieng Riel) in Easter Rumbek (Agar) that have been culturally and linguistically Nuer from Ganglel, Panyijar, Mayandit in Adok that participated in the British ‘Pacification Policy and the ‘cultural genocide’ and the Anglo-Nuer War in the 1900s- 1930s. This was the Nuer Revolution compared only to the Madhya in Omdurman against General Charles Gordon otherwise known as the “Chinese Gordon” and Lord Kitchener.

As the seventy-two (72) hours passed and faded away without the job or the mission accomplished and the job did not get done as scheduled or planned with the Nuer people still alive and still fighting for their survival, it has to be stated at the outset that the Nuer nation and its resilient people were still fighting aggressively and courageously against the combined Dinka, the UPDF with its affiliated foreign fighters and mercenaries attached to it from East African countries of Kenya; Rwanda; Burundi; Somalia; The D.R. Congo; Tanzania; Zimbabwe and the Uganda-Rwanda M-23, including Sudan rebels forces (Tarboro) of Justice and Equality Movement [JEM] led by Jubril Khalil, Sudan Revolution Front (SRF) led by Abdul Aziz El-Helio and the SPLA-N led by Malik Agar. The countries that remained neutral in the South-South war were Sudan, Ethiopia and Djibouti ‘neutral’ in this treacherous tribal warfare or as if a civil war or ethnicities warfare. Some Ugandan commanders, of course, discovered that they were implicated in the longest and dirtiest war they ever fought on the African soil. Compared to Somalia, the UPDF suffered great loses because so many of their soldiers were killed, wounded and captured by the ferociously fighting Nuer soldiers and the locally trained deadly forces of the Nuer White Army that shoot only the forehead, either of the left or right eyes and the chests stunned the Ugandans with rapid loses of many falling comrades against the Nuer White Army (NWA). They became disillusioned, concerned and wished they were not involved in this horrible warfare that they never experienced in the past anywhere in Africa, including their forces fighting against Al-Shabab in Somalia.

Specifically, if the Dinka were really good fighters as they claimed to be to the world, what in the hell in the world that they hired foreign fighters from different African countries (Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Somalia and Zimbabwe, including Sudan’s rebel movements- SRF, JEM and SPLA-N to come fight for them against the Nuer ethnicity in South Sudan? Who would respect the Dinka any more in South Sudan? We believe that they do feel that they are cowards of the cowards and the Nuer people have historically defeated them and will continue to defeat them in this war in despite of foreign involvement on behalf of the wicked and the weak link Dinka. Kuol Mayang Juuk boasted to the Ugandans that they would defeat the Nuer in three (3) days now its three (3) years when will that happen? For the Nuer fighters anything that the Dinka have is Dinka and they could be captured from them like the Dinka soldiers by the ferocious fighting Nuers. Our forefathers resisted the British colonialists and they were not defeated. The British colonial government gassed the Nuer in and around 1915-20 with the Mustard and the Nerve gas, but they never defeated the Nuer people and they remained the only ethnicity that was not colonized by the British in Anglo-Phone Africa and throughout the world. We would like the Dinka leaders to research and to read about the Anglo-Nuer War (1900-1930) or the Nuer Revolution (Sura el-Nuer) in contemporary political history of Sudan. The Nuer people were ruled by the British through the “Indirect Rule” for which Frederick Lugard provided the theoretical basis at the beginning of the twentieth century. “Indirect Rule” could be considered either as a prime example of racism or alternatively as the most culturally respectful of possible colonial policies. In brief, the British exercised their power over the Nuer governance through the agency of the local traditional authorities, which could respect native culture, avoid affronting local sensibilities, and introduced changes gently and in harmony with the local order.

