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South Sudan IDPs Call For Reallocationg As War And Diseases Worsen!

Files of Bodies from Ethnic Nuer killed at the UN base in Bor(Photo: file)
Files of Bodies from Ethnic Nuer killed at the UN base in Bor(Photo: file)

July 16, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — South Sudan’s Internally Displaced Persons(IDPs) renewed calls for reallocation. The Internally displaced persons in Jonglei state capital, Bor, are appealing to the United Nation Mission In South Sudan (UNMISS) and other concern groups to reallocate them from Bor to Akobo, or other states.

The refugees fear that the government may attack them any time as the war returns to Greater Upper Nile region. The UN base, which hosted nearly 5,000 IDPs at the time, was attacked by over 300 heavily armed assailants, believed to be disguised government soldiers,  in April this year. According to the IDPs, 145 protected civilians were killed and 275 others were wounded.

“With grateful greetings, we the IDP in POC are hereby pledging to your esteem and impartial authority. In accordance of the above mentioned subject [reallocation], we are presenting this request, according to the result of that atrocity, barbarian and brutal killing of innocent IDPs by the government organized forces and Bor armed communities in UNMISS camp in Bor on 17th –April -2014 at 10:40 AM, in which 145 innocent IDPs killed and 275 wounded” the IDPs report reads.

In a brutal attack, which the UN officials believe constitute a “war crime”, many unarmed civilians, mostly women and children were slain at the watch of the United Nations. Despite the condemnations, none has been sanctioned in connection to the killing.

The attack, which lasted nearly 30 minutes, was blamed on disgruntled youth from Bor county; however, the heavily armed government soldiers and Ugandan troops in the town hardly intervened. President Salva Kiir bowed to hold people responsible for what he believed was a “terrorist act” but none has been held accountable so far.

The IDPs believe that no one cares and for such, they should be reallocated to Akobo, a town under rebel control. The IDPs decry the “cowardice massacre” of their beloved ones, however, many believe that their own fates are in danger.

The following individuals, according to the IDPs report, are among individuals confirmed dead.

1 William Gai Nyuot M Uror Jonglei
2 Nyayok Bikuany Gier F Uror Jonglei
3 Nyabuol Gatluak Thou F Uror Jonglei
4 Reat Reath Chakuen M Uror Jonglei
5 Nyaruach Nyang F Uror Jonglei
6 Nyaunmiss Gatkhor Majok F Uror Jonglei
7 Nyaduol Chuol Machar F Uror Jonglei
8 Nyachuoi Puk Puol F Uror Jonglei
9 Nyawal Gatluak Jany F Uror Jonglei
10 Nyantut Tuong F Uror Jonglei
11 Wanlou Tuong Chatim M Uror Jonglei
12 Nyanlou Chol Kok F Uror Jonglei
13 Buk Dheyier F Akobo Jonglei
14 Buom Guol Machar M Akobo Jonglei
15 Stephen Chuol Lam M Akobo Jonglei
16 Gatluak Chuol M Akobo Jonglei
17 Kaway Geoge M Akobo Jonglei
18 Nyachuanya Puk F Akobo Jonglei
19 Nyawal Gatluak F Akobo Jonglei
20 Nyareak Wal F Akobo Jonglei
21 Nyatora Padiet Jok F Akobo Jonglei
22 Buk Deng Yoch with her three children F Akobo Jonglei
23 Nyachoat Ngunjok Ruach F Akobo Jonglei
24 Baba Buoy M Malakal Upper Nile
25 Othou Womo M Malakal Upper Nile
26 Bol Sholiah M Malakal Upper Nile
27 Nyadak Ajang Riak M Malakal Upper Nile
28 John David Kuei M Nyirol Jonglei
29 Nyandhal Wiyual Thiey F Nyirol Jonglei
30 Mawum Chuol Par M Fangak Jonglei
31 Nyanthor Mathiang Bol F Fangak Jonglei
32 Dak Bol Jok M Fangak Jonglei
33 John Tut Beliu M Fangak Jonglei
34 Nyayiech Yuot Luok M Fangak Jonglei
35 Ruach Deng M Fangak Jonglei
36 Nyalam Kuei F Fangak Jonglei
37 Nyayang Jok F Fangak Jonglei
38 Nyakim Nin Liep F Fangak Jonglei
39 Nyalam Majok Jok M Fangak Jonglei
40 Nyawech Majok Wuoi F Fangak Jonglei
41 Nyawal Puol Par F Fangak Jonglei
42 Gattuak Yak Ngunnoah M Ayod Jonglei
43 Martha Nyangon Chatim F Ayod Jonglei
44 Deng Dinka man from Bhar el ghazal M
45 Gak Riak M
46 Mohammed Tom M Foreigner
47 John Gatluak Tuong M Jikhany Bentiu
48 Kuol Dhoal Pey M Jikhany Bentiu
49 Nyahok Kuol Diang F Jikhany Bentiu
50 Nyawitda Bol Tay F Jikhany Bentiu
51 Nyaboro Gatdor Bum F Jikhany Bentiu
52 Tut Pal Mut M Jikhany Bentiu

