Press Release

South Sudan Rights Groups Condemn Kidnapping and Illegal Deportations of South Sudanese in Kenya

Press Release;

The South Sudan International Advocacy for Human Rights and Global Partnership for Peace in South Sudan

Jan 27, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —— The South Sudan International Advocacy for Human Rights and Global Partnership for Peace in South Sudan are hereby condemning the Kenyan authority for behaving destructively and violently against South Sudanese citizens and political activists who are currently residing in its territory.

For decades, Kenya has been a hope for many in the East Africa and beyond given its stable records on human rights and the welcoming attitude of its citizens toward South Sudanese in particular.

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Many South Sudanese in the region and beyond are totally surprised by sudden violent and inhuman shift this peaceful East African country is undertaking against the vulnerable population of South Sudan living there causing fear and anxiety as this has been a repetitive treatment our people are exposed to.

With due respect to the East Africa as a whole, the South Sudanese Civil Organizations in the United States of America are issuing a strong condemnation to the Kenyan authority to cease abusing South Sudanese refugees in its territory.

For the records, on Nov 3rd 2016 Kenyan authority kidnapped and deported a South Sudanese political activist to South Sudan handed him over to the regime in Juba. A move which is negatively perceived by South Sudanese not only as an act of violent, but as an abuse to South Sudanese citizens living in Kenya as well as visible violation of human rights.

Three days ago, January 23rd Kenya authority has kidnapped 2 South Sudanese political activists (Mr. Dong Lual and Mr. Aggrey Adri) who live in Nairobi and where about them is not known. South Sudanese citizens at home and abroad are deeply disappointed and concerned that these gentlemen will be handed over to the regime in Juba as was the case of James Gatdet Dak.

As South Sudanese Americans human rights activists and civil organizations, we are alerting The New US Administration, African Union, European Union, and United Nations to help facilitate their immediate release. We see these abusive acts as dangerous precedents in the region that can incite adverse relationships in the future also by acting as such, Kenya is compromising is positive influence as neutral member of IGAD.


Peter Gatkuoth Wadar Kuel;

Executive Director for SSIAH, USA


Theresa Samuel,

Communication Director for Gapss, USA


Human Rights Activist Simon Deng in New York


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