Of course, the opponents of the “Indirect Rule” called it a recipe for stagnation and for building a two tiered society in which the natives, to protect of cultural integrity, were marginalized from the benefits of the modern world, which the colonialists could monopolized for their own advantage. For the Nuer people, it was good that the colonialists monopolized their system and took it back with them when they departed Sudan and South Sudan in particular. The Nuerland under the Condominium rule (1898-1956) was a prime example of “Indirect Rule” compared to Darfur. The Dinka never ever formed politico-military movements in South Sudan. They usually joined movements created by others and then they hijacked them to make them become their own. Specifically, the SPLA was created by the Nuer people for all Southern Sudanese against the Arabized Muslim North. It’s the first President was the late charismatic Colonel Samuel Gai Tut Bong. This is stealing of other people initiatives concepts and ideas. For instance, the late William Deng Nhial (Dinka from Gogrial) had stolen Sudan African Union (SANU) from the Equatorian politicians in 1964 and brought it to Khartoum and made it his own personal property.

Historically, if the British could not conquer the Nuer in their own turf when they did not have the access to modern weapons like the AK-47 rifles, PKMs, Heavy General Purpose Machine Guns (HGPMG) and other light infantry weapons, which are now so common amongst the Nuer more than any ethnicities in South Sudan. It’s about time for the Dinka to re-read history on the wall because on the Anglo-Nuer War and the fight that Fadil Al-Maheshi (Tang Kuany) a converted Nuer Muslim from the Bull Nuer in Mayom County, Unity State, to re-think about the 1924 White Flag League foiled revolution. In the war against the British for the exercise of the right to self-determination, the Nuer fought so hard for it and aggressively pushed for the exercise of the right to self-determination as a basic God’s given right, fundamental human right principle guaranteed to “all peoples” by the UN Charter, international law and the UNGA resolution 1514 (XV) of 10 December1960. Therefore, the independence of South Sudan has been failed by the Dinka leadership that was attained through the sweats and blood of the Nuer people. It’s really the Nuer people’s victory, but it was stolen or snatched away from them by the obsessed US lobbyists and awarded it to the late John Garang de Mabior. We will re-snatch it and will overcome this mistake and historical blunder committed by the US lobbyists and it will be re-written and that is a given “trust” defined in the formation of a Trust that always offer special difficulties to legal writers. As Maitland observes at the beginning of his Third Lectures , of all the exploits of Equity the largest and the most important in the invention and development of the TRUST,” and therefore, it is almost impossible to explain the nature of a trust without discussing the nature of equitable intervention, and the historical reasons for the extension of what was in essence an obligation depending upon personal confidence into a wide interest in property which, however, has always stopped of turning into a right in rem, at all events until the Legislature intervened in 1925. Under the Nuer Customary Law, a “Trust” (Ngath) involves equitable right or what is known as cestui que trust is unborn, or ignorant of trustee, and as the Nuer Community as the only community or people with this outlook amongst all the people of South Sudan. We do have the equity, political will, guts and gusto to correct this wrongly written modern South Sudan contemporary and political history. We will prevail by God Grace and our physical strength, courage, patience, kindness with compassion for others God’s children.


The root causes of this war have historical developments. However, in order to make the story short, it all begun in 1984-1987 fights and skirmishes between the Dinka Bor and the Nuer fighter through the 1991 split within the once indivisible Marxist-Leninist SPLM/A followed by the Bor incident when the Nuer youth invaded and occupied Bor town as an revenge for the things that the Dinka Bor have done, which they ought not to have done. Because of power that the Dinka assumed for the first time since the split of the country from the mother country- Sudan- in 2011, they have assumed to be superior and attempted to superimposed their supremacy abated by the outgoing the US President Barak Obama Administration. The Dinka bragged of revenged against the Nuer because of 1991 Bor incident. As they were bragging about war and resumption of the war, the Nuer remained patience and continued to do so as usual until they experienced pre-emptive attacks against them on 15, 16, 17 and 18 December 2013 Juba Genocide.