The report narrates that the government treat the unarmed minor tribes, especially the Nuer as scapegoats, a claim that is justified with Bor, Mapel, Maridi, among other incidents.

“Any time the government troops are defeated in the battlefield, they come to kill us to remove their anger. This is what they did here in Bor, and parts of the country” the IDPs report reads.

“Salva Kiir loyalist are cowards. They just want their salaries. They run away and leave their generals to be killed by the white army whom they attack, after which they come here to kill us. We can’t wait to be massacred again here” said the IDPs communities leaders.

The IDPs communities leaders, within the UNMISS camp, appeal that the remnant of the April attack be removed from Bor to prevent another onslaught. The report cites the following reasons:

  1. “The UNMISS has failed to protect the civilians in the past, here in Bor, in Juba, Leer, Malakal and Unity state. Thus, the UN cannot guarantee to protect us if the government soldiers attack us again.”
  2. “The government’s ill intention to kill us has been witnessed worldwide. Many patients, children, women and wounded fighters died here in the camp without being transferred to Juba or other places for better treatment.”
  3. “The government has attacked unarmed Nuer population here in Bor, Mapel, Wau and other government control areas, so the UN should not repeat the same mistake by keeping us here. Salva Kiir will revenge on us, we will not wait to be slaughtered again by Salva Kiir soldiers.”
  4. “Many children died of malnutrition and diseases here in the camp and elsewhere, which show that the UN is not able to protect the IDPs. So, let them transfer us to Akobo, so that we can unite and die together with our people.”
  5. “If transferred to Akobo, some of us would be able to farm and feed themselves if the government does not attack us.”
  6. “The Bor community also want us removed from their area, so remove us from their area.”
  7. “We know that the government prevent food and other supply to Akobo and other rebels control zones, but the government does not feed us here, so we will be better off if reallocated to Akobo where some of us will reunite with  their relatives.”

According to the IDPs report, these populations have remained trapped in Bor since December 18th -2013, citing fears of being killed if they “move beyond the UNMISS gates”.

Earlier reports indicated that more than 30 individuals, from the Nuer ethnic group, were targeted after visiting Bor Hospital, airport, and local market.

This report was filed and endorsed by the following community leaders:

S/NO Name in full Position Block
Rev. William Tut Diit Chair person of community 02
Ustaz Gabrial Gaugau Kulang D/Chair person of community 10
Evang   David Gin Khor Secretary of community 02
Mr. James Yar Diew Finance Secretary 07
Mrs. Elizabeth Nyayok Duer Women representative 01
Dr William Wiyual Kong Heath coordinator 09
Ustaz James Chakuen Gatluak Educational coordinator 01
Mr. Duoth Biel Rut Leader of block two 02
Mr. James Khor Chol Leader of block six 06
Ustaz Ruot Nguot Machar Leader of block five 05
Mr. Peter Baab Both Leader of block seven 07
Mr. John Manong Wei Leader of block nine 09
Ustaz John Ding Rim Leader of block three 03

“With honor, we are optimistic to your kind highly consideration.”


Copy to:

Cc: H: E Governor of Jonglei State

Cc: R T Hon speaker JS/B

Cc: Judiciary representative of legal affairs

Cc: UNMISS Commander of Jonglei state –Bor

Cc: UN camp manager in Bor

Cc: Community file

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