The man who triggered the fight was the notorious General Marial Chinoor, Commander of the Presidential Guards per orders direct orders of President Salva Kiir to his private Twic Dinka Special Militias to move from estate to estate or from house to house to kill every Nuer that could find to be killed because of the heavy casualties or loses incurred by the Salva Kiir during the overnight fight amongst the splinted Presidential Bodyguards troops loyal to Dr. Machar and those that loyal to Salva Kiir after they separated the Headquarters of the Presidential Guards. Certainly, many Dinka soldiers and officers were wiped out in that overnight fight and the President became so irritant to do anything that would proof to the Nuer that the Dinka are not like the Dinka of 1991 split of the once invincible Marxist-Leninist SPLM/A on 28 August 1991. In despite of boasting, there has been no changed at all, because the mediocre spirit of 1991 Dinka vs. the Nuer fighters high spirit were never closed. The Nuer still had the upper hand and the advantage over the Dinka that they believe that they have been defeated from the time of immemorial and has proven beyond a reasonable doubt, that the present circumstances have not changed the dynamic and uniqueness of the war. On Friday, 8 July 2016, stunned the Dinka and the world that 1,370 Nuer soldiers well-armed, well-equipped and well-disciplined and determined to sacrifice themselves could confront tens of thousands for the cause of the Nuer people of Dinka soldiers and almost wiped them all out. Like I have studied in the military school and read military history as a trained modern political historian, let’s assume hypothetically, that Dr. Machar went to Juba with all his army, he could have taken over Juba, what would happen to the Dinka soldiers in Juba had Dr. Machar’s huge, skillful and resourceful rebel forces and the most effective fighters took along with him to Juba at the time? This war has proven that the Nuer still has the superiority and better much qualified fighters over the Dinka soldiers that could not fight because they are naturally weak and possessed mediocre spirits and a negative sophisticated cultural pride and much ado about nothing and nothingism.

Of course, the Dinka knew what could happen if Dr. Machar were to have taken his huge soldiers and the most effective fighters to Juba. Believe it me or not, Juba, would have gone panicky, berserk and the poor Dinka soldiers who fear the Nuer people like rattle snakes, African Black Mamba and the African King’s Copra, they could have gone nuts and nutty and many of them could have died without the shots being fire on them because the rattling of the guns and the booms of different types of artillery pieces, the PKMs, D-30s and let alone the AK-47s would have done their jobs. We hope by now the Dinka should have realized, learned, known and understood that the art of war and the logic of war are not numbers, but the quality and quantity of men and women behind the guns. Without the shadow of a doubt, Salva Kiir has received sophisticated and effective weapons from Israelis military Industrial complex, Ukraine and the people’s Republic of China (PRC) though not the best quality compared to the above-mentioned, the Dinka soldiers could have turned the tides of the war around to their advantage, but they have no courage, guts and gusto, command and control and really they have no spirits and the nerves to fight like men.

Many Israelis’ made standard military weapons and equipment have been captured in large quantities by I-O fighters that could be utilized as prime evidence that Israeli weapons have arrived in South Sudan’s war zone like its evolved or entangled in Somalia, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, including many other conflict areas throughout Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia. Could this become a good foreign policy strategy or agenda for the Israelis or could it change in the foreseeable future? How many Israelis know today that their country has been involved in the intractable African civil wars? We, the Nuer people shared so much culture and history like the Falasha of Ethiopia with the Jews, why have they turned out against us killing us on our own turf? What have we done to the people of Israel? God, forbid, Salva Kiir will go like any other dictators that came, stayed and later on gone with the wind. The Israelis should underscore that what they have perpetrated in North Africa under the banner of Arab Spring or the Arab Streets will happen in South Sudan against Salva Kiir, including the Israelis’ coercions in Syria, Iraq and Yemen. Saudi Arabia, Israel and Turkey with the dream of creating a new Middle East over the 100-year plus Skype-Pico Agreement that chopped up the Middle could hardly be avoid or averted the politico-military situations within their own backyards. In the case of South Sudan, Israel would have to kiss it goodbye for good. We do hope that the President-Elect Donald Trump would have a new and bold strategic rapprochement in the would-be US foreign policy agenda predominated by the American Jews to dictate the affairs of the world and to get the US into big problems around the world. Naturally, closed US-Israeli relations made the USA to be considered as the big Satan and has created anti-Americanism around the world in despite of the good, the bad and the ugly that US do for humanity and the world. We believe that the US has done so much for humanity and at the same time defaulted like any other nations on the planet-Earth, therefore terming it as ‘Satan’ has been outrageous and unfortunate. It could not constitute the USA to be termed as Satan, particularly by fundamentalist, radical and extremist Muslims in the Middle East. This could become the source of Western anti-Islam or Islamophobia. Certainly, this is the result of being a superpower because you would have to shoulder all the direct dirt because of the USA greatness.

I am going to be jotting down in this section may not sound good or cacophony, but ugly such that so many people who could believe it or not that the ugly and humiliating things done by the Twic Special Militias under the direct command of Salva trained by the Israelis and the Ugandans could not be done by civilized humankind to another that you have not defeated in war for that. The Twic Special Militias should know and underscore that they did not defeat the Nuer fighters to treat them as such as defeated a people. Historically, the Dinka never ever defeated the Nuer and if they wanted to re-write history their defeats from the Nuer that they have already failed the course and earned nothing, but an “F” Grade Point Average (GPA) in this class. I am determined to write the ugly and devilish things the Dinka militias have done, which they ought not to have for posterity and there should be no shame at all, because in all wars there are things that happened like in South Sudan they also happened elsewhere. Therefore, we have opened minds about such events and developments and to cast them out of our mental capacities, ignored them, forgive the perpetrators, but fail do not forget them because if we do we would be bund to repeat them. We have now exactly what the Jieng [Dinka] collectively stand up for- that is the destruction of the Nuer Community. We should have the same capacity, sociopolitical intend and purpose as well. Hammurabi’s writes that “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a Tooth” as the basis of modern Shari’a (Islamic Code).

The ugly and inhumane actions committed by the remorseful less, uncouth and uncivilized Twic Dinka have exposed them to the maximum not only to the people of South Sudan, but the entire Africa and the world at large. For those people that believe in the Dinka to have discipline, respect and dignity, they have failed to lead because they have already destroyed a pretty hard won revolution that took so many precious lives for two scores and ten years. We would like the present and the future generations of South Sudan to underscore such actions committed by the Dinka militias against their own countrymen comprised of sixty-three (63) different ethnicities that have rebelled against Salva Kiir leadership to have joined hands with the Nuers as one of the strongest, bravest and fearless ethnicity and potentially the richest in natural resources, oilfields and gas fields throughout the Nuer country, gold, Uranium and other strategic crucial and critical minerals in the international marketplace. For the readers and the international community, we should not feel shy or ashamed about things that the Dinka leaders have done in South Sudan in the mid-December 2013 Juba Genocide up to present. Most importantly, we should also acknowledge that the UN organization has failed in South Sudan. It promised to preserve peace and the prevention of this generation from the scourged of war and promised that Genocide never again, but has occurred many times around the world, including Syria, Iraq, Yemen, South Sudan and Libya to just name a few incidents.

As I see it from where I sit, the UN had failed the people of the world. Therefore, unless it undergoes serious political ramifications or revamps, the UN could become like its predecessor the League of Nations in the 1930s. Many people have lost trust on the UN activities around the world. The UNSC and the UN Secretary-General have got a task to correct the concurrent trend of the UN before it’s too late for the humanity to destroy itself. If the five permanent member states could agree, who has got the capacity to tell them to become unanimous and to boycott the use of a veto power? The world is going down the drain like sinking hole, diving submarine and it is going down bloody fast. So the UN should act now before it’s too late.


The resolution of the ongoing civil war would not be easy at all, because it will take the longest and the most devastating conflict with catastrophic consequences ever fought on South Sudan soil and in Africa. The perpetrators of this war should know that they have started a third world war. It will be fought with guts and gusto. When Salva Kiir and his generals orchestrated this war they assumed that they would target the Nuer ethnicity for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part. This did not happen, unfortunately. There would be no easy solution because of the genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the dictatorial, criminal and genocidal regime. In order to end this war before it is too late for it to consume the people of South Sudan or to quench it, the following pre-requisites or preconditions or quid pro quos would have to be met before any rounds of talks for re-negotiated peace settlement could take place in South Sudan. It was Salva Kiir that destroyed the 2015 Peace Agreement that was broken by the IGAD mediators in the Ethiopian Capital of Addis-Ababa signed by both Dr. Riek Machar on 17 August 2015 in Addis-Ababa, Ethiopia, and signed by Salva Kiir on 27 August 2015 in the South Sudan Capital Juba. Certainly, this war was not perpetrated by the Nuer ethnicity that was sitting down quietly watching because he restrained the Nuer leaders to be calmed and should not be the first to start the war let the Dinka on the horse back or the saddle or the driver seat of power to start it. These pre-requisites are as follows that:-

  • Slava Kiir resigns or steps down without any pre-conditions or perquisites or quid proquos as sine-qua-non to peace in South Sudan. Surely, as long as Salva Kiir remains as the illegitimate leader of the GOSS in Juba, peace will be twilight zone or far away in the galaxy to return and more suffering could be induced by the absence or the lack thereof of peace in this failed state that has moved from stateless to statelessness. If the Dinka wish to have a future in South Sudan, they must and ought to overthrow Salva Kiir because his legacy will have catastrophic impact for the Dinka tribesmen and as a nation and a people. As far as the Opposition is concerned, it does not matter at all, if the Dinka Officers overthrow Salva Kiir or not, the fact of the matter is that he is going out of power whether he [Slava Kiir] likes it or not he will go and it’s only a matter of time.
  • Immediate and unconditional withdrawal of all foreign troops from South Sudan soil minus the UNMISS with a specific mandate to remain under its mandate to provide protection to the suffering civilians’ population from atrocities committed against them by the SPLA and its affiliated militias and mercenaries.
  • Salva Kiir, Dr. Riek Machar, Taban Deng Gai [alas Mohamed Hassan El-Hagg), Paul Malong Awan, Kuol Manyang Juuk, Marial Chinoor, Mac Paul, Thomas Duoth Guet, Majak d’Aggot Atem and many others criminals who have perpetrated genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity, they should all be indicted, investigated trialed and sentenced by the ICC or by an African Hybrid Court [AHC] for the crimes that they committed as the ultimate outcome. The UNSC and the international community should let these guys walk as free men any on the planet. They should be locked up by the law.
  • All corrupt officials should be indicted and their entire huge private accounts that they have deposited in the names of their families be frozen for immediate investigation on how they acquired such wealth. They have looted the public purse or coffer for their own personal interests.
  • South Sudan should become a shared federal system of government like in the United States of America, the United Arab Emirates, Belgium, Germany, Ethiopia, the Russian Federation and many others not heretofore illustrated. Every state should develop its own constitution in line with the federal constitution based on its cultural diversity and its peculiarities.
  • There should be one unify federal army; federal police and all federal agencies should be comprehensively and inclusive. All citizens shall pay a comprehensive federal taxation to the Office of Revenue sharing and the states taxation shall be paid to the States. Richest states should be freed to exempt their citizens from paying state taxes.
  • State shall collect state taxes for states and local development programs. Nevertheless, there will be articles in the construction to provide federal-state relations, state-local federal relations and local-federal relations and vice versa.
  • All Governors shall be elected by every state to become the Chief Executive Officers without any interference from the federal government.
  • Failure of South Sudan to become a federal system, it could become a confederal system or asymmetrical federal system. Any formation of a federal system shall be based on the existing ten (10) rather than Twenty-one (21) states proposed by Dr. Riek Machar and twenty-eight states (28) proposed by Salva Kiir and the so-called Dinka Council (DC) that is terrorist, DASEH and ISIL like organization.
  • The UN should reconvene a second round of the peace process in South Sudan, formation of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) similar to post-apartheid South Africa as a vehicle for healing the nation and its people wounds. Although it will take a pretty long time to heal such wounds, there is still hope and opportunity to forgive, but not to forget. Professor George Lukas writes that “Those who forget the past are bound to repeat it”. Reverence John Hagee writes that “Those who fail to remember the mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat them in the future. History reveals humanity’s triumphs and failures, giving us a compass for the future”.
  • Peace and the promotion of the culture of peace are far better off compared to the culture of war the promotion of the culture of war and destruction of lives and property. All conflict areas should have learned something worthwhile from the massive human lives and property in Aleppo, Syria, Mosul, Iraq, Kabul, Afghanistan, Somalia and Juba, South Sudan. The destruction of The City of Malakal, Upper Nile Stat, The City of Bentiu, Unity State, and the City of Bor, The Great Jonglei State in the Greater Upper Nile region would go un-avenge and will produce catastrophic consequences in Warrap and Aweil States and it does not matter how long it will, it will be surely bound to happen. This is beyond my control and I cannot restrain the victims of the mid-December 2013 Juba Genocide and beyond in South Sudan. We must and ought through the UN organization that the people of South Sudan should strive for peace instead of war, destruction and violence.
  • The Dinka leaders and people as a whole must apologize for the crimes that they committed against their fellow countrymen. This would be for their very own safety because they have been all isolated, identified and to be destroyed by the relative of those that they have genocide for the sake of power, greed, corruption, money and control of the destinies of other people against their free will and consent.
  • I shall and will conclude herein that the UN organization as failed mankind. Therefore, it has to revamp its efforts to preserve international peace instruments in conflict areas like Syria, the most neglected South Sudan, Mosul and Kabul as well as other areas throughout the world. We hope and trust that the newly appointed and inducted Secretary-General Antonio Gutteres would inject new blood into the UN organization. It is rapidly losing grounds of trust from so many and it functions have created big skepticism for mankind. It’s about time for the UNSC who created the organization itself to act in unionism to revamp the UN Charter to become activist peace oriented organization to prevent genocide as the pledge never again and to safe the present generation from the scourged of war.
  • I-O will not tolerate any existence of a third force in Greater Upper Nile. This is a red line and non-negotiable opportunity.

I will conclude this work with a statement that Nuer Unity must and ought to take precedence. If we could not unite, we would become a nation divided and we would destroy our archenemies. We should unite to preserve the Nuer nation and its resilient people. We must ask our Nuer God and we will receive; we will seek, and we will find; and knock at the door will be opened to you. This is the power and unity that God has given to humankind. Therefore, the Nuer unity is power and strength to live free, to die free, and to speak freely without any harassment. Most importantly, we will lively freely and independently and no subjects or slaves to anyone, that our destiny could be determined by somebody except God our Creator. The Nuer nation should know and understand that whosoever is not against us is with us. Because no one who fights for I-O will be able soon afterward to say no evil about I-O or do to evil about I-O that means the Nuer nation and its people. We will become friends and have peace with them because they have become part of us through the spilling of the blood, bur not our archenemies that wanted to destroy us all. We shall and will preserve the Nuer Unity and to serve and to protect the Nuer nation and its people from all its enemies domestic and foreign or internal and external alike. This is the bottom line.

[1] The military junta was the Lt.-General Ibrahim Aboud (1958-1964, Field Marshal Gaffer Mohamed El-Nuiemeri May Revolution (1969-1985), Field Marshal Sawar El-Dahab (1985-1987) and Field Marshall Omar Hassan El-Bashir (1898-).

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Makun Deng January 4, 2017 at 10:28 pm

Educated Nuer and their fake Generals are the problems of South Sudan!
If Dinka need to eliminate Nuers in South Sudan for good, it is easy even if Dinka use Fists only
I don’t know Fake professor your location but it is good if you are testing bullet in the filed of South sudan


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